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Bulwell Round Trip.


Today we were going to start at a slightly earlier time of 12pm. I didn’t train on Saturday due to it being Goose Fair [1] and because of that fair being in Nottingham for a few days, the traffic is always bad. At least for me getting to and from town as it passes where the fair is located. Then you have transport being busier than normal, more so in the evening and slow traffic due to blocked off roads as well. That and not many practitioners seemed to be out this weekend, judging from the event anyway. James was away, Pete was AWOL (as always) and Eddie must be a combination of banned, whipped or both as we are seeing less of him these days. Benj was unavailable as he was now working weekends and others didn’t seem that bothered about being out. I had hoped with Saturday’s lack of attendance, that more would be more open for a Sunday instead. It turned out that wasn’t the case, which was slightly demotivating.

I was up early as I always seem to be of late. I had a look on the event to see who was coming out and it was now down to only three, THREE people were game for the adventure!? Ugh, all motivation had been drained from me now. Adam had been up late and so would be out later in the day. I suppose, at least he was coming out and had Dom and Andy coming along with him, which would increase the numbers somewhat. David and Chris were out, but Femi was running on his usual black time and wanted to meet at the park for 12.30pm which meant he wouldn’t get there until at least half one at the earliest. He called me menstrual when I said we wouldn’t be waiting for him and he should adhere to the set time, which is there for a reason, so we don’t have to wait for people or have to direct them where to go, when they have no idea where they are going anyway!


Chris – Layout.


He said, cut him some slack as he had only just finished work at 3am! That and he had to do some shopping first before they closed at four and then he could think about training. He had been up since the same time I was (nine) and so had more than enough time to get his shopping in and still meet up at the set time, with plenty left over!? I got to the park to find Chris and his sister Jodie already jumping around and waiting. David arrived a short while after and then we headed off into Bulwell for some jumping. While warming up I felt so heavy while doing a small kong precision. Perhaps I just wasn’t warmed up fully enough yet or wasn’t feeling the day due to being demotivated. The starting image of the day for photos was of Chris doing a back layout (seen above) off a small wall.

It was a strange old day weather wise, the sun was shining with clear blue skies in parts, but then it was dark and gloomy in others, as if it would lash it down with rain any second. The running precision I was practising with David always looked big on images even though while doing the movement, it’s quite small. I was filming some movements for a new RAW video [2] from the day. There was an upward standing precision, which felt very similar to the upward park precision. It had some branches in the way, so had to be careful not to poke your eyes out and land crouched too. David didn’t like it and couldn’t see it, yet Chris did it which surprised me. Gio who had not long arrived decided to do it the other way (seen below) as a kong precision instead…


Gio – Kong Precision.


As if that wasn’t good enough, he was then looking at the k2p from the railing (road side) to the same wall on the left! Adam, Andrew and Dom had arrived, earlier than expected too. It was down to the other part of the subway we had previously visited when in Bulwell [3] doing the same movements from last time. There seemed to be more to do this time round, with lots of filming, photos and portraits. There were some nice runs being done by Gio and Femi, doing diving and double kong. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Round Trip.’


Bulwell Bravado.


So, it was that time again, to venture to another unexplored area (Parkour wise) seeing as it was a Bank Holiday! After a rainy weekend. It seemed that lots were game for being out this Monday due to the predicted good weather, which meant it should be a great day of jumping. James was unsure about being out, due to various body aliments he had. Adam seemed to be less than happy we were going on an adventure without him, due to him seeing his other half. Though in the end he did come out to train instead. Later, a few people had backed out of this day already. Thankfully, in the end, most people did turn up on the day, give or take a couple. I was even ready for action and out early for once, we all met at the Parkour park for 1pm and waited until half past before moving on to other locations.

There was no Patryk today, who had said he would be out for sure. We sadly had no Gio out today either. We made our way via cars into Bulwell Town Centre. Ben had a lift and was on route, being out soon, great news. It was good to have Tom from Derby out again, even if he was yet again out when it was another adventure exploration day coincidently. Once we arrived at the first area beside the subway, many felt a little disappointed from the onset with it. I thought there was more to do there, than there actually was. It was a little damp and wet in places too, but people found things to practice, even if a lot of the precisions were quite big. It was one of those areas you had to work with what was there.


James – Precision.


Will did the big precision downwards, right to left, seen in image above, as well as across too! He has really upped his precision game of late. I could see the jumps but was too scared to even attempt them. I had hoped David would try them to help give me the motivational boost I needed, but he was a no to them all. Yet he was fine doing the jump as a catleap back instead, which was scary and slightly downwards too. James and the others were doing catleaps to an over grip wall and looking at 180 precision back too. I filmed a few movements, I had the intention to film and make a small video of the day, failing that a RAW video of myself. I did do the downwards precision in the end, but it felt like I wouldn’t make it or fall short and shin the wall…

It was one to push for, seeing it there, then that vision fading away. I didn’t want to leave without doing it though. Thankfully when I did go for it, I didn’t fall short and stuck it beautifully. Adam was impressed and didn’t think I had that sort of range with my precisions, nor would I do that jump. The same level precision felt impossible and so I did the catleap David had done instead. Next time I need to look at the running upwards precision which feels there, but is horrible to commit too. Some of the guys went to shops, while I met Ben at Tesco and then we moved over to the other side of the subway. It had an awkward (for many) seen below running precision to try. I say this, as many people didn’t like running along the edge of the wall, much preferring to run along the wood chippings instead. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Bravado.’

Solar Rays.


David – Portrait.


This entry is that of three training sessions, as I didn’t have that much to say or images to share for individual entries to make it worth while. So merging them all together in one post soon beefed up the content. Lets talk about the first day of training (17th March) I had planned to be out with Ben, Adam and David even though it was predicted to rain. With how bad the weather was the evening before, I had decided to not set an alarm for the morning as I already knew the weather would likely be just as terrible. Low and behold when I woke up, the weather was just that, wet and rainy. I was feeling unmotivated for training and not wanting to brave the dull, rubbish weather and thought that others might have the same idea… I received a message from Adam asking where I was as he was already out at the park with his sister Rebecca. I then got messages from Ben too saying I should come out, as it’s no longer wet and David and Luke are out with them too. After many photos and messages from them, taunting me to come out, I think they got the message that I wasn’t going to attend and then I was left in peace.

Around three o’clock I was still in a foul mood, but thought maybe going out for an hour or two would be the best and lighten my mood. So, I was surprised when I got there and no one was training! It seemed they had all trained themselves out or were bored and ready to call it a day? My sullen mood didn’t go unnoticed as I arrived and got asked what was wrong, and why had I bothered to come out if I was going to be a miserable git. Oh and I got stick for wearing my Pure Parkour t-shirt [1] which Ben said looked more like an Asda t-shirt than a Parkour one. It was quite funny to see the sibling banter and quarrels between Adam and Rebecca, both abusing and putting each other down… It seemed like my arrival had given a little boost to the day and we trained, even if it seemed Ben was working more on Muscle ups. After Adam mentioned when I ran and did the strides my upper body was perfectly straight like a robot I decided to over exaggerate it even more with a long stride. I got a few photos of use doing a similar exaggerated stride, as you’ll see by Ben’s example in the photos below. With that, it was time for Ben to set off to work and Luke had plans and left too.


Adam – Speed Vault.


Adam wanted to train still, at least until after peak time traffic had passed. Adam’s sister was cold and sat in his car while the rest of us jumped. I got some photos of Adam doing Parkour, something I had neglected for a while now. In true Jennings fashion he stripped down to his Myprotein vest for added vanity gains. He wanted some shots of him actually training than just portraits [2]of him pulling silly faces. He was preparing to enter the Ninja Warrior UK auditions and so wanted to train, get better at Parkour and have some good footage for his application. The sun had begun to come out, giving a golden tint to all the images I took. Even though I was tired myself, and strangely drained due to lack of food and thinking I would only be out an hour max. Nevertheless it was great to be out and that the weather had now picked up. Adam looked like a tank in his vest while doing movements, more so the running towards the camera shots. Even with general vaulting images, you could see his muscles tensed and bulging…

David was off to work shortly, Adam would head home if I wasn’t staying out. I said I’d stay for a bit longer until peak time had passed. I got some muscle up images of Adam and we practised them together, doing a few sets. His muscle ups had improved loads since the first time he had come out to the park all those months ago! He was always strong on pull ups, now he has double armed muscle ups, even if he was smashing the bar into his chest at times. He could see and feel them, but they weren’t as consistent as he wanted them to be for multiple reps but it was great progress. Continue reading ‘Solar Rays.’

Jump, Swing, Flip.


CJay – Running Precision.


Today there were meant to be loads of people out training, at least judging from the amount of replies on the Parkour park group [1] yesterday. Yet, when I arrived at the park I found only David there, jumping and swinging amongst the bars on his lonesome, no one else had arrived as of yet. Sonny had seen my messages, but hadn’t replied back and so I took that as he wasn’t out today. He would usually be at the park on time waiting in his car if he was out. People who say they are out, then on the day aren’t will either post up to let every on know or just ignore all messages to them. Kezza was being a little bitch and not training today due to an update on GTA and he wanted to play that all day, because that is productive… It made no sense, as it was a lovely day, weather wise and normally that draws people out to train. How on earth did it have the opposite effect? Adam arrived later on, though he was feeling quite demotivated and not in the mood once he had arrived, which was unusual as normally he is ready to train and hyped before even arriving.

My calves still hurt today, moving around was painful and in retrospect I shouldn’t train Parkour the day after working them out. I mean, I do need them for jumping around and it makes doing leg based training a pain. It seemed like it might be one of those days, a quick hour or two of training then head home. Luckily after warming up it wasn’t long before CJay and Luke arrived. I’ve never really trained with them much or at all, even though they have been out at the community weekend sessions in town. I know they used to mainly trick or train in their own friendship circles years ago. Although they are out more regular with the main community from what I have seen while being out too. I may sound a tad harsh but they have always seemed like loud, chavy kids from first impressions. Once you get to know them though, that is far from the truth. Well maybe, not for Luke… Who shouts random things like an hyperactive ADHD kid. It was nice to see them both come to the Parkour park regular and getting to know them better through training.


Luke – Lache Gainer.


The park is quite far from where they lived and so it was a bit of a trek for them to get there in the first instance. Though, at least they make it to the park to train, unlike many other practitioners who live close or have still not been. I mean it was built back in 2013 and still many a practitioners haven’t even see it in person let alone jumped around on it. As always with each session there was much banter, gayness and mucking around and you’ll see in a couple of the photos. CJay had some massive hops, for being such a small guy as you’ll see in the photos of his massive running precisions. It’s cool to get shots of him, as his small stature makes the gaps look even bigger compared to if taller people did them. Both him and Luke are good at tricking too and no doubt that is down to the hops. Not to sound harsh but you wouldn’t expect tricks from Luke, to flip at all as he doesn’t look like he could and yet he can and really well.

As we were training Kezza randomly turned up, what the hell?! I didn’t think he was out today due to him wanting to spend all day on a stupid computer game. He said that is what he wanted us all to think, though he was tempted to stay in he had decided to resist and come out training first. I think he knew he would get bitched at for choosing a computer game over training and being out with friends, though it didn’t stop Adam from already trolling Kezza before he was out and sending him photos of what a good day he is missing. Continue reading ‘Jump, Swing, Flip.’

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