Back in 2011 that there was a petition which U:R had created and put forward to the council in hope of getting a Parkour park build in the Nottingham area. There had been various meetings regarding it throughout 2012, then in 2013 it got commissioned to be built from March of that year at Bulwell Forest Recreational Ground. The Parkour park was completed and open to the public as of June the 29th 2013.


How to get there.

The park is located at the Bulwell Forest recreational ground, for people who are not familiar of the area you can put the ’53.000968,-1.180485′ code into Google maps to see the exact area where the park is located. Alternatively you can put the address into your journey planer; Hucknall Rd Nottingham NG6 9LQ.

The park is on two main bus company routes, Trent Barton ‘The Threes‘ which drops you directly next to the park (opposite the Top Valley 24hr Tescos) the other bus company is the NCT 17 which drops you off across the field at from the park. Get off at Logan Street on Saint Albums Road before walking across the golf course field. Each of the bus journeys take 10-20 minutes depending on traffic and peak time.



Are there more Parkour parks?

There is one at Kingsway Parkour Park (Acre Park) and another at Morven Parkour Park both located at Kirkby-In-Ashfield.


Want to get in touch?

There is a page dedicated to the Nottingham Parkour Park where you can post and contact other practitioners, as and when you want to train and find out who else is up for it.


Need to see some images?

You can find various images and posts about the park from myself in this blog if you care to look through the archives or even type in ‘Nottingham Parkour Park’ in the search bar at the top of this page. There are also some photo galleries on the Parkour Nottingham page too. [1] [2]


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