Through The Ages.

For the longest time I can remember, David and myself would try to be out each Sunday at the Nottingham Parkour park [1] what with it being local to ourselves. As good as being in the city centre was, on the main community training day Saturday. It was nice to have an extra session or just get out to stretch the muscles at the park regardless of which day you were out. In the warmer months others used to venture over to to the park to join practitioners that were out and the local kids as well.

Over the years, there has been some fantastic training sessions there and I’ve selected some which stand out the most… [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10] The park has produced some great imagery and videography over those years as well. Being jumped on by many people from different cities. I’m sure there are still many, that don’t know of it’s existent either. The park may falter in time, with people out growing it skill wise or getting bored of the basic set up. But it remains a great place for beginners and one day perhaps Nottingham with get an indoor facility or another (bigger) park created? 


David – Frontflip.


Below are a few images I captured from a session when David and myself were trying to land an underbar precision as a theme of the day. A movement which has always been there and yet has always felt horrible and not possible. Though on that given day we focused solely on that movement and thankfully got it! As horrible as it still feels and a few times I pulled my back and arms from hitting the bars. It was another awkward movement learnt and claimed.

There was another horrendous movement which would be to kong precision it, which I believe Gio did while he was over here, but with the small squeeze of the bars and possibility of hitting your head too. There have been a fair share of awkward movements over the years and each one feels so rewarding when you do get them done. Oh, I also included a random photo of one of my cat’s eyes below as well.

Cat’s Eye.
David – Underbar Precision.
David – Underbar Precision.
Zade – Underbar Precision.
Zade – Underbar Precision.

Jubilee Campus Adventure.

It was predicted to be a sunny and even humid weekend, after the prelude of soaring temperatures during the week. Finally the weather seemed like it was going to bloom with warmer days from here on in, were we getting an early Summer?! Sadly, James wasn’t going to be out this weekend due to being away for his birthday surprise in Brighton of all places. I say this as he would maybe get a cheeky Parkour session down there at a gym or see the Storror guys out and about, which would be cool to have on his Birthday. This weekend may be my last, if my daughter is born on her due date as well. So I had to make the most of it and squeeze a good session in.

Knowing that James was away, and not to sound like a terrible human being, but usually you can guarantee the weather would be top notch. If past events are anything to go by. On a second note, with it being predicted to be good weather. Many wanted to venture to fresher pastures. So it was to be an adventure day, unintentionally with James being away. The plan was to go to the Jubilee Campus, after seeing it featured in a local Parkour video [1] and checking it out via Google Maps too. It would be a break from the norm city centre session and a good adventure for the ones out for it.


Yaz – 180 Catleap


I don’t know how or why I had missed that as an area to train at for all these years! After all, I had visited Lenton [2] and on other occasions the QMC area [3] [4] which was just a little further up the road. I think with it being the old Raleigh complex and it being brought by the University of Nottingham in the 2000s we hadn’t really ventured there, not to mention it was almost hidden unless you had been through there. I remember Zain mentioning it and that it few things there years ago. Either way, it looked better than I had imagined and it had everyone excited about visiting the location now…

I woke up at six, then eight and finally got up just before ten. Twelve seemed so far away yet. That was the time I wanted to meet up this week, due to others being so lax arriving often at one, two and beyond. If we did the same today, we wouldn’t be making the adventure until gone past two o’clock! I was wondering who would turn up, it seemed like quite a few were up for the session, but would have to see once I arrived. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to wait for people that were late! So it was a nice change to arrive at Plaza right on time, as the clock tower chimed.


Adam – Running Precision.


The only people left to arrive were Tom and Reece, who had already informed us they were nearly there. I didn’t mind that as a wait, it wasn’t long before they arrived and then we all decided to take the long walk to the Jubilee campus. It took around fifteen minutes to get there, quicker than expected and with a pit stop at a Sainsbury’s on the way for supplies too. As with most University’s there likely wouldn’t have a shop for miles. The first spot we came to had lots of cuboids to jump between. The water feature was currently off and drained, providing kong precisions to the cubes too.

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Friends Meeting Place.


Thursday evening I found it hard to sleep due to a temperature I had, then Friday came a scratchy throat which got worse as the day went on. It’s typical that, that would happen before training at the weekend. Saturday came around and I felt terrible, like I had full blown flu. Annoying, as it was looking a great day weather wise for training after months long of rain. Why did this have to happen, why couldn’t this have happened after the weekend!? Due to this,  I didn’t have any plans to go out training. Not that many seemed to be out anyway, that or they hadn’t been bothered to click the attend button on the event for others who checked it to know who was and wasn’t out for the day.

I really did feel terribly ill and the short trip to the post office to collect a parcel, didn’t have me feeling any better about a possible trip into town, should I choose to do that. It seemed that the other regulars were out after all and asked if I was going to be too. I said it was unlikely and if I did, it would be really late compared to the usual time. More like two, maybe even three if I did make the decision to go. Patryk said he might come to the Parkour park for a bit, if I wanted to join him for a few hours. It was tempting, with it being local to me and if I felt direly ill I could just go home. I decided that I would make the venture into town to join the others instead. Who knows maybe all the fresh air would do me good? Failing that, there were plenty of others to infect…


James – Running Precision.


I arrived within my estimated time of two, expecting them to be almost anywhere in town by now. And yet, I found them still at IBM. There wasn’t as many people as I had expected, but still a fair few out. Even the birthday boy Will… Why would you be out on your birthday?! Then again I can’t say anything as when mine has fallen on a Saturday I have done the exact same thing. The guys had set up a running upwards precision (seen above) propping up a slab so it was inclined. With the intention of landing on the wall that some did as a kong precision. It looked rather big and scary to myself, at least distance wise and I was rather impressed how everyone was doing it with such ease!

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Chilled to the Bone.


Today was feeling  colder than a fridge freezer. I guess since it was set to snow, that was the reason for it being so damn cold currently. It was that bitter coldness too, the sort that cut through your layers. It had changed to possible rain as well on the day and yet it was sunny, with clear blue skies… What an odd old day! The weather had me feeling good about going out, I was up at nine. The same time Kezza later said he was awake at and it was ‘terrible’ weather! The reason excuse of why he wasn’t out training… It was damp in the shade (to be expected) this time of year, it was currently sunny and seemed like the cold temperature might rise further throughout the day.

I don’t know how, but I was now running late. Perhaps I was too relaxed about getting ready and out that I wasn’t paying attention to the time either. It seemed that quite a few weren’t out again today, due to the ‘rain’ predicted and no doubt felt how I usually did with training in such conditions. It was a good job the others who were out, were running late too. I got into town just after twelve to find people over at the Atrium, I wanted to move right away to Audo as there was more to do in the bigger area. A few others agreed to join and so those of us went, leaving James, Frankie and others to warm up and train at Atrium before heading over.


Petz – Stride.


It was good to see Diogo out for once today and Benjamin too. It was so, bitterly cold, the sun was making no difference to the temperature. We had been misled by it’s brightly shininess! It hurt to move and I felt total rubbish. I finally began to warm up, after doing lots of running upward precisions to the big steps. David struggled with it, but then got it shortly after Adam. I’ve always struggled with upward precisions, both standing and running. I have always hated that one in the past too, it always scared me to commit, that or I would crane and slide to the floor due to the smoothness of it. So when I used to see people blast it so easily, that were both the same and less skilled than myself it made me sad.

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