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2017 – New Year, New Beginnings.


It’s another New Year and with it, a fresh start for many, in regards to training…

You will have already heard the classic New Year, new me line. The same false promise made by each person that says it at the start of year. That same false promise which 98% of people only last a a day or two, with the rare couple lasting a week or so at most, before things fall back to how they were before the start of the year. It’s hard not to fall off the bandwagon, with so many temptations and an engrained way of thinking and habits which are hard to break out of.

It was looking like it was going to be a great day of training, with lots of the community members out. I was feeling rather excited for it, so much so that I found it hard to sleep the night before! I woke up at seven, drifting back off until nine. The sun was bright and shining almost through my closed curtains, I could see a bight blue sky too. It all seemed very promising indeed. When I did finally lull out of bed at around ten and opened them, it was a different story all together! It was misty, wet, like it had rained heavily over night. I doubted it would dry up today. Quite a few people had their doubts too and decided not to train today due to the wet weather.


Patryk – Portrait.


The day was ruined and I wasn’t feeling like training now either, such frustration. Sark asked if I was out (since when does he come out?!) I said no. He didn’t want to waste petrol, only for no one to be out training and so thought he would check first and then decided against it. Michael was going to be out, even with this bad weather. His reason was that he wanted to get out of the house and jump. Perhaps I should go out regardless too? I do hate training when it’s raining or has been raining, as your trainers remain wet. Worse is getting to and from spots, feeling like you have been trampling through puddles due to the constant contact with moisture. It drains my motivation no end and when you slip you are reminded why rain training is a bane.

James seemed to be on a downer about the day too. Patryk was feeling the same but said lets just go anyway, forget about the rain! I was nearly ready anyway, so I might as well go and see how the day turns out, motivated or not. I will be honest with how it was currently I was fully expecting it to be rubbish day, so with that expectation anything other would be a win? While on my way into town on the bus, I could see all the paths and roads were still wet, wetter than I expected and it looked like more rain was to come if the horizon was anything to go by with all the dark clouds. It’s why I was so amazed to find Reece, Adam and even Luca out once I arrived at Plaza.

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Bulwell Round Trip.


Today we were going to start at a slightly earlier time of 12pm. I didn’t train on Saturday due to it being Goose Fair [1] and because of that fair being in Nottingham for a few days, the traffic is always bad. At least for me getting to and from town as it passes where the fair is located. Then you have transport being busier than normal, more so in the evening and slow traffic due to blocked off roads as well. That and not many practitioners seemed to be out this weekend, judging from the event anyway. James was away, Pete was AWOL (as always) and Eddie must be a combination of banned, whipped or both as we are seeing less of him these days. Benj was unavailable as he was now working weekends and others didn’t seem that bothered about being out. I had hoped with Saturday’s lack of attendance, that more would be more open for a Sunday instead. It turned out that wasn’t the case, which was slightly demotivating.

I was up early as I always seem to be of late. I had a look on the event to see who was coming out and it was now down to only three, THREE people were game for the adventure!? Ugh, all motivation had been drained from me now. Adam had been up late and so would be out later in the day. I suppose, at least he was coming out and had Dom and Andy coming along with him, which would increase the numbers somewhat. David and Chris were out, but Femi was running on his usual black time and wanted to meet at the park for 12.30pm which meant he wouldn’t get there until at least half one at the earliest. He called me menstrual when I said we wouldn’t be waiting for him and he should adhere to the set time, which is there for a reason, so we don’t have to wait for people or have to direct them where to go, when they have no idea where they are going anyway!


Chris – Layout.


He said, cut him some slack as he had only just finished work at 3am! That and he had to do some shopping first before they closed at four and then he could think about training. He had been up since the same time I was (nine) and so had more than enough time to get his shopping in and still meet up at the set time, with plenty left over!? I got to the park to find Chris and his sister Jodie already jumping around and waiting. David arrived a short while after and then we headed off into Bulwell for some jumping. While warming up I felt so heavy while doing a small kong precision. Perhaps I just wasn’t warmed up fully enough yet or wasn’t feeling the day due to being demotivated. The starting image of the day for photos was of Chris doing a back layout (seen above) off a small wall.

It was a strange old day weather wise, the sun was shining with clear blue skies in parts, but then it was dark and gloomy in others, as if it would lash it down with rain any second. The running precision I was practising with David always looked big on images even though while doing the movement, it’s quite small. I was filming some movements for a new RAW video [2] from the day. There was an upward standing precision, which felt very similar to the upward park precision. It had some branches in the way, so had to be careful not to poke your eyes out and land crouched too. David didn’t like it and couldn’t see it, yet Chris did it which surprised me. Gio who had not long arrived decided to do it the other way (seen below) as a kong precision instead…


Gio – Kong Precision.


As if that wasn’t good enough, he was then looking at the k2p from the railing (road side) to the same wall on the left! Adam, Andrew and Dom had arrived, earlier than expected too. It was down to the other part of the subway we had previously visited when in Bulwell [3] doing the same movements from last time. There seemed to be more to do this time round, with lots of filming, photos and portraits. There were some nice runs being done by Gio and Femi, doing diving and double kong. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Round Trip.’

Hills, Flips & Roly Polys.

Adam & Zade – Portrait.


Well, there isn’t too much to say about this day as such, due to not documenting it afterwards. That can only mean one thing, it wasn’t the best training session I’ve had or I didn’t think it would be worth writing about. I remember arriving later than normal into town, making my way to IBM where the masses of people were jumping. Street Media (SM) were there, along with more Derby and other city practitioners. Today there was even an influx of Trent University students out, giving Parkour a go and were no doubt coaxed out by other university regulars. Though those same students had little to no endurance and called it a day after an hour or so, part timers eh? The amount of people out made even IBM feel small and enclosed (more so than normal). Most people had started to fraction off to different places around the city.

I went with a smaller group, going to the Houses area to train. It was a good idea to train there, but it was a bit damp still and so when the tic tac cat was done, at times you slipped once the trainers were too moist. Kezza seemed to be amazed at the different variations of tic tacs there were. I’m sure people forget the variety of ways that can be done, or are so used to the bog standard way, they think there is no other way. There was the usual one legged push off, then you had the jumping into the tic tac backwards and finally the two step up the wall and 180 push out of it. Then the more unfamiliar tic tac where you land double footed on the wall before pushing off. It looked cool but was also very unnatural for most to plant of the wall doubled footed. Daniel and James were giving them ago too, getting used to the push and dynamics of the movement.


Kezza – Gainer.


It was a movement that neither of them really did, the same goes for many people these days. As the movement continues to progress and evolve I think many of the core basics get lost in translation. Not forgotten as such, but just become lesser movements and for that reason less practised due to the lack of complexity and coolness. People would, much rather see a standing or running precision at great height or of a large distance then a perfectly on form small jump, no matter how technical it might be, on a rail or and on something else. That doesn’t go for everyone, but it’s been the way of the scene for a long time now. It wasn’t long before we moved over to High Pavement, Adam wanted to look at the catleap and precision down, as did I. Boredom was already setting in, it hadn’t been all that great so far and I felt like I might leave soon. Motivation was lacking and with that we quickly moved down to the Notts TV / Trent Uni Building.

A caterpillar had been found by Kezza and Daniel and I snapped a quick photo of it as they held it, before it got launched into a nearby bush. I was ready to call it a day now, but got sucked into staying when Kezza was doing some flips on the grass hill. Daniel did a roly-poly down the hill after vaulting the railing followed by Kezza doing forward rolls down the hill too. The images looked okay due to the dull day, and I got a few of Ben holding a human flag. Some of the students in the building across the road were watching what the guys were doing as we took photos of them training and flipping around. Continue reading ‘Hills, Flips & Roly Polys.’

The Mansfield Adventure.


Group Photo.


Today was to be a training session of epic proportions… To rewind a bit, people had spoke about training Mansfield, without anything really materializing from the slight echoes. Adam and Steve talked about it again on Saturday evening. The plan was to go some time in the week, seeing as it was the Easter holidays. Steve suggested a Thursday would be good for him and Adam was game for then too. Even though I wasn’t feeling travelling to other places (cities) and didn’t want to commit to the training session. I did make a very quick event about it and thought it might fall through anyway, then I wouldn’t need to worry. It’s not that I don’t like travelling, I’m just lazy when it comes to that sort of thing, the organisation, time it takes to travel and so forth. I wasn’t sure if there would be much interest with it being quite short notice, or if it would even happen in respects to the weather. We had limited (first come, first serve) seats in Adam and Steve’s cars for the journey over and with that, the requests came thick and fast for reserving a place. Even though the cars were near full, other people were still interested about coming to the session, some were going via train, bus or hitching a lift and connecting with us once in Mansfield.

It was looking quite a promising training session, the hype was getting more intense as the days went on. Even though it was on a weekday, which wasn’t (usually) good for everyone, soon didn’t matter and people made time for it. What had started off as a hand full of us going, had soon escalated to a twenty plus person jam with more people still wanting to attend too. Whether all the people turned up, including the locals from Mansfield was another matter though. It reminded me of the Beaster Jam [1] we had last year in Leicester, as a community trip going else where to train. I can’t remember the last time I had travelled to Mansfield, I know back in 2006 I used to be back and forth there with Phil, Jak and Sark. What surprised me even more was that James was up for coming along now too, so that was another car full of people if needed. I was finally feeling excited about the training session, I needed to make sure I got an early night so I would wake up on time and feel fresh for the day of training ahead. Needless to say, I doubt I would get that as excitement always kept me awake, the photo opportunities, possible movements to practise and how the day might turn out.




Even though I had gone to bed early, I had woke up at 2am, then again at 6am and found it hard to get a proper nights sleep for fear of not waking up, that and knowing I had to be up and ready for a set time. I hate that feeling, it’s not like I would overlaid with an alarm… I woke up at 9am, alarm blearing and felt completely shattered, it felt like it was going to be one of those days! I had various messages from people to double check if everything was still going ahead, the weather looked great too. Luke was already at the park an hour before the meet up time,nothing from Kezza when I messaged him though. Adam was running a tad late as he would be picking up Ben before going to the park. Kezza had only just got up after ten and said he wouldn’t be ready in time and is going to get there for 11am as that was the meeting time (it wasn’t) as the time clearly stated 10:30 and we would arrive in Mansfield for just after eleven. What a complete and utter n0b! I said he needs to hurry up or he will be left, and then he had a right strop about it… It’s not our fault he couldn’t get up in time and got confused about times. No one else seemed to have problems with it all.

I arrived at the park to find no sign of Aiden or Mat… I’m sure they were meant to be early from when I had spoke to them earlier, they had already left and should have beat me to the park! There was no sign of Kezza, we rang him numerous times and it seemed he was ignoring his phone and all of us, yet had commented on photos of us all waiting for him. Mat and Adien arrived and then we were waiting for Steve to arrive. We should have left Kezza behind, he knew the stated time we were leaving, it’s not our fault he can’t time keep. Even I had managed to get up, ready and over before midday! It seemed unfair on those who had made the effort to now be waiting for him due to being so lazy. Adam said we can’t do that and so we waited, waited and waited some more… He said he was ten minutes out, yet didn’t arrive until nearly half past eleven! Even the late Scotsman Steve had got here on time for once. Kezza had ruined the day and had the cheek to arrive with an attitude, saying we should have just left without him if we were that bothered… Continue reading ‘The Mansfield Adventure.’

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