Full Name: Luke Callinan
D.O.B. : 13/04/86
Origin: British
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 10 Stone 6
Current residence: Nottingham


I am a very passionate person and a practitioner of  ‘Parkour’. I practice some form of movement or fitness daily. If I am not out training I will be at home working out striving to be better. Sure at times I won’t be doing either, to which I will be researching for new ways to train/ workout or be busy editing my phootgraphy.

I eat, sleep and breathe fitness, helping others as and how I can. I hope in turn my movement and insight I provide gives others inspiration, motivation and aids them on their journey to train correctly and  safely.

I want to help people to realise how much they are capable of through being shown and training their own movement. There is no better feeling than achieving something which you though was impossible! With a little guidance anyone can be put on the right path of what they want to achieve.

‘Talent you are born with, skill is developed through hours and hours of honing your craft’

Back Story

Beginning Parkour in 2005, I created the Parkour Nottingham community for people who had the same interest and wanted to be able to get in touch with one another using a hub to arrange training session.

My primary focus was training Parkour to be the best I could be evolving my own movement. The foundations of my movement training is rooted in Parkour, I have since gone more into strength training and coaching others.

A secondary focus of mine has always been photography/videography of movement whether it be Parkour/Freerun based or conditioning. I love setting up angles, planning what I am going to do, knowing the biomechanics of things to be able to produce good quality results. They are both great ways to document your training and to look back on years down the line.

Though these days (since 2014) my main focus is calisthenics and the above have taken a back seat due to long term injuries. I’m no longer able to do the extreme movements and impacts which Parkour requires at times. I can still train, but at a lower intensity and can workout to my hearts content.

Parkour / Free-Running / Filming / Editing / Directing / Coaching / Acrobatics.

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