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Scout Around.

After yesterday’s training [1] my ankle wasn’t feeling all that bad after the rock tumble I took. I decided to go out training with David, mainly as I wanted to check out these fenced off spots which Adam and the others had come across yesterday. As we walked through the housing estates on the way to that spot, we came across  an interesting area, with lots of bollards dotted around the area. They could be used as take off for a running precision to a nearby wall and railings in front of them, each bollard increasing the distance for the jump. They looked scary and were worth coming back to sometime to try. Thinking about it, I should have checked out the nearby schools as they are always good for training and usually have walls and rails.

We passed what looked like an old church and possibly good to train on, only on closer inspection after climbing over the walls and gate, there to be nothing there to use. The entrance walls would have been good, had they not been so close together and cluttered with another wall in the way. The area was overgrown with brambles as well. The place Adam and co had stumbled upon was next to it and all fenced off and inaccessible, unless the locks were broken and it didn’t look like the building was ever used either. Otherwise we could have visited during a weekday to sample it perhaps. I’m surprised the area hadn’t be demolished or had something else built there.


David – Precision.


While looking for a possible way in, bars bent, lose panels etc we came across a small children’s nursery which had a few jumps on it. Nothing of great potential, only some tall wooden poles to precision between. They had enough room for both feet to be stood on one, just about. Then you could precision diagonally to the another one, which was scary due to the height and limiting foot placement. With those jumps done and no access to the blocked off area we went looking for other places to jump. We ventured to behind the back of the shops to see what was there. I think the biggest misconception with all the areas today is they look good, but in reality they really weren’t. There were again, some small jumps. It looked like it had more potential than it had to offer. We did some diagonal precision jumps, which are the ones in the photos of this entry. Apart them and doing the jump the other way as a running precision, there really wasn’t anything else to do.

There was a small kong precision further down, which wasn’t far but you had to vault a rail off a rather gravelly road and the landing was just as sketchy with the loose gravel, even after we cleared it. I couldn’t force doing the move, due to knowing it was so slippery. David did it and slipped during take off and the landing, which made me write it off completely! There was a pretty big drop after the landing too, if you were unlucky enough to fail or overshoot it. I bet the people across the way, who were watching we wondering what we were doing. Continue reading ‘Scout Around.’


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