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Rain Warriors.


I could hear the heavy Summer rain hitting against my window as I was rudely woke from my sleep just before seven. I thought to myself, isn’t that typical?! It seems like I won’t be going out later today and with that, I drifted back off to slumberland. I was woken a second time by the same monsoon. It sounded like the rain may never stop, even though there was promise of jungle like humidity later in the day when we trained. I finally got up at around ten and decided I would slowly get ready for training as the rain was meant to stop by the time we met, though that was looking unlikely as time went on. It seemed that most were against coming out today, even the weekly regulars! And who could blame them with the current weather! There was no James this weekend since he was away, due to that fact I had expected it to be great weather, as it usually was when he wasn’t free to be out with us.

In the end I decided against going out, the weather hadn’t and no doubt wouldn’t pick up for training. Adam seemed to be annoyed and still wanted to train, even if the current weather was terrible. He said he was going to meet up with Ben and get a jumping session in. I was tempted earlier, but now had decided not to, plus it didn’t seem like many were out, if anyone apart from them. At around one, it had started to dry up with the pavements drying too, not to mention the sun had even started to come out as well! I changed my mind and carried on getting ready in a rush to get to Plaza for two. I arrived to find just Ben there in his waterproof gear. Where the hell was Adam?! He left long before me and I had beat him there. Femi was running on black time as he always did, he had only just got up, seen the rain and instantly said he wasn’t feeling it, even though town was now sunny and dry. Will arrived, who had the same idea as me due to the weather change, followed by Adam.




We practised a precision jump to a curb, instead of using a wall as a take off. We took off from a slopped wall which felt horrible, but it was a new challenge. Femi text and said he would be coming out after all, and for us to wait until he arrived… I really didn’t want to be waiting for him, time was already getting on. It would be past three, maybe even four at this rate before he arrived! I text back and said if he didn’t hurry, we could be anywhere, even places he hasn’t seen before and so he should make haste! We spent some time at IBM while we waited. I quite liked a precision Will was doing, down to wall in front of the railing surrounding the area. Adam was filming a few movements and filmed Luka doing a roll on and off a wall, which can be seen in the image above. I really liked the look and feel of that image. I didn’t expect him to even attempt that and it looked really nice when he did as well.

Femi arrived and just in time, we were growing tired of IBM and were ready to move on and only had remained due to Fem. He wanted to stay a bit longer, so he could warm up before we move and I we all agreed. It was just as well, as it provided me with some new images to the norm when I took some shots (one seen below) with Femi in shot watching Will as he did a kong over the outer railing. I must remember to experiment more with these type of shots in the future, as it adds a nice dimension to them. While Will was jumping around, he had inadvertently put his hand on a ladybird which prompted me to get some photos of them. Anyone that follows my blog, may remember on occasions I have taken images of lady bugs Continue reading ‘Rain Warriors.’


Bank Holiday Bliss.

Zade (Me) – 180 Precision.


It was Bank Holiday Monday and with that, it was time for training! The day(s) before were pouring it down with rain, but today was glorious sunshine and that is weather we need to take advantage of for training! Seeing as James didn’t train Saturday due to being away on a cinema trip, I had been trying to tempt him to come out to the park today for his weekly dose of Parkour. He didn’t seem up for it at first, but soon changed his mind when it was good weather and was game for it, amazingly! I really didn’t expect that, as usually he only does Saturdays for training with no exceptions. I arrived at the park at the earlier time of one o’clock, to find that David and Adam had just arrived too. Sadly there were masses of kids at the park, that along with parents and kids sat on the walls and rails like it was seating furniture! It seemed like it was going to be one of those days… So much for me feeling excited to jump, the motivation was fading away due to not having full access to the area and the kidfest.

CeeJay arrived on his own, usually he is with Luke but today he was on his own, though only out for a little while before he had a call and had to leave as quickly as he had arrived. Before he went he was doing some crazy running precisions and a diving diagonal kong from the stumps. He was even doing some strange diving kong into a kong precision! What was he on, for such a small guy he has some crazy power in his legs. Kezza rode into the park, what the hell?! I thought he was ‘too busy’ to be out training today! He said he had blew off his plans now due to how many people were expected to be out training today and instead wanted to join us guys. Fair enough, though I bet the real reason is he couldn’t be bothered. Later Mat arrived via car along with Megan who had come out to try Parkour too and was very shy around the rest of us. It was quite cool to have a girl training this afternoon, and she wasn’t just attempting small movements either.


Zulu – Portrait.


Jallen had arrived, I was still a bit doubtful he would be out, even though he had said he would be. I don’t know why, I just expected him not to, but it was good to see him arrive. The Adam and James friendly competition was set to start again and I must say it was quite fun to watch. Adam eager to show James what he can do and then get James to try it, if not than banter would ensue about how he was better than him. Intentional or not with the banter it seemed to help Adam progress and also sparked some conversations about their training methods and how they are different in that respect and go about training and goals. Glory hunter verses the in it for the long haul, but if you wanted to know more it would be best to let them explain in person. Phil had arrived and was determined to help James progress with moves, so he was coaching him to do things which were out of his comfort zone while the rest of us jumped around.

It was nice to have Zulu out at the park today too, a regular fitness guy who used the park for his workouts. I met him when I was injured and regularly working out at the park, along with David and Steve. It’s amazing how many people use the park for fitness, and all at different times, so you meet new and interesting people no matter the time you visit. I even got a few new workout ideas from Zulu, from his own routines such as the one handed press up to rolling on the elbow then back into press up position. Steve arrived, late as ever and it was good to finally introduce him to more of the Parkour guys. Continue reading ‘Bank Holiday Bliss.’

Solar Rays.


David – Portrait.


This entry is that of three training sessions, as I didn’t have that much to say or images to share for individual entries to make it worth while. So merging them all together in one post soon beefed up the content. Lets talk about the first day of training (17th March) I had planned to be out with Ben, Adam and David even though it was predicted to rain. With how bad the weather was the evening before, I had decided to not set an alarm for the morning as I already knew the weather would likely be just as terrible. Low and behold when I woke up, the weather was just that, wet and rainy. I was feeling unmotivated for training and not wanting to brave the dull, rubbish weather and thought that others might have the same idea… I received a message from Adam asking where I was as he was already out at the park with his sister Rebecca. I then got messages from Ben too saying I should come out, as it’s no longer wet and David and Luke are out with them too. After many photos and messages from them, taunting me to come out, I think they got the message that I wasn’t going to attend and then I was left in peace.

Around three o’clock I was still in a foul mood, but thought maybe going out for an hour or two would be the best and lighten my mood. So, I was surprised when I got there and no one was training! It seemed they had all trained themselves out or were bored and ready to call it a day? My sullen mood didn’t go unnoticed as I arrived and got asked what was wrong, and why had I bothered to come out if I was going to be a miserable git. Oh and I got stick for wearing my Pure Parkour t-shirt [1] which Ben said looked more like an Asda t-shirt than a Parkour one. It was quite funny to see the sibling banter and quarrels between Adam and Rebecca, both abusing and putting each other down… It seemed like my arrival had given a little boost to the day and we trained, even if it seemed Ben was working more on Muscle ups. After Adam mentioned when I ran and did the strides my upper body was perfectly straight like a robot I decided to over exaggerate it even more with a long stride. I got a few photos of use doing a similar exaggerated stride, as you’ll see by Ben’s example in the photos below. With that, it was time for Ben to set off to work and Luke had plans and left too.


Adam – Speed Vault.


Adam wanted to train still, at least until after peak time traffic had passed. Adam’s sister was cold and sat in his car while the rest of us jumped. I got some photos of Adam doing Parkour, something I had neglected for a while now. In true Jennings fashion he stripped down to his Myprotein vest for added vanity gains. He wanted some shots of him actually training than just portraits [2]of him pulling silly faces. He was preparing to enter the Ninja Warrior UK auditions and so wanted to train, get better at Parkour and have some good footage for his application. The sun had begun to come out, giving a golden tint to all the images I took. Even though I was tired myself, and strangely drained due to lack of food and thinking I would only be out an hour max. Nevertheless it was great to be out and that the weather had now picked up. Adam looked like a tank in his vest while doing movements, more so the running towards the camera shots. Even with general vaulting images, you could see his muscles tensed and bulging…

David was off to work shortly, Adam would head home if I wasn’t staying out. I said I’d stay for a bit longer until peak time had passed. I got some muscle up images of Adam and we practised them together, doing a few sets. His muscle ups had improved loads since the first time he had come out to the park all those months ago! He was always strong on pull ups, now he has double armed muscle ups, even if he was smashing the bar into his chest at times. He could see and feel them, but they weren’t as consistent as he wanted them to be for multiple reps but it was great progress. Continue reading ‘Solar Rays.’

Traffic Love.

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