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Bulwell Round Trip.


Today we were going to start at a slightly earlier time of 12pm. I didn’t train on Saturday due to it being Goose Fair [1] and because of that fair being in Nottingham for a few days, the traffic is always bad. At least for me getting to and from town as it passes where the fair is located. Then you have transport being busier than normal, more so in the evening and slow traffic due to blocked off roads as well. That and not many practitioners seemed to be out this weekend, judging from the event anyway. James was away, Pete was AWOL (as always) and Eddie must be a combination of banned, whipped or both as we are seeing less of him these days. Benj was unavailable as he was now working weekends and others didn’t seem that bothered about being out. I had hoped with Saturday’s lack of attendance, that more would be more open for a Sunday instead. It turned out that wasn’t the case, which was slightly demotivating.

I was up early as I always seem to be of late. I had a look on the event to see who was coming out and it was now down to only three, THREE people were game for the adventure!? Ugh, all motivation had been drained from me now. Adam had been up late and so would be out later in the day. I suppose, at least he was coming out and had Dom and Andy coming along with him, which would increase the numbers somewhat. David and Chris were out, but Femi was running on his usual black time and wanted to meet at the park for 12.30pm which meant he wouldn’t get there until at least half one at the earliest. He called me menstrual when I said we wouldn’t be waiting for him and he should adhere to the set time, which is there for a reason, so we don’t have to wait for people or have to direct them where to go, when they have no idea where they are going anyway!


Chris – Layout.


He said, cut him some slack as he had only just finished work at 3am! That and he had to do some shopping first before they closed at four and then he could think about training. He had been up since the same time I was (nine) and so had more than enough time to get his shopping in and still meet up at the set time, with plenty left over!? I got to the park to find Chris and his sister Jodie already jumping around and waiting. David arrived a short while after and then we headed off into Bulwell for some jumping. While warming up I felt so heavy while doing a small kong precision. Perhaps I just wasn’t warmed up fully enough yet or wasn’t feeling the day due to being demotivated. The starting image of the day for photos was of Chris doing a back layout (seen above) off a small wall.

It was a strange old day weather wise, the sun was shining with clear blue skies in parts, but then it was dark and gloomy in others, as if it would lash it down with rain any second. The running precision I was practising with David always looked big on images even though while doing the movement, it’s quite small. I was filming some movements for a new RAW video [2] from the day. There was an upward standing precision, which felt very similar to the upward park precision. It had some branches in the way, so had to be careful not to poke your eyes out and land crouched too. David didn’t like it and couldn’t see it, yet Chris did it which surprised me. Gio who had not long arrived decided to do it the other way (seen below) as a kong precision instead…


Gio – Kong Precision.


As if that wasn’t good enough, he was then looking at the k2p from the railing (road side) to the same wall on the left! Adam, Andrew and Dom had arrived, earlier than expected too. It was down to the other part of the subway we had previously visited when in Bulwell [3] doing the same movements from last time. There seemed to be more to do this time round, with lots of filming, photos and portraits. There were some nice runs being done by Gio and Femi, doing diving and double kong. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Round Trip.’


Arnold Adventure.


Will – Precision.


I arrived at the silver benches and I waited for the others to arrive, Zain had text me saying he would be ten minutes late and to wait for him. The others were on time and as per usual Denis was the one who was later than everyone else! His text read: ‘Wait you bellends, I’m not coming all the way to town, having to pay £3.40 for an all day NCT ticket for you guys to leave me in town, so wait!’. A few of the guys decided to head over to Plaza to train while waiting for the others. After waiting for ages, Denis came to the silver benches and said Zain was up at Plaza with everyone else, so we walked back up to collect the others and make our way to Arnold for a day of training.

We caught a 58 bus to Arnold, our first point of training today would be Woodthorpe Park. Most will wonder what there is there for training and why visit such a rural place rather than a urban area which offers a greater amount of concrete obstacles which you would expect to find lots to cater for us. The truth is every so often we get bored of training in the same locations and this makes us want to venture in search of new challenges or a change of scenery, this place gives just that. We made a pit stop at Co-operative to get supplies before walking a stone throw away to the park. At first glance I could see in people’s eyes that they were not impressed by the area and began to wonder why the hell we were here. I assured them there was plenty of things to do and give things a chance and not to be so close minded.

I pointed out a tree people climbed the last time we came here and before I could finish my sentence Will, Yaz & Zain started to climb it while the rest of us moved over to the golf bunkers. As we were walking, I glanced back to see the three of them emerge from the tree topless with there chests puffed out to which the homoerotism begun, spanking each others arses, pinching nipples and slapping backs and chest were all part of homo tendencies when people got half naked. One of the trees looked like it was made for climbing it had all these natural rock climbing like grips on it, due to it being diseased perhaps? As the guys starting to climb the tree and having fun, members of the public passing by would look up at them and at us smiling as they passed. The next thing to do was a few flips into the sand bunker while there was no golfers for us to get in the way off, Will and Denis were doing backs, sides while Yaz stuck with fronts only.


Will – Hanging Around In The Tree.


It was really hard to watch people doing tricks even more so when Zain said he wanted to do one but was unsure of what will happen if he bailed. He ran towards the bunker stating he will at least test it… We looked at each other confused about what he was planning. He got closer to the bunker and jumped up in the air like he was going to go for a running gainer tucked like a cannonball and then landed flat on his back with all of us standing there in disbelief that he just did such a thing! Zain stood up and said he was testing to see how it would feel if the worse came to the worse and he landed on his back… We all burst out laughing and also said to him that is not the best way to test something and you should just go for things or not at all.

I decided to join the club and wanted to do a flip. I wanted to do a sideflip, my foot still hurt and could barely bend but I just couldn’t resist. I kept slowly walking up to the bunker putting pressure on it like I would if I was to do a flip, testing the water so to speak. I felt so unsure about this and what would happen. Denis said, ‘Zade, going to do a flip?!’. Zain also said, ‘I wouldn’t as it will only hurt you and then you’ll regret it when you’re in pain!’. I know with my technique I can do them and land one legged if needed, it was more the take off which worried me and if it twinged the ankle and then I didn’t commit it would cause dire pain. I paced back and forth towards before deciding to just do one and think of the consequences later. I walked towards the bunker putting my injured angle first as take off for the sideflip, kicking my back leg and tucking tight, landing one footed. It felt so good to do a trick of some sort after months of doing nothing at all! Denis was quick to say, ‘listen now, I want to learn how to do a sick single leg sideflip like you, teach me please?!’. I went through the motions with him and he tried one and then a few others, they all looked really clean even though he moaned about not getting enough height. His tuck looked lovely and far nicer than mine own! Continue reading ‘Arnold Adventure.’

Chase Armitage.


Chase started training Parkour and was active on the (now none existent) UF (Urban freeflow) forums where he had shared various videos with the Parkour/Freerun community. One day he declared a very bold statement that he was taking a year out of Parkour training to become more involved in Tricking/Gymnastics/Street Acrobatics and that he will be inactive on the forum during this time but will come back to show his progression once the year was over. People praised him for this and some didn’t believe he would do it, I was one of those disbelievers. Sure enough he came back a year later with an impressive video which blew everyone’s mind (much like Daniels Ilabaca’s videos do today). He had progressed and became such a damn good Tricker, you could tell he had really put his all into what he had learnt.

Chase was part of a group which was called ‘Team Evolution’ they also were known as ‘Supertricks’ in some contexts at the start of their media career, then that slowly merged into 3run the group you know of today. The story behind the name was a play on the term ‘freerunning’ the three represented the three disciplines they practised which were martial arts, Parkour and freerunning. The ‘run’ part used in correlation with the ‘3’ made it sound exactly like ‘freerun’ which people used as a term for training, the only difference was the way they spelt it. 3Run has one of the busiest free running, tricking based forums online which over the years has really expanded greatly.

Chase has been a great director and film maker of his videos and 3run’s racking up millions of views! Some of his videos are loved more than others, the same goes for the ones he is most remembered for. Although, if he wasn’t a good film maker he wouldn’t be as well known or where he is today! He has constantly been pushing the boundaries of movement and his 3Run family have done just the same. His passion and drive alone have allowed him to chase his dream (minus the pun) and he hasn’t been afraid to give it a go. I know most of us have thought about pursuing dreams but have always put them aside or thought they were not achievable and so have dismissed them all together.

I guess being the founder of such a well known company and the most well known member out of them all Chase is now or has been branching off to do other projects of his own which is exactly what he has been doing with the recently made Student Of Movement video and his website it seems. I guess from some of the videos and how he is perceived to some you could class Chase as arrogant and full of himself when he gestures to the camera when he does something new.

Below I have listed some of Chase’s more well known videos he is famous for everyone to watch.


A Brother’s Journey.

Chase and his brother Cole doing what they do best! remember the intro alone was brilliant and still is iconic to the ones who remember the video. The corkscrew in the shopping centre, the human scales are another image of this video which still sticks with me.


XBOX commercial.

I really enjoyed this as a advert apart from it wasn’t Chase’s voice that was narrating it haha. Still it was well made and I loved the slow-motion shots.


Rogers Mobile Commercial.

I remember when everyone was shouting about this particular advert because it featured so many big Parkour/Freerun names in it. The funniest thing you will notice is Chase’s American accent at the start, it was great to also see Daniel Ilabaca and Stephane Vigroux in the video too.


David Guetta – Love Don’t Let Me Go music video.

Has to be the biggest gig at that time he was involved in and was great to see some Parkour/Freerun getting more into mainstream places.


2006 Showreel – Vision.

Another great showreel. The advert they did with the dogs running after them was cool as well as funny when they wall-flipped over them. I love the tricking in the graffiti location too.


3Run – The Frontier.

was easily one of the most remembered team videos they did sadly the song by DJ Pablo was overused and overkilled in various other videos once heard by the Parkour community sadly. This video really stuck out and had some extreme moves done within it and I for once know I watched it many times!


Free Inspiration.

This video got a lot of attention and was well put together I thought! Some great action, angles and editing enough said!


Chase Armitage 2009.

this video got mixed reviews I mean it is well made but even I feel it is over edited it’s hard to focus on any one movement being done! I guess he was experimenting with something different but most weren’t too impressed by it.


Chase Armitage 2011 (Student Of Movement).

A good video and good to see so many other elements put into this video. I think this has to be his best video and really shows who he is but then again that is just my opinion and interpretation.


Concrete Circus.

After much anticipation and online teasers, the day had finally arrived and I sat down ready to watch ‘Concrete Circus’. I was really looking forward to seeing how they would portray all the urban sports. Below is a description of what the show entails.

(Concrete circus brings together the top names in urban sports with viral film-makers to capture unique portraits of the urban sports scene. Featuring Parkour, Skateboarding, BMX flatline and trail biking).

The intro to the documentary had small video snippets from the various urban sports to give you an idea of what you have let yourself in for.

First up was Danny Macaskill and his claim to fame through urban trail biking. It showed clips from one of his online videos which I remember seeing through YouTube and being blown away by the video, moves, landscape and places he used within the video.



As you can see above, no wonder it go so much attention virally. I will admit I had to re-watch the video again once I saw the snippets on the program. There are not many videos I can watch, which are from other extreme sports and to which can keep my attention. They have to be something special in my eyes to keep my attention span.

Next up was Parkour/Freeruning showing clips from Storm Freerun Volume 1 (shown below). They used Sebastien Foucan to explain what Parkour/Freerun is followed by an interview with Blue explaining how he got into it and why he does it. I was also surprised to be informed that Parkour/Freerun was the most viewed urban sport out there. A big in your face to everyone that thinks what we do is stupid and pointless. I guess statistics speak for themselves on that one.  :D



I’ll quote the narrator to best describe the video and Parkour as a whole.

‘Parkour was born in the video age, it’s one of the most filmed urban sports. When it’s done well, it’s a super human spectacle . And as the skills have evolved, so have the films!’

Next was skateboarding with Kilian Martin, who I had never heard of before but from what was shown I was blown away. Sure, at first I thought surely Rodney Mullen could do all that? Then I YouTubed Kilian’s videos and again was blown away by his skill and my previous statement could be taken back! He moved so gracefully and at one with his board making everything look like dancing moves. It was rather hard to imagine how long it took to learn of that.



From skateboarding many years ago before I got into Parkour, I can give him full respect for all the moves he does on his board, they look so easy and yet would be impossible to do yourself.

Next Bmx flatland with Keelan Phillips, his video can be seen below to see what it is all about. I’m going to be harsh here but this is the least appealing of the urban sports to me. All I saw was the same spinning, turning, grabbing and rolling. You may call me biased and of course, I know it takes great precision and balance, again it just doesn’t appeal to me.



I laughed when Keelan said ‘I had always been a little jealous of my brother as he was younger and able to learn things quicker, then he got fat and I got better so it was alright’. That is what I call brotherly love.

When it cut to Blue and Phil in a gymnastic facility doing giants around a gymnastic bar, I thought maybe this is going to be one of the things they would want to do outside? It also reminded me of a video I had seen on YouTube where two guys do it outside on a bar, but are attached by gymnastic gloves. They then slow down and they both stop mid giant and slam into each other when meeting at the bottom with great pain.

It showed the video of Phil and Kie, which was made in 2010 called Professor long hair, big chief. I’ve posted below for everyone, it also got huge amount of views!



Claudiu said he wanted to do something different and to do with fire, my mind as everyone elses will then be thinking ah so that is what the scene with Blue on fire was all about!

Most of the athletes also expressed from the heart, which any other aspiring practitioner will fully understand and grasp what they mean. I’ve included a couple below.

Keelan Phillips: ‘It is something we do everyday, you know, kind of like we can’t live without it in a way. If I spent to long away and not practicing it does bother me. What I do is an extension of me’.

Meaning its part of him and his life, without it he wouldn’t be him.

Danny Macaskill: ‘When you take something, the thing you love, and turn it into a job you maybe look at it in different way’.

I guess that is the aspect of when you start doing something as a job rather than a hobby – you are more likely to start disliking what you do and the enjoyment is taken away from it.

I’m pleased they included Mathieu Ledoux, who was also included in the line up for the Parkour film and in case you are wondering who he is and what he does, he does Parkour/Freerun mixed with in-lining. I’ve included three most famous videos of his below.





The premise of the show was very insightful as a whole and good to have an insight into the athletes personal lives, back stories and get to know who they are. It was also good to see how they worked with a director, filming, creating ideas and seeing the final product of their short films.

I’ve included below the final products in order, showing my favorite first – not the order they were show in. Mainly because they seemed to leave the best for last, which was Parkour. :P (Can you guess which video I am most supporting here?) ;)



– Beautiful as always. It’s the story of Storm freerun and how Blue gets recruited. I like how it also has other cameo appearances from other famous Tracuers out there. Overall, a great video and even the out-takes are great at the end.



– The backdrops on this video are awesome and you are so engaged with looking at the surroundings that you forget you should be watching the skills being performed. Kilian is so talented I’m just hypnotized with what he can do!



– Another great video with equally good backdrops! The music choice was also superb and went really well with the video. I like the little scenes of him sweeping away dirt and balancing on the rope. Really added something, The ending was perfect to!



– Not loads to be said about this video as a whole. I’m not one for all the fancy effects on videos. Maybe it’s just so different from the norm I’m not used to it?

Concrete Circus Full link to what was shown on TV on 4odD.

The TV showing afterwards called ‘One Man Walking’, featured Kie Willis in it doing Parkour on the roof tops with the main character of  the dance scene it. I only tuned in because it showed a guy standing on a rooftop with wrist bands and I thought it might include a Parkour orientated scene I continued watching. Sure enough I watch right and was not disappointed.

Traffic Love.

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