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Raw #14

The fourteenth instalment of my RAW video series. Some of the early clips were merged from another training sessions [1] [2] as I hadn’t really been filming that much for a video. I had been storing them up to use, but didn’t film enough to justify a RAW video of that day. I know in previous blogs some ‘future’ releases of RAW have been added. This is due to being so behind with them. Stored up with the footage and edited, long before a descriptive, detailed analysis of the video have been posted like this one.

I’m still enjoying making them though and jumping around. The run along the thin window ledge, may look simple and yet it is so difficult to do and I’m not overly fond of how it looks video wise, due to it doing it no justice. Some of the Audo stuff, feels creative and was something different and years down the line they will no doubt be enhanced further. Like that kong plant to running stride precision.




Raw #13.

Some time had passed since my last RAW video [1] and so I felt it was time to roll out another one. It had been well over a month since the last, so much for getting one out on a weekly basis! I was lucky to have captured many clips from the Highfields training session [2] but still needed more footage. So it was great when I managed to get out one Monday with Steve [3] even after many had bailed on the session and it felt like a wasted day. I used that time while out to film extra bits I needed. The footage had come to a good six minutes when put on the timeline. That made this edit a chore and it didn’t help motivate me to get it done. I did manage to get it down to three minutes after much culling. It was still far too long, longer than my usual RAW edits of under a minute.



I withered it down further, what kept it increased was many of the same angles for each movement. I had between two to five shots of the same move, it was tough selecting the better clips. I got it down to under one minute once I had rid most of those extra, unneeded angles. I must say I quite like this video and how the clips came together than the previous videos. I think the new surroundings had much to do with that feeling. Happy, I released the video and even found a green related idiom for the title in relation to the colour I was wearing.

0:04 – It might look like nothing, but the impact of that drop didn’t half come at some force!
0:09 – Was a fun run to record and there are so many more potential movement to add to it.
0:25 – I would have loved to have done the rail precision instead of the cat to cats, maybe next time.
0:45 – Another heavy impact jump, as well as avoiding kneeing the tree and branch in face action. Hence the strange landing stance.

Nottingham Parkour Park Video.

Today marks the release of my long overdue Nottingham Parkour park project. I had planned to make a video of myself training at the Parkour park, long ago, back in 2015 if I remember correctly. I couldn’t make one any earlier since I was out of commission due to injury in 2012 and then the park was built in 2013. I felt I didn’t have the time, plus I had quit training with being injured. Nor was I at full strength from surgery in 2014 either. So it was only in the later stage of 2015 that I could make a start to the project. I decided that once I was back to full strength I would make the video, not that I felt I was going to train again with how long I had been injured.

The Parkour park was completed and open to the public as of June 29th 2013 and since then has been used by many, for both training Parkour and callisthenics. Even though it has been around since then, very few videos of training there have cropped up. I’ve seen perhaps a few individual clips and ever so small features in some videos, but nothing of a day of training as such. Maybe I am just unaware of those videos or even the ones who have ventured to the park and or use it frequently. For anyone who is interested in training there and wants to be up to date, there is a dedicated page to the park [1] where you can discuss all things park related and is well worth joining.



I had mocked up a list of movements I wanted to film and then chose to go out on only the sunniest of days to keep a consistency with lighting. I wanted an array of movements, the list felt basic and small. Over time, more got added and then I had in hindsight too many clips. It really had been too long since I had last produced a video (2011) in fact! Long have the days pasted of training samplers, even yearly videos. Just like the training in itself has changed and evolved over the years. Many videos nowadays are raw type movements, no music just the sounds of the practitioner moving amongst their surroundings. Much like my own RAW series I started [2] on my other channel.

It’s amazing that people still don’t know about the park’s existence, even after all this time and that people are still actively training there. Not saying that it was going to NOT get used, but over time people dwindle. I wanted my video to give an idea of not only the park’s size and structure, but what there is to do there movement wise too, with the basic movements and then the more creative ones also. As when people first arrive at the park, very few know what to do and feel it is limited. Continue reading ‘Nottingham Parkour Park Video.’

Raw #12

The twelfth instalment of my RAW video series. I filmed all of this while out on a training sessionĀ  [1] with Adam. You will notice that with this video, it was much longer than my previous ones. All the ones before average anywhere from 42secs to a minute long, where as this one with all the added bonus footage came to nearly a minute and half. In retrospect, I should have left all the stuff after the credits and it would have left it a normal length video.



Lots of precision based training in this video and striding movements. If you haven’t yet visited the Nottingham Victoria Embankment, you really should. Just get off a bus when you reach Trent Bridge and then walk along the Trent until you come to the War Memorial. The rockery type area is surprisingly good and has so many combinations of precisions it is unreal. You could easily spend hours jumping on them.


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