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27th August, 2016.


I woke up to the noise of heavy rain hitting my window, hearing it stream down the street as my alarm beeped at ten o’clock. I felt like I may just stay at home, because, you know, when it is a rain day it won’t ever be that great for training unless it is able to dry up. Once I was up and slowly getting ready, it had thankfully started to dry up and even the sun was coming out as the clock struck eleven. Still, it was predicted to rain all day, which was putting me off going out. I finished getting ready and headed off a little after half twelve, arriving at Plaza a little before one to find Stef and Eddie already there chatting together. It didn’t seem like anyone else was out, perhaps they rain had put them off?

David arrived and then Edd, Stef and myself went to shops and left him to warm up at Plaza. I was heading over to the t-shirt shop to get some tees done for Eddie. While Stef needed some painkillers for his old man back pains. I bumped into James on my way, who too wanted some t-shirts for an overseas friend, Jeremy. I arrived back at Plaza later on, feeling tired leg wise, it seemed DOMs was kicking in from a previous workout as my hamstrings and calves were feeling it now. I drilled some kong precisions with David, then tried to Kash vault the wall instead after seeing Ben doing it, which felt impossible and only a step through is what I could muster.


Npk – Roadkill Design.


James was disliking k2ps today, for the fact he seemed to lose them whenever he didn’t practise them regularly, which is a fair enough statement. He seemed to be all legs, rather than pushing with arms as he went over the first wall. Stef was nailing them, even with a step out too, which surprised me. I do believe kong precisions are something that you have to constantly practise to keep them to a level. Reece was joining in with the Parkour movements, rather than always tricking, nice one brah! Eddie hadn’t been out that long, received his t-shirts and was now off to book a holiday with his bae. Not that he was whipped at all… I decided to get James to try the smaller kong precision to help aid his technique for the the higher one.

Most people hate the smaller one, due to it being (too) low and you have to crouch down for it, which in turn teaches you to use your arms and chest in conjunction to push up while konging over the wall. Something which many don’t have to do on a more chest level wall, what I mean by that is most will jump, then tap wall and glide over. As well as that, the smaller one is perfect for learning the skip step run up too. Another technical feat, that has to be learned with k2ps. For such a ‘simple’ movement, there are many different components to learn for it. James got the skip step technique nice and was getting the hang of it without much thought, even if he did clip his feet once and went face first over the walls!


Grubby Wall.


Something, which for many would put them off trying it any more. It didn’t seem to faze him and he kept drilling them and then on the other chest height wall, with more tuition and insight from Phil. I wanted to try the double kong again, something I learned and do occasionally, then feel afraid of them after not drilling them for like a year. David was game to try again too, I couldn’t force it and either could David it seemed. Reece did them easily, with a simple tap over than pushing off the first wall. Both of us looked at each other like, how easy did that look?! Continue reading ’27th August, 2016.’


Parkour & GO.


People had made it clear, that it was time for more exploration jams within Nottingham. Some were up for doing just that, this weekend. With Highfields being a desired location, seeing as that was a recent place of training. With that, I created an event for the day. I wasn’t that bothered about meeting people in town first, as that would be a long slog for myself. It was quicker to get there of my own accord, I had put step by step instructions on how to get there via all modes of transport. James felt that was a bit unfair to people that were still unsure, or couldn’t understand the instructions of how to get there. I had covered ALL the possible ways to get there and how, it was up to the others attending to make their own way there and meet up with people on the way if needs be. It’s not like they’re all kids any more and needed a chaperone for a trip…

I was unsure how I was getting there myself now. I had hoped to get a lift from Adam, but he was meeting others in town first now and going via tram earlier than the meet up time. I could have gone via bus, but that would take ages, meaning I would have to be going into and out of town. Another route, which was the more direct and easier way there didn’t have a bus from mine. In the end I did manage to get a lift to QMC, only to find the bridge over the motorway was closed! Since when?! I had to walk the long way around and through the university campus, doing a few jumps on my way to kill the time. The others had bumped into Daniel Bunkle and a few others who were out in Nottingham for the ‘Fearless Jam’ organised by Jack Cobb. Which seemed like it was to be a bit of a shambles, organization wise and I’m not too sure how it would go day wise. Annoyingly it was on the same day, we had chosen to venture.


Highfields © JamesAllenVisuals.


As I arrived at the meet up point, there was no one to be seen. How on earth did this happen? I was a tad later than expected and everyone else should have been there long before I was, due to meeting in town an hour and half before the meet time. The few people who were sat on the grass bank sunning, looked at me oddly while I jumped around on the edge of the tall walls beside the lake, waiting for everyone else to arrive. Derby Tom of all people had arrived first. He always seemed to be out on these adventure days, which I’m sure is only coincidental, but we never seem to see him any other time. The rest of the guys did finally arrive, they were late due to waiting on others in town and had mentioned that Femi wanted them to wait for him too, as he was running late. They obviously didn’t and I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t have either with him ALWAYS being hours later! #blacktime

I was unsure what to practise, instead opting to eat while the others warmed up. Some of the guys at one side were jumping to the steps from a wall, going up a step each time. A tree branch seemed to be hampering them and so I decided to break it down. The tree was dead anyway and it allowed more space to precision to the steps further up. Pete and James said to not destroy the tree and stop, as there was no need and it makes us seem like vandals. I wouldn’t have done it, let alone been able to if the tree was still healthy! Continue reading ‘Parkour & GO.’

Ten Jallenges.



It was meant to be a day of much sun, cold with a wind but sunny nevertheless. That is what the weather forecast had predicted, though like each weekend it is the complete opposite! I woke up early and got ready, I couldn’t wait to be out this weekend for some reason. The last time I was out had left a bitter taste in my mouth [1] but for today I had my passion back for movement. Well, that was until some unexplained, unwanted explosive diarrhoea had come on and left me glued to the fecal splattered toilet seat. Just what I needed before going out… James was feeling a bit injured but was still going to head out. Even though I was running late, had emptied my bowels, I still had stomach ache and wondered if to risk it. I started to feel a bit better and then got a lift to town, which shaved off time waiting for public transport. Everyone was still at Plaza warming up, but it was cold, much colder than I expected it to be.

Micheal was out again this weekend, the same fro-friendly chap that had come along to the blue themed [2] training. I had assumed that he was from Derby, seeing as he used to be out at the same time they were. Yet, he wasn’t from there at all and instead from Burton Upon Trent. He was wearing some Feiyue shoes [3] too. What a brave, brave guy for wearing those while out training. Even though, I went through a phase of liking them for training myself, many years ago and they always seemed to pull the sole of my feet. This led to us talking about shoes and what people prefer to wear while out training. I tried to get warm by moving around and doing some skipping. Phil arrived, he seemed to be in a rather jolly mood for training today, it reminded me of the times gone by when we would always be training together. Minus the silliness and banter, as I’d like to think we have somewhat matured these days.


© James Allen Visuals.

Zade – Portrait.


James arrived, as did others, slowly but surely. I didn’t mind being at Plaza today (I know right?) for once and I was okay with this. Practising kong precisions with Phil, James and the others. Trying to sort out my own technique with them, as they were currently not feeling as good as they should. James was getting them, but he wanted to have them consistently each weekend as well as going through the various ways people did them. I think we confused him a bit when Phil would do them one way, then the rest of us had different ways to generate power and how we did them as a whole. You had two parts to do them on the medium sized wall, each between the shrubs. The left side you had to run along uneven ground, while the right side was close to the diagonal wall overhead. Which you didn’t hit your head on, but it put most off doing it there due to thinking that, that would happen. It was interesting to do on them both sides, trying to get more comfortable with the movement again.

We ended up moving over to IBM. The slabs were still dotted around the area from a previous RAW video (seen below). We used the existing ones for a small run, with everyone giving it a go. Then we created variations to it, like Phil doing a tic tac off the wall and people skipping slabs and spinning while sitting on the wall were all creativity of the run. There were so many possibilities, most found it hard to turn quickly on one slab due to the sharp direction change. It was something which pulled the ol’ legs and groin. It was funnier as the more we tried to be precise, the worse we became. Oh and Pete couldn’t stride them, what the hell? James was busy doing standing cats to the wall, where he has previously done it as a running precision. Perhaps he was preparing for the Audo same level catleap? Continue reading ‘Ten Jallenges.’

Wet and Humid.


James – Portrait.


It wasn’t predicted to rain this weekend, but like any weekend prediction it seemed to be wrong. It absolutely hammered it down with that summer monsoon type rain from eight in the morning, so much so that it even woke me up. I decided to go back and sleep and not bother to go out to train, I woke back up just before twelve. It seems to be my usual routine of late, annoying as I would struggle to make it out of my bed before a training session. The outside world was wet through, it kept raining, most annoyingly. It seemed from the event very few were out, not that I blamed them with the current weather. I decided to leave it too, I didn’t want to go out when the weather was this bad. I was already in a mood, but James remained positive about the day, saying it wouldn’t be that bad or will clear and dry up given time. Adam wanted to train too and said he would give me a lift to town, trying to tempt me to go with him…

I agreed, I would go if it was sunny by the time he was ready to leave. As I got ready the weather had picked up and started to look good and so I confirmed that I would join Adam on the town venture. Only for it to throw it down again as I was about to leave my house. I packed my raincoat and a jumper and felt increasingly less motivated to train. I walked over the field to the Parkour Park to meet Adam, passing the cadets event that was going on at the time, not seeing Radford any where as he said he would be at the event. We arrived in town and made our way to Plaza for two to find only Pete, Will, Holbrook and some other guy training there. I didn’t know why I had come out, I was already bored of being there due to the weather on our way to town. I was feeling tired and so spent most of my time talking and slowly warming up.


Mat – Precision.


While training some kong precisions I tried to get James, Pete and Adam to add a striding or running over the small blue railing before going into the kong precision. Pete didn’t like it at first but soon got used to it and Adam was giving it a go too. This had added great difficulty to James, who got confused, losing all his foot placements¬† once running at the railing to be able to do the kong precision. We had to further break it down for Jallen, saying just stand on the railing first before going for the whole run. While James did it standing before the railing, trying to get used to the skip part which he normally does. Anything other, threw him out of sync and wasn’t as easy as others found it. The hardest part after the rail, was running and making sure not to hit the slanted part of the flooring. I really needed to film today for a new RAW video and got the idea of some movements when I saw Pete, James and Adam were doing running precisions off a wall which was broken and across the road gap. It was a start to my day of filming short clips.

I captured some nice angles for my new RAW and watched as the others did the running jump. Holbrook and Mat did a bigger standing precision jump from the blue railing (as seen above) to the pavement. The running jump had, like many movements bewildered James in the beginning. Running from the curb rather than the wall was proving mentally difficult to commit to the landing, landing short and pulling pout at the last second even though he easily had the height. He went through the stepping, running and jumping off different legs even trying to do it as a box jump to help stick out the legs towards the pavement. He did get it in the end though and it was another movement to be worked on in the future. It was a fun movement, even if on an occasion I landed slightly short, giving myself an ankle breaker. Continue reading ‘Wet and Humid.’

Traffic Love.

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