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Bumps, Bruises & Back Flips.


I had planned to go out early Wednesday with David,  so we could train at Highfields after he missed the previous Saturday jam we had there. I wanted to train there again too, still having movements to conquer. The weather all week had been ever changing day by day, which made it next too impossible to predict if it was worth going out until the day of. I had mentioned to Ben about the session and he seemed up for it, Femi too IF he turned up that is! James was a maybe, what with current work commitments… My next challenge was getting up on time, I was currently going to bed any where from 10pm – 2am and not getting up until gone 11am. A far cry from the 6am work days, the holidays were killing my routine.

I decided on Tuesday evening to go ahead with this training session, there was no predicted rain through the day. Femi was now a no for being out, due to a work interview at 6pm and didn’t see the point in travelling afar. I went to bed early to compensate for all the late nights, but struggled to sleep, it felt too warm. I ended up waking up at 5am, then again at 8am and decided to get up not long after. I abused James via PM, asking if the old man had even woke up yet and will he be joining us today?! Telling him to come out regardless, though I doubted he would be out, with it being a midweek session. Likely he wouldn’t be up until we were already out and jumping. Though I did have a small hope to see him later on, just maybe it would happen. I wasn’t holding my breath though…


David – Catleap.


I got ready for training, feeling tired and now in a rush. I had been too relaxed from being up early and hadn’t gotten ready in due course. The curse of having too much time, thinking I would be fine, then it seemed time had sped up, each time I checked. Tom was out today, a random and unexpected practitioner to add to the cause. The others who were meant to be out were very quiet and not online yet, which usually meant they wouldn’t be out. I arrived in town close to half ten, all accounted for we got the bus to Highfields, which took next to no time at all. It seemed the university was open and that might be a problem if we were jumping around the campus. There were a few people kicking around, early Pokémon hunting it seemed, with one guy dressed as a Pokémon trainer!

It was on to warming up and with that, the bigger jumps. The main catleap in the area (seen above) one I could see, but never seemed to like, it always felt like I might not make it. It was within rage, but I didn’t like the fall down onto the steps if you didn’t commit. David was doing it easily, then Tom did it too! That was it, I had to do it now too. I could now see the jump, but I still felt uneasy about it. As I jumped for it, it was like David and Tom said, closer than you think. Which I equally found out when I stubbed my toe into the wall. Continue reading ‘Bumps, Bruises & Back Flips.’


The Long Traipse.


Ben – Precision.


This weekend we went on a different route around Nottingham than the usual training of Plaza, IBM and Auditorium hotspots. Many had voiced their opinion in recent weeks about wanted an adventure, training different places and it would be a great change of pace and scenery too. The plan, to make people aware before hand I posted on the event. We would meet up at the usual Plaza hotspot but then go straight to Castle College followed by the NCP car park, the Broadmarsh area in front of the garage, the Nottingham Courts, Contemporary Art, Adams Building and then finally to Snienton or alternatively somewhere closer. It was a big list, depending on the time spent in each area, we might not get to train at them all. There were plenty of side street spots to session in between the main spots listed. Everyone seemed happy with the choices and there seemed to be  fair few people confirmed out for the day too. This was looking to be a very promising day indeed, both weather and turn out.

I was ready early for once and arrived bang on time, making sure I was there for this day trip then arriving late and then finding people were too deep rooted to Plaza. We moved right away to Castle College to warm up, without too much of an argument. There wasn’t as many out as expected but we still a nice number of people, which increased as the day went on. We had Andy from Shift out and some of the Derby folk too. It seemed that James was scared of the running cat he had previously conquered [1] and now felt like he may have lost it, forever even. Thankfully not though, after warming up more he got it on his third attempt, much to his relief. The rest of us were doing precision jumps on the skip next to the running cat. Jumping on, over and from it to the nearby walls. The skip wobbled when landing on it, making it difficult to stick and it launched you off it as you jumped from it. Some of the guys were doing bar work and other movements and it already felt like a great day of training.


James – Running Catleap.


While many of us were getting into the swing of training and feeling much warmer. The funniest thing happened when Mat and Holbrook had found some small scaffolding, the kind you seen painters using, a small section from that holds the ledge. Holbrook had the idea to use it for underbar movements, flipping it around in the air before he he went through it. Then he ran towards the wall doing a tic tac, then trying to do another movements over it once he landed, looking like a skateboarder. It was all very mental watching, but very funny too and would have made a great little video had I had filmed. Phil was filming a few bits on his glide cam rig he had with him, which instantly had the attention from Paul and James. I wanted to take photos and film too, but there weren’t many angles I could get at Castle College to make things look nice and it was rather crowded so I didn’t bother with shooting anything. We saw some guys from Leeds eyeing up the bigger running cat and running precision jumps before they vanished elsewhere.

Muscle ups were being done and this made Tom tell us he could no longer muscle up, at least cleanly and yet when he tried one, he did it perfectly as we all watched in anticipation for a failure. Just as we were about to move, there was a crazy Phil challenge going off. It involved standing not on the top of a blue railing, but the rung below it as show in the [2] image and then trying to cat to a blue fence in front of the railing. Now this catleap was quite far even from the top of the railing, but to go from the rung it felt near impossible. You couldn’t bend your legs properly (all part of the challenge) and the calves remained tensed with the rail pressed firmly against the back of the legs. Phil was close to it or did he do it in the end, I forget as it was so ridiculous. Continue reading ‘The Long Traipse.’

Hundreds of Reps.


Spark & Parrish.


It was that time of the week again, to force myself to wake up and make the journey out to the city centre for the forth week in a row joining the Parkour Nottingham community who train at the weekends. It was set to be yet another very cold day, with a slight wind too which is to be expected with it being December. We had been predicted a big freeze soon too, with heavy snowfall which the news says each and every year. Had we seen any of this yet? No. Would we be expected to have some, maybe, but for the past few years it had snowed earlier in November and still we hadn’t had anything yet and so much for the chances of being a white Christmas. On the previous days running up to the weekend the weather prediction looked to be dry, but then in the early morning it had started to rain on and off. These April like showers had put most people off being out as numbers dropped on the event. I had the same feeling but I had to be out rain or shine as the legend that was Zain Brown was back out for the day! He had been released from his Army base training madness for Christmas period and so was making a trip over to train with us before going back home for the festivities.

I made my way into town, arriving at Plaza to find a lonesome David was out on this cold, wintry weekend warming up. No one else was to be seen and with this I thought maybe that no one else would be out at all this week! It wasn’t until a bit later on when Frankie arrived I felt maybe people still attend, after all the rain we had earlier had dried even if it was wet in the outer city areas. I felt good, even if my hands were so cold that they hurt. The wind could be felt through Plaza when it blew, constantly moving was the only way to stay warm. I drilled some diving kongs with David and attempted some kong precisions on the medium wall as well. David looked a bit stunned and asked said since when do I do a skip step for kongs? I’m pretty sure he would have seen me doing them at the Parkour park, I explained I had been doing them that way for many, many years since first being taught by the Leicester guys way back when and have never looked back since. It has since become the standard of doing kongs and kong precisions over the years as such too. Has it really been that long since I’ve trained with David in town?!


Parrish – Kong Precision.


I still hate how I move currently, finding myself landing heavy compared to how floaty and light on my toes I used to be years ago. In time I’m sure that the practice makes perfect idiom will come into play. David gave the skip step kongs a try and found out just how much they help with the movement, he has been trying them on and off but prefers the double footed technique still. It’s one of those things that you have to just keep doing until it becomes second nature. All of a sudden the masses had arrived, including Stefano who was a rare sight to see! I was surprised to see so many out, to say this morning was a dreadful day. Zain arrived, trying to sneak into the area without being spotted and failed miserably. He was equally amazed that so many people were out training today, compared to how the sessions panned out before he left for the army. He asked ‘what this sorcery? So many people are out, Npk has been resurrected!’ Which isn’t too far from the truth as in recent weeks the numbers have started to grow each session. So who knows maybe this will carry on into 2015 and we’ll have a giant community again.

I guess it was inevitable that with so many people out and all of us under the car park of Plaza, that we would once again be moved off… The same security guard, with the same excuses of why we had to move. Though we only moved across the road to the Atrium, vaulting the railings and walls there. Another blast from the past was out today too, Brandon who I had forgot I had asked to come out until I saw him coming down the street. I didn’t think he would show up, but he had and was wrapped up in his scarf. It had been years since I had last seen him out training and like he said, even though he is older the scene atmosphere and jokes which go on, never change. Even if some of the stuff he sees done now amazes him, along with thinking of what he used to be able to do. Continue reading ‘Hundreds of Reps.’

Slap Attack and Day Video.

Training with the community on the same day as the incredible Ninja Night [1] which would happen later the same night. Many of the Kirkby in Ashfield guys were sad they weren’t attending it, though they had already done one the last time, and would be up for a future one. I wanted to see what happened in regards to filming, if I didn’t acquire enough footage, then fair enough. If I did film enough, I would make a small video and I’m currently really feeling like editing for a change. Jak had come with an ingenious intro for the video while we were at the Red Rails area, there were lots of Autumn leaves on the flow and he said I should film him throwing them in the air, but reverse it so it was like some sort of DBZ character powering up.  I filmed it and didn’t think much to it, until when editing the video and it came out pretty cool. Then after the title it shows them falling down and Brownie decided to have a bit of a leaf throwing battle with him.

We trained as we always did the usual area, Gray wall, Bilbie Walk and then moved up to Houses to train, using and having fun on the scaffolding that was on the offices there. It made for some interesting new movements. I remember as well as doing the usual lache near the tic tac cat area. We also tried doing backwards swinging 180 laches, which felt quite horrible at first but wasn’t too bad when you got the hang of them. The scaffolding was just right amount of gaps to swing along the bars like a gibbon too, that really stretched the arms and hurt as you had to do it one armed. I remember Ant having them really nice and John too. I filmed Brownie doing a sweet run on the scaffolding too, where he swing around a pole and dropped down into a cat from the height. Even though he is sketchy at times with his movement he is ballsy with what he tried.



Sadly he was currently suffering with his Osgood-Schlatter Disease (where the shin bone protrudes) and causes great pain in the shin and knee. He said he used to have it really badly when he was younger, but it went and at times it flares up then goes away again. But the only cure is too rest, which is hard to do when you practise something you love to do so much. I guess it must feel a bit like shin splints, only much worse. I guess all the impacts from training doesn’t help these such conditions. I captured some nice runs from the guys, Shane climbing the scaffolding and other antics that went on. Like Flip trying to slap Andy as he arrived, Trickett dancing with Morgan as well as wearing his joggers up to his nipples. We had quite a number of people out today too, though it didn’t feel crowded in the area we trained.

At one point the people from across the road in the offices had, had a meeting and had lots of left over food platter and sandwiches they offered it to us, if we wanted it. Which of course we did, as seen in the video with everyone tucking into the free sandwiches, how random but awesome too! As Jamie put it, it was like an orgasm in his mouth… Erm, right! Oh the by far most extreme thing to happen while training Houses was the slap of doom, courtesy of Matt. I was trying to gt Jak to do an intro for the video and we all agreed it would be cool to have Jak be slapped on film. So I’m there trying to get him say something to the came, while some giggled and knew what was coming and the rest of the people had no clue. Anyway, Matt slapped him and it was harder than I expected and Jak said it felt more like a punch with him catching his face with his lower hand.

While at the red rails area, Flip did a nice kong cat, as we all did which entailed kong vaulting with one hand a bollard, then with the other hand having it on the end of a rail. It felt horrible and uneven but there was a gap between the rail and bollard so you wouldn’t fail if you got scared. I do love the setting of the railings, it felt so fresh to train there. We also did a diagonal catleap building up from each step to make it higher and further. Another catleap was from a bollard standing on it, which was a feat in itself then catting to the wall and railing. The walls were so rough and ripped our shoes up quite badly. To say I didn’t capture any photos from the day, I had managed to film plenty and get the video above out there for everyone to watch, I look forward to making more, so until the next time, Zade over and out.

Traffic Love.

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