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Rain Warriors.


I could hear the heavy Summer rain hitting against my window as I was rudely woke from my sleep just before seven. I thought to myself, isn’t that typical?! It seems like I won’t be going out later today and with that, I drifted back off to slumberland. I was woken a second time by the same monsoon. It sounded like the rain may never stop, even though there was promise of jungle like humidity later in the day when we trained. I finally got up at around ten and decided I would slowly get ready for training as the rain was meant to stop by the time we met, though that was looking unlikely as time went on. It seemed that most were against coming out today, even the weekly regulars! And who could blame them with the current weather! There was no James this weekend since he was away, due to that fact I had expected it to be great weather, as it usually was when he wasn’t free to be out with us.

In the end I decided against going out, the weather hadn’t and no doubt wouldn’t pick up for training. Adam seemed to be annoyed and still wanted to train, even if the current weather was terrible. He said he was going to meet up with Ben and get a jumping session in. I was tempted earlier, but now had decided not to, plus it didn’t seem like many were out, if anyone apart from them. At around one, it had started to dry up with the pavements drying too, not to mention the sun had even started to come out as well! I changed my mind and carried on getting ready in a rush to get to Plaza for two. I arrived to find just Ben there in his waterproof gear. Where the hell was Adam?! He left long before me and I had beat him there. Femi was running on black time as he always did, he had only just got up, seen the rain and instantly said he wasn’t feeling it, even though town was now sunny and dry. Will arrived, who had the same idea as me due to the weather change, followed by Adam.




We practised a precision jump to a curb, instead of using a wall as a take off. We took off from a slopped wall which felt horrible, but it was a new challenge. Femi text and said he would be coming out after all, and for us to wait until he arrived… I really didn’t want to be waiting for him, time was already getting on. It would be past three, maybe even four at this rate before he arrived! I text back and said if he didn’t hurry, we could be anywhere, even places he hasn’t seen before and so he should make haste! We spent some time at IBM while we waited. I quite liked a precision Will was doing, down to wall in front of the railing surrounding the area. Adam was filming a few movements and filmed Luka doing a roll on and off a wall, which can be seen in the image above. I really liked the look and feel of that image. I didn’t expect him to even attempt that and it looked really nice when he did as well.

Femi arrived and just in time, we were growing tired of IBM and were ready to move on and only had remained due to Fem. He wanted to stay a bit longer, so he could warm up before we move and I we all agreed. It was just as well, as it provided me with some new images to the norm when I took some shots (one seen below) with Femi in shot watching Will as he did a kong over the outer railing. I must remember to experiment more with these type of shots in the future, as it adds a nice dimension to them. While Will was jumping around, he had inadvertently put his hand on a ladybird which prompted me to get some photos of them. Anyone that follows my blog, may remember on occasions I have taken images of lady bugs Continue reading ‘Rain Warriors.’


A Slow Sunday Afternoon.


Zain & Denis.


I arrive in town just after 2.30pm and went straight to  the IBM area where I found Denis and Zain were already training. Vincent said he might come out to train but had not yet attended and when called, he didn’t pick up and so we felt he would not come out at all. Denis did manage to get through to him later in the day, although he said he wasn’t feeling coming out today to him, even when Denis pleaded that he should! We then decided we might as well give Sonny a call and see if he would be up for coming out to train. Denis spoke to him and he said he might come out later in the day if we were to head over to Carlton, which Denis and Zain had talked about doing. Although nothing was confirmed as of yet. Taz asked me what time and where we would be for training, just before I left the house. I told him the times and then totally forgot about him while out training and the fact I should have taken his number too.

I jammed at IBM and decided to train on the ankle regardless and try to push through the pain and get some movement done, it clicked a few times and ever so slightly twinged. I did a few runs copying what Denis was doing as was Zain. I also tried a run Zain was always doing which involved doing a stride between the chains then into a reverse vault over a rail. I even tried nailing the k2p in the area but was too fearful of my ankle and didn’t want to damage it any more than it was. A stranger walked by and came into the area, it was Taz a face from long ago. It was great to see him out and doing some movement and have a good chat with him. I decided to do some filming of Denis from afar as Zain filmed him, I hadn’t really experimented with footage as of yet so this was a great time to do so.

Denis moaned about the areas being too boring and that he wanted to go somewhere exciting like Carlton and that we should all go there now. Bearing in mind it was 4.30pm and time was getting on, not to mention it was a long trek to journey all the way to Carlton! He said we should, while myself and Zain looked at each other in shock at the prospect of the long walk even though Zain said he did want to go at some point. The conversation turned to Taz who Denis at first thought was Livewrie when he first walked into the area, which made me and Taz both smile at each other before burst out laughing.

(Years ago when Taz used to train regularly, we always used to say he was Livewire’s double and people used to say the same thing. So the fact Denis had picked up on this and mentioned it without even knowing the back story amused us both).


Taz – Texting.


Continue reading ‘A Slow Sunday Afternoon.’

In the depths of the garden.


This leaf is my new home.


Today I have been experimenting with the settings on my new camera to try and get used to them all, by taking as many photos as possible to see how they all work and affect the photos. It was trail and error to see what works best in what conditions, I took all the photos today from the depths of my garden. I have also been trying to make the most of macro shots too, getting close as possible to small insects. Well at least when the cats don’t come over to see what I am doing then try to eat them in the process or photo bomb my shots

As for the last photo, there were two ladybugs on the plant pot running around and I was trying to take a photo of a singular ladybug. Just as I was about to take the photo, out of no where the other one saw it, sprinted towards it and latched onto it… That is how I came to obtain that photo, you have to laugh at it though!

I think due to the angle it could be interpreted as they are rock climbing up the plant pot. It’s a great macro shot, almost like it was taken with a proper macro lens, which I do not own. Only the standard 18-55mm lens which came with my camera. I hope over time to learn how to use my camera fully and be able to produce photos the best to my ability.


The ladybug and the barbwire.


Snug as a bug…


Surprise bugsex.


Parkour, Cats and Ladybugs.




While on my way into town, Zain had text and said he would be running late and so myself, Yaz and Denis didn’t wait for him once we met up at the regular meet up point. We walked down past the Arkwright University building and just as we were about to go through Bilbie Walk as a cut through to our first location to train at Zain rang to ask where we were, I said we were on our way to flats. Confused he was like, ‘where is that again?’ I told him we were near the bottom of the Arkwright building and to quickly jog down then he will see us before we leave. We decided to play a little game while we waited for him, trying to guess what Zain’s first words will be once he has arrived. Least to say we were all wrong in our guesses about what he would say and instead were greeted with a giant man hug and a simple ‘hey’ from the brown legend.

We arrived at Dundas Close across from the Nottingham Trent Uni Bonington Building (yes that was a mouthful and a half) now you know why we just say the Flats area… Yaz started with the upwards diagonal precision (seen below) and then respectively downwards one afterwards. I was amazed to find that they had demolished the car park across the road and were revamping all the buildings around the university, turning most of the old places into planned student accommodation in the coming years. Zain sat down eating and complained about being really tired from not having much sleep the night before. I took some layers off and heard Zain say, ‘oh, his layers are coming off, his ready for some Parkour!’ Once I stood up on the wall he then said, ‘no, no, no, no! Don’t do it dude – you’ll only get injured and regret it!’ I said to him I would be fine but he persisted and said I wouldn’t be and then moved in front of the wall, leaning over it so I couldn’t jump to it.  In the end, I got Yaz to drag him away to which he said, ‘fine! Do it, but if you get hurt it will be your own fault.’ I did the downwards precision and it seemed to be alright on my ankle. I had to land with 80% of my weight on my uninjured leg and then bounce off the wall.

There was a guy in his work van reading the newspaper and doing a crossword, more than likely on his break and he was watching what we were doing too, on and off. Zain didn’t realise this as he pretended to hump the wall, while hugging it and making sexual noises… It was a funny sight and then we informed Zain if he knew the guy in the van was watching him from behind? Zain was like, ‘don’t lie! You’re joking, right!?’ Looking rather worried as the guy would have seen and heard everything he just did. We turned around and over to a tree, which I told the guys about how myself, Ben and Flip used to practice an underbar type movement over the fence in 2005 [1]. They looked quite surprised at that feat and how we could underbar over the fence with it being so high. Looking at it in the present day, I’m astounded we used to do it too, I wouldn’t dares now. Yaz had a few attempts at a 360 underbar, thinking it would be easier due to lifting up with the arms first to tuck the lower body out of the way in time,  though always landed on the top of the fence rather than over it.


Yaz – Downwards Precision.


Zain seemed to be the only one of us to have grip on the tree with his feet, while the rest of us slipped off the tree due to all the wet, lose mud surrounding it. He wanted to do a tic tac speed vault over the fence, I think I had only seen Sark do that once in the past and so Zain worked up towards it, but always landed in a hip shimmy position on the fence. When he did decide to go for it one hundred percent, his foot slipped on take off on the tree (the only time) and he slammed chest first into the fence and ended up slumped over it with one arm. He had broke part of the rotting wood off the top of the fence and it had also cut him between his thumb and finger webbing, leaving a few splinters in him and a bruised ego. That little bail had put him off trying it again and with that we decided to move on to the next area, while Zain sucked on his wound like a small child would.

Yaz was up for doing a precision across a stair set with a rail in the middle, it wasn’t a great distance, but of a reasonable one. There was one small problem though, the foliage was over grown but recently trimmed, leaving some sharp branches so you had a very limited space to bend on take off. The same for the arm swinging back too, lets just say Yaz found out the hard way when the foliage poked him up the backside and scratched his arms on one of the precision jumps. This had given me the giggles and I couldn’t stop laughing when I was ready to take a photo, I wanted Yaz to hurry up in case it shut off again as I had been having problems with it recently. Only for him to shout, ‘I can’t hurry! There is a branch which is poking me in the ass!’ This had me in hysterics and needless to say I did get a shot of the precision, only for my camera to then shut down annoyingly and I had to request he do it few more times so it would save the photos this time round.

Yaz really enjoys his swinging around poles (no that isn’t some sort of euphemism) so I got him to look at a possible pole swing around a lamp post, which was accessible now a thorn bush had been cut down so you could use the wall which was under them. The wall which had crumbled away and bench which had once been rotten had all been rebuilt. I had to get deep into a thorn bush across from the lamp post to get a nice perspective for the shot, as every other angle didn’t show the movement as well, there was also a builder in the background who was interested in what we were doing and watched for a bit. Zain and Denis came over from the rocky area and experimented with vaults into a sitting position on the bench. I also got a few macro shots to blur all the background and the movement which was happening from Yaz but focus on the foreground of the wall. I quite like how those shots came out and I tried to get a silhouette of Yaz doing the pole swing but in the end it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped.


Yaz – Pole Swing.


The guys were giving the running catleap from one of the rocks to the wall a go, after Zain was telling me he had previously done it on another day and so I asked if he would do it today for me to see. Yaz hated the running cat and asked why it seems to be so far, much further than he thought it was, he also mentioned he needs to come out and train more regular again as he feels he is losing his touch with training. I got a few photos of a ginger tabby cat, it was really friendly and rolling all over the ground and wanting fuss. It was funny because while I fussed it, I could still hear the others landing on the wall with an almighty thud from the running catleap. Zain popped over the wall then came down to me and did a noise for the cat to come to him, but it was scared of him and bolted away to which Zain said ‘it must not like brown people?’ and I laughed as he tried to entice it back over to him, which failed.

I laid on the grass like a sniper while taking photos of Denis doing some sideflips off the rocks and got more shots of Yaz and Zain doing the running catleap. We all ended up sitting on the grass in the sun chilling and talking among ourselves, deciding where we should go next to train. Yaz rolled sideways down the hill from sitting which looked so funny as he remained in a perfect ball, we also started to throw the tennis ball to each other that Zain had brought with him. As you can tell, we were in a productive mood of nothingness… We moved up the area and found lots of ladybirds on the wall scuttling around and I took a few photos of them while Zain shouted out ‘ladybugs! Make them chase each other!’ We watched as Denis put them on his finger as they chased after each other, while Yaz blew them all off the wall. Denis picked them back up and then threw them in the air so they would fly away, only to land on Yaz’s jogging bottoms. Who would have thought such small insects would have caused such amazement between us all.

we did some 180 catleaps and the small precisions there and then walked past the car park which was being demolished to a downwards precision on Gill Street. This was an old precision which seen in videos of the past and a nice challenge for most, Denis, Zain and Yaz practised and at one stage a person looking out of a window shouted down ‘don’t do it, don’t jump’ while Yaz was ready to the precision. We made our way to Arboretum and then the plan was to make our way to forest only for Yaz and Zain to say they needed to go to a shop for food and drink and that they would pop into the student shop before. As they walked down to the student shop, they increased there walking pace and decided to go in the other direction towards Tesco’s instead of the student shop. Denis was getting annoyed at this point because they didn’t want to go to forest and Zain did say he would have to leave soon and so this was one giant distraction tactic and wasting time.


Denis – Downwards Precision.


In the end we took an alternative route to forest and on our way walking through the back streets and places we never been before, we walked past an estate with a downwards precision, which Denis was scared of but did in the end did it having overshot it and bouncing off. Yaz looked at the precision and decided against it what with it looking spooky and being from a height. He instead looked at another precision which was further but at less height so he could see that he could land it, but each time he was about to go for it he wouldn’t commit and drop of the take off wall. Scared of doing the jump and getting frustrated to why he was scared of it. I wanted to take part in doing the precisions as I could see them, but being injured I knew my ankle wouldn’t take it at all, even if I did try it.

Myself and Yaz had left Denis and Zain to their own devices and slow pace, while we made our way to forest. When Zain and Denis did finally arrived, we trained on the walls in the area and Yaz was sizing up the running upwards catleap, but didn’t like having to run up the slope before hand so did it from where it was all one level. Landing with a heavy slap on the wall with his hands, I’m sure the added running up the slope would have helped with speed though. He came off it in pain as he had hit the wall so hard with his hands it had hurt and made them tingle, however the photo looked great! We had a look at some pole swings and kong precisions we had never seen or trained before, from the small blue fences and lamp posts, even though there was a metal clip in the ground which we might have landed on or clipped our feet on, though it couldn’t be removed no matter how hard we tried to pull it out of the ground.

While training on the walls at forest, a rather strong looking guy was taking a slow stroll by and then stopped and watched Denis doing a running precision and what everyone else was doing on the walls. He stood there for some time observing what we were doing before leaving. It was strange he didn’t say anything, just watched. There were no end of joggers doing laps of the area too, to which Zain was quick to say ‘Quick! Get a photo of them when they come past.’ I joked about getting a personal shot for him and would he like it to be one from behind so he can see a curved ass? He said he would prefer if it was a frontal shot so he could see everything jiggling and bouncing with each stride, we all burst out laughing at that statement. Classic perverted Zain!


Yaz sizing up the running catleap.


Denis and Zain had gone over to the kids play park to train, while myself and Yaz walked over to the steps and practised underbars on the railings and then I spoke about how Yaz should try sliding down the rail like how we have seen some people do in the past on Youtube videos. While doing this a fitness instructor and her client passed by to use the steps for some cardio based workout, before asking if they were in our way. We joined Zain and Denis over the kids park and practised muscle ups on the small bars there, while people watched amazed and the kids trying to copy on the bars afterwards. Denis was sad that he couldn’t do a single muscle up and yet Zain could do them now. Denis also said to me, ‘bah you’re too hench now you bastard, injured but always working out, you need to stop or next you’ll be doing one armed pull ups’. If only that was the case, I would love to be able to do one arm pull ups, thought sadly they take months and years of dedication to learn.

Zain came up with an interesting challenge on the sloped rope which was used to hold as children walked up and down it. The challenge was to hold your whole body weight in a tucked position below the rope and only using the arms pull all the way up then go back down again. Denis had failed after a few grabs, Zain had got half way, but myself and Yaz did the whole thing. We also practised commando rolls hanging upside down on the rope then trying to get above, on top of the rope. a move which is always difficult, until you have the technique then it becomes really easy to do. We all walked over to the proper workout park across the field, by far the funniest thing was some girls in short shorts with their boyfriends or university friends, who were all in vests showing off how strong they were on the exercises. There were also some hench guys doing pull ups and press ups and then some people playing basketball in the corner and the usual keep fit people who do things at a relaxed pace. We walked into the area, Zain and Denis played around as they always did while I stretched my upper body and walked over to the pull up bar with Yaz. We started by doing 5-7 muscle ups in one go and instantly you could feel that everyone had stopped in the park and looked over at us and all I heard was ‘what the hell?!’ from the guys in the vests. ‘You seen what they are doing and how easy they makes it look?!’ It felt funny to know all the eyes were on us for that brief moment and then when we stopped they kept watching and talking among themselves while Yaz did some more muscle ups. It was as if they had never seen muscle ups before or thought they weren’t possible perhaps the fact we didn’t look like we were not strong enough to do such a things.

I went over to the dip bars and did chicken dips and extended backwards then go forward then back up into a normal dip motion. The same hench guy who was watching us earlier in the day at the wall was at this park too and came over to ask how to do the muscle ups and also asked to try some other exercises with him. Some of the kids there were also asking questions about the Parkour, how long we have trained for and how we have learnt it. I also let them have a go with my skipping rope and taught them some other skipping moves to practice like crossovers. Near the end of the day Zain had to leave to get to his class, and Yaz and Denis were doing dive rolls over the fence which looked really cool as Denis would really delay the dive in the air. The sun was setting and it had been a really good day of training, we decided we might as well call it a day and I began to walk to the bus stop while Yaz and Denis walked made their way back into town.


Yaz – Extreme Close Up.


Yaz – Precision.


Precision jump, foot view.


Denis – Smiling and enjoying training.


Yaz – Catleap.


My friend the ginger cat, rolling around.


The ginger cat sprawled out.


Denis – Tying his shoe lace.


Yaz – Falling over sideways.


Ladybugs! I can see you!


Ladybugs – The chase is on!


It’s a bugs life! The lonely ladybird.


Banana Skin.


Yaz’s Hands.


Yaz – Cat 180 Precision.


Yaz – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Running Catleap.


Yaz – Running Catleap.


Denis – Running Precision.


Yaz – Sat Chilling.


Yaz – Pole Sliding..


Female Jogger.


Yaz – Crouched on the wall.


Yaz – Precision.


Yaz – Pole Swing.


Yaz – Pole Swing.


Yaz – Pole Swing.


Yaz – Observing.


Close up of the brickwork with Yaz doing a cross vault.


Yaz – Cross vault.


Denis – Front Tuck.


Denis – Getting ready for a Sideflip.


Denis – Sideflip.


Denis thinking a hundred times over ‘I don’t like it!’.


Yaz – Running Catleap.


Yaz – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Chilling on the grass.


Denis – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Upwards Precision.


Denis – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Pole swing to precision.


Zain – Close Up.




Zade (Me) – Handstand.


Zade (Me) – Watching.


Yaz – Skipping on the wall.


Denis – Running Precision.


Yaz – Downwards Precision.


Yaz – Handstand.


Denis ready to run.


Yaz – Turn Vault.


Traffic Love.

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