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Friends Meeting Place.


Thursday evening I found it hard to sleep due to a temperature I had, then Friday came a scratchy throat which got worse as the day went on. It’s typical that, that would happen before training at the weekend. Saturday came around and I felt terrible, like I had full blown flu. Annoying, as it was looking a great day weather wise for training after months long of rain. Why did this have to happen, why couldn’t this have happened after the weekend!? Due to this,  I didn’t have any plans to go out training. Not that many seemed to be out anyway, that or they hadn’t been bothered to click the attend button on the event for others who checked it to know who was and wasn’t out for the day.

I really did feel terribly ill and the short trip to the post office to collect a parcel, didn’t have me feeling any better about a possible trip into town, should I choose to do that. It seemed that the other regulars were out after all and asked if I was going to be too. I said it was unlikely and if I did, it would be really late compared to the usual time. More like two, maybe even three if I did make the decision to go. Patryk said he might come to the Parkour park for a bit, if I wanted to join him for a few hours. It was tempting, with it being local to me and if I felt direly ill I could just go home. I decided that I would make the venture into town to join the others instead. Who knows maybe all the fresh air would do me good? Failing that, there were plenty of others to infect…


James – Running Precision.


I arrived within my estimated time of two, expecting them to be almost anywhere in town by now. And yet, I found them still at IBM. There wasn’t as many people as I had expected, but still a fair few out. Even the birthday boy Will… Why would you be out on your birthday?! Then again I can’t say anything as when mine has fallen on a Saturday I have done the exact same thing. The guys had set up a running upwards precision (seen above) propping up a slab so it was inclined. With the intention of landing on the wall that some did as a kong precision. It looked rather big and scary to myself, at least distance wise and I was rather impressed how everyone was doing it with such ease!

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Chilled to the Bone.


Today was feeling  colder than a fridge freezer. I guess since it was set to snow, that was the reason for it being so damn cold currently. It was that bitter coldness too, the sort that cut through your layers. It had changed to possible rain as well on the day and yet it was sunny, with clear blue skies… What an odd old day! The weather had me feeling good about going out, I was up at nine. The same time Kezza later said he was awake at and it was ‘terrible’ weather! The reason excuse of why he wasn’t out training… It was damp in the shade (to be expected) this time of year, it was currently sunny and seemed like the cold temperature might rise further throughout the day.

I don’t know how, but I was now running late. Perhaps I was too relaxed about getting ready and out that I wasn’t paying attention to the time either. It seemed that quite a few weren’t out again today, due to the ‘rain’ predicted and no doubt felt how I usually did with training in such conditions. It was a good job the others who were out, were running late too. I got into town just after twelve to find people over at the Atrium, I wanted to move right away to Audo as there was more to do in the bigger area. A few others agreed to join and so those of us went, leaving James, Frankie and others to warm up and train at Atrium before heading over.


Petz – Stride.


It was good to see Diogo out for once today and Benjamin too. It was so, bitterly cold, the sun was making no difference to the temperature. We had been misled by it’s brightly shininess! It hurt to move and I felt total rubbish. I finally began to warm up, after doing lots of running upward precisions to the big steps. David struggled with it, but then got it shortly after Adam. I’ve always struggled with upward precisions, both standing and running. I have always hated that one in the past too, it always scared me to commit, that or I would crane and slide to the floor due to the smoothness of it. So when I used to see people blast it so easily, that were both the same and less skilled than myself it made me sad.

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Npk – Early Edition.


Today was another early start, following suit to the previous training session. It might just become thee thing to do each weekend now? Well, here’s hoping… I arrived into town just before half past eleven, only to find a lonely Steff waiting at the meeting spot. I had also arrived at the exact same time as Patryk who was walking down the opposite street, excellent timing! I was surprised to see Luke arriving to the training session, since when?! He said he was already knackered from walking to Plaza, never mind jumping around. All said while he was vaping and then telling us it was far too early to be out training. Good on him for being out though, it had been ages since the last time he was out with the community. Adam arrived a short while later and had started various banter between him and Luke, some light hearted jokes and some more vicious insults. Luke had somehow hurt his hand already after the first kong of the day, then hurt his back when he did a front flip. Talk about an unlucky start to the day…

James and Ben were next to arrive, nearer to twelve mind you. So much for the earlier jam… Adam was quick to state that James had never agreed to be out earlier. It seemed many were still confused about the time change, maybe even annoyed with it being so early and wanted it to remain the same time it always has been. But if we met between 12-1pm, most arrive closer to two and by that time it isn’t long until the sunsets and the darkness creeps in. We should be meeting earlier in the Winter months and later in the Summer ones, making the most of the natural light. We moved down the University library, even though some (Stef and Adam) wanted to stay at Plaza to drill the kong precisions. They did stay there for a short while before joining the rest of us later. It seemed the movements to be practised today would be running precision ones. Luke was busy tricking, while the rest of us gave him abuse for it and Patryk asked why is he being ‘gay’ doing somersaults, as tricking is for gays.


James – Running Precision.


The running precision (seen above) from a small wall to the steps was a movement we all practised. It was good to see James retaining the jump again after a few failed attempts. Patryk threw some dive rolls into the mix, even if they hurt his back afterwards. I kept slipping on the wall with my trainers, which was so annoying this time round. I filmed a few movements for a new RAW video, which sadly didn’t happen after today, or ever again for that matter. Patryk and myself moved over to the blue railing area, speaking about what the younger generation would do nowadays, compared to when we were young and first started. Coming up with possible crazy movements, if only we were that good now. I did a small run with Patryk following behind, involving an underbar. Only for it to jolt my back on the bar as I went through and then have Patryk do the exact same thing as he went through too! I had hurt my ankle a few times today too, while trying his kong, box jump movement off the railings. We ended up being moved off by security and with that we headed up to High Pavement. Surprisingly, it wasn’t wet there, even though it was shaded?!

The walls were wobbly now, at least when you landed on certain ones. The area had been cleaned up too, it looked less like a crack den for once. Later we were being filmed by a random guy that had come out one of the buildings… I think all the banging from a noisy grate as people ran over it hadn’t helped us go unnoticed. I’m not too sure if the filming was meant to deter us from training, as he didn’t say anything, just stood there and filmed. We fluffed up a pile of leaves near the wall, which people did as a catleap, to try and coax James in trying the jump. Even if only to land in the cushioned leaves to get a feel for the distance and jump. Though it might be a long time before he is able to try it for real, with all the variables for the jump. It’s a tough one, as there isn’t any build up per say for it, an all or nothing jump. Continue reading ‘Npk – Early Edition.’

Beckhampton Road.


Today had turned into another road trip. It was mentioned earlier in the week that many people wanted to go to the Beckhampton Road area that they had seen us previously visit. So I decided that, that was where we should go as most seemed game for it. I decided that we should meet up there, rather than meeting in town prior before going. I mean that would make it a round trip for me, annoyingly and it’s not like people need to have their hands held while going to events like these. All the relevant information was in the Npk event, so it was up to the rest to make it of their own accord or forget it all together. As unfair as that may seem to some, plus I had already had this discussion previously [1] with an adventure jam to Highfields. At least today we would be training as a community and it was a Saturday this time round as well. So for anyone that missed this session had no excuse to say we only seem to adventure on a Sunday!

I was up early and excited to be out training, feeling fresher than I was last time we had trained in Bestwood. I felt nothing was going to put a damper on my day! I got ready, meeting with Eddie and Benj at the Parkour park at 12.45 before we drove over to Beckhampton. We were, of course, the first ones there. David was on his way walking there and we warmed up while we waited for the others to arrive. It’s a strange place, nearly all the shops are closed or abandoned, even on a Saturday… It seems almost a run down and deprived area at times, with some of the local youths loitering around. Once David had arrived  my motivation was in full force. I was busy doing an awkward running precision from the right wall to the back wall, which can be seen in the image below.


Backhamton – Hotspot.


Now it was awkward, not because you are running straight at it, but have to take off the wall to the right, which also has that vertical wall directly in front of you. The same place for the foot placement and then you had to push and jump towards the left slightly, while still travelling forwards. If you placed the foot too close to the wall in front you just went outwards and not forwards, if you placed it too far back you don’t cover the distance needed to reach the back wall. It was a nice challenge, that most didn’t want to attempt due to the awkwardness of the movement. It reminded me of a similar one that used to be at Crowne Plaza and there are a few others, that I can’t think of currently. David’s attempts were funny, tripping and nearly bailing when landing just in front of it, unable to commit to landing it.

A kong precision to the left was another movement we were both practising. It was the perfect distance for me, pushing my k2p progression. I felt like I was only just getting it at times, outstretching my legs towards it. I hadn’t got it comfortably yet and at times I did land on my tip toes nearly crunching my ankles in the process. On one attempt I ended up undershooting, bouncing it, falling back, nearly landing with my back on the wall behind me. Which can be seen in my RAW video a bit further below. I want to find more ‘real’ kong precisions of similar distances, that and which also have a a drop between them too, unlike Plaza which is a flowerbed and all same level. David gave it his best attempts, but couldn’t get it. He said it felt too big (that’s what she said). It’s odd as I expected him to nail it like I was…


Adam – Precision.


James, Pete and Holbrook were next to arrive, shortly followed by Phil. Steve was out today too, someone who I hadn’t seen in many years and he had even came out wearing his black Npk [2] t-shirt with bright orange text. The line of bollards (seen above) were getting a workout from everyone, doing various standing and running precisions. Along with some mental challenges for James and Pete in regards to box jumping one after the other. It was good to see everyone helping each other, working out those kinks. Continue reading ‘Beckhampton Road.’

Traffic Love.

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