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Parkour & GO.


People had made it clear, that it was time for more exploration jams within Nottingham. Some were up for doing just that, this weekend. With Highfields being a desired location, seeing as that was a recent place of training. With that, I created an event for the day. I wasn’t that bothered about meeting people in town first, as that would be a long slog for myself. It was quicker to get there of my own accord, I had put step by step instructions on how to get there via all modes of transport. James felt that was a bit unfair to people that were still unsure, or couldn’t understand the instructions of how to get there. I had covered ALL the possible ways to get there and how, it was up to the others attending to make their own way there and meet up with people on the way if needs be. It’s not like they’re all kids any more and needed a chaperone for a trip…

I was unsure how I was getting there myself now. I had hoped to get a lift from Adam, but he was meeting others in town first now and going via tram earlier than the meet up time. I could have gone via bus, but that would take ages, meaning I would have to be going into and out of town. Another route, which was the more direct and easier way there didn’t have a bus from mine. In the end I did manage to get a lift to QMC, only to find the bridge over the motorway was closed! Since when?! I had to walk the long way around and through the university campus, doing a few jumps on my way to kill the time. The others had bumped into Daniel Bunkle and a few others who were out in Nottingham for the ‘Fearless Jam’ organised by Jack Cobb. Which seemed like it was to be a bit of a shambles, organization wise and I’m not too sure how it would go day wise. Annoyingly it was on the same day, we had chosen to venture.


Highfields © JamesAllenVisuals.


As I arrived at the meet up point, there was no one to be seen. How on earth did this happen? I was a tad later than expected and everyone else should have been there long before I was, due to meeting in town an hour and half before the meet time. The few people who were sat on the grass bank sunning, looked at me oddly while I jumped around on the edge of the tall walls beside the lake, waiting for everyone else to arrive. Derby Tom of all people had arrived first. He always seemed to be out on these adventure days, which I’m sure is only coincidental, but we never seem to see him any other time. The rest of the guys did finally arrive, they were late due to waiting on others in town and had mentioned that Femi wanted them to wait for him too, as he was running late. They obviously didn’t and I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have either with him ALWAYS being hours later! #blacktime

I was unsure what to practise, instead opting to eat while the others warmed up. Some of the guys at one side were jumping to the steps from a wall, going up a step each time. A tree branch seemed to be hampering them and so I decided to break it down. The tree was dead anyway and it allowed more space to precision to the steps further up. Pete and James said to not destroy the tree and stop, as there was no need and it makes us seem like vandals. I wouldn’t have done it, let alone been able to if the tree was still healthy! Continue reading ‘Parkour & GO.’


Victoria Embankment.

I woke up at nine, which seems to be a regular occurrence now. Long have the days passed, where I struggled to get up before twelve and to be in town for one on a Saturday. I’m always ready to train from ten now and wait for the hours to pass until one. There were lots of people predicted to be attending today. At least, that is what the event stated, whether that was true was another story. I headed out to the bus stop, only to see that the next one was due in fifty minutes. What the hell?! It hadn’t occurred to me that it was Saint Georges Day and that there was some sort of march going on at the Forest Recreational Ground, causing delays until three o’clock. This was going to be a problem, I thought about leaving training all together, but I still wanted to be out.

I got a lift to town and when I arrived, I found people at IBM already jumping and there wasn’t many out. I guess I wasn’t the only one that had problems getting into town or had sacked off the idea of training all together. Danno was out this weekend amazingly! Although, he spent much of his time talking to Ben (seen below) about travelling the globe than doing actual Parkour training… Some of the shots from IBM can be seen in James’ album [1] as I didn’t take any myself until later in the day. The plan was to go to Castle College for James to reclaim his running cat nemesis once again. To be fair, it had been a very long time since we had last trained there [2] and he had done that movement. He said he felt like he might have lost it now, through not doing repetition but would see once he was there. He hoped he hadn’t as that would be annoying.


Ben & Danno - Portrait.

Ben & Danno – Portrait.


It seemed there was a fair bit of stalling (to me) happening before we moved to Castle College, then James and some others popped to the shop for supplies. When we arrived, I think he felt a bit apprehensive about the jump? Who wouldn’t know, it’s that kind of hidden pressure on yourself if no one else. if you aren’t too careful it can also end up causing you to lose movements. Myself and David were trying a tic tac cat, running along a wall ledge, below a window which we had seen Holbrook and Mat do ages ago. It felt as awkward as it did back then and it’s a no wonder that it took a while to crack. I do hate movements which take a long time to nail, or that you don’t feel like you are getting the hang of, when others can be done so easily. David got closer each time he tried, he just needed to get a bit more height fully land it.

I hated the running along the wall, the footing was terrible. When we both got it in the end and I tried to film some angles for it, but I couldn’t find one that did the movement any justice… David looked like he nearly broke his ankle on one of the jumps, it looked horrible because as he jumped towards the fence his feet slipped down and then one of his feet went under it. He fell flat on his arse as the foot twisted sideways under the fence due to the loose gravy, looking like it bend almost the wrong way. I’m surprised he was unscathed, even willing to retry the movement after that blip. Then, Phil did an attempt and slipped on landing too and was another instant death. This really was fast becoming a horrible movement all round!


Eddie - Portrait.

Eddie – Portrait.


It seemed that James had lost the Castle College running cat, annoyingly. As horrible as it sounds, it felt like a classic here we go again! Feeling with the movement and with how long it took him to break it in the first place, I really hoped it wouldn’t take just as long to reclaim it. It was no doubt just as frustrating for James as it was there for him to get easily, if he let himself. It was one of those classic mental barriers with training that we all battle, some more than others. Continue reading ‘Victoria Embankment.’

The Mansfield Adventure.


Group Photo.


Today was to be a training session of epic proportions… To rewind a bit, people had spoke about training Mansfield, without anything really materializing from the slight echoes. Adam and Steve talked about it again on Saturday evening. The plan was to go some time in the week, seeing as it was the Easter holidays. Steve suggested a Thursday would be good for him and Adam was game for then too. Even though I wasn’t feeling travelling to other places (cities) and didn’t want to commit to the training session. I did make a very quick event about it and thought it might fall through anyway, then I wouldn’t need to worry. It’s not that I don’t like travelling, I’m just lazy when it comes to that sort of thing, the organisation, time it takes to travel and so forth. I wasn’t sure if there would be much interest with it being quite short notice, or if it would even happen in respects to the weather. We had limited (first come, first serve) seats in Adam and Steve’s cars for the journey over and with that, the requests came thick and fast for reserving a place. Even though the cars were near full, other people were still interested about coming to the session, some were going via train, bus or hitching a lift and connecting with us once in Mansfield.

It was looking quite a promising training session, the hype was getting more intense as the days went on. Even though it was on a weekday, which wasn’t (usually) good for everyone, soon didn’t matter and people made time for it. What had started off as a hand full of us going, had soon escalated to a twenty plus person jam with more people still wanting to attend too. Whether all the people turned up, including the locals from Mansfield was another matter though. It reminded me of the Beaster Jam [1] we had last year in Leicester, as a community trip going else where to train. I can’t remember the last time I had travelled to Mansfield, I know back in 2006 I used to be back and forth there with Phil, Jak and Sark. What surprised me even more was that James was up for coming along now too, so that was another car full of people if needed. I was finally feeling excited about the training session, I needed to make sure I got an early night so I would wake up on time and feel fresh for the day of training ahead. Needless to say, I doubt I would get that as excitement always kept me awake, the photo opportunities, possible movements to practise and how the day might turn out.




Even though I had gone to bed early, I had woke up at 2am, then again at 6am and found it hard to get a proper nights sleep for fear of not waking up, that and knowing I had to be up and ready for a set time. I hate that feeling, it’s not like I would overlaid with an alarm… I woke up at 9am, alarm blearing and felt completely shattered, it felt like it was going to be one of those days! I had various messages from people to double check if everything was still going ahead, the weather looked great too. Luke was already at the park an hour before the meet up time,nothing from Kezza when I messaged him though. Adam was running a tad late as he would be picking up Ben before going to the park. Kezza had only just got up after ten and said he wouldn’t be ready in time and is going to get there for 11am as that was the meeting time (it wasn’t) as the time clearly stated 10:30 and we would arrive in Mansfield for just after eleven. What a complete and utter n0b! I said he needs to hurry up or he will be left, and then he had a right strop about it… It’s not our fault he couldn’t get up in time and got confused about times. No one else seemed to have problems with it all.

I arrived at the park to find no sign of Aiden or Mat… I’m sure they were meant to be early from when I had spoke to them earlier, they had already left and should have beat me to the park! There was no sign of Kezza, we rang him numerous times and it seemed he was ignoring his phone and all of us, yet had commented on photos of us all waiting for him. Mat and Adien arrived and then we were waiting for Steve to arrive. We should have left Kezza behind, he knew the stated time we were leaving, it’s not our fault he can’t time keep. Even I had managed to get up, ready and over before midday! It seemed unfair on those who had made the effort to now be waiting for him due to being so lazy. Adam said we can’t do that and so we waited, waited and waited some more… He said he was ten minutes out, yet didn’t arrive until nearly half past eleven! Even the late Scotsman Steve had got here on time for once. Kezza had ruined the day and had the cheek to arrive with an attitude, saying we should have just left without him if we were that bothered… Continue reading ‘The Mansfield Adventure.’

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