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Through The Ages.

For the longest time I can remember, David and myself would try to be out each Sunday at the Nottingham Parkour park [1] what with it being local to ourselves. As good as being in the city centre was, on the main community training day Saturday. It was nice to have an extra session or just get out to stretch the muscles at the park regardless of which day you were out. In the warmer months others used to venture over to to the park to join practitioners that were out and the local kids as well.

Over the years, there has been some fantastic training sessions there and I’ve selected some which stand out the most… [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  [9]  [10] The park has produced some great imagery and videography over those years as well. Being jumped on by many people from different cities. I’m sure there are still many, that don’t know of it’s existent either. The park may falter in time, with people out growing it skill wise or getting bored of the basic set up. But it remains a great place for beginners and one day perhaps Nottingham with get an indoor facility or another (bigger) park created? 


David – Frontflip.


Below are a few images I captured from a session when David and myself were trying to land an underbar precision as a theme of the day. A movement which has always been there and yet has always felt horrible and not possible. Though on that given day we focused solely on that movement and thankfully got it! As horrible as it still feels and a few times I pulled my back and arms from hitting the bars. It was another awkward movement learnt and claimed.

There was another horrendous movement which would be to kong precision it, which I believe Gio did while he was over here, but with the small squeeze of the bars and possibility of hitting your head too. There have been a fair share of awkward movements over the years and each one feels so rewarding when you do get them done. Oh, I also included a random photo of one of my cat’s eyes below as well.

Cat’s Eye.
David – Underbar Precision.
David – Underbar Precision.
Zade – Underbar Precision.
Zade – Underbar Precision.

The Leicester Parkour Park.


So, for the people that didn’t already know, there was to be a big unveiling to mark the opening of new Parkour Park in Leicester, Bede Park. Ever since the Loughborough Park at Southfields Park had been built (2014) there were talks of one to be built in Leicester in the near future by the same company (Natural Sports) respectively. The main concern was Leicester already had a rather terrible park built many years ago (2010) in Eyres Monsell, so the council might see that the city already has one built, so why another?! I’m not sure if that same park is even widely used or even know about through the community. I remember being surprised when it was first built as I hadn’t heard anything about it and then it had magically appeared.

There was much anticipation for the new park and with Dan Timms and the general Leicester community being behind the design, I’m sure it would turn out great! Over the past weeks and months we were teased with hearsay and then images of the park coming together as it was being built appeared. I’ll be the first to admit, it looked fantastic! More so due to the different levels it had and how everything was close enough to link together movement. Loads better than our own (small) low level, spaced out and linear one in Nottingham. I liked the bright flooring as well, I wanted to visit it now I had seen what it is like. I wasn’t overly bothered in the beginning, but as the event drew closer the hype for a jump was real.



I asked around to see who else was game for going, James wasn’t out for the event as it was the same day as his anniversary, unluckily. A few of the others said they were going to go via train, car or hitching a ride there. I was lucky enough to have Eddie interested about going down, which surprised me. He wanted to go early, leaving early to get back home before peak time as he had to go out himself later. That and David had work as well to be back for later. All in all, it fit perfectly with all our routines, providing we didn’t get stuck in endless traffic on the way back that is. Daniel had asked me if I was going along to the event, as he was and it may be the one chance I get to see him in person again. Seeing as he lived down south and isn’t often if at all up this way, so he would be there not to train as such but for support of the scene and to see some old faces and mingle.

I can’t remember the last time I had seen his vagabond, small, homeless looking self! The last time must have been while he was at Nottingham University, which was many aeons ago, it had to be nearing a decade by now. He used to train semi regular back then [1] as that retro video shows at a time when we made a video together. I would then see him fleetingly at gymnastics, than the outdoor training due to uni. This was all before life had caught up with him and stole him away from training completely, like it does with so many practitioners. I still speak to him regularly online, I just don’t see him in person, what with him being the hermit kind. By the looks of the event, it seems that there were loads of people attending to the opening. Continue reading ‘The Leicester Parkour Park.’

An Evening of Flips.

Patryk – Aerial Twist.


This evening was a training session at the Parkour park, it was local and with Patryk working in Bulwell, it was easy for him to access after work for a couple of hours. I decided to meet up with him and a few others who said they would like to be out too. It was to be a 6pm meet, later than normal for Patryk who was there from anywhere from 4pm. I wasn’t able to be out until at least half five at the earliest due to work, but in the end it didn’t work out that way. On the one day I wanted to be out training, I had finished work late, hitting loads of traffic and I barely made it there for six. While Patryk, Femi and Benji were already there jumping around.

To add insult to injury I felt super tired and unmotivated, failing runs and basic movements. Disheartening as everyone else seemed to be on par with their own training. Patryk was busy doing his slick European flow. He spent ages attempting the 180 cat from one of the vertical poles of the park frame. So many attempts, sliding down the wall or just reaching it with his fingertips, only to lose grip. It’s scary and high, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone do it, until now. I filmed him and took some photos which looked great with the low sun in the background. In Patryk’s words ‘it looks so romantic…‘ Not exactly the choice of words I would have used!

The footage will likely surface in a future Npghey video. Later we moved over to a sand bunker at the golf course to trick, spending a fair while flipping around. It’s nice when it’s the evening as there aren’t any golfers using the course and so less likely to get removed. Patryk found it funny when people say tricking is gay, I don’t think he quite understood what we meant. It tickled him either way, but we only say that when people constantly do flips and nothing else. Femi was doing some sort of cartwheel into arabian, though he kept landing on the edge of the bunker rather than into the sand. It was getting dark and it will soon be Winter again, better make the most of these warm evenings.


Patryk – 180 Cat.


Patryk – Aerial Twist.


Patryk – Aerial Twist.


Patryk – B- Twist.


Raw #6

This is my sixth video of my RAW video series. I decided to film at the Parkour park this time round, as I hadn’t as of yet made a full video there. That and the Parkour park hasn’t been overly documented video wise, even though it was built in 2013. I’m sure plenty of people still don’t know of it’s existence either, so anything that is filmed there can only help with the exposure. Maybe at some point in the future I shall make a full length training video at the park, but until that day you’ll see clips of the park in numerous videos. I had filmed most of this video while out training with Keaton [1] a few weeks ago. It was quite a tiring and good session over all as explained within the blog and explained why I had a lack of photos too due to focusing on filming.

As you can see from the video, I was linking a few movements together with the side vault to lazy vault precision. That movement was quite annoying at times to get right without it looking to staggered in the way I moved, it was also a hard one to get an angle without the railing obscuring the view too much. I am wearing an old school green Npk t-shirt too. I never liked it at the time of being printed, even down to the faded, unusual green colour, though in retrospect I quite like it now and the simplicity of the design too. It’s grown on me, like most of the Npk clothing line [2] though the more popular ones have been the more complex designs.



The kong swing through on the small bollards was another movement I had recently been practising. It is something which looks so simple to do much like the green bollard swing through to cat. But when you give it a go, it takes a while to get used to the swing motion, in the same way lache precisions take a bit of getting used too. Once you get the motion it feels good and becomes much easier than the beginning. Even, if I had smashed my hand on one of the attempts of doing it, annoyingly. Continue reading ‘Raw #6’

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