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Victoria Embankment.

I woke up at nine, which seems to be a regular occurrence now. Long have the days passed, where I struggled to get up before twelve and to be in town for one on a Saturday. I’m always ready to train from ten now and wait for the hours to pass until one. There were lots of people predicted to be attending today. At least, that is what the event stated, whether that was true was another story. I headed out to the bus stop, only to see that the next one was due in fifty minutes. What the hell?! It hadn’t occurred to me that it was Saint Georges Day and that there was some sort of march going on at the Forest Recreational Ground, causing delays until three o’clock. This was going to be a problem, I thought about leaving training all together, but I still wanted to be out.

I got a lift to town and when I arrived, I found people at IBM already jumping and there wasn’t many out. I guess I wasn’t the only one that had problems getting into town or had sacked off the idea of training all together. Danno was out this weekend amazingly! Although, he spent much of his time talking to Ben (seen below) about travelling the globe than doing actual Parkour training… Some of the shots from IBM can be seen in James’ album [1] as I didn’t take any myself until later in the day. The plan was to go to Castle College for James to reclaim his running cat nemesis once again. To be fair, it had been a very long time since we had last trained there [2] and he had done that movement. He said he felt like he might have lost it now, through not doing repetition but would see once he was there. He hoped he hadn’t as that would be annoying.


Ben & Danno - Portrait.

Ben & Danno – Portrait.


It seemed there was a fair bit of stalling (to me) happening before we moved to Castle College, then James and some others popped to the shop for supplies. When we arrived, I think he felt a bit apprehensive about the jump? Who wouldn’t know, it’s that kind of hidden pressure on yourself if no one else. if you aren’t too careful it can also end up causing you to lose movements. Myself and David were trying a tic tac cat, running along a wall ledge, below a window which we had seen Holbrook and Mat do ages ago. It felt as awkward as it did back then and it’s a no wonder that it took a while to crack. I do hate movements which take a long time to nail, or that you don’t feel like you are getting the hang of, when others can be done so easily. David got closer each time he tried, he just needed to get a bit more height fully land it.

I hated the running along the wall, the footing was terrible. When we both got it in the end and I tried to film some angles for it, but I couldn’t find one that did the movement any justice… David looked like he nearly broke his ankle on one of the jumps, it looked horrible because as he jumped towards the fence his feet slipped down and then one of his feet went under it. He fell flat on his arse as the foot twisted sideways under the fence due to the loose gravy, looking like it bend almost the wrong way. I’m surprised he was unscathed, even willing to retry the movement after that blip. Then, Phil did an attempt and slipped on landing too and was another instant death. This really was fast becoming a horrible movement all round!


Eddie - Portrait.

Eddie – Portrait.


It seemed that James had lost the Castle College running cat, annoyingly. As horrible as it sounds, it felt like a classic here we go again! Feeling with the movement and with how long it took him to break it in the first place, I really hoped it wouldn’t take just as long to reclaim it. It was no doubt just as frustrating for James as it was there for him to get easily, if he let himself. It was one of those classic mental barriers with training that we all battle, some more than others. Continue reading ‘Victoria Embankment.’


High and Dry.

To The Lakeside.


It was a Monday and Adam had proposed that we train at Highfields again. Only this time, he wanted to do many of the jumps he felt he couldn’t last time, due to not feeling the day. A fair assessment and I said I wouldn’t mind going there again as there were still things I wanted to practise, film and explore. Being short notice, I asked if James was interested too. Hoping that with him not being out over the weekend he would be more tempted too. He said he would keep it in mind and might come out, though I didn’t hold any hopes. The plan was to meet at 4pm before heading over to Highfields. As the day went on, sadly it seemed like it was going to fail before it had even begun. Adam, being the girl he is at times had been seduced by a bag for training and had depleted his funds entirely, meaning he couldn’t travel now. James was umming and ahhing due to his ankle pain and with it being a weekday session. I had hoped he would have been out, to give me a reason to get out, but should have known that a maybe usually means no.

It was very annoying, as I was all set to go and the plans had fallen through. I could have trained locally at the Parkour park, but it wouldn’t have be the same training locally when I had planned to train Highfields. Strangely enough I got a message from Steve of all people, he was game for training. I had asked him earlier, on the off chance he would be out, knowing full well that he wouldn’t be and yet here we were talking about training. Typically he was going to be the only one out, he had been busy but then thought seeing as he never gets out, he would make an effort to be out for once. I initially had second thoughts about going out, feeling that it might be a rubbish evening. I got ready and met Steve at the park, before we headed over to Highfields Park. I was still in shock that Stevehe had come out! We made our way to the walls next the lake, showing Steve some of the things to be done there. I filmed a few movements and practised some pop vaults and precisions with him.


Steve – Precision.


I didn’t take many photos from the evening as you can see below. I instead had spent much of my time filming instead, adding to my RAW video collection. Not a bad alternative, as due to the last training session it was hard to film much and the weather had not been the best either for shots. So I decided to film all the movements I didn’t get chance to on Saturday, to fill up my folder of clips before I released the new video. Steve did a bit of tree branch pruning, which allowed some new movements to be accessed, even if the main tree was in the way for running movements. I guess like everything, over time things become overgrown and with both sides, having the gate entrances locked up and unused it seems that it isn’t maintained by any grounds keeper as such. I felt quite strong within my movements today and enjoyed practising a downward precision jump, which I felt was too far the last time I was out. Continue reading ‘High and Dry.’

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