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Victoria Embankment.

I woke up at nine, which seems to be a regular occurrence now. Long have the days passed, where I struggled to get up before twelve and to be in town for one on a Saturday. I’m always ready to train from ten now and wait for the hours to pass until one. There were lots of people predicted to be attending today. At least, that is what the event stated, whether that was true was another story. I headed out to the bus stop, only to see that the next one was due in fifty minutes. What the hell?! It hadn’t occurred to me that it was Saint Georges Day and that there was some sort of march going on at the Forest Recreational Ground, causing delays until three o’clock. This was going to be a problem, I thought about leaving training all together, but I still wanted to be out.

I got a lift to town and when I arrived, I found people at IBM already jumping and there wasn’t many out. I guess I wasn’t the only one that had problems getting into town or had sacked off the idea of training all together. Danno was out this weekend amazingly! Although, he spent much of his time talking to Ben (seen below) about travelling the globe than doing actual Parkour training… Some of the shots from IBM can be seen in James’ album [1] as I didn’t take any myself until later in the day. The plan was to go to Castle College for James to reclaim his running cat nemesis once again. To be fair, it had been a very long time since we had last trained there [2] and he had done that movement. He said he felt like he might have lost it now, through not doing repetition but would see once he was there. He hoped he hadn’t as that would be annoying.


Ben & Danno - Portrait.

Ben & Danno – Portrait.


It seemed there was a fair bit of stalling (to me) happening before we moved to Castle College, then James and some others popped to the shop for supplies. When we arrived, I think he felt a bit apprehensive about the jump? Who wouldn’t know, it’s that kind of hidden pressure on yourself if no one else. if you aren’t too careful it can also end up causing you to lose movements. Myself and David were trying a tic tac cat, running along a wall ledge, below a window which we had seen Holbrook and Mat do ages ago. It felt as awkward as it did back then and it’s a no wonder that it took a while to crack. I do hate movements which take a long time to nail, or that you don’t feel like you are getting the hang of, when others can be done so easily. David got closer each time he tried, he just needed to get a bit more height fully land it.

I hated the running along the wall, the footing was terrible. When we both got it in the end and I tried to film some angles for it, but I couldn’t find one that did the movement any justice… David looked like he nearly broke his ankle on one of the jumps, it looked horrible because as he jumped towards the fence his feet slipped down and then one of his feet went under it. He fell flat on his arse as the foot twisted sideways under the fence due to the loose gravy, looking like it bend almost the wrong way. I’m surprised he was unscathed, even willing to retry the movement after that blip. Then, Phil did an attempt and slipped on landing too and was another instant death. This really was fast becoming a horrible movement all round!


Eddie - Portrait.

Eddie – Portrait.


It seemed that James had lost the Castle College running cat, annoyingly. As horrible as it sounds, it felt like a classic here we go again! Feeling with the movement and with how long it took him to break it in the first place, I really hoped it wouldn’t take just as long to reclaim it. It was no doubt just as frustrating for James as it was there for him to get easily, if he let himself. It was one of those classic mental barriers with training that we all battle, some more than others. Continue reading ‘Victoria Embankment.’


Embankment Adventure.



The plan for this weekend was to move around the city, training different areas. After people had made it clear they wanted to see different locations and have an adventure that wasn’t the usual Plaza, IBM and Audo route which has been done week in, week out. Last weekend Phil had mentioned there were new walls built on the embankment next to the River Trent and they might be worth an trek to see. It had fallen on deaf ears on the day, with no one hearing or seeming that interested on leaving the confines of Plaza. With many of the people who stayed at Plaza during training not out this week, it was the perfect time for this epic scouting trip! To say there were lots of people confirmed to be out, there were very few out when I arrived at Plaza. The guys from Derby were already out and they said a few others were heading over later. They also had a guest with them, Jonathan a guy visiting the UK currently on a Parkour tour and so James had brought him along with them to sample Nottingham. He had already trained in Derby training with Mr. Wong and was head back to London within in the next day or two.

David, Kezza, Max and myself moved over to the blue skip area to train on, away from the crowded Plaza. I wanted to film a few clips to add to my library of ever growing clips and took a couple of photos too. The problem with this area today was the skip had been moved too close to the wall to precision down. It was fun to try and link some movements together, such as a turn vault over the yellow railing like a palm spin movement and then go straight into a kong precision right out of it. A run from running from behind the skip, cross vaulting over the yellow railing and striding along the wall before trying an underbar or kong precision was another choice and run we practised. More people arrived at Plaza and many were asking when it was we would be moving on? The Derby guys eagerly wanted to train spots around Nottingham too like Auditorium and by pass the IBM chained area. Tom joked he hadn’t travelled all this way to train one spot they always seemed to be at when they came over. I explained it was going to be a rather long walk today, due to the embankment adventure and circuit of the city I wanted to do.


Max – Portrait.


Everyone seemed cool with that and we moved over to Audo. Jack was late arriving into Nottingham and had to hurry up if he and the others were to catch up with us. We were only moving to Audo and so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for them to find us. I had thought of training each area for a certain amount of time, so we didn’t spend all day in one place, maybe thirty minutes per spot, give or take was the rough estimate. I captured a few shots of Max hanging off the edge of one of the high walls (seen above) which he then dropped down to the bin. It was a height drop close to what Pyro had done back in the day, only he did it to the floor I believe. Everyone was doing their own movements and enjoying the area. Some silly, low kong precisions were being done by Kezza and myself. They felt terrible, but oddly doable, though Kezza and Holbrook took it to extremes being able to do them up to the higher big steps. Floating to them like it was nothing, while I had to really push and force to land the simple ones to the steps. It was good to do them as they felt new and challenging.

We had been training at Audo for a good fifty minutes and people were curious if we were going to move. We did, since we had gone over my initial time limit of a spot and on to another location, passing through Castle College and making our way to the canal area. We had broke up into smaller groups with some separating to Tesco before rejoining with us. Well that was if they could find where we had now moved to now. The area we visited first was the top end of the canal, it was a small area with not a lot to do, but people practised the precision and kong precisions there. We were also joined by Street Media too, who then upped the anti by doing sweet diving kongs upwards, and then side flipping the gap between the walls. On one attempt, Noah had managed to some how fall short, slamming down on the wall with one leg over it while the other hit the floor as well as hitting his head somehow, ouch! Parrish got a shin scrap on a kong precision too, it seemed most were bailing here and the area was now getting a little crowded… Continue reading ‘Embankment Adventure.’

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