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Bumps, Bruises & Back Flips.


I had planned to go out early Wednesday with David,  so we could train at Highfields after he missed the previous Saturday jam we had there. I wanted to train there again too, still having movements to conquer. The weather all week had been ever changing day by day, which made it next too impossible to predict if it was worth going out until the day of. I had mentioned to Ben about the session and he seemed up for it, Femi too IF he turned up that is! James was a maybe, what with current work commitments… My next challenge was getting up on time, I was currently going to bed any where from 10pm – 2am and not getting up until gone 11am. A far cry from the 6am work days, the holidays were killing my routine.

I decided on Tuesday evening to go ahead with this training session, there was no predicted rain through the day. Femi was now a no for being out, due to a work interview at 6pm and didn’t see the point in travelling afar. I went to bed early to compensate for all the late nights, but struggled to sleep, it felt too warm. I ended up waking up at 5am, then again at 8am and decided to get up not long after. I abused James via PM, asking if the old man had even woke up yet and will he be joining us today?! Telling him to come out regardless, though I doubted he would be out, with it being a midweek session. Likely he wouldn’t be up until we were already out and jumping. Though I did have a small hope to see him later on, just maybe it would happen. I wasn’t holding my breath though…


David – Catleap.


I got ready for training, feeling tired and now in a rush. I had been too relaxed from being up early and hadn’t gotten ready in due course. The curse of having too much time, thinking I would be fine, then it seemed time had sped up, each time I checked. Tom was out today, a random and unexpected practitioner to add to the cause. The others who were meant to be out were very quiet and not online yet, which usually meant they wouldn’t be out. I arrived in town close to half ten, all accounted for we got the bus to Highfields, which took next to no time at all. It seemed the university was open and that might be a problem if we were jumping around the campus. There were a few people kicking around, early Pokémon hunting it seemed, with one guy dressed as a Pokémon trainer!

It was on to warming up and with that, the bigger jumps. The main catleap in the area (seen above) one I could see, but never seemed to like, it always felt like I might not make it. It was within rage, but I didn’t like the fall down onto the steps if you didn’t commit. David was doing it easily, then Tom did it too! That was it, I had to do it now too. I could now see the jump, but I still felt uneasy about it. As I jumped for it, it was like David and Tom said, closer than you think. Which I equally found out when I stubbed my toe into the wall. Continue reading ‘Bumps, Bruises & Back Flips.’


#2 – Meeting Mike.


Since my last blog, I have been training more with Flip and David locally as well as being busy with college. I haven’t stopped training and have actively been looking for other practitioners. After coming across various online forums and MSN bulletin boards (today most are disbanded). I saw a few posts from Nottingham people asking about Parkour, using them as a means to communicate with like minded people amongst the masses. It would seem Parkour was growing, at least the interest in it was… I started to go through all the individual posts that were from the East Midlands, UK section in hope of finding someone close to home, in the same city or even more locally area wise. There were so many threads about training, from all different cities with people wanting to train and meet up. They were posting what they had learnt, who they train with, where they are from and asking if there were any other like minded people out there wanting to join. I did come across one post which was Nottingham based, success! I decided to reply to it and see if I got any answer, with no real hope of getting a reply due to how many posts there were.

A few days later the guy I wrote to Mike (aka Sick Ed) had got back to me and we exchanged MSN address’s and started to talk about Jump London which we had both watched and been inspired by, how we went about training and the sort of movements we wanted to achieve at a later date and if we knew anyone else who would be up for training. Mike had been practising a few vaults and mimicked mainly what he has seen from the documentary and in YouTube videos. He had asked others to come and train with him, but no one seemed that interested with it. He mentioned he could do some flips too which he had self taught and his sister was doing gymnastics. A few weeks passed and even though we were both weary about meeting up due to being complete strangers, we decided to meet up in a public place just to play it safe and then it was set. It was going to be really cool to train with someone else and I’m sure that it would also help my Parkour training progress further.

Being so young, it seemed very odd to go and meet a complete stranger from the internet. It was strange, but would be worth it for expanding the training community in Nottingham.


Sick Ed/Mike – Backflip


The mutual meeting ground would be at the spiral stairwell of QMC, not too far from where Mike lived. I got ready and then made my way to the area, it was a very public place for safety reasons. It was a warm, sunny day and I was earlier than planned, I waited around the stairwell, looking at the subway gap as a catleap and other jumps. To my relief it was not some adult pretending to be a child and just a regular teenager like myself, Mike waved as he made his way over.  It felt awkward to meet a total internet stranger in person, even though we had spoke lots online it was different in real life and took a little adjusting too. Mike took me around the local spots he had been training at, showing me what he could do and had done in the past. I looked at possible things I could do and possible things to achieve over the next few months. Continue reading ‘#2 – Meeting Mike.’

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