Light Night – TRACE.

A photography and Parkour/Freerun project, capturing images across Nottingham, Derby, UK within abandoned places and neglected urban sites. Sharing the beauty of how freerunning can reinvent a space and it’s purpose, and share the seemingly effortless flow of Traceurs.




Light Night in Nottingham is now on it’s fifth year which has Puppeteers, buskers, artists and a whole host of weird and wonderful things will be taking to the streets around the city. TRACE was just one of the many events happening on that given night and you would have had to venture out to have seen it in all it’s glory.

TRACE is a visual art installation and digital media project aiming to capture and convey the inquisitive relationship Traceurs share with abandoned and broken urban landscapes. Using primarily long exposure photography, taken with freerunners wearing lights.This isn’t the first time Trish Evans has done a project like this, she did one before which was called Jump Cut and also Pipeline before that. Last year was the first event which was set up in Broadmarsh Underpass/ maid marian way and had great results and then this year was set to be the same.

A video of the TRACE event in action has been filmed by Will Carman. Below that is some of the long exposure photographic work for you all to view too. The photography really is stunning and has came out brilliantly, the lighting trails looks so nice within the darkness. The event as a whole was great and you had to be there to fully experience it. As always TRACE was a crowd pleaser and drew plenty of attention from the public.



Cattle Market.




Guildhall Courtroom.


Stair Set.




Sneinton Market.


Two Waves.




Leicestershire Train Yard.


Carlton Road College.


Cattle Market.


Ilkeston Road.




Leicestershire Train Yard.


Carlton Road College.


Gregory Boulevard.






Rooftop In Nottingham.




Guildhall Courtrooms.




Broken Wall.




Leicestershire Train yard.




Tk Max.


Gregory Boulevard.


Ilkeston Road.


Bright Light.




Flip - Precision.


Front Tuck.



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