I was planning to get out as it was my week off lifting. My ‘active rest’ as such, but you don’t even look like you lift? I know, right? But, that isn’t an accurate gauge of strength now is it… In this active rest week I try to do Parkour three times a week, to keep in check. I usually only train once at the weekend due to being too destroyed in the week for anything else. It seemed like this week was to be different, the people set to be out was David, Keaton and myself. A far cry from the previous months and even years when we had vast amounts of dedicated people. Sadly on the day of training they both bailed on me, David was working and too tired to be out and offered to be out the next day, Thursday instead. Keaton was meant to be out on a pre-arranged photography day with someone. It was quite annoying and deflating as I was all hyped to be out and yet no one seemed to be free. Luckily, later on before I was meant to meet them Keaton mentioned he wasn’t out after all and asked if I still wanted to be out, so we decided to meet…

I was pumped for training, and in a way I was glad I had someone to join me. Otherwise, I would have been jumping around on my lonesome and it may not have been as productive as when you have someone else to vibe off. The park was empty, as it always was during the week due to the kids being at school and college. Most of the parents were at work, bar for the few who took their toddlers to the play park next door to the Parkour park and the dog walkers who loitered the field. I awaited for Keaton’s arrival and was feeling a bit sore and tired from the weekend training session still, maybe I was getting ill as I felt weak in general. I had a previous illness like that before, where I wasn’t ‘ill’ as such with a blocked nose, sore throat or any sort of ailment. I just felt really fatigued all the time and weaker than normal, which made everything a real chore it was a very odd thing to have and lasted a few weeks from what I remember.


Keaton – Tic Tac.


I did a few smaller movements to warm up, when a random mum with her daughter said it all very Spiderman-esk as I bounded around the walls. She asked if it was as difficult as it looked and do I have to work it all out in my head before doing the moves. I can’t say I’ve had that question posed to me before, I didn’t quite know how to respond to it. It wasn’t long before Keat arrived, I was stunned to see he was in a vest while I was feeling pretty cold myself. It wasn’t summer any more and felt more like an autumn day of coldness. I set up the camera to film for a new RAW video edit, that soon got me warmed up and sweating after repeating the same movement numerous times. There were a few stumbles though, I had hit the back of my hand while doing a swing through precision on the stumps. How, I have no idea but on the footage you could hear the clunk and it’s a no wonder it bruised so fast and became a blood blister.

Then, later on my shoe had got caught in the groin area of my joggers as I was vaulting over a railing, nearly causing me to face plant as I went over. I mean seriously, of all the mishaps these were silly ones to be having and not one you want to have when doing a dash vault either. Keaton was killing it with his own movements, he even tried the running upwards wall precision. He didn’t think on the first few attempts and landed and scrapped down the wall due to backing out, but then he was thinking too much about it to get close after that and became afraid or even trying it. This had a detrimental effect on myself as I too became scared of doing it, what the hell?! Continue reading ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’

Raw #4

After being out the other weekend [1] I had managed to film another RAW video (seen below) way ahead of schedule. I wanted to ideally release one a week, thought if that didn’t happen at a given weekend I wanted to have some in the vault to release instead to keep the ball rolling. I will see what happens over the coming weekends though and see if I can keep the pace or if it fizzles out and the releases become more far and few. The only problem with filming this RAW was it was all shot at the end of the day and so I was already feeling quite tired from the days training.

This is one of the reasons that on some of the movements I struggled to get them smoothly, if at all. So apologies if that is noticed within the video. I had this time far more clips of me failing movements which is to be expected. I quite like the red t-shirt I was wearing, I don’t usually like to wear bold colours, but I did like the look of the old U$F tee. I even liked how I had my hair in a singular ponytail too, rather than tied up as when I moved it reminded me that of a samurai warrior.



I shot too many angles of the running precision in the start of the video, off the slanted plastic of the bike railing. So much so that they were all great, but I didn’t want to repeat them ten fold and so opted to use only a couple which still worked out nicely. It was such an odd movement to practise, it looked and felt as if your trainer would slip off the shiny plastic, due to it being angled. Yet the opposite happened and the added pressure helped you get great traction from it. As well as that, the bike railings provided us with dip bars and even a muscle up bar too, even if it did rock a bit when using it. It was like a personal gym, well when there were no bikes chained to the railings.

The swing around the lamppost to precision was a movement I wanted, but was unable to commit to and it was so annoying as it was easily there to land, but I just couldn’t force my body to do it. It would have looked great to do that movement and then run straight into the running upwards precision from it which was my first idea! I’m really getting into filming now and even editing at times too. It seems the turn over for the RAWs is getting quicker and I can’t wait to go through them all later in the year. I have an idea to create at least ten and then maybe make one long RAW video of them all and the fails too.

Wet and Humid.


James – Portrait.


It wasn’t predicted to rain this weekend, but like any weekend prediction it seemed to be wrong. It absolutely hammered it down with that summer monsoon type rain from eight in the morning, so much so that it even woke me up. I decided to go back and sleep and not bother to go out to train, I woke back up just before twelve. It seems to be my usual routine of late, annoying as I would struggle to make it out of my bed before a training session. The outside world was wet through, it kept raining, most annoyingly. It seemed from the event very few were out, not that I blamed them with the current weather. I decided to leave it too, I didn’t want to go out when the weather was this bad. I was already in a mood, but James remained positive about the day, saying it wouldn’t be that bad or will clear and dry up given time. Adam wanted to train too and said he would give me a lift to town, trying to tempt me to go with him…

I agreed, I would go if it was sunny by the time he was ready to leave. As I got ready the weather had picked up and started to look good and so I confirmed that I would join Adam on the town venture. Only for it to throw it down again as I was about to leave my house. I packed my raincoat and a jumper and felt increasingly less motivated to train. I walked over the field to the Parkour Park to meet Adam, passing the cadets event that was going on at the time, not seeing Radford any where as he said he would be at the event. We arrived in town and made our way to Plaza for two to find only Pete, Will, Holbrook and some other guy training there. I didn’t know why I had come out, I was already bored of being there due to the weather on our way to town. I was feeling tired and so spent most of my time talking and slowly warming up.


Mat – Precision.


While training some kong precisions I tried to get James, Pete and Adam to add a striding or running over the small blue railing before going into the kong precision. Pete didn’t like it at first but soon got used to it and Adam was giving it a go too. This had added great difficulty to James, who got confused, losing all his foot placements¬† once running at the railing to be able to do the kong precision. We had to further break it down for Jallen, saying just stand on the railing first before going for the whole run. While James did it standing before the railing, trying to get used to the skip part which he normally does. Anything other, threw him out of sync and wasn’t as easy as others found it. The hardest part after the rail, was running and making sure not to hit the slanted part of the flooring. I really needed to film today for a new RAW video and got the idea of some movements when I saw Pete, James and Adam were doing running precisions off a wall which was broken and across the road gap. It was a start to my day of filming short clips.

I captured some nice angles for my new RAW and watched as the others did the running jump. Holbrook and Mat did a bigger standing precision jump from the blue railing (as seen above) to the pavement. The running jump had, like many movements bewildered James in the beginning. Running from the curb rather than the wall was proving mentally difficult to commit to the landing, landing short and pulling pout at the last second even though he easily had the height. He went through the stepping, running and jumping off different legs even trying to do it as a box jump to help stick out the legs towards the pavement. He did get it in the end though and it was another movement to be worked on in the future. It was a fun movement, even if on an occasion I landed slightly short, giving myself an ankle breaker. Continue reading ‘Wet and Humid.’

Raw #3

The third video of the RAW series. I had filmed most of this video during the end of last weeks training [1] session, remarkably. I wasn’t planning to film two separate videos on that day, but I did want to keep on top of weekly releases and get footage saved for future releases. While training at Audo, it was only when most had left for home that I felt motivated to begin filming. So, while James and Adam spent their time talking and cooling down I trained in the background filming small clips for my video. I was already very fatigued by this point, but the motivation for a new RAW video had reinvigorated me. The hardest movement was the slight upwards kong precision. I had done it multiple times before I set my camera up, only to find each attempt I did while filming felt and looked terrible, with me failing it more than landing the move. I felt like I had completely forgotten the technique and movement all together, questioning how to do it due to how many times I had previously done it. It’s most annoying when that happens with a movement and you brain fart.



The main difference with this video to the others I have made, is the small intro from the scrap clips of the day I had used as an intro. Checking the concrete slab was in tact, as it looked like it might move when using it. The failed tic tac precision I wanted to film, but at the time couldn’t get it due to lack of energy and tired legs. Then the running catleap from the railing, another movement I could usually do with ease, just not when I was overly wiped out. I quite liked some of the angles I chose today. Like the same level catleap and the pop swing, lazy vault movement and how close and out of focus it was. The latter move was something I had only recently learned, but it looked really nice on camera. I didn’t capture many movements but felt it was still enough for a short video nevertheless. Orange is the new black, no, not the TV show. But my clothing choice and the area I was training in does also relate to those same colours. Roll on the next RAW video…


Traffic Love.

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