Wall Scalers.


Wall Shimmying.

© James Allen – Wall Shimmying.


Today had all the makings to be that of a great jam, people new and old to training were attending. Some older generation practitioners in the form of Ant, Ash and Nick, who hadn’t trained for many years had got the Parkour bug and decided to come to this weeks training session. It was going to be great to see them, with their old school ways of training being added to flavour the mix. I doubt they will know any of the newer generation of practitioner though, nor the current style of training. Well, at least that was how I envisioned training to be, until I woke up late! It was fine though, I still got ready as after all it was a beautiful, sunny day and nothing was going to stop me from training… Until a random stomach bug hit me soon after I had ate. What the hell?! How and why had this happened, why now of all times? I needed to go out training! Ain’t nobody got time for that… Stuck at home, on the toilet, unable to move as my bowels expelled my body constantly, spattering the bowl while others were out enjoying the day. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed by this unfortunate event!

When I hadn’t appeared at the training session, some of the older generation guys were messaging me online, asking where I was. I explained it was looking unlikely that I was going to make it out today. I had to also  guide Nick to the others who were at Plaza as he thought everyone still met at the Concert Hall like all those years ago and wondered why no one was there yet. To say I was unable to get out, people were still baiting me to come out and join them, saying it was a lame excuse to say I felt unwell due to my stomach bug. Why would I make up an excuse not to come out when I had planned to be? Perhaps I should have sent a photo of what I had spawned in the toilet bowel to give them an idea of how bad it really was! After two hours, it would seem my stomach had fully evacuated it’s complete contents and my fever was ripe. I was now starving, so it must have meant I was on the mend, but I daren’t ingest any more food before going out in case of starting the cycle all over again. Still unsure and in two minds, I got ready and ventured out, making my way to town.


Nick – Climbing.


I arriving to find Plaza loitered with masses of people out. It was great to be reunited with Ant, the now muscle mountain. Nick was hardly recognisable with his massive beard. Abdur was out this weekend too, along with Brigitte, Liv and many others. Even David was here as well! It seems people were wanting to move and not to be stuck at Plaza all day, with such a huge number of people it was time to take a trip over to Auditorium. The group felt a bit fractioned as some chose to stay at Plaza and Atrium while the ones who wanted to move made their way over to Audo. It was a change to see Mr Drellington out this weekend with his friend Alex, as he was very rarely out, if ever. Spending many a days sleeping due to his messed up sleeping pattern, university, partying and so forth. He was busy filming a small video from the day [1] and so would randomly be pushing his camera in front of everyone from time to time. The old generation instantly went to do the Audo challenge, shimmying along the window ledges using just the underhand grip, burning the forearms in the process.

While some practised it above the ledge, reaching each window ledge and wall as they went. This got people interested and more gave it a go, with most struggling on the longer, further reach. You had to really do the splits, or learn as far over as possible before letting go and falling to the other wall and grabbing it. It was almost as horrendous as the plaque shimmying, which require immense finger strength to do and get past it. Drell was doing the main Audo precision but in reverse so it was upwards, with his giant hops, crazy to see! Continue reading ‘Wall Scalers.’

Npk Resurrection.


Group Photo.


Today was the second community training session of 2015. Seeing as it was to be Kinga’s last training session in Nottingham I made the venture out to the community session again this week. Not that many knew this at the time, she wanted it to be a secret and to quietly vanish from the scene. An odd choice, but each to their own. This is another practitioner we have lost in recent years to emigration to another country, with Yaz leaving and a few others once their university course had finished. I arrived at Plaza to find Phil and some others already training and it wasn’t too long before many of the regulars turned up too. The vibe felt really good today and the increase in people, different skill levels and personalities only added to this feeling. It was great to see so many faces out today, new and old alike. A good start to the year 2015, an increase in numbers, the way it should be. Maybe even a rebuild, the Npk resurrection as Zain put it the last time he was out training.

Now I didn’t take many photos, if any today, bar for the group photo at the beginning of this blog entry. I had my camera with me, but wasn’t feeling photography and instead spent much of my time training and making the most of the day. I had only got a group photo after Kinga had requested one from the day and seeing as James was taking one I thought I may as well too. James had been taking photos throughout the day and those shots can be seen via his James Allen Visual [1] Facebook page. If you want to view the full set of images he has taken from the day. While a select few of them are scattered through this post for you to see and get an insight in what went off. Chris was out today too, enjoying the banter and wanting to learn. While spending most of his time stretching, absorbing knowledge, watching others train and part taking in a few of the simpler vaults. Practising holding some handstands against a wall and having a great time.


Plaza - Hotspot.

© James Allen – Plaza Hotspot.


It has been a while since we have had a truly new person to training, who has stuck around for more than a few weeks. Chris wanted help improving his handstands and got me to hold his legs, to stop him moving, while tickling him in the process. It’s a good job he is used to everyone’s humour, as for many it could be a bit much with all the innuendos and homoerotism. Kinga wanted people to try one handed handstands against the wall, which I did try but don’t have the balance, while others seemed to grasp it pretty easily. Pete was only out for a select time today, double booking himself with other commitments. Still he provided us with some portrait images, and a ever longer beard present. It was good to see Reece and Kezza training together, holding handstands and doing tricks. While others were vaulting the railing, and people scattered all over the area in smaller groups helping and training together.

It wasn’t long before we got moved out of the area though… The same security guy from long ago, with the same excuses. It’s hardly needed though and it’s not like we were causing a nuisance. Either way we moved and decided to make our way over to Auditorium, as we had a big group of people out. I went back to the precision jump [2] over the steps and still couldn’t see it this week either, even with less tired legs.
Continue reading ‘Npk Resurrection.’

A Blustery Day of Training.


© James Allen - Pete - Portrait.

© James Allen – Pete – Portrait.


I decided it was time to venture into the city centre for the first session of 2015. After popping out to see the main group on and off before Christmas for a few sessions, trying to train but mainly taking photos. I wanted to be out today and do some actual training though, the last time I was out my ankle hurt and it still does when faced with the harsh terrain of the concrete jungle. I was willing to get back out, jump around and see how it all felt this time, as I did enjoy being in town the last few times. This week I decided to leave my camera behind to help focus on training and had aimed to be out for a few hours to save myself from ankle death. It was a blustery day of training, the wind would cut you in and not even Plaza protected you from that element of the weather. It was so very cold, I’m glad I had wrapped up for the worse, and more, though that didn’t stop my nose from constantly streaming in the slightest. My fresh, beardless, baby face was protected by my scarf for the entire day to help keep me warm. I wasn’t use to feeling the wind on my face, it felt like ice was being thrown against it.

Though it didn’t go unnoticed on how short my beard was by people when I first arrived. Saying I looked totally different and like a normal person now. Vladimir was out this weekend, I wondered where he had been hiding, since I had only seen him once at the Parkour park last year [1] when arriving back in the UK. Since then he had vanished, busy with university work, partying and just not having the time to come out or opting not too. He was quick to point out how it feels like old times of training, even though ‘I’ve changed’ compared to how I was years ago when he was last here. Daniel the side burn king was out today too, another I hadn’t seen in ages! Even if he was oddly out in just a vest, in this freezing cold weather and was getting some pretty funny looks from people passing by with no doubt the same exact thoughts. It would seem quite a few familiar faces had made it out, 2015 was looking good so far. It was good to see and have Adam and Jack out this weekend for a long overdue city centre session. We’ll see after today how they feel workouts and park training has transitioned to town training and if they will want to carry on training the city centre in the future.


© James Allen - Hoodie.

© James Allen – Hoodie.


The session started as it always did at Crowne Plaza, I enjoyed jumping and working on my precision jumps, which I feel are getting stronger from my current leg workouts. Still I’ve got many months ahead of me until they are back to full power, but for the mean time, it feels nice not to fail at jumps and be able to partake in some jumping challenges with the rest of the guys. Such as a precision off the blue railing to the floor and then upward jump into one of the concrete arches, I found that so hard to do and only made it on a couple of occasions and shined myself on one attempt too when backing out. While Pete made it look easy and Ben just flew with next to no effort at all, even David was getting it! He seems to really be on form with his precision jumps these days, I’m quite envious. The group split and some moved over to the Atrium, across the road while others decided to go up to Mansion Studios to film. It felt like people didn’t want to move from Atrium, saying they would be up later, once they had finished trying running upward precisions. David, Adam, Jack and myself moved to others training spots due to being sick of the same old Plaza / Atrium circuit that seems to happen week in, week out.

IBM had changed, no more plant pots, some of the grills to stop you falling down into the car park below were missing and there wasn’t much to do there now. We move to Mansion Studios where some of the guys were filming and doing the crazy running precision and we left them to it and moved further up to the houses two spot. It was loitered with cars in the way of the walls to train now they were student flats. A few kong vaults over the main wall there felt great but was short lived and we made our way back down to the rest of the guys. It felt quite a depressive and boring day and I felt it would only get worse. Continue reading ‘A Blustery Day of Training.’

Freezing Park Session.


Zade (Me) – Self Portrait.


I arrived back home and out of the coldness to find that Adam had jokingly said to Ben how we should go out and train the Parkour park in the snow. To prove what real manly men we are, not letting the elements stop us from getting a good workout. I saw the post and without hesitation said I would be up for that, even before I had read the PM’s from them both. I was thinking to myself how we should go out for the shit and giggles anyway. Ben seemed to think I was joking, but seeing as both Adam and myself were up for it, he said he would come out too. The plan was to be out at the park from 18.30 and any other mad man that wanted to join us was welcome and  should arrive around that time too. I doubt we would be out for too long though, with how cold the temperature was, but it was still to be an experience. With the plan in motion I charged up my camera and tried to defrost a bit before getting ready to go out for another icy, cold adventure.

I was already feeling the cold and to go out again today may not have been the wisest of ideas. It was predicted to snow again later too, though time will tell if that snow flurry actually happens. I made sure to wrap up in a crazy amount of layers, I had in total ten layers on. It was hard to move around in them and I felt like a sumo wrestler as I waddled around the house as I moved, but at least I knew I would be warm. I had contemplated taking out a hot water bottle out with me too… Though I think that would have been a bit of an overkill. I put my workout gloves on along with some normal woolly ones over the top of them to stop my hands getting frost bitten, as my hands are always the first things to perish when it’s cold. I made my way out, crunching in the snow as I went across the field, I felt completely snug in my multiple layers and was quite surprised how warm I felt. No one had arrived yet and so I took a few more snow shots while I waited for people to arrive.


Ben – Portrait.


It wasn’t too long until Ben arrived, gliding along the road as he cycled into the park. I’m surprised he didn’t come off his bike as the roads were still quite bad with snow and ice. Though he assured me it wasn’t too bad as some of the back roads he had taken, compared to the main road. His bike light was blinding and lit up the area no end, it’s amazing just how powerful it was for a bike light. He said he thought it would be best to bring it out to brighten up the area while we train, so we could see things and had previously used it on night workouts too. The park was covered with snow imprints, unlike it was yesterday [1] when the snow had first arrived. We spoke about what if Adam couldn’t make it out, as it was meant to be snowing again where he lived. I know before I left the house he was busy clearing his driveway of snow and hoped to be done before the meet up time. We also wondered if it was too dangerous to drive and he had gone back home, or got stuck some place on his way over. If and when he arrives and pulls into this car park he will be screwed and unable to get back out, due to how icy and slippery it is.

Just as we discussed this, we heard Adam’s car exhaust blowing as he drove up to the park like a drag racer. The million dollar question was, would he pull into the car park or not?! He looked like he was going to pull in, but at last moment decided to park on the side of the road. Good job too as there would be no way we would be able to push his car up and over the hill and out of the car park. The bars felt super cold, slippery too and even when Ben had rubbed them down with a towel they still felt slippery even though they were dry. Continue reading ‘Freezing Park Session.’

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