Raw #10.

After not being able to get out over the winter due to all the bad weather and with Springtime still not being constant weather wise, it’s been difficult to get another RAW video done. I managed to get out the other Saturday [1] and film a few clips while training at High Pavement and a play park with lots of rocks. While filming at Pavement and after getting the tic tac cat off the tree, my abdominals were pulled and so the climb up was particularly slow and was a one take job.



The park has some cool things to do precision wise with many variations of jumps between the rocks, rails and wooden logs. Ranging from all heights and distances. As you will see a few in the video, as well as a small failed run myself and Femi were practising. Play parks, they are not only for kids to use, but the bigger adult kind too. Well depending on what structures they have within them that can be used for Parkour…


White Courage.


For the first time this year, I’ve managed to have a proper training session in town. With the exception of the couple of times [1] [2] when I’ve been in the city and it had rained or been an unproductive session. Strangely enough, the Npk event this weekend had drawn very few people to it and it seemed it might be a quiet one. Odd, maybe people would turn up on the day or perhaps they were all too busy to attend? It didn’t help when on the day it was overcast with possible rain. It was quite cold too and I hoped it wouldn’t be another weekend washout. I was already feeling unmotivated thanks to the weather, by body was tired and I was contemplating not going out at all, if it didn’t improve closer to the time. Adam was just about awake, he had stayed up the entire night binge watching all of Daredevil season two. Seriously man, what happened to pacing with the show?! I had watched a couple of episodes, but I like to watch them steadily over a few weeks rather than all in one go.

Adam was going to be ready to pick me up at 12.30pm, earlier than I had expected and then I had to rush around to get ready in time and text David to see if he wanted to meet us for a lift too. It seemed many weren’t bothering on being out today, when I asked messaged people individually online! To draw some interest to the event I created a post saying stating we should train some other areas which were Plaza and so we weren’t Plaza bitches, like so many weekends of training seemed to be, at least when I had been out of late. I think the bait had well and truly been taken by James who was quick to state that he was amazed I was going to be out today, what with it not being ‘perfect’ weather conditions in my eyes. He said he didn’t mind travelling at all, providing we got to train and didn’t spend all day on our feet walking to and from locations with very little or limiting movements to be done…


David – Portrait.


I arrived at the Parkour park just as Adam was driving into the car park. David and myself hopped in the car and we made our way to town, hoping for a none Plaza day of training and for the weather to pick up and not rain us off. We made the long walk from the Forest Recreational Ground all the way to the Crowne Plaza where we were greeted by James, Frankie and a new guy.  It was odd not to see more people out. I warmed up and today I didn’t dislike Plaza. I enjoyed the brief time we spent there, which might surprise James to hear! Practising diving kongs between and in some cases through the spike bushes, which at first were scary due to them invading the landing wall. That and I hadn’t done a diving kong in so long. I then practised some kong precisions with David and I felt like they were getting back on track to how they used to be. Must be all the leg workouts finally paying off, as I felt the technique was more legged based this weekend than pushing off the wall with the upper body.

We had the pleasure of having Ryan out this weekend. I hadn’t seen him out in many, many years! So it was good to see him out, within the scene again. He had did some really nice kong precisions, with a floaty like technique which I didn’t expect. Perhaps all that trampoline practice has helped him with his Parkour skills? He asked what I meant by him being floaty, unsure if it was a positive or a negative thing. I explained it was a compliment and people that are floaty (usually) have nice looking movements when they jump and can do jumps easily. James was busy testing his newly brought GoPro, which looked ace when he filmed a pop climb up run. There was much sexual trolling while James filmed though, with various noises being shouted in the background while he filmed. Continue reading ‘White Courage.’

Leg death & High Flyers.

Andy – Sideflip.


It was day four of leg death for myself. Sunday was a hardcore training session, with Monday being a leg workout day of death. Followed by a Tuesday evening of training with Ben and Wednesday was another hardcore session. No rest for the wicked! Speaking of Tuesday’s training session, it was good to be out with Ben and seeing him able to move around again, excited to train. He was able to do small jumps, loving every moment of it. After his spinal surgery non the less. My legs were in absolute bits and the fact I wasn’t in bed until gone 4am didn’t help matters in the slightest. I woke up at 12pm, ready to train and oddly enough I wasn’t feeling that tired body wise as expected either. I arrived to find David and Andy already there jumping and flipping around the park. Andy was a last minute decision, wanting to train and due to that I thought I would go out.

After a few movements my abdominals and legs were already feeling tired, I guess I hadn’t recovered as much as I had thought I had. It was going to be a light session of movement in that case. I did many, many tic tac strides and stride based movement, not the best for tired legs. So much for a light session, my legs were getting more tired by the minute. One run we were practising (which I hated) I might add, was a running stride across the green stumps, straight into the running upward precision. Andy had it so easily, but I was too scared to commit to it and felt my run up was wrong, no matter how much I tired. It was really frustrating, as I could do it with little run up, without the striding first, but the angle and small amount of steps made it horrible. David got it though, craning it and then finally landing it much to my frustration. So it was bitter sweet when I got him to try the tic tac precision (seen below) off the wall to the brown stump which he found difficult and still couldn’t do.


Zade (Me) – Tic Tac Precision.


He was struggling to grasp the touch tap off the wall for the tic tac. If you tried to do it like a normal tic tac, the foot due to the angle would slide down the wall. I did a few static muscle ups today, which felt better as I would usually swing when I did them but today it was pretty much from static. David had lost his though, what!? How was that possible, he was doing lots of them the previous times we were out. Today he struggled to get above the bar and they just didn’t happen. Adam arrived, late and didn’t seem that motivated to train. Continue reading ‘Leg death & High Flyers.’

Park Shenanigans.


Today was the first day of the year training at the Parkour park. What with the weather being miserable since the start of the year. David and Keaton seemed more than up for the training session, with Adam being a maybe. Steve had liked the post about training but the question was, was he actually going to turn up? It was going to be good to get back out and move around the park again, I hoped it would feel fresh too. Maybe, I would feel scared of all the jumps now and it would feel tedious. I had pulled calf muscles, but was still going to head out and work the best I could with them, hopefully not doing too much leg based training. Adam was making excuses about why he couldn’t come out. Moaning about why he wasn’t going to be out, bottling it. It seemed to be a regular, depressive occurrence since his forearm operation. I do feel bad for him as we do troll and bitch at him quite a bit.

I understand an injury sets you back, gives you the fear and gets you down. But, you can still train the limbs which are uninjured, his legs and keep fit, ready for his return. Otherwise it is wasted time, where you lose fitness and get more annoyed and depressed when you come back from injury. Will things ever be the same, will the injury flare up, happen again? Who knows, they are all things which go through your mind, but you cannot let those fears control you. Over time you will forget you even had an injury and not worry about such things, being as carefree as the days before it. Injuries are things which make or break people that regular train, it can set into a spiral of depression or it can do the opposite and give you extreme motivation foe the return.


Keaton – Portrait.


I arrived at the park to find Keaton already there, in a vest of all things too. I know the sun was out, but it wasn’t that warm yet! I was in layers upon layers and still feeling cold in comparison. David arrived, still feeling the effects of a lower back injury he had sustained and so he was limited on what he could do. It had been months since he first pulled his back, but it seems to be a reoccurring problem now. Back injuries are terrible and don’t seem to go away any time soon, many try to rest them, while other plough through the pain. After a few jumps my calves hurt like shin splints, having the pain directly in my calf and to the sides of them. I blame doing calf raises on weight plates, at various angles. It was nice to see no kids at the park while we trained the joys of a weekday. Today the running upwards precision seemed scary again, I blame Keat for that, as he always has a fear of it and now it had transferred to me.

David felt wary due to his back, but he did it, if a bit undershot. Then ran and got it too and kept practising it. Keat had a go at it, backing in the air as he usually did due to fear. He did one attempt managing to hit the wall, only to over think it and lose his courage with it altogether then. I so wanted him to nail the running precision as he would do other running precisions, which were just as far, if not further. When it came to that jump though he was blocked mentally. While we were at it, I practised it on my unnatural foot which seems to feel stronger and nicer than my natural footing, strange! Continue reading ‘Park Shenanigans.’

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