Embankment Adventure.



The plan for this weekend was to move around the city, training different areas. After people had made it clear they wanted to see different locations and have an adventure that wasn’t the usual Plaza, IBM and Audo route which has been done week in, week out. Last weekend Phil had mentioned there were new walls built on the embankment next to the River Trent and they might be worth an trek to see. It had fallen on deaf ears on the day, with no one hearing or seeming that interested on leaving the confines of Plaza. With many of the people who stayed at Plaza during training not out this week, it was the perfect time for this epic scouting trip! To say there were lots of people confirmed to be out, there were very few out when I arrived at Plaza. The guys from Derby were already out and they said a few others were heading over later. They also had a guest with them, Jonathan a guy visiting the UK currently on a Parkour tour and so James had brought him along with them to sample Nottingham. He had already trained in Derby training with Mr. Wong and was head back to London within in the next day or two.

David, Kezza, Max and myself moved over to the blue skip area to train on, away from the crowded Plaza. I wanted to film a few clips to add to my library of ever growing clips and took a couple of photos too. The problem with this area today was the skip had been moved too close to the wall to precision down. It was fun to try and link some movements together, such as a turn vault over the yellow railing like a palm spin movement and then go straight into a kong precision right out of it. A run from running from behind the skip, cross vaulting over the yellow railing and striding along the wall before trying an underbar or kong precision was another choice and run we practised. More people arrived at Plaza and many were asking when it was we would be moving on? The Derby guys eagerly wanted to train spots around Nottingham too like Auditorium and by pass the IBM chained area. Tom joked he hadn’t travelled all this way to train one spot they always seemed to be at when they came over. I explained it was going to be a rather long walk today, due to the embankment adventure and circuit of the city I wanted to do.


Max – Portrait.


Everyone seemed cool with that and we moved over to Audo. Jack was late arriving into Nottingham and had to hurry up if he and the others were to catch up with us. We were only moving to Audo and so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for them to find us. I had thought of training each area for a certain amount of time, so we didn’t spend all day in one place, maybe thirty minutes per spot, give or take was the rough estimate. I captured a few shots of Max hanging off the edge of one of the high walls (seen above) which he then dropped down to the bin. It was a height drop close to what Pyro had done back in the day, only he did it to the floor I believe. Everyone was doing their own movements and enjoying the area. Some silly, low kong precisions were being done by Kezza and myself. They felt terrible, but oddly doable, though Kezza and Holbrook took it to extremes being able to do them up to the higher big steps. Floating to them like it was nothing, while I had to really push and force to land the simple ones to the steps. It was good to do them as they felt new and challenging.

We had been training at Audo for a good fifty minutes and people were curious if we were going to move. We did, since we had gone over my initial time limit of a spot and on to another location, passing through Castle College and making our way to the canal area. We had broke up into smaller groups with some separating to Tesco before rejoining with us. Well that was if they could find where we had now moved to now. The area we visited first was the top end of the canal, it was a small area with not a lot to do, but people practised the precision and kong precisions there. We were also joined by Street Media too, who then upped the anti by doing sweet diving kongs upwards, and then side flipping the gap between the walls. On one attempt, Noah had managed to some how fall short, slamming down on the wall with one leg over it while the other hit the floor as well as hitting his head somehow, ouch! Parrish got a shin scrap on a kong precision too, it seemed most were bailing here and the area was now getting a little crowded… Continue reading ‘Embankment Adventure.’

Here’s Johnny!


Johnny – Portrait.


It was to be another great day of jumping, the weather prediction was to be a sunny and very humid day. With this, many were set to be attending the training session. Even Johnny, who hadn’t been out since 2011 if memory serves correct. He works weekends and so never has the time to be out training with us and trying to get a weekend off is a nightmare due it to being one of the busier times. The only reason he had this weekend off was due to booking it off for his birthday in advance! I wasn’t even aware it was his birthday, yet he thought he would come out and train for a few hours before heading back home later for his birthday refreshments and meal. What a legend! I got my bus to town, expecting it to take forever, as normally it did and yet today it drove straight to town with no stops. Strange, as that very rarely happened, if ever. What was even stranger was there didn’t seem to be many out. The only people when I arrived at Plaza were the VTM guys across the road, oh and of course Johnny who was sat waiting for people to arrive.

He now had a beard, a ginger one at that trololol. Bar that, he hadn’t changed one bit since the last time he was out, same wit, size and same old Johntron. I still can’t believe he had came out on his birthday of all days, what better way to spend it then with a bunch of like minded nutters. We spoke of the times gone by, general training and how there weren’t many people left who he knew these days. Then there was his Npk t-shirt he was wearing, one of the very few slant designs I’ve had printed. I think only Johnny, Kinga and John had that design done and of course myself. Johnny’s tee looked old and worn, with it being a light shade of gray now rather than the black it once was. The text was very cracked, but still whole and legible. He said it had been through a fair few hundred washes if not more, as he wore it to football as a layer. Crazy, as non of my own t-shirts have faded that much, colour wise and the first generation have only very slightly cracked. Perhaps I just don’t wash them as often as most…


Jallen’s Bruise. © James Allen Visual


Johnny was nearly bailing already with the first few movements he tried, not to mention they were sketchy. Jesus, he doesn’t need to bail and break himself on his birthday of all days! He mentioned that since bailing a running gainer years ago at High Pavement and nearly landing on his head, being saved by his shoulder and arm he has never been the same since. It felt like it might have been broken, but he never got it seen too, but now it always plays up and doesn’t bend as much as the other. He mentioned his back has had a few problems too along with other body parts, but as always, he powers through with the injured and carried on with football. Eventually things stop hurting, or at the very least get masked and disappear… Until he needs a wheelchair in the future from the amount of injures he has occurred. James had made a grave error of interacting with Mr Johnny danger, by doing some karate kid inspired silliness on the Plaza rails. Swapping feet and trying to throw each other off the railing.

It soon went wrong as he slipped and dropped, we all assumed he had landed on his ‘boys’ luckily he landed on his inner thigh producing a rather tasty looking bruise (as seen above). Max was busy scaling the car park walls and climbing up the outer side of it. This of course, got the attention of the hotel staff. Shortly after the security came out, asking what he thought he was doing?! The guy seemed to be quite aggressive during the confrontation and Max argued back with him. We moved across the road to the Atrium area, while some ventured to Tesco for refreshments. Continue reading ‘Here’s Johnny!’

Sneinton Road.


David – Tic Tac Cat.


This was the week I would get my reunion with the brown legend that was Yaz, as he was over here in the UK for a week. Though, I had missed him Saturday [1] due to him doing the BodyPower Expo at the weekend, so he wasn’t out training in town, along with a select few others doing the event too, but said he would be out sometime in the week. He said today would be fine, I had messaged him a few days before about the training session, and again in the morning to double confirm but had got no reply. I guess he was too busy or not interesting in coming out to train. It was an early session today, we (Adam, David and myself) wanted it to be early, to get more out of the day. That way David could join us too before working in the evening. Quite a few seemed interested when I posted up about it as a Facebook status, I’m sure it would be different on the day. Eleven was the time to meet, and once again we would be meeting in Sneinton. I was really looking forward to this training session, I woke up early, full of energy. It was sunny, and I was ready to jump!

I made my way over to the park to meet David and Adam, then we made our way into Sneinton. It was odd, no one was out yet, though that wasn’t hard to believe with the earlier meet up and lack of replies before coming out. Femi, being the clutz that he is, had broken his small toe the night before at gymnastics and now was unable to move without pain, so he wasn’t out. George, who is always banging on about how people should train in the city on weekends, too was busy with University and wouldn’t be finished until the evening. That and he didn’t like how far out of town we were meeting, as it was the other side to where he lived and he had suggested why not start at Radford lmfao! Also it would be easier for him, good job we didn’t as he wasn’t out anyway and would have been a waste. There was no reply from Yaz, though he did put a message later on my status about maybe being out later at two and what ever happened to meeting at those sort of times like in the past and Plaza as a starting area? Man, he really was out of the loop, if he was expecting us to be meeting up that late to train…


Zade (Me) – Running Precision.


It looked like it was just the three of us today, so much for the lots of interest the day before. This was fine though, we were ready for a good session and so, nothing was going to dampen our spirits! We warmed up jumping around and moved some of the loose slabs in the area and put them at certain points on the ground to use as strides. Allowing more access to various points in the area. The starting point would be a kong up or kong precision depending on skill level, then stride along the slabs and into the running cat with a climb up. It was hard at first to get enough speed for the cat from the strides, like it was a stretch and so we arranged the slabs a few times to get it right. I thought it wasn’t going to happen, that was until Adam was on form and did it first! Though, to be honest, I would have had it before him, had he not trolled me and tried putting me off because he wanted it first, by pulling my vest and whispering in my ear as I started to run, trying to make me laugh and lose focus as I ran. Thankfully David and myself got it too, we also extended it with other movements like box jumps and thinking of other movements to add.

Rather than taking photos in this area,which I have overkilled in recently weeks and months. Instead decided to do some filming, nothing special, just some clips of running precisions and box jumps, along with the running strides to cat movement too. I wanted to collect some clips from today or over the next few sessions to make a possible day video, or even a video of any sort. It had been a while since I had filmed, so it took a bit of getting used to again. And perhaps create something like I did with my Zade Condensed video (seen below), which has clips from the last jam in Sneinton and other clips from other training sessions. I quite like how the video came out, with short cut clips and it made me wonder and want to do something similar in the future. Maybe, create a weekly RAW video which seems to be increasingly popular with practitioners over social media of late. It was just an idea though, so I’ll see if I do decide to do it or not in the near future as my creative juices begin to flow… Continue reading ‘Sneinton Road.’

Sneinton Suburbs.


Ben – Precision.


It was Saturday and I wasn’t sure about going out today, after training yesterday [1] but Adam had tempted me by saying that he would pick me up from the Parkour Park if needs be and that I should come out anyway. Though, I would need to be at the park for half past twelve, I got ready quicker than I normally would and headed over to the park and it was a good job Adam was running late due to traffic as I was only just heading out near the meet up time. The plan was to drive into Sneinton, park up near one of the training areas we would be visited later today. Though I regret the plan after we had to meet everyone at Plaza first… I had forgotten just how long of a walk it is from the other side of town. Most of my muscles were tired and my forearms especially, making it hard to hold my handhold bag as we walked across town. My upper back tightening, the more we walked to compensate for my sore shoulders and other body parts.

The regulars were out and some of the trickers too, who didn’t seem that fond of visiting Sneinton to train for the day, at least at first. We made the long walk back to suburbs, my forearms killed and even having my bag on my shoulder was causing me agony and so I was glad once we arrived at the hotspot. As always with the first area, there was lots of plyometric jumping, the trickers used some of the loose concrete slabs as step ups for flips. While others ventured up to the scaffolding on the side of the flats, vaulting and doing lache cats. More people arrived, with more crazy running precisions happening. I was tempted to get some photos and film, but due to past sessions I felt I had taken more than enough images already of this starting area. We moved to the area slightly up, near the garages practising the catleaps, precisions and other movements, everyone was pretty spread out in different areas doing their own thing.


Daniel – Inward Sideflip.


I mentioned the 180 catleap down and then said it can be done upwards too, which a few disbelieved. I tired it and slipped due to my Ekiden 50’s trainers, luckily I had brought out a brand new pair of old Kalenji Success. I hadn’t used them yet and still being fresh I thought why not, they will give me grip from what I remember. Instantly on wearing them my grip was amazing, sticking to the wall like glue, getting the 180 upwards cat to cat easily. I had forgot, just how good these trainers were and how comfy and padded they were too. It makes me sad wearing them as I don’t have many other pairs left and I will hate for when they finally disintegrate. Some of the shoe glue they were made with had already unstuck and will need re-glue it when I get home. We ventured to a different area of Sneinton, the place with the green rails, we had been there once before in the past [2] and it was nice to return, even if it was a bit of a walk from the first area. On arriving people saw the desolate obstacle area, with not much to do.

People stood and sat in the area, not sure what there was to do. Daniel used a nearby tree (seen above) to trick off, doing inverted moves off. On seeing this, I grabbed my camera to get some shots, while the others explored the area. At one stage we had a rail balance challenge, walking along the whole thing which was around the whole area. David and myself were giving a kong precision a try, Ben got it as did David but I couldn’t get the extra bit of power I needed. As well as the tree being used for flips, the fence was added by some as an obstacle, with some of the guys flipping over it. Mat used the bench as a take off point too, some of the shots I captured were lovely with the sun glare and low angles in the grass blades. Continue reading ‘Sneinton Suburbs.’

Traffic Love.

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