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Carlton Suburbs.


It seemed like no one was out this weekend, at least from the regulars I trained with. Jallen was at the cinema, watching Dr Strange this weekend. No one else had confirmed they were out, even as maybes. It’s usually the way it goes when the core regulars aren’t out, no one else bothers to train, which is odd. Perhaps James is the influence of the community sessions now and that is why no one was out, because he wasn’t?! I had to laugh as closer to the time Kezza was the only one set to be going out (yeah, right. That will be the day!), though it would be about right if he did, typical even. Adam was a maybe now, I was tempted to go instead to the JUMP session happening in Derby Sunday instead. Though, I didn’t have a lift there and back and the weather was set to be bad, and Saturday good oddly enough.

I decided to go out training in the end with David, agreeing to meet at the Parkour Park for eleven then we would meet Ben at half past in town, before venturing over to Carlton as that was our plan for the day. Anyone else that wanted to join us could, not that I was expecting anyone else though. An adventure day seeing as it was set to be a sunny day. It seemed once a plan was motion it seemed to draw more interest for the event. Adam who was a maybe, was now game for joining us as it would be a new area. Femi wanted in on the fun, god knows when he would be arrive though… Chris was even a maybe for the day too. When the day arrived, I was up at eight, dropped a message to remind people and see if all was good, without any replies (obviously) for that time in the morning.


Zade – Stride.


Adam was up late, then wanted to meet at the park for half past eleven, getting annoyed when I said no as the plan was to meet Ben at half past in town. Trying to say I had said half past before now as a meet up time (which I hadn’t) so he was asking why I had changed it earlier now?! I said I wouldn’t be waiting, for him, even though it would have meant we would have had a lift. David and myself got the bus and met with Ben, who in the end was very late due to roadworks. Femi said he would be out later, around one or maybe two, what a lazy feck! When Ben did arrive, we made our way to Carlton via bus and over to our first spot which was Brickyard. It was cold today, so cold and there was no sign of Sonny either, who said he would pop out seeing as we would be in his neck of the woods. I hadn’t seen him out for years and so it would be great to see him out again. I dropped him a text to let him know we had arrived. I didn’t hold much hope on him being out though…

At times the area felt somewhat dodgy, with the local ‘badmans’ roaming around. It was a rather cold day, even though the sun was out! It was hard to keep warm, even after many jumps and it was a slow process to remain warm. There were some railings which looked perfect for a dash vault precision, which I can be seen doing in my RAW video [1] and I was rather proud of that movement, even if it was hard to then do a same level kong out of it afterwards. The next step was doing a kong precision on those walls which eluded me last time aroundĀ [2] which David and myself had tried doing endless times. Thankfully David and myself nailed them this time around and maybe that was down to being warmer, even fresher than last time we tried. I guess with it being the start of the jam, it wasn’t as hard to think about or do either. Ben was doing some big running precisions, which looked horrible to try, props to springy Ben!


David – Portrait.


David’s kong precisions using the railing were looking nice, even though he said he found that one harder to do than the wall one! I quite liked the lower rail to wall kong precision, finally I had progression with them. Excuse the lack of images in this entry, I spent most of my time jumping around. It always makes me chuckle when we visit suburbs and places we rarely visit, as you will always find some locals who watch what you are doing. Fascinated by it all, as obviously it’s less seen than if we were in town jumping around. It’s nice to see the interest and at times get questions from people too. The raised, wooden flower beds were cool for doing precisions between, adding different levels of difficulty and distances. Adam seemed to find the area a bit ‘meh‘ or maybe he just wasn’t in the zone like last time. Continue reading ‘Carlton Suburbs.’


Beckhampton Road.


Today had turned into another road trip. It was mentioned earlier in the week that many people wanted to go to the Beckhampton Road area that they had seen us previously visit. So I decided that, that was where we should go as most seemed game for it. I decided that we should meet up there, rather than meeting in town prior before going. I mean that would make it a round trip for me, annoyingly and it’s not like people need to have their hands held while going to events like these. All the relevant information was in the Npk event, so it was up to the rest to make it of their own accord or forget it all together. As unfair as that may seem to some, plus I had already had this discussion previously [1] with an adventure jam to Highfields. At least today we would be training as a community and it was a Saturday this time round as well. So for anyone that missed this session had no excuse to say we only seem to adventure on a Sunday!

I was up early and excited to be out training, feeling fresher than I was last time we had trained in Bestwood. I felt nothing was going to put a damper on my day! I got ready, meeting with Eddie and Benj at the Parkour park at 12.45 before we drove over to Beckhampton. We were, of course, the first ones there. David was on his way walking there and we warmed up while we waited for the others to arrive. It’s a strange place, nearly all the shops are closed or abandoned, even on a Saturday… It seems almost a run down and deprived area at times, with some of the local youths loitering around. Once David had arrivedĀ  my motivation was in full force. I was busy doing an awkward running precision from the right wall to the back wall, which can be seen in the image below.


Backhamton – Hotspot.


Now it was awkward, not because you are running straight at it, but have to take off the wall to the right, which also has that vertical wall directly in front of you. The same place for the foot placement and then you had to push and jump towards the left slightly, while still travelling forwards. If you placed the foot too close to the wall in front you just went outwards and not forwards, if you placed it too far back you don’t cover the distance needed to reach the back wall. It was a nice challenge, that most didn’t want to attempt due to the awkwardness of the movement. It reminded me of a similar one that used to be at Crowne Plaza and there are a few others, that I can’t think of currently. David’s attempts were funny, tripping and nearly bailing when landing just in front of it, unable to commit to landing it.

A kong precision to the left was another movement we were both practising. It was the perfect distance for me, pushing my k2p progression. I felt like I was only just getting it at times, outstretching my legs towards it. I hadn’t got it comfortably yet and at times I did land on my tip toes nearly crunching my ankles in the process. On one attempt I ended up undershooting, bouncing it, falling back, nearly landing with my back on the wall behind me. Which can be seen in my RAW video a bit further below. I want to find more ‘real’ kong precisions of similar distances, that and which also have a a drop between them too, unlike Plaza which is a flowerbed and all same level. David gave it his best attempts, but couldn’t get it. He said it felt too big (that’s what she said). It’s odd as I expected him to nail it like I was…


Adam – Precision.


James, Pete and Holbrook were next to arrive, shortly followed by Phil. Steve was out today too, someone who I hadn’t seen in many years and he had even came out wearing his black Npk [2] t-shirt with bright orange text. The line of bollards (seen above) were getting a workout from everyone, doing various standing and running precisions. Along with some mental challenges for James and Pete in regards to box jumping one after the other. It was good to see everyone helping each other, working out those kinks. Continue reading ‘Beckhampton Road.’

Bulwell Bravado.


So, it was that time again, to venture to another unexplored area (Parkour wise) seeing as it was a Bank Holiday! After a rainy weekend. It seemed that lots were game for being out this Monday due to the predicted good weather, which meant it should be a great day of jumping. James was unsure about being out, due to various body aliments he had. Adam seemed to be less than happy we were going on an adventure without him, due to him seeing his other half. Though in the end he did come out to train instead. Later, a few people had backed out of this day already. Thankfully, in the end, most people did turn up on the day, give or take a couple. I was even ready for action and out early for once, we all met at the Parkour park for 1pm and waited until half past before moving on to other locations.

There was no Patryk today, who had said he would be out for sure. We sadly had no Gio out today either. We made our way via cars into Bulwell Town Centre. Ben had a lift and was on route, being out soon, great news. It was good to have Tom from Derby out again, even if he was yet again out when it was another adventure exploration day coincidently. Once we arrived at the first area beside the subway, many felt a little disappointed from the onset with it. I thought there was more to do there, than there actually was. It was a little damp and wet in places too, but people found things to practice, even if a lot of the precisions were quite big. It was one of those areas you had to work with what was there.


James – Precision.


Will did the big precision downwards, right to left, seen in image above, as well as across too! He has really upped his precision game of late. I could see the jumps but was too scared to even attempt them. I had hoped David would try them to help give me the motivational boost I needed, but he was a no to them all. Yet he was fine doing the jump as a catleap back instead, which was scary and slightly downwards too. James and the others were doing catleaps to an over grip wall and looking at 180 precision back too. I filmed a few movements, I had the intention to film and make a small video of the day, failing that a RAW video of myself. I did do the downwards precision in the end, but it felt like I wouldn’t make it or fall short and shin the wall…

It was one to push for, seeing it there, then that vision fading away. I didn’t want to leave without doing it though. Thankfully when I did go for it, I didn’t fall short and stuck it beautifully. Adam was impressed and didn’t think I had that sort of range with my precisions, nor would I do that jump. The same level precision felt impossible and so I did the catleap David had done instead. Next time I need to look at the running upwards precision which feels there, but is horrible to commit too. Some of the guys went to shops, while I met Ben at Tesco and then we moved over to the other side of the subway. It had an awkward (for many) seen below running precision to try. I say this, as many people didn’t like running along the edge of the wall, much preferring to run along the wood chippings instead. Continue reading ‘Bulwell Bravado.’

27th August, 2016.


I woke up to the noise of heavy rain hitting my window, hearing it stream down the street as my alarm beeped at ten o’clock. I felt like I may just stay at home, because, you know, when it is a rain day it won’t ever be that great for training unless it is able to dry up. Once I was up and slowly getting ready, it had thankfully started to dry up and even the sun was coming out as the clock struck eleven. Still, it was predicted to rain all day, which was putting me off going out. I finished getting ready and headed off a little after half twelve, arriving at Plaza a little before one to find Stef and Eddie already there chatting together. It didn’t seem like anyone else was out, perhaps they rain had put them off?

David arrived and then Edd, Stef and myself went to shops and left him to warm up at Plaza. I was heading over to the t-shirt shop to get some tees done for Eddie. While Stef needed some painkillers for his old man back pains. I bumped into James on my way, who too wanted some t-shirts for an overseas friend, Jeremy. I arrived back at Plaza later on, feeling tired leg wise, it seemed DOMs was kicking in from a previous workout as my hamstrings and calves were feeling it now. I drilled some kong precisions with David, then tried to Kash vault the wall instead after seeing Ben doing it, which felt impossible and only a step through is what I could muster.


Npk – Roadkill Design.


James was disliking k2ps today, for the fact he seemed to lose them whenever he didn’t practise them regularly, which is a fair enough statement. He seemed to be all legs, rather than pushing with arms as he went over the first wall. Stef was nailing them, even with a step out too, which surprised me. I do believe kong precisions are something that you have to constantly practise to keep them to a level. Reece was joining in with the Parkour movements, rather than always tricking, nice one brah! Eddie hadn’t been out that long, received his t-shirts and was now off to book a holiday with his bae. Not that he was whipped at all… I decided to get James to try the smaller kong precision to help aid his technique for the the higher one.

Most people hate the smaller one, due to it being (too) low and you have to crouch down for it, which in turn teaches you to use your arms and chest in conjunction to push up while konging over the wall. Something which many don’t have to do on a more chest level wall, what I mean by that is most will jump, then tap wall and glide over. As well as that, the smaller one is perfect for learning the skip step run up too. Another technical feat, that has to be learned with k2ps. For such a ‘simple’ movement, there are many different components to learn for it. James got the skip step technique nice and was getting the hang of it without much thought, even if he did clip his feet once and went face first over the walls!


Grubby Wall.


Something, which for many would put them off trying it any more. It didn’t seem to faze him and he kept drilling them and then on the other chest height wall, with more tuition and insight from Phil. I wanted to try the double kong again, something I learned and do occasionally, then feel afraid of them after not drilling them for like a year. David was game to try again too, I couldn’t force it and either could David it seemed. Reece did them easily, with a simple tap over than pushing off the first wall. Both of us looked at each other like, how easy did that look?! Continue reading ’27th August, 2016.’

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