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Raw #13.

Some time had passed since my last RAW video [1] and so I felt it was time to roll out another one. It had been well over a month since the last, so much for getting one out on a weekly basis! I was lucky to have captured many clips from the Highfields training session [2] but still needed more footage. So it was great when I managed to get out one Monday with Steve [3] even after many had bailed on the session and it felt like a wasted day. I used that time while out to film extra bits I needed. The footage had come to a good six minutes when put on the timeline. That made this edit a chore and it didn’t help motivate me to get it done. I did manage to get it down to three minutes after much culling. It was still far too long, longer than my usual RAW edits of under a minute.



I withered it down further, what kept it increased was many of the same angles for each movement. I had between two to five shots of the same move, it was tough selecting the better clips. I got it down to under one minute once I had rid most of those extra, unneeded angles. I must say I quite like this video and how the clips came together than the previous videos. I think the new surroundings had much to do with that feeling. Happy, I released the video and even found a green related idiom for the title in relation to the colour I was wearing.

0:04 – It might look like nothing, but the impact of that drop didn’t half come at some force!
0:09 – Was a fun run to record and there are so many more potential movement to add to it.
0:25 – I would have loved to have done the rail precision instead of the cat to cats, maybe next time.
0:45 – Another heavy impact jump, as well as avoiding kneeing the tree and branch in face action. Hence the strange landing stance.


Raw #1

And so the Zade RAW series is born, it was an idea I had had since I first made a small compilation video [1] a while back and it was well received. It was something I had contemplated doing for a long time now (even years) when I first saw them becoming a trend on YouTube and Facebook. I had some footage which I was going to save and/or add into the compilation video, but didn’t. Then I thought once a week or every few weeks I would compile a video from the days training to get me back into the swing of editing again. I had planned to make video projects in the past, but they never paned out nor materialized. Neither did any of the Npk /Npghey videos I had planned.

I decided to use the remaining (unused) footage I had from the training sessionĀ [2] I had in Sneinton and had not used within the compilation video. I had a few movements and even though they didn’t seemed to be enough for a video, it was footage nevertheless. It came to just under forty seconds, I quite liked the feel of it… It felt good to produce a video again, even if I felt I was repeating lots of angles and the same movements. I hadn’t put anything out for a long time, I had been editing and tweaking it for so long that I was over analysing it in every way possible. I decided to put it out (seen below) regardless, otherwise it would never enter the public domain…



Like many of the older generation of practitioners, long passed has the time of seasonal (yearly) samplers. Due to the constant time constraints, pressure, hype, editing commitment, over perfectionism and self criticism that they can bring means that they very rarely materialize online. So I’ve decided to, like many others do short a bite size clip(s) of training. Less time and commitment needed to film, edit (with as much or as little editing) going into the movements which don’t have to be perfect either.

The videos will show what was being practised on any given day and time. It’s the closest you’ll get to seeing footage of myself moving, unless you see me on the rare occasions in person while out training. This first video seemed to greeted with a good reception, with many likes and comments on my Facebook release of it. It seems there is a high interest for this sort of thing!? I guess I’ll find out as more of the series get released as and when the weather is apt for it. Either way, enough said on the subject matter, enjoy, don’t enjoy.


Traffic Love.

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