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The Leicester Parkour Park.


So, for the people that didn’t already know, there was to be a big unveiling to mark the opening of new Parkour Park in Leicester, Bede Park. Ever since the Loughborough Park at Southfields Park had been built (2014) there were talks of one to be built in Leicester in the near future by the same company (Natural Sports) respectively. The main concern was Leicester already had a rather terrible park built many years ago (2010) in Eyres Monsell, so the council might see that the city already has one built, so why another?! I’m not sure if that same park is even widely used or even know about through the community. I remember being surprised when it was first built as I hadn’t heard anything about it and then it had magically appeared.

There was much anticipation for the new park and with Dan Timms and the general Leicester community being behind the design, I’m sure it would turn out great! Over the past weeks and months we were teased with hearsay and then images of the park coming together as it was being built appeared. I’ll be the first to admit, it looked fantastic! More so due to the different levels it had and how everything was close enough to link together movement. Loads better than our own (small) low level, spaced out and linear one in Nottingham. I liked the bright flooring as well, I wanted to visit it now I had seen what it is like. I wasn’t overly bothered in the beginning, but as the event drew closer the hype for a jump was real.



I asked around to see who else was game for going, James wasn’t out for the event as it was the same day as his anniversary, unluckily. A few of the others said they were going to go via train, car or hitching a ride there. I was lucky enough to have Eddie interested about going down, which surprised me. He wanted to go early, leaving early to get back home before peak time as he had to go out himself later. That and David had work as well to be back for later. All in all, it fit perfectly with all our routines, providing we didn’t get stuck in endless traffic on the way back that is. Daniel had asked me if I was going along to the event, as he was and it may be the one chance I get to see him in person again. Seeing as he lived down south and isn’t often if at all up this way, so he would be there not to train as such but for support of the scene and to see some old faces and mingle.

I can’t remember the last time I had seen his vagabond, small, homeless looking self! The last time must have been while he was at Nottingham University, which was many aeons ago, it had to be nearing a decade by now. He used to train semi regular back then [1] as that retro video shows at a time when we made a video together. I would then see him fleetingly at gymnastics, than the outdoor training due to uni. This was all before life had caught up with him and stole him away from training completely, like it does with so many practitioners. I still speak to him regularly online, I just don’t see him in person, what with him being the hermit kind. By the looks of the event, it seems that there were loads of people attending to the opening. Continue reading ‘The Leicester Parkour Park.’


Rain Warriors.


I could hear the heavy Summer rain hitting against my window as I was rudely woke from my sleep just before seven. I thought to myself, isn’t that typical?! It seems like I won’t be going out later today and with that, I drifted back off to slumberland. I was woken a second time by the same monsoon. It sounded like the rain may never stop, even though there was promise of jungle like humidity later in the day when we trained. I finally got up at around ten and decided I would slowly get ready for training as the rain was meant to stop by the time we met, though that was looking unlikely as time went on. It seemed that most were against coming out today, even the weekly regulars! And who could blame them with the current weather! There was no James this weekend since he was away, due to that fact I had expected it to be great weather, as it usually was when he wasn’t free to be out with us.

In the end I decided against going out, the weather hadn’t and no doubt wouldn’t pick up for training. Adam seemed to be annoyed and still wanted to train, even if the current weather was terrible. He said he was going to meet up with Ben and get a jumping session in. I was tempted earlier, but now had decided not to, plus it didn’t seem like many were out, if anyone apart from them. At around one, it had started to dry up with the pavements drying too, not to mention the sun had even started to come out as well! I changed my mind and carried on getting ready in a rush to get to Plaza for two. I arrived to find just Ben there in his waterproof gear. Where the hell was Adam?! He left long before me and I had beat him there. Femi was running on black time as he always did, he had only just got up, seen the rain and instantly said he wasn’t feeling it, even though town was now sunny and dry. Will arrived, who had the same idea as me due to the weather change, followed by Adam.




We practised a precision jump to a curb, instead of using a wall as a take off. We took off from a slopped wall which felt horrible, but it was a new challenge. Femi text and said he would be coming out after all, and for us to wait until he arrived… I really didn’t want to be waiting for him, time was already getting on. It would be past three, maybe even four at this rate before he arrived! I text back and said if he didn’t hurry, we could be anywhere, even places he hasn’t seen before and so he should make haste! We spent some time at IBM while we waited. I quite liked a precision Will was doing, down to wall in front of the railing surrounding the area. Adam was filming a few movements and filmed Luka doing a roll on and off a wall, which can be seen in the image above. I really liked the look and feel of that image. I didn’t expect him to even attempt that and it looked really nice when he did as well.

Femi arrived and just in time, we were growing tired of IBM and were ready to move on and only had remained due to Fem. He wanted to stay a bit longer, so he could warm up before we move and I we all agreed. It was just as well, as it provided me with some new images to the norm when I took some shots (one seen below) with Femi in shot watching Will as he did a kong over the outer railing. I must remember to experiment more with these type of shots in the future, as it adds a nice dimension to them. While Will was jumping around, he had inadvertently put his hand on a ladybird which prompted me to get some photos of them. Anyone that follows my blog, may remember on occasions I have taken images of lady bugs Continue reading ‘Rain Warriors.’

#66 – A Jam of Two Halves.


David – Front Tuck.


Before the Saturday training session myself, David and Flip would regularly meet up to train Parkour, chill out, film jackass type such as trying flips into random bushes due to us not having any gymnastic facility which we wanted to find the most. Flip had said he had found a place which seemed to have one and that we should check it out soon, finally a place to do flips safely and without worry. A place with hopefully foam pits and good coaches, some where I could learn to do them good and then outside without being confined to just fronts all of the time. A few of the images below you will us flipping into some bushes and doing superman diving. It’s crazy to think we had no regard for safety and would throw ourselves around trying all and everything in the name of learning a new move. I remember one time while out filming, myself and David were trying sideflips into some bushes simultaneously and the bush was downhill and when we both jumped to do a move David landed on my head causing me to have a nosebleed and I had kicked him in the face at the same time with a flailing leg. On another occasion David decided to try his first back tuck with no experience and stood with a bush behind him, as he jumped up he didn’t tuck and landed flat on his shoulder on the pavement missing the bush completely.

Today there were very few out training, Myself, Flip, Jak, Mattski. It felt very unusual for a Saturday to be this sparse, I don’t think I had seen it this bad since when we first started training and that is saying something. We spent most of our time over at Nottingham Castle area, Luca had arrived with his new grungy look. We struggled at trying to be motivated and productive in what felt like one boring day and it wasn’t long before we ended up in the confines of Urine Nation (UN) area for training. At least here we broke out of the doing nothing cycle and started to be a bit more productive by practising pop wall climbs on one of the outer walls, with us trying to reach the top wall and climb it with ease, even though the walls were very slippery from all the graffiti and it felt as if the walls had been coated in a form of clear paint which made the walls even more slippery! I got a few images of Flip doing a running double tap (dyno) movement which looked cool on the photos and added height to the image. On one of the attempts Flip’s shoe came off while he did the double tap and he just hung there with a dangling leg before having to shimmy across to get on top of the wall. Doing the static dyno upwards felt impossible with the grip of the wall, and the lack of strength we had, though doing it downwards felt great and the slight airtime was a joy.


Sick Ed/ Mike – Portrait.


Jak was busy practising some railflips on the rails in the area and I took a few burst shots to capture them (seen below). We were surprised to see Buttson turn up wearing normal clothing for a spot of training before going off to the cinema with friends. I took a few hotspot photos of the area too, for use on the website and for people to get more of an insight into the area, it never ceases to amaze me that even though we have trained this area for years it always seems to look different in each photo. Another bit of training today was running 360 catleaps on the smaller wall, something I couldn’t work out and preferred to do them standing while Flip was the exact opposite and opted for running. Each time I tried I ended up spinning in Continue reading ‘#66 – A Jam of Two Halves.’

#52 – Sunday Filming.


Zade (Me) – Aerial.


Being a Sunday and with town being quieter than a Saturday’s hustle and bustle I decided that I wanted to come out I and get lots of photos and some filming too while I was at it for a new video. We met at the regular Sunday later time of 2pm, and got right to training from the off. Stredz had come out for a few hours while in town and was doing flips off the gray walled area, he had them really nice now and seemed to be getting better each passing week. I guess all that practising in the school gym when he had the chance has really improved his technique. Luca, Tim and others were out from there circle of friends too. The scaffolding which surrounded the Concert Hall had been extended further around the building, which was perfect for swinging around the various poles and doing laches. There was even a set up for a lache to cat too, a move which we were all eager to try.

It seemed as if Luca could trick now too, everyone was progressing with tricks or came out busting flips even the ones we never knew could do them. Could this be a sign of things to come?! I got a few images of Luca doing a backflip off a wall and then Tim spoke about how he hated doing backs off heights but he kept practising them as he wanted to work up to doing one off the phone box which Mike always does, just to have it down as a personal achievement (and no doubt to be on par with Mike too). We experimented with doing kongs off a small wall with a drop the other side and also tried doing cannonballs in the air as we ran and jumped as far as possible before rolling. One thing I noticed about Tim is whenever he did backflips he would always leave a massive crater in the ground.

It was a good day to be out training and with an equally good group, the vibe and training felt right. For reasons only known to Luca he decided to do some tomfoolery with his bottoms, rolling them up and tucking his shirt into them I captured an image of this before he realized what I had done and reverted back to normal. We did some catleaps onto the giant green portable cabin things which the builders used while working in the area. Being a Sunday they were all shut up and not being used, they were very slippery and it was difficult not to slide all the way down into dead hang on landing. Not long afterwards we headed over to behind Trent Uni, doing precisions, vaulting the benches and other movements and a few wallspins on the white diagonal poles. Continue reading ‘#52 – Sunday Filming.’

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