The Start of Something…


Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere.


After going to bed before midnight and getting very little sleep due to an over active mind not wanting to switch off, mixed with contained excitement of an impending summery day I was forced to lay there for hours upon hours. I was finding it difficult to sleep, I had the idea to go out early and maybe film a small video for 2015, collecting footage of others, maybe even myself for a solo video. I hadn’t made one since 2011 [1] that same video didn’t seem as well viewed as my 2010 [2] video though. I thought it would be cool to film and put a video out there again, Npk community or a solo one, however small it might be. Even make a longer version of a proper video, but that would require multiple visits and filming as well as time and effort for it. I was sill awake at 2am, 3am and even 4am. Not the best start I could have asked for! I drifted off finally a little later, waking up early, hyped and ready for the day… Until I saw that it wasn’t even 6am yet! It was so bright and sunny, I decided to go back sleep until 10am then finally got up. I was ready (for a change) by 11am and headed out over to the park to train, photo and film.

It’s a shame no one was arriving at the park until much later in the day! I was on my own, it felt strange having not been out training solo for a long time, I had got used to people always being around or at least arriving soon after I arrived and today it was just me. Maybe I should have gone back home until others arrived later in the day, but at the same time I wanted to film and make use for the day. Though, filming itself felt awkward. Harry had arrived with some kids, training them and having a bit of a park session for an hour or two. Adam and Jack had been out very early like before 8am as he wanted to train early and I had hoped they would still be here, Adam said he would be out again later though. If I had got up the first time I had woke up I could have joined them instead! I had to hang around anyway as I knew David would be out soon, though I slowly felt less like training as I waited and with the park now empty and Harry gone I decided to focus on filming a few movements.


Zade (Me) – Running Catleap.


I set up my camera and filmed a few kong precision to strides on the stumps to see how things looked on camera. I did a few upwards catleaps too with the same sort of angle as the image above, which looked very nice. I noticed my shin was feeling sore and when I checked it was bleeding, due to opening a scab up from hitting my shin on a climb up and had to bandage it up. David had arrived, though he said he was feeling really tired and so might not do that much today. We trained and he helped me film a few other moves like the running precisions and lache cat, then Ash turned up as did Adam later on. My ankle seemed to be plaguing me again too, feeling it hurt with each jump. Continue reading ‘The Start of Something…’

Jump, Swing, Flip.


CJay – Running Precision.


Today there were meant to be loads of people out training, at least judging from the amount of replies on the Parkour park group [1] yesterday. Yet, when I arrived at the park I found only David there, jumping and swinging amongst the bars on his lonesome, no one else had arrived as of yet. Sonny had seen my messages, but hadn’t replied back and so I took that as he wasn’t out today. He would usually be at the park on time waiting in his car if he was out. People who say they are out, then on the day aren’t will either post up to let every on know or just ignore all messages to them. Kezza was being a little bitch and not training today due to an update on GTA and he wanted to play that all day, because that is productive… It made no sense, as it was a lovely day, weather wise and normally that draws people out to train. How on earth did it have the opposite effect? Adam arrived later on, though he was feeling quite demotivated and not in the mood once he had arrived, which was unusual as normally he is ready to train and hyped before even arriving.

My calves still hurt today, moving around was painful and in retrospect I shouldn’t train Parkour the day after working them out. I mean, I do need them for jumping around and it makes doing leg based training a pain. It seemed like it might be one of those days, a quick hour or two of training then head home. Luckily after warming up it wasn’t long before CJay and Luke arrived. I’ve never really trained with them much or at all, even though they have been out at the community weekend sessions in town. I know they used to mainly trick or train in their own friendship circles years ago. Although they are out more regular with the main community from what I have seen while being out too. I may sound a tad harsh but they have always seemed like loud, chavy kids from first impressions. Once you get to know them though, that is far from the truth. Well maybe, not for Luke… Who shouts random things like an hyperactive ADHD kid. It was nice to see them both come to the Parkour park regular and getting to know them better through training.


Luke – Lache Gainer.


The park is quite far from where they lived and so it was a bit of a trek for them to get there in the first instance. Though, at least they make it to the park to train, unlike many other practitioners who live close or have still not been. I mean it was built back in 2013 and still many a practitioners haven’t even see it in person let alone jumped around on it. As always with each session there was much banter, gayness and mucking around and you’ll see in a couple of the photos. CJay had some massive hops, for being such a small guy as you’ll see in the photos of his massive running precisions. It’s cool to get shots of him, as his small stature makes the gaps look even bigger compared to if taller people did them. Both him and Luke are good at tricking too and no doubt that is down to the hops. Not to sound harsh but you wouldn’t expect tricks from Luke, to flip at all as he doesn’t look like he could and yet he can and really well.

As we were training Kezza randomly turned up, what the hell?! I didn’t think he was out today due to him wanting to spend all day on a stupid computer game. He said that is what he wanted us all to think, though he was tempted to stay in he had decided to resist and come out training first. I think he knew he would get bitched at for choosing a computer game over training and being out with friends, though it didn’t stop Adam from already trolling Kezza before he was out and sending him photos of what a good day he is missing. Continue reading ‘Jump, Swing, Flip.’

Strides, Vaults & Facial Expressions.


Adam – Striding.


I was feeling pretty tired today. It was to be the second weekday of training, after Tuesdays Upward Motions training session. Which I might add felt more like yesterday than today as my body had still not recovered.  I just know it will be hard to feel loose and fresh after more jumping and vaulting, depending on what I practise. I may want to lay off the leg work though, I don’t think my legs could handle another beating. Adam, David, Sonny, Phil and myself were planning to be out. Just like the other day, I had arrived at the park to find Sonny was already there waiting in his car, he said he had only been there for five minutes, but had decided to wait for others to arrive due to him being on his own this time and it being cold. It didn’t feel as cold as it was the last time we were out, but that freezing wind which was blowing away didn’t help matters.

It was feeling more and more like a bad choice to be out training today. I was finding it hard to move around without pain and everything felt more effort and difficult to do than previously fresh. My ankle was hurting as well, which it hadn’t done for a while now and thought it might have completely healed from surgery. It seemed like it didn’t appreciate being aggravated more with the jogging, skipping and Parkour which was proving hard to do without worry of it getting worse. Typical really, as I don’t have physiotherapy any more and the slight twinges I keep doing feel like it’s making it become worse. Sonny too was feeling the brunt of training earlier in the week, as his abs felt torn and had struggled to get out of bed. Now he was moving around at the park his quads were feeling very sore, like he couldn’t jump and had zero power within them.


Adam – Portrait.


This seemed to be a torturous day of training for us all, and would only get worse as the day went on… Adam drove in and then David arrived not long afterwards. Once warmed up strides were the thing I wanted to practise first, Adam and Sonny once again competing to do the running precision and standing jump from the concrete to the blue stump too. Well done to both of them practising and getting them. The more you practise, the better you get with precision jumps, they seemed to vibe off each other really well. In the distance I could see Phil making his way over the field. More small runs we being done, linking movements without too much thought, like striding up to and off a green stump then kong vaulting the small wall, once landing on the floor then doing a vault or kong cat over the next walls. Once we got used to the motion and lots of practising it was smooth without hesitation and it felt great when you got all the footing perfect.

Amongst the training and chatting I took some photos, I captured some amazing portraits of Adam pulling facial expressions each time I pointed the camera at him. Which you’ll see by the images, he seems to have the knack for… With it being a dull day, I didn’t like the images I was producing overall, but at least it shows you the sort of time we had. Phil was getting David to have a look at the downwards precision to the wall from the top railing, something David thought was very scary to attempt. Continue reading ‘Strides, Vaults & Facial Expressions.’

Upward Motions.


David – Running Precision.


Today’s agenda was a Tuesday afternoon of training. Adam wanted to be out, seeing as he wasn’t at work until later in the week. Like most days he has off, he spends most of them out jumping or in the gym lifting. It seemed that David, Sonny and even Adam (yes, another one) was up for the session too. No Kezza today though, as he was far too busy playing (Dying Light) the zombie Parkour computer game… He also made the excuse that he couldn’t get a lift down to the park and that his bicycle was broke and needed repairing. Which he hadn’t been bothered to do yet, I guess his fingers would be getting a workout today… Even with his excuses on why he wouldn’t be out today, Adam could have picked him up on his way to the park! I was up early and had plenty of time to get ready on time. Even Adam wasn’t online yet and I suspected that maybe he wasn’t up for being out? Though, maybe he thought the exact same about me too, that would be unfortunate if so. I had an upset stomach in the night and felt like it might be making a return and hamper my training. I hope not as that would be just my luck when I wanted to be out training.

I posted that I would be out around one o’clock rather than twelve that we had all first agreed on. This gave others time to reply and get there too. As I made my way across the field a woman was walking not just one, a couple but a dozen Collie cross bred type dogs. It was crazy to see a person with so many dogs and must have been some sort of breeder with that amount. I had timed getting to the park perfectly, because as I arrived Sonny was just pulling in to the car park. There wasn’t many people using the work out park, and even though the sun was shining there was a wind making the day cold too. It was hard to warm up, I was doing a few laps, jogging around the tennis courts and then did some skipping too, while Sonny and Adam jogged around the park, chasing each other, vaulting the various walls and rails in an aid to warm up. Adam pulled into the car park not long after and then I rang David to see where he was as he was usually here before any of us. He said he was running late and would be out soon, or at least he was on his way now.


Zade (Me) – Running Precision.


I had so many ideas and ambitions to film today, but as always, in the end it didn’t materialize. I’m pretty sure most of my day was spent trying to stay warm, constantly cooling down when stood still inactive for too long. More annoying when you get a runny nose, streaming eyes due to the wind and coldness. I was practising strides today and general precision jumps and wanted to work on the more upward precision jumps both standing and running too. The main running upward precision still haunted me, after getting it only a few times the last time I tried it. I had now got the fear of it again and couldn’t even attempt, and commit to it again. Out of embarrassment and beyond annoyance I suggested to David that we do it off the other side. It interested him enough to give it a go and this side felt more natural and I preferred my right foot for take off, which felt nicer than the left. The battle was on, taking it in turns in trying to get this jump. I was getting close to it, but still feeling very scared hovering in the air landing just before the wall. David got it first, enraged for not getting it, I kept drilled it even if I couldn’t commit. Slowly getting more use to it and then finally, something clicked and I forced craning it, then afterwards landing it and bouncing off the wall before I was able to use full power and land it with ease there on after.

It felt easy as hell to do this way, maybe it was all in my mind but I loved how it felt to do and got a few photos of us doing it. Sonny took a look and didn’t have the guts to do it, saying it was too far and Adam hated it with the angle. When I went to the other side of the wall I found that I still couldn’t do it running off my left foot, major mind fuck. What the hell is wrong with me and that way for doing the running precision… David said just take off my right, but that felt more unnatural to me and like I would clip my foot. Continue reading ‘Upward Motions.’

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