Ten Jallenges.



It was meant to be a day of much sun, cold with a wind but sunny nevertheless. That is what the weather forecast had predicted, though like each weekend it is the complete opposite! I woke up early and got ready, I couldn’t wait to be out this weekend for some reason. The last time I was out had left a bitter taste in my mouth [1] but for today I had my passion back for movement. Well, that was until some unexplained, unwanted explosive diarrhoea had come on and left me glued to the fecal splattered toilet seat. Just what I needed before going out… James was feeling a bit injured but was still going to head out. Even though I was running late, had emptied my bowels, I still had stomach ache and wondered if to risk it. I started to feel a bit better and then got a lift to town, which shaved off time waiting for public transport. Everyone was still at Plaza warming up, but it was cold, much colder than I expected it to be.

Micheal was out again this weekend, the same fro-friendly chap that had come along to the blue themed [2] training. I had assumed that he was from Derby, seeing as he used to be out at the same time they were. Yet, he wasn’t from there at all and instead from Burton Upon Trent. He was wearing some Feiyue shoes [3] too. What a brave, brave guy for wearing those while out training. Even though, I went through a phase of liking them for training myself, many years ago and they always seemed to pull the sole of my feet. This led to us talking about shoes and what people prefer to wear while out training. I tried to get warm by moving around and doing some skipping. Phil arrived, he seemed to be in a rather jolly mood for training today, it reminded me of the times gone by when we would always be training together. Minus the silliness and banter, as I’d like to think we have somewhat matured these days.


© James Allen Visuals.

Zade – Portrait.


James arrived, as did others, slowly but surely. I didn’t mind being at Plaza today (I know right?) for once and I was okay with this. Practising kong precisions with Phil, James and the others. Trying to sort out my own technique with them, as they were currently not feeling as good as they should. James was getting them, but he wanted to have them consistently each weekend as well as going through the various ways people did them. I think we confused him a bit when Phil would do them one way, then the rest of us had different ways to generate power and how we did them as a whole. You had two parts to do them on the medium sized wall, each between the shrubs. The left side you had to run along uneven ground, while the right side was close to the diagonal wall overhead. Which you didn’t hit your head on, but it put most off doing it there due to thinking that, that would happen. It was interesting to do on them both sides, trying to get more comfortable with the movement again.

We ended up moving over to IBM. The slabs were still dotted around the area from a previous RAW video (seen below). We used the existing ones for a small run, with everyone giving it a go. Then we created variations to it, like Phil doing a tic tac off the wall and people skipping slabs and spinning while sitting on the wall were all creativity of the run. There were so many possibilities, most found it hard to turn quickly on one slab due to the sharp direction change. It was something which pulled the ol’ legs and groin. It was funnier as the more we tried to be precise, the worse we became. Oh and Pete couldn’t stride them, what the hell? James was busy doing standing cats to the wall, where he has previously done it as a running precision. Perhaps he was preparing for the Audo same level catleap? Continue reading ‘Ten Jallenges.’




I had an odd nights sleep, well a lack of sleep due to going to bed so late. Yet, amazingly I was awake before 8am. I couldn’t get back to sleep anyway, as the cats kept crawling under the duvet to cuddle and keep warm. If you have a cat, some of them like to do that. Which may seem strange to many, but it’s very soothing as they purr, contented and it soon puts you back to sleep whether you’re tired or not. Due to that exact reason I ended up nodding off again until 11am. I felt really tired and still didn’t get up as I lolled there, awake and then before I knew it was twelve. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother with town and instead spent all my time sleeping the day away instead, after all it wasn’t even sunny like the forecast predicted yesterday. I still wanted to get out and train, a few were confirmed on the event and I got ready quick time and left for town at around 1pm. I bumped into the guys as they were coming down the road from Rock City, a good job too or I would have missed them had I gone any other way to Plaza. They were heading to the new spot (Shakespeare Street) as we called it then and so I followed the masses.

There were quite a few out today: James, Diogo! Pete, Phil, George! Femi, Max, Mat, Aiden and a couple of others too. As we were arriving into the area, we walked past some of the security who then crossed the road, no doubt patrolling and then they went into one of the buildings. So we expected to be moved off pretty quickly as we warmed up. It was quite a cold day again, I was in many layers of tops and my hands were freezing. It felt of late, that I was always training the Shakespeare Street spot, at least the last few times I had been in town to train that is. It wasn’t a bad thing though, as there was plenty to do there (though James may have disagreed, at the time). As well as being cold, I felt tired due to lack of proper sleep. My legs felt tight as I started jumping around, my power just wasn’t there. Phil and the other guys were trying to get James to do a precision from a bench, then box jump afterwards to a wall. It was something which he didn’t like the feel of, but it was most certainly there for him to achieve and well within his capabilities…


Ben – Running Precision.


It was something he had to get his head around, though would it be something he would achieve before we got moved on?! I was feeling more warmed up after doing various running precisions and felt quite floaty and like I had gained more power in my legs now I was more limber. I joined Mat and Aiden who were doing a running precision into a box jump, I know right Mat training, quite the spectacle! I was quite surprised Mat did it, as I don’t really see him training. It was a nice move and had everyone lined up, trying it as a group. Even James came and gave it a go, though he clipped his foot on trying to clear the first wall and nearly came a cropper. Great to see everyone trying, and nailing the move. Then it was time to get Aiden to do more running precision moves. I go him to go for the running one from the road and over the flower bed which myself and Adam had done previously. He managed that one easily too, which I didn’t expect and was quite shocked. Then Mat saw it and wanted to try it too, oho! Do I feel some sort of competitive edge between them both?!

People were doing there own jumps and movements, Ben and Femi were doing a further running precision and George was giving it a try too, while James was still haunted by committing to that precision, box jump. Coached by Phil, Pete, Diogo and the others who had done it previously. James isn’t rubbish by any means, he could do it standing easily, but adding in the box jump before threw him off. He couldn’t commit to the take off, as it was just a bit further than he would like comfort wise as a box jump, or it was a mental barrier which stopped him. Some of us suffer more with these problems than others, and I guess it’s more frustrating when we can see they can get movements, but that block doesn’t allow them too. Tom called to see where everyone was, as none of us were at Plaza. Much to the trolling of James, telling him we were there, only over the other side of the wall and Tom believing such a thing. It was a chore to try and navigate him to where we were. He did manage to find us in the end, a few of the guys pointed out security was coming and then it was time to move. Continue reading ‘16.01.2016’

Raw #9

It had been a while since my last instalment of RAW [1] November to be precise. All due to the weather being that of a monsoon season. It has also been the Christmas period too which slows down training due to many being busy with the festivities. I should be back on track now with the videos. I filmed on a few different training sessions and merged them together. I’m glad the weather has finally decided to have some dry, sunny days, even if they are at times very cold.



It felt great to be back out jumping in the real world, rather than the soft and safety of the Parkour park and working out indoors. It felt very strange too and I was feeling fearful about doing simple movements, not being used to the harsh reality of concrete. Bring on the Spring months and then summer, it cannot come soon enough as I want more dry and warmer days. As you can see via the video, I was linking movements, at least trying too again.


A Warm Winter.


Ben – Running Precision.


I had planned to be out this weekend, as it had been months since I was last out [1] and the weather was set to be sunny for a change this weekend. It was looking promising and as if nothing could go wrong, well that was until Friday arrived when that lovely predicted sun changed to rain all day. Typically it always seemed to be rain on a Saturday, why was the weather not giving us a break for our weekly community jam? I wanted to train, as I’m sure many others did too. James wasn’t going to be out this weekend as he was busy watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the cinema. This was one reason I was expecting the weather to be good, as it was Sod’s Law (Murphy’s Law) that he wasn’t to be out and then miss a glorious day of training, being envious in the process. A similar thing happened when he wasn’t out one weekend [2] and then the Derby guys had come over and we adventured to the Victoria Embankment area to train for the day with many photos.

I ended up going to bed at around four o’clock binging on various TV show as I expected the day to now be rainy due to forecast, so what would be the point in going early to bed to awake to that rubbish outcome. After all, Sunday was looking the better day and I could train then instead, with no worry of rain ruining the day. I woke up at quarter to twelve to Adam having sent me various messages asking if I was awake yet and still up for training. I said yes I would be up for training, though he had expected me to say no. The floor outside was damp, wet in places and it looked overcast like it might rain again. But even with this, I said I would go out and he offered me a lift into town on his way, though I had around an hour to get ready and head out to meet him. I had to rush around to get ready, I didn’t expect to be out for long so it was easier to get ready than normal and I packed very little for the day ahead.


Shakespeare Street.


We ended up walking from the forest up to the new spot (seen above) as we called it, on Shakespeare Street near the Trent University. An area I had yet to sample, but some of the community had trained there before, as it had been built in the summer. The floor was still very wet and it seemed like it was going to be one of those days. As we arrived at the spot, I could see Holbrook and Parrish already jumping around. I guess we weren’t the only ones wanting to be out as it wasn’t raining, it didn’t go unnoticed that Holbrook had a black eye either, ouch. A funny story from when he was out at a gig. It felt good to be out, at a new spot getting ready for the day ahead. I felt energized, I wanted to get as much as possible done there before we no doubt got moved off. From what people had told me from training there a while back the security was on top of people using the area, with it still being newly created and so our time may have been limited.

A woman walked through the area as we were trained and said ‘don’t injure yourself before Christmas!’ To which Parrish told her his present was life insurance. Frankie had text when I checked my phone and that he was at Plaza and no one had arrived yet and that he was going to go home. It would seem no on was out yet then, I expected people to still be there and was planning to visit Plaza after I had trained at this spot for a bit. I rang and told Frankie where we were, and directed him the best I could to where it was located. Out of no where just like John Cena, Jack arrived along with Noah, Jp and Mat. Continue reading ‘A Warm Winter.’

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