Fast Forward.

Fast forward a few weeks and there has been plenty of training sessions. Some glorious sunny days, a couple of dull days and a few of the colder days too. Even though I had my camera out on those days, I may not have got enough images to use for a full blown post about the days events. I may have forgot to write about a given day or just decided against doing an entry all together. So I’ve added all the images and days together in this entry, once I felt there was enough to show and talk about. One weekend we had quite a few people out on a sunny Sunday afternoon, which the first lot of images are from, we even had a few of the guys from Trent University out training with us too.

Ben, David and myself were out at another random time, a duller day overall but it was still fun to be out training. This was the same day Ben did the same level catleap from the top railing to the wall. David was blown away by the fact that he had done it, and took a look at the jump for himself, though he didn’t dares and instead did the downward precision as a compromise. I took some photos of Ben doing the jump and then of his swing gainers (lache gainers) too. Not much else to say about the days as a whole, so this is a short and sweet entry. More to come soon.


Kezza – Swinging.


Kezza – Lache Cat.


Kezza – Lache Cat.


Ash – Precision.


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Toes, Flips and Sunsets.


CJay – Back Layout.


I had made an event for training this weekend and it was getting quite the hype. It seemed for once, that loads would be attending this session, hell even Steve was confirmed to be in attendance too! It was predicted to be a cold day of jumping, I felt it was going to be an ace day. As always with a Sunday I had woke up later than planned. There didn’t seem to be many notifications about training, bar for the ones from Sark and Harry who were trolling as they weren’t going out themselves but were dicking around… Saying they were stood behind a certain bollard or wall and awaiting for people to arrive. I guess what Adam said was true, most seemed up for training on the days leading up to training, but very few were actually out on the chosen day. Kezza was running late too saying he wouldn’t be out on time and might not even come out at all. Adam had offered to pick him up on his way over to the park and so now he had no excuse not to be out, though he would have to get ready quickly.

It was another cold day, even if the sun was out at times. My ears, hands and face were feeling the cold and hurt as I walked around the park. I had managed to get ready and get over on time to find David, Ash, Adam and Kezza were already there jumping around. Due to the coldness, lots of warming up was needed to get the blood pumping. I spent most of my time trying to get movements I couldn’t yet do or ones which scared me, like that blasted running upward precision. It wasn’t far, but as a running precision it has haunted me for far too long, I just couldn’t commit to doing it. As soon as I ran towards the wall I would slow down or jump in the air with the right force and be scared and back out and land in front of the wall. I’m glad I had craned the wall from standing as a precision, as that made doing it as a running precision a bit easier to attempt today. Annoyed and confused about my footing, I did eventually manage to land in a crane bouncing off the wall and then the breakthrough of landing it properly not long afterwards.


Group Photo.


We then decided we should all try running off the small wall to the railing as something different, though Kezza pointed out that no doubt one of us will bail it as it’s a railing which he hated as a movement. David on one of the attempted nearly shinned the railing when he gave up mid air due to being scared, only just managing to land right in front of it. It was scary and he could have easily shinned or flopped over it, I did the exact same thing too on my attempt, which scared the hell out of me as there was no chance of stopping a bail from happening. Both reluctant about trying it any more it was then Kezza’s turn who said that he will most likely nearly, or will bail too. As he ran towards the small wall there was an almighty thud, the kind which echoed within the park and sounded more like someone kneeing a wall. He flailed over the wall and nearly face planted the railing, managing to get his legs back to the ground before stumbling over the railing. He had managed to stub his big toe, we were astounded how he could even trip up and over the starting wall for a running precision?!

He daren’t look at his toe, and he said it was throbbing and hurting loads as he ran around the park in pain. He carried on training with it, though said he might need to go later on as leg based stuff was out of the question. Later his white trainer soon began to turn red from all the blood seeping through and then it was time to take a look and see the damage. His big toe looked like it had exploded (seen in the below image) and a big flap of skin could be pulled back off it, the kind you get when a callus or blister rips. His sock had ripped from the impact too, which was even more funny. He must have kicked that wall with some brute force, for it to be that bad. I had got my camera out to take photos of it and so did Adam. I thought I might as well take more photos in general seeing as I had my camera out, so I had some to upload and edit later. Continue reading ‘Toes, Flips and Sunsets.’

Chezzing Hell!


Chez – Portrait.


It was a Tuesday afternoon and a big group interest had managed to form for coming out training today. Not bad to say it was originally just going to be Adam and myself out, before the masses were interested in joining too. I woke up late, not feeling like going out due to it feeling cold and it looked like it was about to chuck it down with rain too. There were so many posts on the thread about training today, it seemed that Ash, Sark, Adam, David, Cjay and Kezza were all out for training. This alone, got me excited to train and so I aimed to be out from half past one while others were aiming for one o’clock. I made my way across to find that most had already arrived, training away on the park. Sark and Adam were doing speed rounds, which involved getting around the park as fast as possible, being timed and making sure not to touch the ground while making your way around from start to finish. A fun game and very exhausting when done multiple times. A few others arrived like Ash and CJay later followed by Kezza and lastly David, who arrived later in the day once he had finished work.

It was such a cold day, I do hate these cooler days of training as it’s hard to stay warm and you end up cooling down quite easily, while the muscles ache from all the hunching and shivering from the cold. Doing a few of those speed rounds sure did warm you up though and then we did a few muscle ups, to keep practising them to get them better. My legs were feeling quite sore and tired from last nights leg workout. It was quite funny, as everyone seemed to be tired in some way or another, yet here we were, out training not caring if we were drained or not and making the most of being out. This is what real training is all about, while others hibernate through winter and spring, some of us train all year round in all conditions. I spotted a random guy walking down the street smiling to himself as he looked over towards the park, I thought I might know him, from his swagger, but thought nothing of it. Then he started to walk through the car park and down to the park, grinning and I thought to myself is that Chez?! It couldn’t be, he doesn’t even live around here and hasn’t been active since [1] 2006 if my memory serves me correctly?


Group Photo.


Holy shit! Low and behold, it was bloody Chez! As if he was out training, at the park of all places too! Mental, though he hadn’t changed one bit since the last time I had seen him all those years ago. Even if he admitted to us that he felt very unfit now, and since he lives close by he has been making a few trips over to the park as and when he can to keep fitness up. No real set times, due to his working patterns, but had come along to check out the park and do a bit of fitness work when he could. Training had turned into a general catch up with Chez, reminiscing about old times [2] [3]. David was equally shocked when he arrived to see Chez at the park! The highlight of the day by far was when four of us did the running catleap off the small stumps, all in a line, together, at the same time. We all just managed to fit onto the wall, all fighting for space while airborne, poor Cjay went flying around the corner of the wall on a few attempts. It looked cool and will no doubt be featured in one of the future Npghey video series. I got a group photo, which I’m started to try and get each time I’m out training in town or when lots of people are out. Chez wasn’t out for long and as quickly as he arrived, he was leaving and off on his merry way. I said to him it was nice to see him again, even if he didn’t do anything training wise, just like the old days.

So this year we have had quite a few blast from the pasts re-emerge to the scene, who else will we be seeing next?! The challenge of the day was some stupid sideways catleap, I have no idea how or why we wanted to do it though, as it was horrible and that of a toe breaker! I hurt my big toe from trying them multiple times, the other problem was the angle which caused you to slide down the wall and find it hard to keep hold of the catleap position. Someone else hurt their hip from doing the jump too, Once David got it then it was up to the rest of us to nailed it too. There were some attempts at a tic tac precision off the stump to wall and back to a stump, another infuriating movement and yet we kept finding these type of movements to practise. Time was getting on and it seemed that the schools had finished, with the younger kids swarming the park, even Mat and Aiden had arrived too cycling over the field. The park was loitered with people and I was about to head off myself and so left the rest of the guys to train into the night…


25th January 2015.


David – Precision.


I was, as always on a Sunday, late waking up for the afternoon training session. Unsure whether to be out due to the weather predictions of rain. I asked Chris via PM if he would be out today, after having an interest in coming out yesterday. His reply was somewhat comical – ‘FML (fuck my life). I think, that any exercise today would be asking for injury. I’ll come to the park one weekend when I’m slightly more adapted to this Parkour stuff…’ Needless to say this had me rolling in laughter, and feeling bad for him at the same time, since he was out yesterday at the community training session. I left him with his muscular pains and with that I got ready and headed over to the park to see who was out this afternoon. It was quite a cold day too, with a chilling wind, not even my scarf was saving me from the gale. I arrived to find Mat, Luisa and David already there, jumping around and keeping warm. At least the park wasn’t loitered by kids due to the weather today!

I wasn’t feeling like training in all honesty, I had a pulled right latissimus (lat) God knows how that had happened. My legs were still feeling sore and tired from training earlier in the week, it was cold, windy and my current mood wasn’t helping motivate me. Though, on warming up with some skipping and general Parkour movement I began to feel a bit better in myself and wanting to train. My muscle ups felt stronger today oddly enough, but I didn’t want to temp fate with the pulled lat by doing lots of upper body work. Best to rest and recover, rather than antagonize. I filmed a couple of video clips to see how movements looked, as well as taking a few photos. Though I didn’t get as many as I would normally like and you can tell by the quality of them, at just how rushed they were. Mat and Luisa were only out for a bit this afternoon and so once they had left it was just David and myself left training at the park. The park felt deserted, I doubted I would be out much longer due to how cold it was.


David – Cat 180 Precision.


I drilled the main precision jump a few times, managing to do a precision box down to the wall, which was feeling easier the more I did it. David wanted to practise the running stride down to the wall, which felt and looked horrible and so I didn’t dare try that as of yet. He also did some box jumps (seen below) to kong over the wall at the end. I had a look at the main upward precision too, it always seemed so far away and yet I said I would give it a go, not really thinking too much about it as my jumping ability is rubbish currently. To my surprise I ended up getting to it, craning it with one foot on top of the wall and one just below it, bouncing off. David was quite shocked and then contemplated trying it too. Continue reading ’25th January 2015.’

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