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Portrait City.

The weather this weekend was unpredictable again. I wanted it to be good and yet it seemed like it wouldn’t be for the nearly second month in a row, this made me very sad. It had been so long since I had been out on a Saturday training and with it likely to be raining again, this weekend might be another washout, typically. I woke up at eight,  it was bright with the sun shining brightly, perfect weather for training! To my surprise it remained sunny as I got up and ready. I think the predicted rain had put many off as there didn’t seem to be too many out for the day and I would have been the same had I not woken up early. Adam was set on being out, James seemed to be iffy due to his adductor pull, which had been plaguing him on and off since the Jallenges [1] training session. Even Keaton was set to be out! As time went on, it seemed more people were coming out. I was waiting for Adam to pick me up, though seeing as he was running late I decided to get the bus instead as I was ready to go now.

I got to town just before one o’clock and found David at the Atrium jumping around on his lonesome, waiting for others to arrive. What was more crazy about today was when Jonathan arrived! He was actually out today, he said he might be, but I had heard that many times before without him actually making it out. He said he knew he was going to be out when speaking with me this morning, but wanted it to be a surprise. I can’t even remember the last time he was out to be honest, maybe back in January? Keaton arrived next, though he was wanting to do a spot of Urban exploration later on at the scaffolding field, for a new exploring video of his. What with the success of his most recent video [2] production, which even got featured on various sites and Notts TV too. It wasn’t that long now, until he was enrolled in the Army and wouldn’t be out at all, even though he had started to train more locally at the Parkour park and seemed to be enjoying it in recent months.


Jonathan – Portrait.


We trained at Crowne Plaza for a bit while waiting for others to arrive. My kong precisions were feeling utter rubbish again and my pulled shoulder and neck were affecting me. It was odd to see Keat scared of diving kongs now as he used to have them in the past. It was one of the movements he wanted to reclaim today if nothing else.  After some drills, he did get them back on all the walls, even the lowest one too. James arrived and started to warm up, along with Phil too. As time was getting on I was ready to move and anyone else who hadn’t made it, knew the drill and when they should have met! So any of those late comers would have to find us, time wasters! We moved into the Old Market Square, where Phil spent some time filming time-lapses of the council house while the rest of us watched and did a few movements as we waited, we had bumped and collected Jennings on the way too. I left Phil to it while a few of us headed off to the Lace Market.

I wanted to check out a church on the way which we had trained at long ago, only for it to be open and so it was a no go for today. We walked around to the side of it which had a small area to train on, but it had some junkies there, getting high. It seemed most places today were inaccessible annoyingly. We bumped into Zulu while making our way to the Adam’s Building, looking very dapper in his clothing and hopefully we shall see him again at the Parkour Park in the future, once Summer arrives. Continue reading ‘Portrait City.’


#129 – Easy as One-Two-Three.


Today was another trio training session, mimicking much of the previous sessions [1] [2] [3] we have had in such a group. Like many a Sunday when we trained, it was going to either be a relaxed day of movement or it would turn into an exploring expedition and a session of mass body destruction. I guess we would find out later which one it would turn into. We met at the Concert Hall, like we always did and then we made our way to do a few jumps at the Moat House (Crowne Plaza) and then across the road to the newly built building later named the Atrium. I say new, but it’s been built for a while now, just not occupied yet. I don’t know why we tried, or why were compelled too but we were trying to fit in the window square frame thing as seen in some of the images below. I was close, but David was the closest fitting in the square, if not completely. Though it was better than what Phil could muster, who couldn’t even fit in it at all!

Long have the days passed where this area had walls and movements to do, I’m kinda sad because I miss the massive downwards precision [4] there used to be, before a building got erected there. We moved across the road to a giant industrial blue skip, we noticed a small graffiti of a squirrel on the wall and took a few images there which provided with some great portraits. Phil suggested we train there using the skip to precision down from. It looked fine to do from the ground, not to mention a massive distance. When stood atop, it was a different story, it looked further and scarier. The walls were thin as well, what happens if I overshot the landing or my footing slipped?!  I captured (many) shots of us doing the jump. Speaking of slipping, David did just that on one jump. Landing too far on the wall, overpowering the jump and his feet slipped off the wall and he felt into the small area below and had disappeared much to our amusement.


Zade – Portrait.


There really wasn’t much else to do there, that we could see or think of at the time. We looked towards the building next to us, which had been gutted and seemed like it was being renovated into something else, likely flats or shops. We contemplated venturing inside there again, like we had a previous time [5] but all the lights were on and it was all fenced off now. Surely the builders wouldn’t be there at a weekend, hopefully there would be no security on watch either. It had those warning signs about stealth dogs to ward people off entering. The building really had been empty and taken them a long time to revamp, as we ventured there back in 2005. We looked for a way in, then had to quickly pop vault over a fence out of sight the other side when it was quiet and no people about. Continue reading ‘#129 – Easy as One-Two-Three.’

#43 Roof Jumping.


Building work.


Today Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff came over to train with us again in Nottingham. We warmed up at IBM hotspot, doing the usual precision jumps with the rest of the Npk community. Mike spoke about some rooftops that he wanted to check out which we had all seen across from the top of the Royal Moat House (now Crowne Plaza) the car park while out scouting for new locations. The building in question was the old Co-Operative building before it closed down and was turned into a casino/restaurant and apartments. While it was being slowly gutted the building was barricaded off and looked as if it was ready to be demolished any time soon. It had been abandoned for months, with the builders slowly gutting it, it was an empty shell with no building work being done to it, at least from what we could see from across the car park. There were no workman working on it at weekends and it made it a perfect time to explore the building if we wanted to see what Parkour was there for us. Mike told us he had quickly been in and up there the other week exploring and we should check it out today, but away from the main group as we don’t want to attract any unwanted attention to ourselves if we did go up on the rooftops.

We broke away from the main group so we could storm the building like a military operation. We had to first pop over a metal fence barrier to gain access to the building. Climbing over it one at a time which was hard enough with the amount of people who walked back and forth down the same street. Adrenaline pumping through our veins once over in case of getting caught. Once over the fence we were all hidden from public view by the barrier and green netting, no one could see what were were doing. We walked around the side of the building and pop wall climbed up a wall and over to the main entrance of the building. We started to ascend the steps of the building, passing various floors in the pitch black, it was hard to see anything at all. Mike told us all to wait a second and he ran back down the stairs and flicked a switch which turned on the work lights lighting up the stairwell which made it much easier to see where we were now going.

The plan was to walk up to the very top floor leading out to the roof, passing each dark empty floor as we went. The plan was short lived though as the steps didn’t lead up to the roof and instead were all collapsed and in a rubble state, leaving us a few floors below. There was also no work lights on that floor and so we had to walk through the pitch black, holding our phones which emitting next to no light. We had to be careful not to fall through any of the holes in the floor or trip over the rubble scattered all over, walking over to the beam of light the other side of the building where there were some steps leading up to the rooftop. Once up on the roof the bright daylight hurt our eyes as we came out of the darkness we had focused so hard on to get across, it was great to be able to see everything again without straining.


Livewire – Handstand.


The roofs were a Parkour paradise, it was like no other spot we had come across before, it was perfect. Now I can see why roofs are depicted in such a glorified way in movies and some of the professional videos on the internet. There were many different ledges varying in levels, heights and distances. You could do most vaults, precisi0ns and catleaps between them all, it was hard to know where to start! It looked awesome to train on and the best part was no one would say anything to us as most wouldn’t even know we were up here at least from the public down below who are all to bothered about going on there daily business to even bother to look up, not that they would see us anyway. At first we were worried about people staying in the hotel across from us, thinking what if someone glanced out there hotel window. Seeing us that they might then call the police and then how would we explain ourselves being up here. Mike said it’s highly unlikely and even if it did happen, the police would have to find a way in and by that time we could have easily got out before they arrived through a side exit not to mention we could see or hear them arriving from the rooftops.

You could see all of the Nottingham skyline and it was great for taking photos (which can be seen below) while everyone trained. The doubts and fears of being up here had passed and we had now broken up into smaller fractions training as we pleased anywhere we wanted. Precisions jumps over drops, running precisions from one roof to another, climbing and scouting the other areas were all things we were doing. The vibe from the group was inspiring and we all had something to try and inspire others to do. Due to the new location everyone was buzzing and wanting to try most movements before the day ended. At one point in the day we saw some kids across the road at the top of the Continue reading ‘#43 Roof Jumping.’

#38 – Andy, Urban Exploring and Pub Jumps.




I met with everyone later on in the evening as I always did when Ck or Flx wanted to train, we met at around 18.30. It was myself, David, Ck, Flx, Andy and James who were out for a spot of training. We started as we always did at the Gray Walls area doing precision jumps, kongs, lazy vaults and other such movements to warm up and get into the flow of training. James said he would come out later on in the evening but will text Flx when he does arrive. It was always a pleasure to have new people out training and it was cool to have Andy out training with us after he first bumped into us training a few weeks ago and said he would come out with us some time when he was free. He wanted to get good at precision jumps so that he could jump bigger gaps and be more confident with the move. He mentioned to us as well as doing some Parkour he likes to do urban exploration as a past time and that he had found a way to get on all the roofs across the road from us, above rescue rooms and that if we wanted to check it out he would be more than happy to take us to have a look.

We all went with Andy to the location he spoke about, we walked through a car park and around the back of the student flats and down a narrow alley way to which I was worried about, in case someone came out one of the fire escape doors and caught us. We came to a dead end and I asked how we were meant to get past a massive fenced off area. Andy showed us by climbing over a rail of the fire escape and lowering down onto the top of the fence and then climbing onto a circular vent before then having to weave through the metal poles, vents while being careful not to slip and fall down the drop below. David was used to climbing trees and so found it easy to move through the area, I handed him my bag to carry through the maze of pipes as I didn’t want to be wearing it and be unbalanced. Myself and Flx moved copying the hand and foot placements so that we got across without getting hurt. At one point Flx rather than climb round did a precision from one of the metal pipes to the rail of a another fire escape and I too looked at it but the risk of failing and falling below was too great for me to try it. It was funny how such simple things could involve Parkour in a day to day situation. We were now all on a metal fire escape which looked as if it used to be red before it was painted black, as some of the paint work had came off.

It felt great but also very scary to be up on a roof which you wasn’t supposed to be on, I had no idea what we would do if we were to get caught by anyone. What could we say and how could we explain being on the roof? Andy was looking over the edge of the roof down into rescue rooms, there was quite a few things up here for Parkour and we could make various runs if we wanted too. We looked for an alternative route to get back down rather than going back the way we came, which was difficult enough in the first place. We didn’t find any other way and walked back across the roof, I saw a door was open  and didn’t remember seeing that open when we first arrived. Andy went inside to have a closer look, he sprinted out and said someone is coming and we should hide quick! We all looked at each other, confused, scared and trying to find somewhere we could hide before the person came out. Before we even had a chance in our panicked state to all hide the person had already came out for a cigarette break. He looked puzzled as to why and how we were up here, he asked what we were doing up on the roof. Being the youngest I hated speaking to anyone about what we did and didn’t have any idea how to explain to normal people, never mind authorities with the fear of getting some form of conviction even though that might not be the case. I let Andy and Flx explain to the guy that we were exploring and that we are students of the university taking photos for a project.  He responded by saying that we shouldn’t be up here and can we kindly go back the way we had came.  We assured him we would and sorry to have caused any disruption, he looked over the edge of the roof down at the drop looking ever more puzzled before walked back in the door he had came. Continue reading ‘#38 – Andy, Urban Exploring and Pub Jumps.’

Traffic Love.

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