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Portrait City.

The weather this weekend was unpredictable again. I wanted it to be good and yet it seemed like it wouldn’t be for the nearly second month in a row, this made me very sad. It had been so long since I had been out on a Saturday training and with it likely to be raining again, this weekend might be another washout, typically. I woke up at eight,  it was bright with the sun shining brightly, perfect weather for training! To my surprise it remained sunny as I got up and ready. I think the predicted rain had put many off as there didn’t seem to be too many out for the day and I would have been the same had I not woken up early. Adam was set on being out, James seemed to be iffy due to his adductor pull, which had been plaguing him on and off since the Jallenges [1] training session. Even Keaton was set to be out! As time went on, it seemed more people were coming out. I was waiting for Adam to pick me up, though seeing as he was running late I decided to get the bus instead as I was ready to go now.

I got to town just before one o’clock and found David at the Atrium jumping around on his lonesome, waiting for others to arrive. What was more crazy about today was when Jonathan arrived! He was actually out today, he said he might be, but I had heard that many times before without him actually making it out. He said he knew he was going to be out when speaking with me this morning, but wanted it to be a surprise. I can’t even remember the last time he was out to be honest, maybe back in January? Keaton arrived next, though he was wanting to do a spot of Urban exploration later on at the scaffolding field, for a new exploring video of his. What with the success of his most recent video [2] production, which even got featured on various sites and Notts TV too. It wasn’t that long now, until he was enrolled in the Army and wouldn’t be out at all, even though he had started to train more locally at the Parkour park and seemed to be enjoying it in recent months.


Jonathan – Portrait.


We trained at Crowne Plaza for a bit while waiting for others to arrive. My kong precisions were feeling utter rubbish again and my pulled shoulder and neck were affecting me. It was odd to see Keat scared of diving kongs now as he used to have them in the past. It was one of the movements he wanted to reclaim today if nothing else.  After some drills, he did get them back on all the walls, even the lowest one too. James arrived and started to warm up, along with Phil too. As time was getting on I was ready to move and anyone else who hadn’t made it, knew the drill and when they should have met! So any of those late comers would have to find us, time wasters! We moved into the Old Market Square, where Phil spent some time filming time-lapses of the council house while the rest of us watched and did a few movements as we waited, we had bumped and collected Jennings on the way too. I left Phil to it while a few of us headed off to the Lace Market.

I wanted to check out a church on the way which we had trained at long ago, only for it to be open and so it was a no go for today. We walked around to the side of it which had a small area to train on, but it had some junkies there, getting high. It seemed most places today were inaccessible annoyingly. We bumped into Zulu while making our way to the Adam’s Building, looking very dapper in his clothing and hopefully we shall see him again at the Parkour Park in the future, once Summer arrives. Continue reading ‘Portrait City.’


A Cold Winter’s Day.


Front Tuck.


After last weeks really awesome jam, I decided I might attend again this weekend and so I made sure I got ready to venture out into the freezing cold weather in hope of having another great time at training. I arrived at Plaza a bit before two o’clock to find Yaz speaking with Howard and a few others jumping and flipping around the area. What was more bizarre is Howard’s choice of being out in only a t-shirt and shivering to death, admitting he was stoned most of the night and the morning and so he didn’t really think about how to come out to training because he had seen the sun shining and thought that meant it was going to be a warm day, which it wasn’t and soon enough he pointed out he isn’t used to such cold climates being from Hong Kong.

Most of the regular Trent Parkour guys weren’t out training, it wasn’t long until everyone was wanting to head over to Saint Ann’s to train and look for new places to train at. We followed suit and walked to Vic Centre where the rest of the guys wanted decided to train on the roof there before setting off. Jp stayed with the new guys and then we made our way over into Snienton to train while the others continued their roof top antics. It was so cold to move around and so cold it was hard to take photos of people training as it felt like my hands were about to fall off at any given moment. I took a few shots and got some really nice ones of Jp doing a running upwards crane and Yaz doing catleap on the same wall while the sun beamed down on him.


Jp – Running Crane.


Phil was going to be late due to getting a ‘haircut’ and so was on his way to us. I took some artistic shots of the creeper in the area, Zain’s trainers while he stood on the wall facing the sun. I also tried to get my external flash to work but had no idea why it wouldn’t work and flash while taking photos. Zain and Yaz trolled me saying I am obviously not that good of a photographer – if I have no idea how to work it. It wasn’t until getting home that I realized I wasn’t allowed to have the screen of the camera open and instead had to do everything through the viewfinder for the flash to work as I wanted. Continue reading ‘A Cold Winter’s Day.’

Traffic Love.

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