Raw #11

After the Good Friday training [1] I decided to edit the footage from that training session. This is my eleventh in the Zade RAW video series. In retrospect I hadn’t filmed nearly as much as I had expected to, nor had planned too. But, I made do with what little clips I had filmed and mixed together the edit seen below. If I had filmed everything I wanted, I think I would have been  overwhelmed with footage and choices, making it a much longer raw video than normal.



If you haven’t already checked out Carlton, it is well worth the trip and I advise you go and train there. There are plenty of movements to be done, within such a small area it has lots to offer. The video really doesn’t do it justice. Near the end of the video you can see of the dancing on walls skill near the Sneinton windmill I mentioned in my previous blog post. Not exactly a long digest of the video, it was a pretty quick and simple one to edit.


Carlton Revamp.


The weekend was set to be bad weather. Once again, defeating our weekly community training session. It was typical for a Bank Holiday, afterwards it was set to be a heatwave! So the only chance of a summer day was the Good Friday, a good Friday I was hoping for it to be. I initially was going out training with just Adam and David. I had asked around to see who else was interested, not expecting many if anyone else. James was still down about the video [1] I had made in my previous blog, with him failing the running rock precision. Little did I know that at the time he had gone back out a day or two later to try and claim the jump and get it filmed too for a response video. Instead he spent many a hour doing the same thing as the video. Unable to do it due to his mental block, even though he could do the distance when not there and in his head it seemed an easy task to achieve. Unable to get it done brought him down even more. It would have been great to see him get it and post a response video. He was reluctant to come out due to back and ankle pain and no doubt expecting to have more blocks if he came to brand new area.

I did wind James up, stating that since Saturday was predicted to be terrible weather that he should enjoy training Crown Plaza, all day. I mean what difference would waiting twenty four hours do for his healing process!? While Friday was the better, sunnier day where he could experience a new area, break barriers and feel good about being out training with like minded people. He might as well get out, if he could and it wasn’t like it was too far from his place either. Plus, if his pains with his back and ankle kicked in, he could simply go back home. The biggest bonus of the day was it was going to be a small focused group of people out, minus all the weekend cretins, side babes and non practitioners who came out cluttering the places we trained at.  I also had managed to convince Sonny to perhaps come out too, seeing as we were going to be in his  local area. It was going to be great to see him out again as I know he wanted to start training again, though that was if he showed up to the session…


Sonny – Diving Kong.


I hadn’t slept that well Thursday evening, even though I had gone to bed early. It was all due to the kitten (Comet) [2] having been to the vets to be castrated and so he was wearing one of those plastic cones around his head. This made a lot of noise as he moved around the house, scrapping it on everything. He was restless due to not being used to wearing one, finding it difficult to move and do the things he usually does. I woke up at five, the sun was rising and I felt fresh as a daisy, ready to get up for the day. Complete madness, I did drift back off to sleep and then woke up at a more reasonable time of nine. Adam had been up since six, yet he was running late as he was waiting for his new trainers to arrive before coming out. What if they didn’t arrive today or were delivered in the late afternoon? Continue reading ‘Carlton Revamp.’

Raw #10.

After not being able to get out over the winter due to all the bad weather and with Springtime still not being constant weather wise, it’s been difficult to get another RAW video done. I managed to get out the other Saturday [1] and film a few clips while training at High Pavement and a play park with lots of rocks. While filming at Pavement and after getting the tic tac cat off the tree, my abdominals were pulled and so the climb up was particularly slow and was a one take job.



The park has some cool things to do precision wise with many variations of jumps between the rocks, rails and wooden logs. Ranging from all heights and distances. As you will see a few in the video, as well as a small failed run myself and Femi were practising. Play parks, they are not only for kids to use, but the bigger adult kind too. Well depending on what structures they have within them that can be used for Parkour…


White Courage.


For the first time this year, I’ve managed to have a proper training session in town. With the exception of the couple of times [1] [2] when I’ve been in the city and it had rained or been an unproductive session. Strangely enough, the Npk event this weekend had drawn very few people to it and it seemed it might be a quiet one. Odd, maybe people would turn up on the day or perhaps they were all too busy to attend? It didn’t help when on the day it was overcast with possible rain. It was quite cold too and I hoped it wouldn’t be another weekend washout. I was already feeling unmotivated thanks to the weather, by body was tired and I was contemplating not going out at all, if it didn’t improve closer to the time. Adam was just about awake, he had stayed up the entire night binge watching all of Daredevil season two. Seriously man, what happened to pacing with the show?! I had watched a couple of episodes, but I like to watch them steadily over a few weeks rather than all in one go.

Adam was going to be ready to pick me up at 12.30pm, earlier than I had expected and then I had to rush around to get ready in time and text David to see if he wanted to meet us for a lift too. It seemed many weren’t bothering on being out today, when I asked messaged people individually online! To draw some interest to the event I created a post saying stating we should train some other areas which were Plaza and so we weren’t Plaza bitches, like so many weekends of training seemed to be, at least when I had been out of late. I think the bait had well and truly been taken by James who was quick to state that he was amazed I was going to be out today, what with it not being ‘perfect’ weather conditions in my eyes. He said he didn’t mind travelling at all, providing we got to train and didn’t spend all day on our feet walking to and from locations with very little or limiting movements to be done…


David – Portrait.


I arrived at the Parkour park just as Adam was driving into the car park. David and myself hopped in the car and we made our way to town, hoping for a none Plaza day of training and for the weather to pick up and not rain us off. We made the long walk from the Forest Recreational Ground all the way to the Crowne Plaza where we were greeted by James, Frankie and a new guy.  It was odd not to see more people out. I warmed up and today I didn’t dislike Plaza. I enjoyed the brief time we spent there, which might surprise James to hear! Practising diving kongs between and in some cases through the spike bushes, which at first were scary due to them invading the landing wall. That and I hadn’t done a diving kong in so long. I then practised some kong precisions with David and I felt like they were getting back on track to how they used to be. Must be all the leg workouts finally paying off, as I felt the technique was more legged based this weekend than pushing off the wall with the upper body.

We had the pleasure of having Ryan out this weekend. I hadn’t seen him out in many, many years! So it was good to see him out, within the scene again. He had did some really nice kong precisions, with a floaty like technique which I didn’t expect. Perhaps all that trampoline practice has helped him with his Parkour skills? He asked what I meant by him being floaty, unsure if it was a positive or a negative thing. I explained it was a compliment and people that are floaty (usually) have nice looking movements when they jump and can do jumps easily. James was busy testing his newly brought GoPro, which looked ace when he filmed a pop climb up run. There was much sexual trolling while James filmed though, with various noises being shouted in the background while he filmed. Continue reading ‘White Courage.’

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