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An Evening of Flips.

Patryk – Aerial Twist.


This evening was a training session at the Parkour park, it was local and with Patryk working in Bulwell, it was easy for him to access after work for a couple of hours. I decided to meet up with him and a few others who said they would like to be out too. It was to be a 6pm meet, later than normal for Patryk who was there from anywhere from 4pm. I wasn’t able to be out until at least half five at the earliest due to work, but in the end it didn’t work out that way. On the one day I wanted to be out training, I had finished work late, hitting loads of traffic and I barely made it there for six. While Patryk, Femi and Benji were already there jumping around.

To add insult to injury I felt super tired and unmotivated, failing runs and basic movements. Disheartening as everyone else seemed to be on par with their own training. Patryk was busy doing his slick European flow. He spent ages attempting the 180 cat from one of the vertical poles of the park frame. So many attempts, sliding down the wall or just reaching it with his fingertips, only to lose grip. It’s scary and high, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do it, until now. I filmed him and took some photos which looked great with the low sun in the background. In Patryk’s words ‘it looks so romantic…‘ Not exactly the choice of words I would have used!

The footage will likely surface in a future Npghey video. Later we moved over to a sand bunker at the golf course to trick, spending a fair while flipping around. It’s nice when it’s the evening as there aren’t any golfers using the course and so less likely to get removed. Patryk found it funny when people say tricking is gay, I don’t think he quite understood what we meant. It tickled him either way, but we only say that when people constantly do flips and nothing else. Femi was doing some sort of cartwheel into arabian, though he kept landing on the edge of the bunker rather than into the sand. It was getting dark and it will soon be Winter again, better make the most of these warm evenings.


Patryk – 180 Cat.


Patryk – Aerial Twist.


Patryk – Aerial Twist.


Patryk – B- Twist.



Bulwell Bravado.


So, it was that time again, to venture to another unexplored area (Parkour wise) seeing as it was a Bank Holiday! After a rainy weekend. It seemed that lots were game for being out this Monday due to the predicted good weather, which meant it should be a great day of jumping. James was unsure about being out, due to various body aliments he had. Adam seemed to be less than happy we were going on an adventure without him, due to him seeing his other half. Though in the end he did come out to train instead. Later, a few people had backed out of this day already. Thankfully, in the end, most people did turn up on the day, give or take a couple. I was even ready for action and out early for once, we all met at the Parkour park for 1pm and waited until half past before moving on to other locations.

There was no Patryk today, who had said he would be out for sure. We sadly had no Gio out today either. We made our way via cars into Bulwell Town Centre. Ben had a lift and was on route, being out soon, great news. It was good to have Tom from Derby out again, even if he was yet again out when it was another adventure exploration day coincidently. Once we arrived at the first area beside the subway, many felt a little disappointed from the onset with it. I thought there was more to do there, than there actually was. It was a little damp and wet in places too, but people found things to practice, even if a lot of the precisions were quite big. It was one of those areas you had to work with what was there.


James – Precision.


Will did the big precision downwards, right to left, seen in image above, as well as across too! He has really upped his precision game of late. I could see the jumps but was too scared to even attempt them. I had hoped David would try them to help give me the motivational boost I needed, but he was a no to them all. Yet he was fine doing the jump as a catleap back instead, which was scary and slightly downwards too. James and the others were doing catleaps to an over grip wall and looking at 180 precision back too. I filmed a few movements, I had the intention to film and make a small video of the day, failing that a RAW video of myself. I did do the downwards precision in the end, but it felt like I wouldn’t make it or fall short and shin the wall…

It was one to push for, seeing it there, then that vision fading away. I didn’t want to leave without doing it though. Thankfully when I did go for it, I didn’t fall short and stuck it beautifully. Adam was impressed and didn’t think I had that sort of range with my precisions, nor would I do that jump. The same level precision felt impossible and so I did the catleap David had done instead. Next time I need to look at the running upwards precision which feels there, but is horrible to commit too. Some of the guys went to shops, while I met Ben at Tesco and then we moved over to the other side of the subway. It had an awkward (for many) seen below running precision to try. I say this, as many people didn’t like running along the edge of the wall, much preferring to run along the wood chippings instead. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Bravado.’

27th August, 2016.


I woke up to the noise of heavy rain hitting my window, hearing it stream down the street as my alarm beeped at ten o’clock. I felt like I may just stay at home, because, you know, when it is a rain day it won’t ever be that great for training unless it is able to dry up. Once I was up and slowly getting ready, it had thankfully started to dry up and even the sun was coming out as the clock struck eleven. Still, it was predicted to rain all day, which was putting me off going out. I finished getting ready and headed off a little after half twelve, arriving at Plaza a little before one to find Stef and Eddie already there chatting together. It didn’t seem like anyone else was out, perhaps they rain had put them off?

David arrived and then Edd, Stef and myself went to shops and left him to warm up at Plaza. I was heading over to the t-shirt shop to get some tees done for Eddie. While Stef needed some painkillers for his old man back pains. I bumped into James on my way, who too wanted some t-shirts for an overseas friend, Jeremy. I arrived back at Plaza later on, feeling tired leg wise, it seemed DOMs was kicking in from a previous workout as my hamstrings and calves were feeling it now. I drilled some kong precisions with David, then tried to Kash vault the wall instead after seeing Ben doing it, which felt impossible and only a step through is what I could muster.


Npk – Roadkill Design.


James was disliking k2ps today, for the fact he seemed to lose them whenever he didn’t practise them regularly, which is a fair enough statement. He seemed to be all legs, rather than pushing with arms as he went over the first wall. Stef was nailing them, even with a step out too, which surprised me. I do believe kong precisions are something that you have to constantly practise to keep them to a level. Reece was joining in with the Parkour movements, rather than always tricking, nice one brah! Eddie hadn’t been out that long, received his t-shirts and was now off to book a holiday with his bae. Not that he was whipped at all… I decided to get James to try the smaller kong precision to help aid his technique for the the higher one.

Most people hate the smaller one, due to it being (too) low and you have to crouch down for it, which in turn teaches you to use your arms and chest in conjunction to push up while konging over the wall. Something which many don’t have to do on a more chest level wall, what I mean by that is most will jump, then tap wall and glide over. As well as that, the smaller one is perfect for learning the skip step run up too. Another technical feat, that has to be learned with k2ps. For such a ‘simple’ movement, there are many different components to learn for it. James got the skip step technique nice and was getting the hang of it without much thought, even if he did clip his feet once and went face first over the walls!


Grubby Wall.


Something, which for many would put them off trying it any more. It didn’t seem to faze him and he kept drilling them and then on the other chest height wall, with more tuition and insight from Phil. I wanted to try the double kong again, something I learned and do occasionally, then feel afraid of them after not drilling them for like a year. David was game to try again too, I couldn’t force it and either could David it seemed. Reece did them easily, with a simple tap over than pushing off the first wall. Both of us looked at each other like, how easy did that look?! Continue reading ’27th August, 2016.’

Ghettos, Bridges & Mental Barriers.


It was set to be a great day, with many out for some summer jumping. Even if Jallen sadly wasn’t to be out this weekend, instead opting to be at the cinema in Birmingham, to watch Suicide Squad. I was really looking forward to being out, so much so I had headed off to town early to get my training under way. When I arrived, I was sad to find David wasn’t out today. I had hoped to do some filming and he helps keep me motivated while training as we vibe off each other with the movements we try. I was feeling a bit demotivated about the day now, but as the masses arrived that soon changed. Well, that was until I was hit by extreme fatigue and not too sure why. I was feeling unsure what to practise, doing a few k2ps while we waited for the stragglers to appear before we moved on. Phil was meant to be out, but as of yet he wasn’t. Patryk was late too, for whatever reason.

One highlight of the day was after Frankie rode in on his bike, some of us kept ringing his bike bell, much to his annoyance and it wasn’t just me that got enjoyment from doing it either! I think it secretly got to him, as he covered it up soon after so none of us could ring it again and asked us politely not to do it again. But, did we listen to that warning…?! We ended up moving over to Audo to train and that is where I captured some footage at various points of the day, collecting footage for a few weeks to see what I had and maybe make a video. I did the small upward precision near the side of the area, which I had struggled to do in recent times. I still hated it whenever I did it though, that feeling never change. What a strange jump, only ever so slightly upwards and with a sign in the way for craning the jump.


Patryk – Precision.


Dizzi did a precision further down the set of steps, the mid section which I think is around about ten to ten and half (of my shoe) feet across. So very few people have done and do that jump, well except the big jumpers. It still blows my mind, whether it’s because it looks bigger than it is due to the steps widening as they go down, but it always looks massive. I joined Frankie, doing a precision to a slab that had a lamppost in the middle of, he of cause did it easily. Even though he said he felt he wasn’t as in tune with his precisions as he normally was. That he found it a hard jump too!? I was only just hitting the jump and felt ugly compared. Everyone was dotted around the area, doing their own movements. I was unsure where to go next and what to practise, that was until I saw Patryk had found a new, I say new but what I mean to say is a jump that I haven’t seen before nor have I ever seen anyone else do it.

It was fresh, but looked horrible too. I decided to film Patryk doing it, although he seemed to be unable to land it now, bouncing the jump each time. Much to his frustration, I guess the added filming pressure had got to him. I wanted to have a go too, but it felt insanely far, bigger than I could reach currently. Not to mention it was scary to hang in the air for the landing and if you didn’t commit, well you had the awkwardness of buckling on the steps. I got Frankie to come and have a look, he took one look and laughed before prepping for the jump. I think Frankie felt the same with the awkwardness of it, as he kept jumping to the side of the steps. While filming, I felt due to the Cinstyle profile I have on my camera, it made everything seem very drained and even hard to see on the viewfinder when filming. I hope the video clips come out okay, as I couldn’t see anything while filming and wasn’t even sure I liked the setting.


Ben – Running Precision.


Patryk was also practising a nice run involving a lazy vault, running stride up the steps, dive roll and other movements linked together. A very Euro style, different and I like that. It’s always nice to see linked movements and people using the same areas we have trained for many years, differently. Again, it is something we need to practise more of, even after all these years we are still very singular in the movements we do. Then you get people from other countries who visit Nottingham and then you see the different style instantly. Gio is another great example of another practitioner that was able to link movements and do crazy runs as well. In the past there are stages where the community will start to practise a few movements together, like with anything it soon diminishes over time and then we fall back into old habits.

I finally mustered the courage to give the Audo precision (seen above) which everyone did downwards, as a running upwards precision instead. Patryk did it easily and Damo was contemplating trying it as well. For some reason I liked it more as a running box jump! While Damo was stating he would do it, getting cocky and yet when he was landing to the side of it on the floor to gauge if he would make it, he somehow managed to land awkwardly, jarring his back, and looked like both ankles buckled too. To which Phil and myself looked at each other like WTF?! Continue reading ‘Ghettos, Bridges & Mental Barriers.’

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