Yaz’s Bearded Return.


I woke up at around ten o’clock, but then fell back into slumber land until eleven. Damn that was one hell of a danger nap, I was now set to be late for the training session. Why do I always lul in bed, when I know I have to get up, it’s never going to end well. It seemed by the event that lots were out, but very few were replying to messages. I decided to head out later on, even though I was already running late. I just know all of the others would be lazy ass bitches and likely not be out until close to two anyway, so what is the point on rushing to get there ASAP? I guess the twelve meet up time frame being adhered to is long gone now. In the end, I arrived just after one to find only David out and Yaz…?! Along with a more rugged, bearded version of himself. I didn’t even think it was possible for him to grow a beard, it looked great, not patchy as he stated it did. I knew someone that wouldn’t like his new look, anti beard James! I’ve yet to see James with one, even for the short term, just to know…

Kezza had once again bottled it, his excuse was it had (was) raining in Hucknall and due to that fact there wasn’t any point in being out as it will be wet and the same in town… Yet, it was dry as a bone in the city centre and hadn’t rained at all! I’m sure half the time he makes this stuff up, so he has an excuse. James was next to arrive, with a more rugged, stubble look too! Asif he had come out with it, he was still hungover and this was the closest we would EVER get to see James with a beard! We trained at Plaza (no surprise) it felt nice to have the left section of the bigger kong precision wall feeling easy again now. I was able to get mid way along it with David. It was odd to see Yaz struggling with jumps, I guess he really is out of practice. He said he would come back out again soon, Christmas or sooner if he could find a job here with decent or equal pay to what he was on now. That would be great, it’s been far too long!


Yaz – Portrait.


Another movement I wasn’t finding as difficult today was the IBM running precision, with a stride from the previous wall before hand, yet I was having such problems with it no so long ago. Today though, no mental blocks with it, random, but I’m okay with it. James was scared to do the running precision (same old) mental blocks with it, it has fast become the ultimate nemesis, like how Castle College was. It’s disheartening to see, as I remember the day he smashed that jump in June 2015 and since then something had changed and it’s become a barrier which he cannot break, no matter how hard he tries or how many words of wisdom we give him. My mental block today was the precision from the corners of the walls in the middle of the area, I could see it, but couldn’t jump. How annoying. Yaz had a look too and wasn’t able to do it either, David was having a look as well. It seemed we all had the same apprehension about the jump.

The only new thing to do from the area, was a tic tac cat (seen below) by Will. It was from a rather awkwardly angled wall, to a railing. Some took off more angled like Will has, while some ran more directly to it. We all lined up, each trying this new and awkward movement. The wall was slippery for some and if you pressed your foot on it too much or the wrong angle, you would slide down flailing in the air. The slam from grabbing the railing wasn’t a nice one. If you came down too hard and at times it felt like you were nearly dislocated the shoulders. Phil filmed some angles and trolled my own filming, shouting in the background and running into shot…God Dammit! Continue reading ‘Yaz’s Bearded Return.’


A Rainy, Slow Day.


Today, what can I say but Ugh… I was feeling ‘meh‘ about it before it had even begun. I was feeling VERY wrecked from the week just gone. I was up early as ever, ready to train from nine! Odd, but I guess that could be a sign of a possibly good day? It seemed that not many were out for this session, judging by the event anyway. I wonder why though, as it was really sunny! It’s not like anyone had reason not to be out, unlike when it’s rainy. Kezza said he was out today too, since when does that happen?! It was about time he got his lazy ass out to jump. I can’t remember the last time he was out, even regularly. Adam was lulling in bed when I spoke with him, he didn’t seem to be in a rush to get ready and out like he usually would. James wasn’t even awake and many others were unresponsive too. Knowing the masses they wouldn’t be out at the set time of 12pm, more like two or later in the day, where is the punctuality of the community these days?!

I headed off just after twelve, getting into town just after half past. Only to find there was no one at Crowne Plaza yet! Ugh, how annoying as I had left a little later than usual so I expected people to be there by now. I text David with the hope of him being out, but got no reply. So with that I sat on a wall, waiting for others to arrive. All the time becoming more demotivated to train with each passing moment. I sent a text to James, asking why is it that people are never on time and always late?! To which he thought I was Phil texting him and said he will be out soon. Thankfully David arrived, so now I had someone to train with. The only downside to this was it now it looked as if it might rain with all the dark clouds looming above us. It didn’t matter though, I felt so deflated from all the waiting, the day was likely to be rubbish, the rain would surely happen before all the others arrived and then we would be stuck in Plaza all day…


Adam & James – Portrait.


I voiced my opinion (like I have numerous times) about the time frame of training sessions, which is always overlooked as moaning and being negative. Which is always greeted with what difference does it make, when in the end we are all out training… I also mentioned how it seemed that Saturdays of late always seem to rain while on a Sunday it is the total opposite with glorious sunshine weather. James was quick to ask what percentage and scientific proof is that based on, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. I currently train both days of the weekend and nine times out of ten, Sunday is sunny from my experience. Adam agreed that it does seem to be that way of late, annoyingly. I think the weather just doesn’t like the Saturday community sessions. I feel totally scared of the small double kongs again, I hate when that happens. Kezza liked the look of mine when I pushed through the fear, due to me outstretching my legs when I pushed over to the far wall, rather than doing what we call a touch kong, tapping the first wall and remaining tucked as you go over.

David did an interesting movement, a running precision while going through one of the arches, landing on one of the kong precision walls. I was most impressed and wanted to give it a go too, but was hesitant and found it hard to go for as it scared me, thinking maybe I would clip my feet? I learnt later that he had done this movement weeks before, no wonder he had it so easily now. Once I jumped and knew I wasn’t going to clip my feet, it wasn’t nearly as scary as I felt it would be. Then we kept adding other movements before doing the running precision. Like doing a box jump over the blue railing or different vaults and certain amount of foot placements. Continue reading ‘A Rainy, Slow Day.’

Bulwell Round Trip.


Today we were going to start at a slightly earlier time of 12pm. I didn’t train on Saturday due to it being Goose Fair [1] and because of that fair being in Nottingham for a few days, the traffic is always bad. At least for me getting to and from town as it passes where the fair is located. Then you have transport being busier than normal, more so in the evening and slow traffic due to blocked off roads as well. That and not many practitioners seemed to be out this weekend, judging from the event anyway. James was away, Pete was AWOL (as always) and Eddie must be a combination of banned, whipped or both as we are seeing less of him these days. Benj was unavailable as he was now working weekends and others didn’t seem that bothered about being out. I had hoped with Saturday’s lack of attendance, that more would be more open for a Sunday instead. It turned out that wasn’t the case, which was slightly demotivating.

I was up early as I always seem to be of late. I had a look on the event to see who was coming out and it was now down to only three, THREE people were game for the adventure!? Ugh, all motivation had been drained from me now. Adam had been up late and so would be out later in the day. I suppose, at least he was coming out and had Dom and Andy coming along with him, which would increase the numbers somewhat. David and Chris were out, but Femi was running on his usual black time and wanted to meet at the park for 12.30pm which meant he wouldn’t get there until at least half one at the earliest. He called me menstrual when I said we wouldn’t be waiting for him and he should adhere to the set time, which is there for a reason, so we don’t have to wait for people or have to direct them where to go, when they have no idea where they are going anyway!


Chris – Layout.


He said, cut him some slack as he had only just finished work at 3am! That and he had to do some shopping first before they closed at four and then he could think about training. He had been up since the same time I was (nine) and so had more than enough time to get his shopping in and still meet up at the set time, with plenty left over!? I got to the park to find Chris and his sister Jodie already jumping around and waiting. David arrived a short while after and then we headed off into Bulwell for some jumping. While warming up I felt so heavy while doing a small kong precision. Perhaps I just wasn’t warmed up fully enough yet or wasn’t feeling the day due to being demotivated. The starting image of the day for photos was of Chris doing a back layout (seen above) off a small wall.

It was a strange old day weather wise, the sun was shining with clear blue skies in parts, but then it was dark and gloomy in others, as if it would lash it down with rain any second. The running precision I was practising with David always looked big on images even though while doing the movement, it’s quite small. I was filming some movements for a new RAW video [2] from the day. There was an upward standing precision, which felt very similar to the upward park precision. It had some branches in the way, so had to be careful not to poke your eyes out and land crouched too. David didn’t like it and couldn’t see it, yet Chris did it which surprised me. Gio who had not long arrived decided to do it the other way (seen below) as a kong precision instead…


Gio – Kong Precision.


As if that wasn’t good enough, he was then looking at the k2p from the railing (road side) to the same wall on the left! Adam, Andrew and Dom had arrived, earlier than expected too. It was down to the other part of the subway we had previously visited when in Bulwell [3] doing the same movements from last time. There seemed to be more to do this time round, with lots of filming, photos and portraits. There were some nice runs being done by Gio and Femi, doing diving and double kong. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Round Trip.’

The Leicester Parkour Park.


So, for the people that didn’t already know, there was to be a big unveiling to mark the opening of new Parkour Park in Leicester, Bede Park. Ever since the Loughborough Park at Southfields Park had been built (2014) there were talks of one to be built in Leicester in the near future by the same company (Natural Sports) respectively. The main concern was Leicester already had a rather terrible park built many years ago (2010) in Eyres Monsell, so the council might see that the city already has one built, so why another?! I’m not sure if that same park is even widely used or even know about through the community. I remember being surprised when it was first built as I hadn’t heard anything about it and then it had magically appeared.

There was much anticipation for the new park and with Dan Timms and the general Leicester community being behind the design, I’m sure it would turn out great! Over the past weeks and months we were teased with hearsay and then images of the park coming together as it was being built appeared. I’ll be the first to admit, it looked fantastic! More so due to the different levels it had and how everything was close enough to link together movement. Loads better than our own (small) low level, spaced out and linear one in Nottingham. I liked the bright flooring as well, I wanted to visit it now I had seen what it is like. I wasn’t overly bothered in the beginning, but as the event drew closer the hype for a jump was real.



I asked around to see who else was game for going, James wasn’t out for the event as it was the same day as his anniversary, unluckily. A few of the others said they were going to go via train, car or hitching a ride there. I was lucky enough to have Eddie interested about going down, which surprised me. He wanted to go early, leaving early to get back home before peak time as he had to go out himself later. That and David had work as well to be back for later. All in all, it fit perfectly with all our routines, providing we didn’t get stuck in endless traffic on the way back that is. Daniel had asked me if I was going along to the event, as he was and it may be the one chance I get to see him in person again. Seeing as he lived down south and isn’t often if at all up this way, so he would be there not to train as such but for support of the scene and to see some old faces and mingle.

I can’t remember the last time I had seen his vagabond, small, homeless looking self! The last time must have been while he was at Nottingham University, which was many aeons ago, it had to be nearing a decade by now. He used to train semi regular back then [1] as that retro video shows at a time when we made a video together. I would then see him fleetingly at gymnastics, than the outdoor training due to uni. This was all before life had caught up with him and stole him away from training completely, like it does with so many practitioners. I still speak to him regularly online, I just don’t see him in person, what with him being the hermit kind. By the looks of the event, it seems that there were loads of people attending to the opening. Continue reading ‘The Leicester Parkour Park.’

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