Easter Emptiness.


Ben’s Trainers.


For the second week in a row I was out training with the Npk community at the weekend training session. The weather Friday night was terrible, cold and heavy rain with a strong wind too and I did wonder if that would transpire into Saturday. I was surprised to even be out though, after sleeping in Friday until half past two in the afternoon. The day before that I was up at seven in the morning and so my sleeping pattern is pretty messed up currently. I didn’t go to bed until two or three and was still laying awake well into the four and five o’clock hours. I guess being excited to train again had me too restless to sleep, the thought of new photo opportunities and a good training vibe didn’t help matters. I did wake up around ten, but then lolled around in bed until nearly twelve, making everything a rush. Adam was out this weekend and wanted everyone to train even if weather was bad, though it didn’t seem like many were going out now due to last nights weather putting them off, God dammit!

I was running late anyway and so was Kezza and a few others who said on the event not to move from Plaza until they got there. I didn’t expect many to be out, or the ones who did to be very few. I arrived at Plaza at around quarter to two, to find that no one was out?! All bar a mysterious guy lurking near one set of the walls, pacing back and forth checking his phone. Then there was Adam sat with Aiden on the other kong precision walls. I said to Adam that I instantly felt demotivated for training and might just go home as I hate┬ásparse turn outs… The lurker looked familiar, a possible practitioner? After a while the same vape monster came over to us and asked me if I remembered him… Holy shit! It was Rob, Mr Bozik! I hadn’t seen or trained with him since 2009 [1] back when he had come to Nottingham with his friend Michal and Pike. Rob really hadn’t changed that much, he said he was waiting for the SM guys to arrive, who should have already been here by now…


Kezza – Portrait.


Others started to arrive slowly but surely, Mat, Kezza, Ben, Luke, CJay and Holbrook and a good amount of the community started to form. Everyone was warming up, kong precisions, diving kongs, general flow and even flips. There was quite a diversity of movement skills between us all today. CJay was on top form with his own training and it didn’t seem like anything was too much hassle for him to do with his good jumping power. He was doing some crazy double kong, then was trying to double kong handspring out of the move… Holbrook was practising a small run involving the railings. While I was trying to get out of my unmotivated mood I was in. Some newer movements I hadn’t seen anyone do, was a diagonal kong precision from the small blue railing to a wall. It might be small, but very awkward and thought it would be a good movement for people to consider. Much like the running precision from the first wall, up and over to land on the same blue railing. Some terrible looking and feeling movements but the guys were getting them done. I took a few photos, but at the same time I wanted to move and train rather than be stuck behind the lense.

We moved up to the now lesser trained area of Houses, the buildings are always open at the weekend now and so that means there are constantly cars parked in the way of where we train. Instead the guys trained near the kong precision and foliage part of the area, Kezza drilled the kong precision while Rob ran behind filming him. I quite enjoyed the shots I got of him doing the k2p. Once the cars had moved, even though it was wet and slippery due to the rain we practised a few tic tac cats. I trolled Kezza who wasn’t sure he could even do the tic tac cat now, I walked over to the wall slowly, saying I would do it no problem and then pushed off the wall and did it with no real speed or run up. He didn’t expect me to do that and was laughing, slightly amazed I had. I then did the 180 cat from hanging onto the wall with my finger tips, which was another old school movement which many still can’t do today. Each time people try, they expect some magical deeper groove in the wall which makes it easier to hang on, or some sort of trickery. It’s all to do with finger strength and forearm strength though, nothing more, nothing less.


Kezza – Running Precision.


CJay and Ben were looking at an ugly running downwards precision, it was diagonal and over the foliage. It was plain terrible, but it looked fantastic as a photo and so I set up my camera up while the guys kept preparing for the jump. You had to run blind and could only guess where the wall was, seeing the landing once you were in the air, no wonder it took them ages before they nailed it. I captured CJay and kezza doing the jump, but then it seemed like our time was up as a security guard had come around to move us on. He was friendly enough, asking what we were doing and watched us do a few movements before leaving us. Continue reading ‘Easter Emptiness.’

The Three Hour Commitment.


Zade (Me) - Muscle Up.

Zade (Me) – Muscle Up.


With some unpredicted rainy weather, it seemed that many were not venturing out today. I don’t blame them either, I’m exactly the same when I wake up and see a sodden, rainy concrete jungle with more dark clouds on the horizon. It may have been only ten o’clock but the weather was terrible, wet through and still pouring down with rain that instantly dampened my mood for training. I logged in online to see what others were going to do, in regards to the weather and to no surprise, it seemed no one was going out… Fair play to the ones who did (do) still go out on the rainy conditions, even if it is just to be a Plaza session. I once would have done the exact same thing, with the thrill of training rain or shine but as the years have passed that passion has since faded along with the hunger and drive. I prefer to be at the safe sanctum of home, in the dry and await a warmer, more predictable day. Where a more favourable outcome of warm sun rays and dryness would unveil to me when I pull back the curtains of my man cave. Phil wasn’t out today due to him tweaking his ankle earlier in the week and wanted to rest up. Of course that had a sort of domino effect, along with the weather of other people making plans to not be out either.

Pete wasn’t out either and with so many not wanting to train the elements, even James decided not to go out, as reluctant as he was of not getting out for his weekly mobility for the elderly. It was strange to see a session at the weekend to be such a washout. As time went by it began to get warmer and slowly that tempestuous, bright sun revealed itself, enticing those who had not already been out time training to perhaps now make there way into town… Even I thought, I’ll go out for a few hours! Even though I was late, very late. I left at half past two to hopefully get to town for three. I rang Mat to find out where people were at, he said they were at Orange walls. I made my way there to find a few of them (Mat, Adam, Alex and Jack) sat around not really doing much and was informed the rest of the people out were still over at Plaza. It was then a U-turn to make our way over to Plaza to find that James had come out after all. Femi was out, along with Ant too. Much to my surprise even the foreign rapscallion Denis was there, if in jeans. He had said he would be out when I asked before I was leaving myself, but I didn’t believe him, not until I saw him in person with my own two eyes.


James & Adam – Portrait.


My upper back was pulled, how I have no idea. I felt it go while carrying my bag on my way to Orange Walls, since then it hurt and felt tight. What a great start to the day, it’s the worse possible pain if it pulls severely and one that last for weeks and I have to ride it out until it passes, trying not to aggravate it through workouts. Now it was drying, the next area to venture to was High Pavement, unlike most times we visited the area and people would stand around and want to move on due to hating the area. Something remarkable happened, today people actually enjoyed it! They were jumping around and finding things to do. The focus for me today was the main catleap, which looked insanely far now. Maybe my weak legs couldn’t handle it jumping wise, maybe I’m just not back to the same stage I used to be or it was just THAT far?! Either way, it was depressing to no longer see what to me, used to feel like a small and easy jump to do. The humidity was starting to rise, layers came off as it felt more like spring was finally here. I suggested a striding move to one of the walls then vault over a wall onto the pebbles, but it was too hard to even try for me at least. While Femi and Denis nailed it after giving it a few attempts. Denis even did a few flips, though he had said he wasn’t out to train…

Always the one to be tempted by things. James was working on running precisions I joined him and so did Ant. Well, that was until Ant was quick to point out that it looked like the wall we were landing on was moving and unstable. Only when he did it himself, did it rock and then we decided against jumping to it any more for fear of making it topple over. Ant was amazed that he used to do the main catleap, much like myself as now he said its seems mental. That and it’s hard to know how far he could jump these days and is one of the reasons he wasn’t sure if to do it, even if he wanted too. I kept looking at it, it didn’t feel possible but I wanted to do it again, to prove to myself I could. Why is the outdoor world so scary?! Perhaps I would twinge my ankle, maybe wouldn’t make the distance, so many things went rushing through my head. Continue reading ‘The Three Hour Commitment.’

Solar Rays.


David – Portrait.


This entry is that of three training sessions, as I didn’t have that much to say or images to share for individual entries to make it worth while. So merging them all together in one post soon beefed up the content. Lets talk about the first day of training (17th March) I had planned to be out with Ben, Adam and David even though it was predicted to rain. With how bad the weather was the evening before, I had decided to not set an alarm for the morning as I already knew the weather would likely be just as terrible. Low and behold when I woke up, the weather was just that, wet and rainy. I was feeling unmotivated for training and not wanting to brave the dull, rubbish weather and thought that others might have the same idea… I received a message from Adam asking where I was as he was already out at the park with his sister Rebecca. I then got messages from Ben too saying I should come out, as it’s no longer wet and David and Luke are out with them too. After many photos and messages from them, taunting me to come out, I think they got the message that I wasn’t going to attend and then I was left in peace.

Around three o’clock I was still in a foul mood, but thought maybe going out for an hour or two would be the best and lighten my mood. So, I was surprised when I got there and no one was training! It seemed they had all trained themselves out or were bored and ready to call it a day? My sullen mood didn’t go unnoticed as I arrived and got asked what was wrong, and why had I bothered to come out if I was going to be a miserable git. Oh and I got stick for wearing my Pure Parkour t-shirt [1] which Ben said looked more like an Asda t-shirt than a Parkour one. It was quite funny to see the sibling banter and quarrels between Adam and Rebecca, both abusing and putting each other down… It seemed like my arrival had given a little boost to the day and we trained, even if it seemed Ben was working more on Muscle ups. After Adam mentioned when I ran and did the strides my upper body was perfectly straight like a robot I decided to over exaggerate it even more with a long stride. I got a few photos of use doing a similar exaggerated stride, as you’ll see by Ben’s example in the photos below. With that, it was time for Ben to set off to work and Luke had plans and left too.


Adam – Speed Vault.


Adam wanted to train still, at least until after peak time traffic had passed. Adam’s sister was cold and sat in his car while the rest of us jumped. I got some photos of Adam doing Parkour, something I had neglected for a while now. In true Jennings fashion he stripped down to his Myprotein vest for added vanity gains. He wanted some shots of him actually training than just portraits [2]of him pulling silly faces. He was preparing to enter the Ninja Warrior UK auditions and so wanted to train, get better at Parkour and have some good footage for his application. The sun had begun to come out, giving a golden tint to all the images I took. Even though I was tired myself, and strangely drained due to lack of food and thinking I would only be out an hour max. Nevertheless it was great to be out and that the weather had now picked up. Adam looked like a tank in his vest while doing movements, more so the running towards the camera shots. Even with general vaulting images, you could see his muscles tensed and bulging…

David was off to work shortly, Adam would head home if I wasn’t staying out. I said I’d stay for a bit longer until peak time had passed. I got some muscle up images of Adam and we practised them together, doing a few sets. His muscle ups had improved loads since the first time he had come out to the park all those months ago! He was always strong on pull ups, now he has double armed muscle ups, even if he was smashing the bar into his chest at times. He could see and feel them, but they weren’t as consistent as he wanted them to be for multiple reps but it was great progress. Continue reading ‘Solar Rays.’

The Start of Something…


Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere.


After going to bed before midnight and getting very little sleep due to an over active mind not wanting to switch off, mixed with contained excitement of an impending summery day I was forced to lay there for hours upon hours. I was finding it difficult to sleep, I had the idea to go out early and maybe film a small video for 2015, collecting footage of others, maybe even myself for a solo video. I hadn’t made one since 2011 [1] that same video didn’t seem as well viewed as my 2010 [2] video though. I thought it would be cool to film and put a video out there again, Npk community or a solo one, however small it might be. Even make a longer version of a proper video, but that would require multiple visits and filming as well as time and effort for it. I was sill awake at 2am, 3am and even 4am. Not the best start I could have asked for! I drifted off finally a little later, waking up early, hyped and ready for the day… Until I saw that it wasn’t even 6am yet! It was so bright and sunny, I decided to go back sleep until 10am then finally got up. I was ready (for a change) by 11am and headed out over to the park to train, photo and film.

It’s a shame no one was arriving at the park until much later in the day! I was on my own, it felt strange having not been out training solo for a long time, I had got used to people always being around or at least arriving soon after I arrived and today it was just me. Maybe I should have gone back home until others arrived later in the day, but at the same time I wanted to film and make use for the day. Though, filming itself felt awkward. Harry had arrived with some kids, training them and having a bit of a park session for an hour or two. Adam and Jack had been out very early like before 8am as he wanted to train early and I had hoped they would still be here, Adam said he would be out again later though. If I had got up the first time I had woke up I could have joined them instead! I had to hang around anyway as I knew David would be out soon, though I slowly felt less like training as I waited and with the park now empty and Harry gone I decided to focus on filming a few movements.


Zade (Me) – Running Catleap.


I set up my camera and filmed a few kong precision to strides on the stumps to see how things looked on camera. I did a few upwards catleaps too with the same sort of angle as the image above, which looked very nice. I noticed my shin was feeling sore and when I checked it was bleeding, due to opening a scab up from hitting my shin on a climb up and had to bandage it up. David had arrived, though he said he was feeling really tired and so might not do that much today. We trained and he helped me film a few other moves like the running precisions and lache cat, then Ash turned up as did Adam later on. My ankle seemed to be plaguing me again too, feeling it hurt with each jump. Continue reading ‘The Start of Something…’

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