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Parkour & GO.


People had made it clear, that it was time for more exploration jams within Nottingham. Some were up for doing just that, this weekend. With Highfields being a desired location, seeing as that was a recent place of training. With that, I created an event for the day. I wasn’t that bothered about meeting people in town first, as that would be a long slog for myself. It was quicker to get there of my own accord, I had put step by step instructions on how to get there via all modes of transport. James felt that was a bit unfair to people that were still unsure, or couldn’t understand the instructions of how to get there. I had covered ALL the possible ways to get there and how, it was up to the others attending to make their own way there and meet up with people on the way if needs be. It’s not like they’re all kids any more and needed a chaperone for a trip…

I was unsure how I was getting there myself now. I had hoped to get a lift from Adam, but he was meeting others in town first now and going via tram earlier than the meet up time. I could have gone via bus, but that would take ages, meaning I would have to be going into and out of town. Another route, which was the more direct and easier way there didn’t have a bus from mine. In the end I did manage to get a lift to QMC, only to find the bridge over the motorway was closed! Since when?! I had to walk the long way around and through the university campus, doing a few jumps on my way to kill the time. The others had bumped into Daniel Bunkle and a few others who were out in Nottingham for the ‘Fearless Jam’ organised by Jack Cobb. Which seemed like it was to be a bit of a shambles, organization wise and I’m not too sure how it would go day wise. Annoyingly it was on the same day, we had chosen to venture.


Highfields © JamesAllenVisuals.


As I arrived at the meet up point, there was no one to be seen. How on earth did this happen? I was a tad later than expected and everyone else should have been there long before I was, due to meeting in town an hour and half before the meet time. The few people who were sat on the grass bank sunning, looked at me oddly while I jumped around on the edge of the tall walls beside the lake, waiting for everyone else to arrive. Derby Tom of all people had arrived first. He always seemed to be out on these adventure days, which I’m sure is only coincidental, but we never seem to see him any other time. The rest of the guys did finally arrive, they were late due to waiting on others in town and had mentioned that Femi wanted them to wait for him too, as he was running late. They obviously didn’t and I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have either with him ALWAYS being hours later! #blacktime

I was unsure what to practise, instead opting to eat while the others warmed up. Some of the guys at one side were jumping to the steps from a wall, going up a step each time. A tree branch seemed to be hampering them and so I decided to break it down. The tree was dead anyway and it allowed more space to precision to the steps further up. Pete and James said to not destroy the tree and stop, as there was no need and it makes us seem like vandals. I wouldn’t have done it, let alone been able to if the tree was still healthy! Continue reading ‘Parkour & GO.’


Portrait City.

The weather this weekend was unpredictable again. I wanted it to be good and yet it seemed like it wouldn’t be for the nearly second month in a row, this made me very sad. It had been so long since I had been out on a Saturday training and with it likely to be raining again, this weekend might be another washout, typically. I woke up at eight,  it was bright with the sun shining brightly, perfect weather for training! To my surprise it remained sunny as I got up and ready. I think the predicted rain had put many off as there didn’t seem to be too many out for the day and I would have been the same had I not woken up early. Adam was set on being out, James seemed to be iffy due to his adductor pull, which had been plaguing him on and off since the Jallenges [1] training session. Even Keaton was set to be out! As time went on, it seemed more people were coming out. I was waiting for Adam to pick me up, though seeing as he was running late I decided to get the bus instead as I was ready to go now.

I got to town just before one o’clock and found David at the Atrium jumping around on his lonesome, waiting for others to arrive. What was more crazy about today was when Jonathan arrived! He was actually out today, he said he might be, but I had heard that many times before without him actually making it out. He said he knew he was going to be out when speaking with me this morning, but wanted it to be a surprise. I can’t even remember the last time he was out to be honest, maybe back in January? Keaton arrived next, though he was wanting to do a spot of Urban exploration later on at the scaffolding field, for a new exploring video of his. What with the success of his most recent video [2] production, which even got featured on various sites and Notts TV too. It wasn’t that long now, until he was enrolled in the Army and wouldn’t be out at all, even though he had started to train more locally at the Parkour park and seemed to be enjoying it in recent months.


Jonathan – Portrait.


We trained at Crowne Plaza for a bit while waiting for others to arrive. My kong precisions were feeling utter rubbish again and my pulled shoulder and neck were affecting me. It was odd to see Keat scared of diving kongs now as he used to have them in the past. It was one of the movements he wanted to reclaim today if nothing else.  After some drills, he did get them back on all the walls, even the lowest one too. James arrived and started to warm up, along with Phil too. As time was getting on I was ready to move and anyone else who hadn’t made it, knew the drill and when they should have met! So any of those late comers would have to find us, time wasters! We moved into the Old Market Square, where Phil spent some time filming time-lapses of the council house while the rest of us watched and did a few movements as we waited, we had bumped and collected Jennings on the way too. I left Phil to it while a few of us headed off to the Lace Market.

I wanted to check out a church on the way which we had trained at long ago, only for it to be open and so it was a no go for today. We walked around to the side of it which had a small area to train on, but it had some junkies there, getting high. It seemed most places today were inaccessible annoyingly. We bumped into Zulu while making our way to the Adam’s Building, looking very dapper in his clothing and hopefully we shall see him again at the Parkour Park in the future, once Summer arrives. Continue reading ‘Portrait City.’

Into the Wide Blue Yonder.


Aiden, Zade, Kezza & Paul.


Today was going to be different kind of training session. How do you mean? I hear you ask. Well, on the Parkour Nottingham event [1] I had jokingly said that we should all dress in blue for a themed training session. At that time, I didn’t think many (if anyone) would take heed of my notion. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome idea for images and I even had an idea for a video if it did happen. I could even title it The Saturdays Blues or something along those lines. Sadly that video idea never transpired. I got ready as I always did and made sure to wear my blue clothes before leaving. I waited to see who else would be following the colour scheme. If I was doing it, I wanted to go the whole hog, joggers, t-shirt, wristbands even my hair band had to be matching blue. I wondered who else would be doing the same…

It felt a humid and warm day already and so I headed out with just a t-shirt and a jacket, as you never know whether it would stay warm or change at any given time. I arrived at Plaza to find very few out bar Aiden and a few others, shortly followed by Paul and Tom the Derby boys who had both arrived in blue too! It had seemed my mention of blue hadn’t gone unheard as others had colour co-ordinated for the day too, brilliant! I chatted with the Derby guys for a bit, then did a few jumps and filmed a few clips of Aiden doing a diving kong over the walls while others warmed up. We wasn’t going to stay at Plaza all day, I wanted to move and get the adventure under way! So once everyone was out, at least that we were expecting it was time to move over to Adams Building for more jumping and a fun packed day.


Ben – Stride.


Today even Kezza had turned up, amazingly. He was late and what a surprise it was to see him out in town again, after not being out for so long, he was even wearing his Npk t-shirt too! We navigated through the packed Market Square and finally entered the lace market and the Adams Building area. Was it going to be a training session, or another afternoon of food shopping and chatting?! It seemed to be a bit of both this time round, many venturing off for food, while others practised the running strides and kong precisions. I revisited the running precision from the bike railing. Will did it as a running precision into diving kong which looked so nice! I couldn’t do it myself, but instead wanted to land it and then box jump upwards to the wall. I kept craning it for a while before finally making it as a box jump once I was filming for the new RAW video.

It felt as if I could jump over the wall as a dash vault,  if I forced it but that would have been very scary to commit too. Later on as a group we moved the bike railing to increase the running precision distance. It was our very own portable training equipment. Another small run I filmed was a kong over one wall into a diving kong over another, though it was hard to set up and film with the amount of people always being in the shot or trying to troll. You can see Paul coming into shot while filming me on one of the clips. Continue reading ‘Into the Wide Blue Yonder.’

Wet and Humid.


James – Portrait.


It wasn’t predicted to rain this weekend, but like any weekend prediction it seemed to be wrong. It absolutely hammered it down with that summer monsoon type rain from eight in the morning, so much so that it even woke me up. I decided to go back and sleep and not bother to go out to train, I woke back up just before twelve. It seems to be my usual routine of late, annoying as I would struggle to make it out of my bed before a training session. The outside world was wet through, it kept raining, most annoyingly. It seemed from the event very few were out, not that I blamed them with the current weather. I decided to leave it too, I didn’t want to go out when the weather was this bad. I was already in a mood, but James remained positive about the day, saying it wouldn’t be that bad or will clear and dry up given time. Adam wanted to train too and said he would give me a lift to town, trying to tempt me to go with him…

I agreed, I would go if it was sunny by the time he was ready to leave. As I got ready the weather had picked up and started to look good and so I confirmed that I would join Adam on the town venture. Only for it to throw it down again as I was about to leave my house. I packed my raincoat and a jumper and felt increasingly less motivated to train. I walked over the field to the Parkour Park to meet Adam, passing the cadets event that was going on at the time, not seeing Radford any where as he said he would be at the event. We arrived in town and made our way to Plaza for two to find only Pete, Will, Holbrook and some other guy training there. I didn’t know why I had come out, I was already bored of being there due to the weather on our way to town. I was feeling tired and so spent most of my time talking and slowly warming up.


Mat – Precision.


While training some kong precisions I tried to get James, Pete and Adam to add a striding or running over the small blue railing before going into the kong precision. Pete didn’t like it at first but soon got used to it and Adam was giving it a go too. This had added great difficulty to James, who got confused, losing all his foot placements  once running at the railing to be able to do the kong precision. We had to further break it down for Jallen, saying just stand on the railing first before going for the whole run. While James did it standing before the railing, trying to get used to the skip part which he normally does. Anything other, threw him out of sync and wasn’t as easy as others found it. The hardest part after the rail, was running and making sure not to hit the slanted part of the flooring. I really needed to film today for a new RAW video and got the idea of some movements when I saw Pete, James and Adam were doing running precisions off a wall which was broken and across the road gap. It was a start to my day of filming short clips.

I captured some nice angles for my new RAW and watched as the others did the running jump. Holbrook and Mat did a bigger standing precision jump from the blue railing (as seen above) to the pavement. The running jump had, like many movements bewildered James in the beginning. Running from the curb rather than the wall was proving mentally difficult to commit to the landing, landing short and pulling pout at the last second even though he easily had the height. He went through the stepping, running and jumping off different legs even trying to do it as a box jump to help stick out the legs towards the pavement. He did get it in the end though and it was another movement to be worked on in the future. It was a fun movement, even if on an occasion I landed slightly short, giving myself an ankle breaker. Continue reading ‘Wet and Humid.’

Traffic Love.

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