Raw #3

The third video of the RAW series. I had filmed most of this video during the end of last weeks training [1] session, remarkably. I wasn’t planning to film two separate videos on that day, but I did want to keep on top of weekly releases and get footage saved for future releases. While training at Audo, it was only when most had left for home that I felt motivated to begin filming. So, while James and Adam spent their time talking and cooling down I trained in the background filming small clips for my video. I was already very fatigued by this point, but the motivation for a new RAW video had reinvigorated me. The hardest movement was the slight upwards kong precision. I had done it multiple times before I set my camera up, only to find each attempt I did while filming felt and looked terrible, with me failing it more than landing the move. I felt like I had completely forgotten the technique and movement all together, questioning how to do it due to how many times I had previously done it. It’s most annoying when that happens with a movement and you brain fart.



The main difference with this video to the others I have made, is the small intro from the scrap clips of the day I had used as an intro. Checking the concrete slab was in tact, as it looked like it might move when using it. The failed tic tac precision I wanted to film, but at the time couldn’t get it due to lack of energy and tired legs. Then the running catleap from the railing, another movement I could usually do with ease, just not when I was overly wiped out. I quite liked some of the angles I chose today. Like the same level catleap and the pop swing, lazy vault movement and how close and out of focus it was. The latter move was something I had only recently learned, but it looked really nice on camera. I didn’t capture many movements but felt it was still enough for a short video nevertheless. Orange is the new black, no, not the TV show. But my clothing choice and the area I was training in does also relate to those same colours. Roll on the next RAW video…


The Long Traipse.


Ben – Precision.


This weekend we went on a different route around Nottingham than the usual training of Plaza, IBM and Auditorium hotspots. Many had voiced their opinion in recent weeks about wanted an adventure, training different places and it would be a great change of pace and scenery too. The plan, to make people aware before hand I posted on the event. We would meet up at the usual Plaza hotspot but then go straight to Castle College followed by the NCP car park, the Broadmarsh area in front of the garage, the Nottingham Courts, Contemporary Art, Adams Building and then finally to Snienton or alternatively somewhere closer. It was a big list, depending on the time spent in each area, we might not get to train at them all. There were plenty of side street spots to session in between the main spots listed. Everyone seemed happy with the choices and there seemed to be  fair few people confirmed out for the day too. This was looking to be a very promising day indeed, both weather and turn out.

I was ready early for once and arrived bang on time, making sure I was there for this day trip then arriving late and then finding people were too deep rooted to Plaza. We moved right away to Castle College to warm up, without too much of an argument. There wasn’t as many out as expected but we still a nice number of people, which increased as the day went on. We had Andy from Shift out and some of the Derby folk too. It seemed that James was scared of the running cat he had previously conquered [1] and now felt like he may have lost it, forever even. Thankfully not though, after warming up more he got it on his third attempt, much to his relief. The rest of us were doing precision jumps on the skip next to the running cat. Jumping on, over and from it to the nearby walls. The skip wobbled when landing on it, making it difficult to stick and it launched you off it as you jumped from it. Some of the guys were doing bar work and other movements and it already felt like a great day of training.


James – Running Catleap.


While many of us were getting into the swing of training and feeling much warmer. The funniest thing happened when Mat and Holbrook had found some small scaffolding, the kind you seen painters using, a small section from that holds the ledge. Holbrook had the idea to use it for underbar movements, flipping it around in the air before he he went through it. Then he ran towards the wall doing a tic tac, then trying to do another movements over it once he landed, looking like a skateboarder. It was all very mental watching, but very funny too and would have made a great little video had I had filmed. Phil was filming a few bits on his glide cam rig he had with him, which instantly had the attention from Paul and James. I wanted to take photos and film too, but there weren’t many angles I could get at Castle College to make things look nice and it was rather crowded so I didn’t bother with shooting anything. We saw some guys from Leeds eyeing up the bigger running cat and running precision jumps before they vanished elsewhere.

Muscle ups were being done and this made Tom tell us he could no longer muscle up, at least cleanly and yet when he tried one, he did it perfectly as we all watched in anticipation for a failure. Just as we were about to move, there was a crazy Phil challenge going off. It involved standing not on the top of a blue railing, but the rung below it as show in the [2] image and then trying to cat to a blue fence in front of the railing. Now this catleap was quite far even from the top of the railing, but to go from the rung it felt near impossible. You couldn’t bend your legs properly (all part of the challenge) and the calves remained tensed with the rail pressed firmly against the back of the legs. Phil was close to it or did he do it in the end, I forget as it was so ridiculous. Continue reading ‘The Long Traipse.’

Raw #2

This is the second video in recent weeks of my RAW video series. After the success of my first [1], I decided to film a second video, not that I filmed much during the Saturday training session as I was too busy with my photography instead. Below is a little run I was practising on the day. Training on a giant industrial skip near the IBM hotspot.  Some weeks will be better than others for the series. I have no time limit on how long the RAW videos have to be, nor any set movements. I just film what is being done on any given day. The said sequence proved to be quite the challenge while editing, with how many times I wanted to repeat a movement. I was tweaking between edited clusters to find the best even though as a whole it seemed repetitive. It was good to make another video and get it out there, I would have liked better lighting and weather conditions as well as some colour grading. Alas, all that takes more time and effort than I am willing to put into a video so small…



As you can see, less is more. Where simplicity rules over, overly technical technique. I had a small (simple) technical mishap while setting up the camera, hence the slight motion blurred footage, which didn’t help me in liking it. The main challenge of the  movements were getting everything to be smooth to the best of my abilities. At times I wouldn’t kong hard enough or land short. I did film multiple versions of the precision into turn vault underbar, but they all came out painfully slow and looked awkward. Compared to how I was doing it before I was filmed them, classic when you want something though. I decided to wear my caramel t-shirt that I hardly (if ever) wear, it looked okay I guess. I still hate wearing and seeing myself in light gray joggers, compared to my regular black ones. First World Parkour Problems and all that…

Long & Arduous.

Zade (Me) – Portrait.


It was another weekend and as always, another late start from myself. I was up at eleven but ended up not leaving my house until gone one o’clock. I wasn’t feeling the day if I was honest, even if there seemed to be many out this weekend, if the attendees on the event were anything to go by. My calves were tight and I felt tired, many of my muscle groups had not yet recovered from the weeks workout slaughtering. I mean, my most tired muscles were from Tuesday’s workout session and had been hit again since then, the Friday rest day hadn’t done anything for them in the recovering aspect. I arrived in town and made my way over to Plaza to find Pete, James, Grace, Daniel and Reisse. What the hell? Why wasn’t anyone else out training!? There were so many on the event list, set to be out and yet very few actually out. Adam, Holbrook, Dan and Ben arrived adding to the numbers and the day than begun, as it didn’t seem like any more would be attending.

James had wanted to reinforce his commitment, by doing movements he had previously broke in the weeks gone by and then hoped that these new found accomplishments would be able to be replicated and applied to Castle College running catleap. At the very least to have a look at it, as it had been a while since the last time, was today going to be the day for his biggest achievement?! I spent a bit of time doing the upward precision jump onto the industrial skip as well as filming some movements for my RAW #2 video (seen below). That was the funniest part of the day, trying to film and get a small downward precision, straight into a kong precision. As well as a turn vault underbar movement too. I wasn’t overly inspired to film and so that was the only part of my day I filmed, along with some other basic Npk footage of Max and a few others.



I headed over to IBM where the rest of the guys were training, with James preparing for Castle College by doing running same level catleaps and standing ones. I drilled some of the smaller running precisions and a small run amongst the chains. James fell into the chains at one stage when he had a near miss with a jump and then stepped back, misplacing his footing and fell backwards into the chains. Pete was feeling pretty useless today, as his upper back and lats were pulled and so he was in pain for anything jumping related. Annoying, as he wanted to jump and take part in movements and just couldn’t. I hadn’t taken any photos today, another regret I would have later in the day no doubt. Seeing as James wanted to look at Castle College but we always visited that area near the end of the day, we decided to go there now he was warmed up and see what he thought to it, even if he felt like he needed to spend longer here re-enforcing and warming up further, until he wouldn’t go there at all or be too tired. James seemed to be hesitant about going to Castle College, no doubt worrying that it would be a wasted journey.

Stopping off at the shops first, feeling like he was trying to prolong the agony. I just knew what he would say when we got there, that he didn’t like it, he couldn’t see it and today wasn’t the day! We arrived and instantly James hated it, saying it seemed bigger now we were there than it was in his mind or when he was at home thinking about it. At those times he always felt it was easier to do and smaller, until he was faced with it in person. The same story each and every time we came to the area. Many of us can relate though, even I can with certain movements which elude me. Continue reading ‘Long & Arduous.’

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