Bails, fails & Injuries.


Today was an early training session again, seeing as it was to be another adventure. What with the dark nights drawing in earlier each passing day, along with the icy coldness, it seemed worth the effort to be out early and make the most of the daylight hours. People needed to be out at the earlier time of half past eleven and everyone seemed okay with that oddly. Time will tell if it happens as planned though… There were a fair few out, judging from the event. Adam was a no for today due to being ‘busy’ and that was a shame. I will admit, I wasn’t expecting people to be out early and so I was amazed when I got to Crowne Plaza to find David, Steff and Tom already there, shortly followed by James, Geo and even Zain! We were all waiting on Ben (again) who seemed to be late for the last few sessions. It got closer to twelve and then finally, everyone was out. Kezza was a no show (as always) despite saying he would definitely be out weekend… The other maybes on the event weren’t out either.

James felt tired, as did a few people. It hurt to do movements, maybe due to the cold? People warmed up using the arch in the area, doing running precisions through it. While others later were doing diving kong precisions through it. It wasn’t long until we got the adventure day under way and moved over to the Adam’s Building (Lace Market) while on the way to Sneinton. It felt nice to have the low kong precision again this weekend, after it was so hard the last time I was there. It seems to be a cycle with it, what with the run up and curb too. It seems I’m not the only one having the same problems either, as David was finding it difficult too. Once I pointed out how I did it, to avoid the curb during the run for the kong, I think that helped him. Until he realized he was opposite footed to myself and changing his run up he found it easier to do. I also realised later while filming that where a hand rail had previous been, that I still held my hand up in the air to avoid hitting it, even though it is long gone.


David – 180 Precision.


The others were busy doing strides along the same walls, as well as box jumping them too. I started to film a few movements, collecting for a possible day video. Some of the B-Roll I collected was at points, quite worrying in regards to love affair of Gio and Ben! James broke an upwards precision, I would put it down to the pressure of me filming and trolling him. Perhaps he was worrying about how I might use the footage if he didn’t make it. Whatever the reasons behind the break, it was good to see him get it and led to a funny part within the video. Gio did an awesome kong precision to a railing (also seen in the video) which not only moved, but had a small landing area as well. David and myself looked at a 180 precision from a lamp post to a wall (seen in the above image) it was slightly diagonal as well. The angle looked great, even if the movement felt horrible. David was the closest to landing it, I kept putting one foot down and couldn’t commit to the wall. David was craning it at times and I got some nice photos to show for it. Maybe next time we can try and get it, when we haven’t thought so much about doing it.

Some local chavs were walking through the area and as they walked past they shouted the classic ‘do a backflip!’ line which we and anyone that trains has encountered a thousand times over… The plan was to go to the furthest point of Sneinton and then make our way back from there, rather than starting from the closest part which we seemed to spend hours at and then making our way further out. As you only have to come back afterwards, which was always tiring. I also wanted to check out this new location I had come across on Google Maps, a slight detour, but it looked like it had potential. I may have regretted that decision, with how long of a walk it was to get there seeing as we weren’t training at any locations before hand. The place was different to what was shown on Google Maps, all the railings and wheelchair access were no longer there. Annoying, but there were still things to use. Continue reading ‘Bails, fails & Injuries.’


Npk – Early Edition.


Today was another early start, following suit to the previous training session. It might just become thee thing to do each weekend now? Well, here’s hoping… I arrived into town just before half past eleven, only to find a lonely Steff waiting at the meeting spot. I had also arrived at the exact same time as Patryk who was walking down the opposite street, excellent timing! I was surprised to see Luke arriving to the training session, since when?! He said he was already knackered from walking to Plaza, never mind jumping around. All said while he was vaping and then telling us it was far too early to be out training. Good on him for being out though, it had been ages since the last time he was out with the community. Adam arrived a short while later and had started various banter between him and Luke, some light hearted jokes and some more vicious insults. Luke had somehow hurt his hand already after the first kong of the day, then hurt his back when he did a front flip. Talk about an unlucky start to the day…

James and Ben were next to arrive, nearer to twelve mind you. So much for the earlier jam… Adam was quick to state that James had never agreed to be out earlier. It seemed many were still confused about the time change, maybe even annoyed with it being so early and wanted it to remain the same time it always has been. But if we met between 12-1pm, most arrive closer to two and by that time it isn’t long until the sunsets and the darkness creeps in. We should be meeting earlier in the Winter months and later in the Summer ones, making the most of the natural light. We moved down the University library, even though some (Stef and Adam) wanted to stay at Plaza to drill the kong precisions. They did stay there for a short while before joining the rest of us later. It seemed the movements to be practised today would be running precision ones. Luke was busy tricking, while the rest of us gave him abuse for it and Patryk asked why is he being ‘gay’ doing somersaults, as tricking is for gays.


James – Running Precision.


The running precision (seen above) from a small wall to the steps was a movement we all practised. It was good to see James retaining the jump again after a few failed attempts. Patryk threw some dive rolls into the mix, even if they hurt his back afterwards. I kept slipping on the wall with my trainers, which was so annoying this time round. I filmed a few movements for a new RAW video, which sadly didn’t happen after today, or ever again for that matter. Patryk and myself moved over to the blue railing area, speaking about what the younger generation would do nowadays, compared to when we were young and first started. Coming up with possible crazy movements, if only we were that good now. I did a small run with Patryk following behind, involving an underbar. Only for it to jolt my back on the bar as I went through and then have Patryk do the exact same thing as he went through too! I had hurt my ankle a few times today too, while trying his kong, box jump movement off the railings. We ended up being moved off by security and with that we headed up to High Pavement. Surprisingly, it wasn’t wet there, even though it was shaded?!

The walls were wobbly now, at least when you landed on certain ones. The area had been cleaned up too, it looked less like a crack den for once. Later we were being filmed by a random guy that had come out one of the buildings… I think all the banging from a noisy grate as people ran over it hadn’t helped us go unnoticed. I’m not too sure if the filming was meant to deter us from training, as he didn’t say anything, just stood there and filmed. We fluffed up a pile of leaves near the wall, which people did as a catleap, to try and coax James in trying the jump. Even if only to land in the cushioned leaves to get a feel for the distance and jump. Though it might be a long time before he is able to try it for real, with all the variables for the jump. It’s a tough one, as there isn’t any build up per say for it, an all or nothing jump. Continue reading ‘Npk – Early Edition.’

Carlton Suburbs.


It seemed like no one was out this weekend, at least from the regulars I trained with. Jallen was at the cinema, watching Dr Strange this weekend. No one else had confirmed they were out, even as maybes. It’s usually the way it goes when the core regulars aren’t out, no one else bothers to train, which is odd. Perhaps James is the influence of the community sessions now and that is why no one was out, because he wasn’t?! I had to laugh as closer to the time Kezza was the only one set to be going out (yeah, right. That will be the day!), though it would be about right if he did, typical even. Adam was a maybe now, I was tempted to go instead to the JUMP session happening in Derby Sunday instead. Though, I didn’t have a lift there and back and the weather was set to be bad, and Saturday good oddly enough.

I decided to go out training in the end with David, agreeing to meet at the Parkour Park for eleven then we would meet Ben at half past in town, before venturing over to Carlton as that was our plan for the day. Anyone else that wanted to join us could, not that I was expecting anyone else though. An adventure day seeing as it was set to be a sunny day. It seemed once a plan was motion it seemed to draw more interest for the event. Adam who was a maybe, was now game for joining us as it would be a new area. Femi wanted in on the fun, god knows when he would be arrive though… Chris was even a maybe for the day too. When the day arrived, I was up at eight, dropped a message to remind people and see if all was good, without any replies (obviously) for that time in the morning.


Zade – Stride.


Adam was up late, then wanted to meet at the park for half past eleven, getting annoyed when I said no as the plan was to meet Ben at half past in town. Trying to say I had said half past before now as a meet up time (which I hadn’t) so he was asking why I had changed it earlier now?! I said I wouldn’t be waiting, for him, even though it would have meant we would have had a lift. David and myself got the bus and met with Ben, who in the end was very late due to roadworks. Femi said he would be out later, around one or maybe two, what a lazy feck! When Ben did arrive, we made our way to Carlton via bus and over to our first spot which was Brickyard. It was cold today, so cold and there was no sign of Sonny either, who said he would pop out seeing as we would be in his neck of the woods. I hadn’t seen him out for years and so it would be great to see him out again. I dropped him a text to let him know we had arrived. I didn’t hold much hope on him being out though…

At times the area felt somewhat dodgy, with the local ‘badmans’ roaming around. It was a rather cold day, even though the sun was out! It was hard to keep warm, even after many jumps and it was a slow process to remain warm. There were some railings which looked perfect for a dash vault precision, which I can be seen doing in my RAW video [1] and I was rather proud of that movement, even if it was hard to then do a same level kong out of it afterwards. The next step was doing a kong precision on those walls which eluded me last time around [2] which David and myself had tried doing endless times. Thankfully David and myself nailed them this time around and maybe that was down to being warmer, even fresher than last time we tried. I guess with it being the start of the jam, it wasn’t as hard to think about or do either. Ben was doing some big running precisions, which looked horrible to try, props to springy Ben!


David – Portrait.


David’s kong precisions using the railing were looking nice, even though he said he found that one harder to do than the wall one! I quite liked the lower rail to wall kong precision, finally I had progression with them. Excuse the lack of images in this entry, I spent most of my time jumping around. It always makes me chuckle when we visit suburbs and places we rarely visit, as you will always find some locals who watch what you are doing. Fascinated by it all, as obviously it’s less seen than if we were in town jumping around. It’s nice to see the interest and at times get questions from people too. The raised, wooden flower beds were cool for doing precisions between, adding different levels of difficulty and distances. Adam seemed to find the area a bit ‘meh‘ or maybe he just wasn’t in the zone like last time. Continue reading ‘Carlton Suburbs.’

Yaz’s Bearded Return.


I woke up at around ten o’clock, but then fell back into slumber land until eleven. Damn that was one hell of a danger nap, I was now set to be late for the training session. Why do I always lul in bed, when I know I have to get up, it’s never going to end well. It seemed by the event that lots were out, but very few were replying to messages. I decided to head out later on, even though I was already running late. I just know all of the others would be lazy ass bitches and likely not be out until close to two anyway, so what is the point on rushing to get there ASAP? I guess the twelve meet up time frame being adhered to is long gone now. In the end, I arrived just after one to find only David out and Yaz…?! Along with a more rugged, bearded version of himself. I didn’t even think it was possible for him to grow a beard, it looked great, not patchy as he stated it did. I knew someone that wouldn’t like his new look, anti beard James! I’ve yet to see James with one, even for the short term, just to know…

Kezza had once again bottled it, his excuse was it had (was) raining in Hucknall and due to that fact there wasn’t any point in being out as it will be wet and the same in town… Yet, it was dry as a bone in the city centre and hadn’t rained at all! I’m sure half the time he makes this stuff up, so he has an excuse. James was next to arrive, with a more rugged, stubble look too! Asif he had come out with it, he was still hungover and this was the closest we would EVER get to see James with a beard! We trained at Plaza (no surprise) it felt nice to have the left section of the bigger kong precision wall feeling easy again now. I was able to get mid way along it with David. It was odd to see Yaz struggling with jumps, I guess he really is out of practice. He said he would come back out again soon, Christmas or sooner if he could find a job here with decent or equal pay to what he was on now. That would be great, it’s been far too long!


Yaz – Portrait.


Another movement I wasn’t finding as difficult today was the IBM running precision, with a stride from the previous wall before hand, yet I was having such problems with it no so long ago. Today though, no mental blocks with it, random, but I’m okay with it. James was scared to do the running precision (same old) mental blocks with it, it has fast become the ultimate nemesis, like how Castle College was. It’s disheartening to see, as I remember the day he smashed that jump in June 2015 and since then something had changed and it’s become a barrier which he cannot break, no matter how hard he tries or how many words of wisdom we give him. My mental block today was the precision from the corners of the walls in the middle of the area, I could see it, but couldn’t jump. How annoying. Yaz had a look too and wasn’t able to do it either, David was having a look as well. It seemed we all had the same apprehension about the jump.

The only new thing to do from the area, was a tic tac cat (seen below) by Will. It was from a rather awkwardly angled wall, to a railing. Some took off more angled like Will has, while some ran more directly to it. We all lined up, each trying this new and awkward movement. The wall was slippery for some and if you pressed your foot on it too much or the wrong angle, you would slide down flailing in the air. The slam from grabbing the railing wasn’t a nice one. If you came down too hard and at times it felt like you were nearly dislocated the shoulders. Phil filmed some angles and trolled my own filming, shouting in the background and running into shot…God Dammit! Continue reading ‘Yaz’s Bearded Return.’

Traffic Love.

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