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The Leicester Parkour Park.


So, for the people that didn’t already know, there was to be a big unveiling to mark the opening of new Parkour Park in Leicester, Bede Park. Ever since the Loughborough Park at Southfields Park had been built (2014) there were talks of one to be built in Leicester in the near future by the same company (Natural Sports) respectively. The main concern was Leicester already had a rather terrible park built many years ago (2010) in Eyres Monsell, so the council might see that the city already has one built, so why another?! I’m not sure if that same park is even widely used or even know about through the community. I remember being surprised when it was first built as I hadn’t heard anything about it and then it had magically appeared.

There was much anticipation for the new park and with Dan Timms and the general Leicester community being behind the design, I’m sure it would turn out great! Over the past weeks and months we were teased with hearsay and then images of the park coming together as it was being built appeared. I’ll be the first to admit, it looked fantastic! More so due to the different levels it had and how everything was close enough to link together movement. Loads better than our own (small) low level, spaced out and linear one in Nottingham. I liked the bright flooring as well, I wanted to visit it now I had seen what it is like. I wasn’t overly bothered in the beginning, but as the event drew closer the hype for a jump was real.



I asked around to see who else was game for going, James wasn’t out for the event as it was the same day as his anniversary, unluckily. A few of the others said they were going to go via train, car or hitching a ride there. I was lucky enough to have Eddie interested about going down, which surprised me. He wanted to go early, leaving early to get back home before peak time as he had to go out himself later. That and David had work as well to be back for later. All in all, it fit perfectly with all our routines, providing we didn’t get stuck in endless traffic on the way back that is. Daniel had asked me if I was going along to the event, as he was and it may be the one chance I get to see him in person again. Seeing as he lived down south and isn’t often if at all up this way, so he would be there not to train as such but for support of the scene and to see some old faces and mingle.

I can’t remember the last time I had seen his vagabond, small, homeless looking self! The last time must have been while he was at Nottingham University, which was many aeons ago, it had to be nearing a decade by now. He used to train semi regular back then [1] as that retro video shows at a time when we made a video together. I would then see him fleetingly at gymnastics, than the outdoor training due to uni. This was all before life had caught up with him and stole him away from training completely, like it does with so many practitioners. I still speak to him regularly online, I just don’t see him in person, what with him being the hermit kind. By the looks of the event, it seems that there were loads of people attending to the opening. Continue reading ‘The Leicester Parkour Park.’


Long & Arduous.

Zade (Me) – Portrait.


It was another weekend and as always, another late start from myself. I was up at eleven but ended up not leaving my house until gone one o’clock. I wasn’t feeling the day if I was honest, even if there seemed to be many out this weekend, if the attendees on the event were anything to go by. My calves were tight and I felt tired, many of my muscle groups had not yet recovered from the weeks workout slaughtering. I mean, my most tired muscles were from Tuesday’s workout session and had been hit again since then, the Friday rest day hadn’t done anything for them in the recovering aspect. I arrived in town and made my way over to Plaza to find Pete, James, Grace, Daniel and Reisse. What the hell? Why wasn’t anyone else out training!? There were so many on the event list, set to be out and yet very few actually out. Adam, Holbrook, Dan and Ben arrived adding to the numbers and the day than begun, as it didn’t seem like any more would be attending.

James had wanted to reinforce his commitment, by doing movements he had previously broke in the weeks gone by and then hoped that these new found accomplishments would be able to be replicated and applied to Castle College running catleap. At the very least to have a look at it, as it had been a while since the last time, was today going to be the day for his biggest achievement?! I spent a bit of time doing the upward precision jump onto the industrial skip as well as filming some movements for my RAW #2 video (seen below). That was the funniest part of the day, trying to film and get a small downward precision, straight into a kong precision. As well as a turn vault underbar movement too. I wasn’t overly inspired to film and so that was the only part of my day I filmed, along with some other basic Npk footage of Max and a few others.



I headed over to IBM where the rest of the guys were training, with James preparing for Castle College by doing running same level catleaps and standing ones. I drilled some of the smaller running precisions and a small run amongst the chains. James fell into the chains at one stage when he had a near miss with a jump and then stepped back, misplacing his footing and fell backwards into the chains. Pete was feeling pretty useless today, as his upper back and lats were pulled and so he was in pain for anything jumping related. Annoying, as he wanted to jump and take part in movements and just couldn’t. I hadn’t taken any photos today, another regret I would have later in the day no doubt. Seeing as James wanted to look at Castle College but we always visited that area near the end of the day, we decided to go there now he was warmed up and see what he thought to it, even if he felt like he needed to spend longer here re-enforcing and warming up further, until he wouldn’t go there at all or be too tired. James seemed to be hesitant about going to Castle College, no doubt worrying that it would be a wasted journey.

Stopping off at the shops first, feeling like he was trying to prolong the agony. I just knew what he would say when we got there, that he didn’t like it, he couldn’t see it and today wasn’t the day! We arrived and instantly James hated it, saying it seemed bigger now we were there than it was in his mind or when he was at home thinking about it. At those times he always felt it was easier to do and smaller, until he was faced with it in person. The same story each and every time we came to the area. Many of us can relate though, even I can with certain movements which elude me. Continue reading ‘Long & Arduous.’

Dizzi’s Derby Birthday Bash.


Dizzi – Shift Merchandise.


This weekend I was attending a big jam in Derby, due to it being Dizzi’s birthday and it had drawn quite the interest on the Facebook event. People from other cities were confirmed to join in on birthday festivities, I don’t think there has been such a big training session in Derby in many years. This was going to be a nice change of scenery for me and a good day of jumping and seeing some of the Derby folk. I hadn’t been to Derby in years, I think the last venture there [1] was sometime  in 2011. I didn’t even know about the event until I was informed by Adam, I was unsure about going at first, but as the numbers on the event increased it seemed like a no brainer. My biggest problem I faced now was getting enough sleep. All week I had been going to sleep at around 4am, my sleep pattern was once again messed up. I had gone to bed just before 1am and yet was still awake at 4am the last time I checked my phone. I woke up at 9am feeling utter rubbish, it felt like I had hay fever, my nose constantly running and then being stuffy and sneezing. I doubted I would be ready in time to get to town and over to Derby wit the rest.

Originally, some of the guys were going to meet at Plaza for 11am before travelling on bus over to Derby. I knew I wouldn’t make that and so decided to go of my own accord, even though it was cheaper ticket wise to go in a bigger group. It was half past ten and somehow I was ready for half eleven and out the house about to get the bus into town. It felt earlier than normal to be heading off at this time compared to the usual one o’clock. Mat and the others were still meeting in town but said they would wait until I arrived before getting the bus. I estimated getting on one around 12pm, plus I highly doubt people would be in Derby until after that, if not later. I got to Vic Centre bus station where Mat, Aide and Luke were but some were missing, they said Daniel and Reece had gone to Primark… Why would they go now, when we were about to go to Derby?! There was a bus already here and rather than wait for them to return we decided to get the bus and be on our way, with a group ticket. Sat at the table on the bus and excited, the adventure had begun and we were on route to the Derby Birthday Bash….


Aiden – Kong Precision.


There was a bit of trolling from Mat and Luke to Reece  on the phone, when they rang them to ask where they were and that they had already left without them. We arrived in Derby before 1pm, it was a quick journey and I knew the others would be arriving via train, if not already there. We made our way over to the Korean Memorial, just as we were doing this Adam rang to see where we were, I said we were just walking to the hotspot now. There were already many people out, it’s the busiest I’ve seen the Korean in a long time and it was set for even more people to arrive later too. There were people stood around, training, flipping and having a laugh. There were so many younger practitioners too, none that I knew personally and had only seen some via videos online. It felt humid and hot like summer, I was already melting and was just in a tee, I said hi to the people I knew and then put my bag down to get warmed up. I wanted to take many photos of today, but with so many out it was hard to know what to shoot and then I wouldn’t get much training in myself if I made that a priority.

James, Phil and the others arrived, I’m surprised we had beat them here in all honesty. Many were doing the small kong precision, doing it as a diving kong, running precision, box jumps and other combination of movements and flips. It was good to see Mat and Aiden nail the kong precision too, it was one of those moves which felt like a proper kong precision, with the slight drop between the walls and the blind run up. There were so many different teams and communities all in one place, we had (Street Media) then you had the newly formed (Shift) guys, (Team Fluidity) from Leicester and the Alfreton (TTE Media) I’m sure there were other smaller lesser known groups here too. It was good to see  so many had come together for the event, I’m so out of touch with the Parkour scene now. I didn’t know half of the groups or people here. I joined in with the kong precisions, and it felt nice to still be able to do them without too much effort. Continue reading ‘Dizzi’s Derby Birthday Bash.’

Sneinton Suburbs.


Ben – Precision.


It was Saturday and I wasn’t sure about going out today, after training yesterday [1] but Adam had tempted me by saying that he would pick me up from the Parkour Park if needs be and that I should come out anyway. Though, I would need to be at the park for half past twelve, I got ready quicker than I normally would and headed over to the park and it was a good job Adam was running late due to traffic as I was only just heading out near the meet up time. The plan was to drive into Sneinton, park up near one of the training areas we would be visited later today. Though I regret the plan after we had to meet everyone at Plaza first… I had forgotten just how long of a walk it is from the other side of town. Most of my muscles were tired and my forearms especially, making it hard to hold my handhold bag as we walked across town. My upper back tightening, the more we walked to compensate for my sore shoulders and other body parts.

The regulars were out and some of the trickers too, who didn’t seem that fond of visiting Sneinton to train for the day, at least at first. We made the long walk back to suburbs, my forearms killed and even having my bag on my shoulder was causing me agony and so I was glad once we arrived at the hotspot. As always with the first area, there was lots of plyometric jumping, the trickers used some of the loose concrete slabs as step ups for flips. While others ventured up to the scaffolding on the side of the flats, vaulting and doing lache cats. More people arrived, with more crazy running precisions happening. I was tempted to get some photos and film, but due to past sessions I felt I had taken more than enough images already of this starting area. We moved to the area slightly up, near the garages practising the catleaps, precisions and other movements, everyone was pretty spread out in different areas doing their own thing.


Daniel – Inward Sideflip.


I mentioned the 180 catleap down and then said it can be done upwards too, which a few disbelieved. I tired it and slipped due to my Ekiden 50’s trainers, luckily I had brought out a brand new pair of old Kalenji Success. I hadn’t used them yet and still being fresh I thought why not, they will give me grip from what I remember. Instantly on wearing them my grip was amazing, sticking to the wall like glue, getting the 180 upwards cat to cat easily. I had forgot, just how good these trainers were and how comfy and padded they were too. It makes me sad wearing them as I don’t have many other pairs left and I will hate for when they finally disintegrate. Some of the shoe glue they were made with had already unstuck and will need re-glue it when I get home. We ventured to a different area of Sneinton, the place with the green rails, we had been there once before in the past [2] and it was nice to return, even if it was a bit of a walk from the first area. On arriving people saw the desolate obstacle area, with not much to do.

People stood and sat in the area, not sure what there was to do. Daniel used a nearby tree (seen above) to trick off, doing inverted moves off. On seeing this, I grabbed my camera to get some shots, while the others explored the area. At one stage we had a rail balance challenge, walking along the whole thing which was around the whole area. David and myself were giving a kong precision a try, Ben got it as did David but I couldn’t get the extra bit of power I needed. As well as the tree being used for flips, the fence was added by some as an obstacle, with some of the guys flipping over it. Mat used the bench as a take off point too, some of the shots I captured were lovely with the sun glare and low angles in the grass blades. Continue reading ‘Sneinton Suburbs.’

Traffic Love.

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