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Bulwell Round Trip.


Today we were going to start at a slightly earlier time of 12pm. I didn’t train on Saturday due to it being Goose Fair [1] and because of that fair being in Nottingham for a few days, the traffic is always bad. At least for me getting to and from town as it passes where the fair is located. Then you have transport being busier than normal, more so in the evening and slow traffic due to blocked off roads as well. That and not many practitioners seemed to be out this weekend, judging from the event anyway. James was away, Pete was AWOL (as always) and Eddie must be a combination of banned, whipped or both as we are seeing less of him these days. Benj was unavailable as he was now working weekends and others didn’t seem that bothered about being out. I had hoped with Saturday’s lack of attendance, that more would be more open for a Sunday instead. It turned out that wasn’t the case, which was slightly demotivating.

I was up early as I always seem to be of late. I had a look on the event to see who was coming out and it was now down to only three, THREE people were game for the adventure!? Ugh, all motivation had been drained from me now. Adam had been up late and so would be out later in the day. I suppose, at least he was coming out and had Dom and Andy coming along with him, which would increase the numbers somewhat. David and Chris were out, but Femi was running on his usual black time and wanted to meet at the park for 12.30pm which meant he wouldn’t get there until at least half one at the earliest. He called me menstrual when I said we wouldn’t be waiting for him and he should adhere to the set time, which is there for a reason, so we don’t have to wait for people or have to direct them where to go, when they have no idea where they are going anyway!


Chris – Layout.


He said, cut him some slack as he had only just finished work at 3am! That and he had to do some shopping first before they closed at four and then he could think about training. He had been up since the same time I was (nine) and so had more than enough time to get his shopping in and still meet up at the set time, with plenty left over!? I got to the park to find Chris and his sister Jodie already jumping around and waiting. David arrived a short while after and then we headed off into Bulwell for some jumping. While warming up I felt so heavy while doing a small kong precision. Perhaps I just wasn’t warmed up fully enough yet or wasn’t feeling the day due to being demotivated. The starting image of the day for photos was of Chris doing a back layout (seen above) off a small wall.

It was a strange old day weather wise, the sun was shining with clear blue skies in parts, but then it was dark and gloomy in others, as if it would lash it down with rain any second. The running precision I was practising with David always looked big on images even though while doing the movement, it’s quite small. I was filming some movements for a new RAW video [2] from the day. There was an upward standing precision, which felt very similar to the upward park precision. It had some branches in the way, so had to be careful not to poke your eyes out and land crouched too. David didn’t like it and couldn’t see it, yet Chris did it which surprised me. Gio who had not long arrived decided to do it the other way (seen below) as a kong precision instead…


Gio – Kong Precision.


As if that wasn’t good enough, he was then looking at the k2p from the railing (road side) to the same wall on the left! Adam, Andrew and Dom had arrived, earlier than expected too. It was down to the other part of the subway we had previously visited when in Bulwell [3] doing the same movements from last time. There seemed to be more to do this time round, with lots of filming, photos and portraits. There were some nice runs being done by Gio and Femi, doing diving and double kong. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Round Trip.’


Bumps, Bruises & Back Flips.


I had planned to go out early Wednesday with David,  so we could train at Highfields after he missed the previous Saturday jam we had there. I wanted to train there again too, still having movements to conquer. The weather all week had been ever changing day by day, which made it next too impossible to predict if it was worth going out until the day of. I had mentioned to Ben about the session and he seemed up for it, Femi too IF he turned up that is! James was a maybe, what with current work commitments… My next challenge was getting up on time, I was currently going to bed any where from 10pm – 2am and not getting up until gone 11am. A far cry from the 6am work days, the holidays were killing my routine.

I decided on Tuesday evening to go ahead with this training session, there was no predicted rain through the day. Femi was now a no for being out, due to a work interview at 6pm and didn’t see the point in travelling afar. I went to bed early to compensate for all the late nights, but struggled to sleep, it felt too warm. I ended up waking up at 5am, then again at 8am and decided to get up not long after. I abused James via PM, asking if the old man had even woke up yet and will he be joining us today?! Telling him to come out regardless, though I doubted he would be out, with it being a midweek session. Likely he wouldn’t be up until we were already out and jumping. Though I did have a small hope to see him later on, just maybe it would happen. I wasn’t holding my breath though…


David – Catleap.


I got ready for training, feeling tired and now in a rush. I had been too relaxed from being up early and hadn’t gotten ready in due course. The curse of having too much time, thinking I would be fine, then it seemed time had sped up, each time I checked. Tom was out today, a random and unexpected practitioner to add to the cause. The others who were meant to be out were very quiet and not online yet, which usually meant they wouldn’t be out. I arrived in town close to half ten, all accounted for we got the bus to Highfields, which took next to no time at all. It seemed the university was open and that might be a problem if we were jumping around the campus. There were a few people kicking around, early Pokémon hunting it seemed, with one guy dressed as a Pokémon trainer!

It was on to warming up and with that, the bigger jumps. The main catleap in the area (seen above) one I could see, but never seemed to like, it always felt like I might not make it. It was within rage, but I didn’t like the fall down onto the steps if you didn’t commit. David was doing it easily, then Tom did it too! That was it, I had to do it now too. I could now see the jump, but I still felt uneasy about it. As I jumped for it, it was like David and Tom said, closer than you think. Which I equally found out when I stubbed my toe into the wall. Continue reading ‘Bumps, Bruises & Back Flips.’

Leg death & High Flyers.

Andy – Sideflip.


It was day four of leg death for myself. Sunday was a hardcore training session, with Monday being a leg workout day of death. Followed by a Tuesday evening of training with Ben and Wednesday was another hardcore session. No rest for the wicked! Speaking of Tuesday’s training session, it was good to be out with Ben and seeing him able to move around again, excited to train. He was able to do small jumps, loving every moment of it. After his spinal surgery non the less. My legs were in absolute bits and the fact I wasn’t in bed until gone 4am didn’t help matters in the slightest. I woke up at 12pm, ready to train and oddly enough I wasn’t feeling that tired body wise as expected either. I arrived to find David and Andy already there jumping and flipping around the park. Andy was a last minute decision, wanting to train and due to that I thought I would go out.

After a few movements my abdominals and legs were already feeling tired, I guess I hadn’t recovered as much as I had thought I had. It was going to be a light session of movement in that case. I did many, many tic tac strides and stride based movement, not the best for tired legs. So much for a light session, my legs were getting more tired by the minute. One run we were practising (which I hated) I might add, was a running stride across the green stumps, straight into the running upward precision. Andy had it so easily, but I was too scared to commit to it and felt my run up was wrong, no matter how much I tired. It was really frustrating, as I could do it with little run up, without the striding first, but the angle and small amount of steps made it horrible. David got it though, craning it and then finally landing it much to my frustration. So it was bitter sweet when I got him to try the tic tac precision (seen below) off the wall to the brown stump which he found difficult and still couldn’t do.


Zade (Me) – Tic Tac Precision.


He was struggling to grasp the touch tap off the wall for the tic tac. If you tried to do it like a normal tic tac, the foot due to the angle would slide down the wall. I did a few static muscle ups today, which felt better as I would usually swing when I did them but today it was pretty much from static. David had lost his though, what!? How was that possible, he was doing lots of them the previous times we were out. Today he struggled to get above the bar and they just didn’t happen. Adam arrived, late and didn’t seem that motivated to train. Continue reading ‘Leg death & High Flyers.’

Hills, Flips & Roly Polys.

Adam & Zade – Portrait.


Well, there isn’t too much to say about this day as such, due to not documenting it afterwards. That can only mean one thing, it wasn’t the best training session I’ve had or I didn’t think it would be worth writing about. I remember arriving later than normal into town, making my way to IBM where the masses of people were jumping. Street Media (SM) were there, along with more Derby and other city practitioners. Today there was even an influx of Trent University students out, giving Parkour a go and were no doubt coaxed out by other university regulars. Though those same students had little to no endurance and called it a day after an hour or so, part timers eh? The amount of people out made even IBM feel small and enclosed (more so than normal). Most people had started to fraction off to different places around the city.

I went with a smaller group, going to the Houses area to train. It was a good idea to train there, but it was a bit damp still and so when the tic tac cat was done, at times you slipped once the trainers were too moist. Kezza seemed to be amazed at the different variations of tic tacs there were. I’m sure people forget the variety of ways that can be done, or are so used to the bog standard way, they think there is no other way. There was the usual one legged push off, then you had the jumping into the tic tac backwards and finally the two step up the wall and 180 push out of it. Then the more unfamiliar tic tac where you land double footed on the wall before pushing off. It looked cool but was also very unnatural for most to plant of the wall doubled footed. Daniel and James were giving them ago too, getting used to the push and dynamics of the movement.


Kezza – Gainer.


It was a movement that neither of them really did, the same goes for many people these days. As the movement continues to progress and evolve I think many of the core basics get lost in translation. Not forgotten as such, but just become lesser movements and for that reason less practised due to the lack of complexity and coolness. People would, much rather see a standing or running precision at great height or of a large distance then a perfectly on form small jump, no matter how technical it might be, on a rail or and on something else. That doesn’t go for everyone, but it’s been the way of the scene for a long time now. It wasn’t long before we moved over to High Pavement, Adam wanted to look at the catleap and precision down, as did I. Boredom was already setting in, it hadn’t been all that great so far and I felt like I might leave soon. Motivation was lacking and with that we quickly moved down to the Notts TV / Trent Uni Building.

A caterpillar had been found by Kezza and Daniel and I snapped a quick photo of it as they held it, before it got launched into a nearby bush. I was ready to call it a day now, but got sucked into staying when Kezza was doing some flips on the grass hill. Daniel did a roly-poly down the hill after vaulting the railing followed by Kezza doing forward rolls down the hill too. The images looked okay due to the dull day, and I got a few of Ben holding a human flag. Some of the students in the building across the road were watching what the guys were doing as we took photos of them training and flipping around. Continue reading ‘Hills, Flips & Roly Polys.’

Traffic Love.

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