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Npk – Creating Movement t-shirt.

This is the thirteenth Nottingham Parkour [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] t-shirt to be created. I hadn’t realised how much time had passed since the last Jumpin’ one was created, which was back in 2012. I wanted to have a new t-shirt design, something fresh now I was back out training after a few nightmare years of being unable to. I also wanted something with more of a general apparel to it and what better way, than to create something summery. At least that was the concept for this next shirt, I had no idea how I would portray that on a design though. So it was to be a long and slow process over the next few months of creating it.

I had the blueprints for the Npk letters on the left, which I had used within the slant design, as well as using it on the corner of recent Nottingham Parkour videos. I have always enjoyed the simplicity of that logo. So I started from there with the design, creating a mirror of the letters, keeping them slanted and finally added a slight boarder too. Then I created the block white and the tag line ‘creating movement’. Then I added the three lines above the NPK. The rest of the design came together very slowly, lots of experimenting with things, doing a bit, then coming back to it at a later date. There was lots of having the design open on Photoshop and just staring endlessly at the screen with not much being altered, wondering if I would ever be happy and finish it.


Creating Movement Design.


Now, obviously the buildings were a given to represent Parkour, like many t-shirts have these days. You may notice they aren’t Nottingham’s skyline, which I would have used if they was half decent like other countries out there. What else could I use that represents Nottingham famously instead? The plant vines and general shrubbery added a nice feel to the design and then allowed me to start to add other things like other summer-eske things; rain clouds, the moon, birds, butterflies, drinks, palm trees and all the other small fiddly details. I always liked the idea of a heartbeat rhythm line as an idea to represent something which changes as we train due to adrenaline, fear etc. However, the original heartbeat didn’t fit with the design, so I turned it upside down looked and worked better. There are some four leaf clovers in the design too, meaning we make our own luck.

Believe it or not the tic tac cat silhouette came near the end of designing, when I felt it needed a Parkour movement to be thrown in there to give it the pk stamp on the design. The Pok√©ball was an extra and last minute thing due to Pok√©monGO being so popular this year. I think this t-shirt is pretty complex in many ways, not as bad as the Roadkill design as that had lots of fiddly bits in it. But, in the sense of it being well thought out and having lots to the acctual design in look and meaning. I’m really pleased with how it looks in person after being printed, more than I was expecting and I hope in time it will become a new community favourite. Below are some images of the design on a navy, purple and azure blue t-shirt.




Sun, Shades & Silliness.


To say I was hyped about today, was more than an understatement. It seemed that many were in attendance this week, even some old school members like Eddie, Steff, Luke and even Adrian! Chris was out too along with his sister and I’m sure more once we were out training. It was looking very promising indeed. I had woke up to a very warm day, and it was meant to only be hotter later in the day too. I dread to think how hot it would be, once we were out there in the urban jungle jumping around. It currently felt like walking out in a different country due to the heat that hit you, after leaving the house. There were lots of police around town today, due to a EDL march that was happening within the Market Square and thankfully nowhere near where we would be training today.

I arrived in town at exactly 1pm, making my way to Plaza to find the guys there training and waiting for others to arrive. There was also a new guy called Patryk, a small, dread locked Polish guy. He introduced himself and carried on training, he had some really nice movements, which some might call the European style. Much as many of the foreigners have, linking all their movements together into a singular run. Slowly the trickle of people to the jam increased, meanwhile I headed off to collect my new creating movement t-shirt design I had got printed. A design I had worked on for a while, liked but was unsure how it would look in real life and how popular it would be compared to the others. I was also collecting some for the other guys too and when I arrived back the group it had increase in numbers drastically. Even Kezza was out, now there was a miracle in itself.


Water Bottle.


Today was a good day, I felt strong, my movements felt good and yet I was feeling so tired leg wise too. How that made any sense I have no idea as it wasn’t like I had worked them in previous days. Seeing as we hadn’t seen some of the older generation of practitioner, there was much catching up and trolling. More so to Eddie, I must apologise for the amount of gay and sexual innuendos that accured. The first joke happened was when he said something about grasping a thick pole, then later, when we were speaking about having a pulled ass, we all instantly looked at Edd. Luke was finished with training, before he had even begun when he did a cork and had hurt his ankle, becoming a fully fledged poke-trainer for the rest of the day. It seemed everyone was rather indecisive, when it came where we should move to next…

In the end we all moved across the road to the Atrium, ugh is the feeling that comes to mind as technically it’s still a similar area to Plaza. Zain arrived late, and wasn’t taken away by the masses of EDL while he made his way through town. He said he hadn’t seen any of that but there was some carnival thing going on in Leicester as he made his way over. While the guys remained training at Atrium, David and myself moved up to Houses area to train, only to find various cars park in the way and the place open. So then we moved over to High Pavement where some were already there tricking. We both drilled the downwards precision, which in the past has felt big and too scary to do. It felt quite easy to do today, even though I had twinged my back for the second time today.


Npk – Creating Movement Design.


The rest of the group had joined us, with many doing running strides across the pebbles to a grate, which made a massive amount of noise when they hit it and then off there to cat a further wall. It was a fun run, David had it nice as did the others, if only I had filmed them! Steff ended up jarring his back while doing one of the strides, already adding to his bad back of late. Eddie was finished, he was feeling tired and the burn from being unfit. Adrian wasn’t feeling as bad as he expected, even if he felt massively unfit too. People briefly moved over to Orange Walls, which had yet more flipping happening. Continue reading ‘Sun, Shades & Silliness.’

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