July 1st, 2017.

It was predicted to be a sunny weekend, perfect! Though that imagery was shattered when I woke up to a very dull, looking like it would rain at any moment kinda day. Ugh, so it was going to be one of those days was it?! I expected very few to venture out. I didn’t bother getting ready until later due to that fact. I estimated I would get into town for half one, then ended up being in for one instead. Gah! The bus card had failed (expired) as well, another annoyance to add to the ever rubbish day. I had also tweaked my knee as I ran to catch the bus as well. Which had deflated me even more. Seriously, was anything else going to go wrong today?!

Once at Crowne Plaza, I felt drained and bored. The guys were warming up, jumping the curbs and being ‘coached’ I use that term very lightly, by some drunk homeless guy that was loitering in the area. It was rather funny to watch him praise them and scary when he then tried a jump or two himself… Once everyone was accounted for, we moved to the next location the Adam’s Building over in the Lace Market. Femi was running late as ever, wanting to instead meet us in Sneinton later. People had broken off to go to different shops, even though there was a Sainsbury’s right next to the area! It was empty at the spot, I wasn’t even sure what to practice as of yet either.


Jack – Running Precision


Most people were practising kong precisions, the area had quite a few different ones of those too. Ranging from different heights and distances. The running upward precision (seen above) which Jack did on his first attempt was another movement I’ve always wanted to do in the past, but it has always felt so scary! That, along with the top slab moving slightly has always put me off trying. My heart was beating ten to the dozen thinking about doing it. I ran for it, half heartedly and kicked the wall near the top and felt I could crane or land it if I tried. Then I craned it pretty easily and then finally committed to the jump and got it. It seemed this was thee move to drill today, with us all lining up in a queue taking turns.

One after the other, each person seemed to nail it. It was very cool to see everyone breaking it one after the other. Then diving kongs were the next thing being practised. Another movement I really hated and didn’t practise, but always wanted to each time I saw people do it. I just felt I would bail or clip my knees from jumping for the wall. It was a push to be able to commit, and the fact Steff being a bigger guy had it was a great motivator. Even if he had a tasty bail in the process, where he clipped and fell over the wall. That didn’t stop him doing it though. Diving kongs are definitely something I need to practise more of. James was feeling a bit deflated with the kong precisions, after he had nailed them previously but today he seemed to have lost them when he wanted it on film.


Steff – Diving Kong.


I think out of the images so far today, James had the better album and more interesting set from Lace Market [1] as I really didn’t take many myself. It was then onwards into Sneinton, as we always did when we trained at the Adam’s Building. Training had stopped for myself, while Ben and Reece were doing a huge running precision gap together. There were so many precision based movements in the first area, that we always nearly collide. It was funny when Adam got the main precision near the gate because of Steff doing it. I was quite surprised to see Steff doing the kong precision there too. As it was still one I hated and found hard to do.

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Kong Precisions, Play Parks & Crumbling Walls.


Some weekends like I have mentioned before, I forget to note the events of training, either from getting in late, putting it off until later and/or forgetting. That or for some reason it doesn’t save, which is likely what happened to this one. Annoying, but on VERY rare cases it does happen. When I come back to it down the line, I find it hard to remember what had happened with it being months later. That along with the lack of images, doesn’t help me recount events either. I know this weekend was due to be a warm one, Luke and Ryan were out again. Damo, Phil and even Webster of all people too?! Though he has said that in previous weeks…

I can’t remember too well how the training session started, I’m pretty sure the plan was to do different spots and in the end we decided to go back to Portland park. That and surrounding areas for a day of jumping and then down to Forest to end the day. I got my camera out when we were at the spot up from Portland. I captured some images of Jack and David doing a high kong precision! Like seriously, the railing was so high to vault, never mind the distance for the kong precision too! Running along the loose gravel as well was a huge put off. I did a kong precision, which people disliked compared as it was low and you had to run along a thin wall first.


David – Kong Precision.


It reminded me of an old RAW video [1] I filmed years ago. In which I did a lower kong precision running along a wall and jumping over the rail to precision the wall the other side as well. There were lots of crazy rock precisions standing and running being done too. Everyone was drilling the running upward precision from a rock and then doing a precision back down and across multiple ones. Ryan bailed on one of the running rock precisions, landing as an ankle breaker. Props to him for doing it again right after though and sticking it too. There was some competitive standing and running jumping from the wooden planks.

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Carlton to Arnold.

It was the second day of training in a row and I don’t think my ‘older‘ body can handle such training intensity! I thought I was tired after a long day of jumping with the Saturday Community [1] yesterday. So much so that I felt quite ill when I got home. Yet today, I was out at it again, adding to the torture of pulled muscles and DOMs. Adam and myself had been talking about venturing to a newer spot, such as the Carlton suburbs again. This was confirmed when Michael wanted to be out for the adventure too. Seeing as he had missed the main jam yesterday due to feeling the effects of gym from Friday, combined with a night out on the town…

It was a spot I had thoroughly enjoyed [2] last time we were there. We parked up, not knowing that some of the spots were numbered and no doubt for the residents who lived there, rather than for general parking use. It was a good day for Michael, who was sprightly and ready to jump! I was really struggling to do anything, my hamstrings were tight and my glutes hurt too. My jumping ability was REALLY limited, too much for me to properly appreciate the training location. I’m not too sure why I didn’t take many photos from this day, I was most likely not in the mood and/or we explored more than doing anything impressive and worthy of images.


Ockbrook Walls.


After a brief session, we needed a shop for food and drink supplies. The plan was to stop off at one and then train at the golf course in Arnold. It used to, from memory have some nice spots and it had been absolute years since I last visited them! Once in the car park, Michael and Ben said they had seen a Co-op on the way over, so they were both going to walk there. Sceptical, Adam and myself drove on a little adventure. We sadly came to a (since long) closed down shop I thought was still open, then we had to drive to a Tesco instead. They were right and had found the Co-op, but we had already committed to going elsewhere, even if we had to drive further away to get to a shop after the minor detour…

In retrospect, I think the past training sessions in Arnold [3] [4] [5] were more successful and vivid at that time, playing them back better in my mind. Rose tinted glasses and all that! I say this, because as we walked through the golf course there wasn’t much that enticed us to train. Some jumping on the rock pool area, but it wasn’t as enjoyable or progressing as it felt back in the day. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, but it wasn’t as I envisioned. We slowly made our way over to the pine tree which always got climbed when we trained there. Michael was up to the top, while Adam and Ben vaulted a lower branch, trying some flow and timing themselves getting around the tree.


Michael – Precision


We moved down to the line of rocks near a block of flats, jumping along them, but again it felt a bit of a wasted trip. Perhaps we should have just gone back to the park? There was one last stop I wanted to do before, seeing as Arnold town centre always had better parkour spots to jump on. We made our way past the swimming bathes, which was partly blocked off for building work. One spot already lost, for now. There were some cool (new) concrete blocks for standing and running precisions at the front of the library. Across the road there was what used to be called ‘cat alley’ and great for training…

The only difference? Now was it was all blocked off with metal fences, making the walls inaccessible. Even the small wall at the top, which we used as a big precision jump was partly demolished now as well! As I walked to the other spots, they were either too big a movements, demolished or shrubbery too overgrown to train on. Ugh, another wasted journey! We came to a spot where there was a railing and two small walls. Which can be seen [6] within that old blog entry. After some jumps we ended up going back to the park, doing as many of the same exercise as possible, until our legs fell off or we crumpled each time we landed a move.


Ockbrook Hotspot.


Gio’s Farewell Jam.


Well this training session, more than anything is that of a missed account. I have no idea how or why I had forgot to document this jam?! The same goes for taking very few images too! I know Dan, Josh, Cameron and a few other Leicesterterians were over as well, seeing as it was Gio’s last ever training session before he headed back to Rome, indefinitely. It had been a quick year since he had first arrived here, but he had been a great addition to the community. An inspiration to the scene as well, in regards to his skill and what he was doing at our training spots. It was a sad day to have him leave us, leaving his mark on many of our spots in the process, with all the insane movements he had done!

The day looked as if it might be a washout, when it started raining an hour before the training session! Thankfully we had the humidity on our side to dry it all away though. James was glad to be out again this weekend, after not attending the last three sessions due to other engagements. After meeting up at Plaza the plan was to train at other spots and slowly make our way up to Portland Park. A spot James has since started to dislike, if only due to fighting tooth and nail with a particular running precision between two rocks. It has eluded him for such a long time. Even though he clearly has the ability, strength and distance for the jump, if sadly, not the self belief…


Will – Portrait.


It was a movement that has plagued him for many years, much like how the Castle College running catleap had. I didn’t help matters when I ‘may’ have made a failure video [1] goaded on by Adam to do it, after I mentioned I could since I had on filmed James stating he was going to get it and clearly he didn’t. He had planned to make a response video the Monday following after the video, but unfortunately he was unable to break the said jump and spent instead many hours trying and failing the jump. I’m thankful and VERY glad to say he did break the jump today though, after many attempts, advice and almost giving up on it entirely.

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