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Rain Warriors.


I could hear the heavy Summer rain hitting against my window as I was rudely woke from my sleep just before seven. I thought to myself, isn’t that typical?! It seems like I won’t be going out later today and with that, I drifted back off to slumberland. I was woken a second time by the same monsoon. It sounded like the rain may never stop, even though there was promise of jungle like humidity later in the day when we trained. I finally got up at around ten and decided I would slowly get ready for training as the rain was meant to stop by the time we met, though that was looking unlikely as time went on. It seemed that most were against coming out today, even the weekly regulars! And who could blame them with the current weather! There was no James this weekend since he was away, due to that fact I had expected it to be great weather, as it usually was when he wasn’t free to be out with us.

In the end I decided against going out, the weather hadn’t and no doubt wouldn’t pick up for training. Adam seemed to be annoyed and still wanted to train, even if the current weather was terrible. He said he was going to meet up with Ben and get a jumping session in. I was tempted earlier, but now had decided not to, plus it didn’t seem like many were out, if anyone apart from them. At around one, it had started to dry up with the pavements drying too, not to mention the sun had even started to come out as well! I changed my mind and carried on getting ready in a rush to get to Plaza for two. I arrived to find just Ben there in his waterproof gear. Where the hell was Adam?! He left long before me and I had beat him there. Femi was running on black time as he always did, he had only just got up, seen the rain and instantly said he wasn’t feeling it, even though town was now sunny and dry. Will arrived, who had the same idea as me due to the weather change, followed by Adam.




We practised a precision jump to a curb, instead of using a wall as a take off. We took off from a slopped wall which felt horrible, but it was a new challenge. Femi text and said he would be coming out after all, and for us to wait until he arrived… I really didn’t want to be waiting for him, time was already getting on. It would be past three, maybe even four at this rate before he arrived! I text back and said if he didn’t hurry, we could be anywhere, even places he hasn’t seen before and so he should make haste! We spent some time at IBM while we waited. I quite liked a precision Will was doing, down to wall in front of the railing surrounding the area. Adam was filming a few movements and filmed Luka doing a roll on and off a wall, which can be seen in the image above. I really liked the look and feel of that image. I didn’t expect him to even attempt that and it looked really nice when he did as well.

Femi arrived and just in time, we were growing tired of IBM and were ready to move on and only had remained due to Fem. He wanted to stay a bit longer, so he could warm up before we move and I we all agreed. It was just as well, as it provided me with some new images to the norm when I took some shots (one seen below) with Femi in shot watching Will as he did a kong over the outer railing. I must remember to experiment more with these type of shots in the future, as it adds a nice dimension to them. While Will was jumping around, he had inadvertently put his hand on a ladybird which prompted me to get some photos of them. Anyone that follows my blog, may remember on occasions I have taken images of lady bugs Continue reading ‘Rain Warriors.’


The Start of Something Beautiful.




So from this day onwards, I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 600D!!!! I am really pleased with the purchase and have been contemplating getting a new camera on and off for the past few years but never got round to getting one ordered. I happy to say I finally had the money and got round to it this year, plucked up the courage and took the plunge to buy one. The hardest part about it all was pressing the confirm button after putting it in my basket online. For some it may be a simple click without a care in the world about parting with money. For me though, I had to be sure it was the right thing to be doing as I didn’t want to changing my mind or having to upgrade at a later date. The camera arrived early this morning, much earlier than the date it was estimated to arrive. Since then I have been playing around with it to see what the image quality is like and getting used to all the buttons and settings. Being injured, I have plenty of time on my hands for taking photos.

I know it will take me a long time to grow into the 600D and get fully used to all the various settings it has. I expect when technology has advanced even further than it already has in another decade or so, I may opt for a newer model and upgrade. With that in mind I didn’t want to buy something which was in the thousands range and so chose something below that quota and is why I have the model I have now. I found it under my target budget and so it allowed for me to buy accessories for the camera, which I might need as spares like memory cards and batteries. With these included I was still well within budget and very happy about it. I could keep waiting for the price to drop even further, though that is an endless process and what is the point as sooner or later you will have to buy it.

I can’t wait to start collecting some great images for the rest of this year. It’s going to be the start of something beautiful. I love photography and this is one of the reasons I wanted to buy a decent DSLR camera. After all, my old one I’ve had since 2004 (Fujifilm FinePix S7000). As you can image, I have long surpassed the capabilities of that model. I mean don’t get me wrong,it was a great camera while I had it and worked well for me until I out grew it. I doubt I’ll be using it as a second camera for shoots. It shall forever be gathering dust in my attic as my first camera, which I shall no doubt come across in many years to come and be able to reminisce.

I have taken some test photos with the camera of the cats, as they make perfect subjects seeing as they never sit still which puts me in good stead for learning how to take movement shots for Parkour. The few shots I did take were mainly of Mojo, a beautiful gray haired cat. I am astounded by the quality of the photos, shooting in RAW. They really did blow me away, even though I’m struggling to get to grips with it all. I love the depth of field the camera gives to the subject I’m shooting and how things stand out in general with the quality of the lens. I think the photos of Mojo really stand out because he has dark fur and as he was sleeping on a white chair it emphasises this.

I took some more test shots of the other cats to see how they look and work. I’ve never been one for indoor photography so it’s a steep learning curve for me. I even have some external flashes which I should use for shots as and when I get time. It may help produce some professional looking shots. I do love the results of the few shots I did take, which are displayed below for you all to see. I know they could be even better with the right know how and in the future I might revisit this post and see how much I have advanced with my photography knowledge and skills.


Mojo – Sleepy Eyed.


Mojo – Extreme Close Up.






Smudge’s Collar


Smudge Being Fussed.


Smudge Watching.




Ruby Ruu.




Ruby Peeking Through The Blinds.






A Video Realization.

So I decided to check my camcorder to see the footage which I had got from Sunday’s amazing session… now bear in mind since about January I have filmed little bits here and there and thinking I’ll leave it until I have more before looking through my camera and putting together a video.

By this time I had totally forgot how much I had collected over this time period and may I say its lots! So today I have captured it all on to my HD ready for editing in Premiere Pro when I have time :D

Going through it all back dating is a real eye opener and brings back so many memories at the same time. I have laughed at half the stuff I have captured in video form.

So over the next coming weeks some videos shall appear for all to watch I just hope I can edit them in a different way to the norm that I usually do. The angles are different and not so like me so it should be fun at least to see.

I have really been enjoying my training and filming as of late, It’s great to train with new and old faces as well as seeing the new idea’s out there from the newer ones to training.

I hope this feeling lasts more then usual. I have times much like in a relationship where I love and hate Pk it comes and goes but is always there at the end of the day and the love never diminishes.

Below is a picture of a clip in Premiere and so is just a taster of what I am up to, A day well utilized for video capturing.


Pile on.


#5 – Winter Training & A Digital SLR Camera.


The end of an era as I ditch the film camera and join the modern world with a digital SLR camera (Fujifilm FinePix S7000) being the camera of choice after I wanted to get into photography properly. My camera was meant to have been a Christmas present but I had been allowed to have it early after much persuasion. I said to my mum that I needed to test it to see if it works and that it is the what I wanted. I have been trying to work out all the complex settings, I doubt if I will ever figure it all out! Still it feels great to take photos and not have to go and get the film developed. It takes really good pictures compared to what I am used to using. It’s a shame about the weather being so dark and gloomy all the time as it really does blur my shots and hamper the quality of the photos. Perhaps there is an answer to that by me pressing some button or changing a setting, still I have no idea on that front and perhaps I should try reading the instructional manual!

I took it out training with me and met up at the Royal Concert Hall at the usual time of 11am, Sick Ed had arrived after gymnastics and we began to train and test out my new camera. Magua had also bought a compact digital camera and wanted to take photos too. Mike started with a few flips and then some running Tic Tac’s on the Concert Hall walls before we moved over to Gray Walls area to train. At Gray Walls I was busy taking photos, the day was bitterly cold. though and my fingers were going numb the longer I was stood around taking photos. I wanted to show Mike that I had learnt how to wallspin after only learning it a few days ago and telling Mike who was in disbelief to my claims. I found a slanted tree and prepared for the move, jumping up, touching the tree with my hands positioned on it while arching my body to the side when my feet left the ground. It felt odd, but I knew if I could do it on this slanted tree I’d be able to do it anywhere. I hadn’t even tried it on any other object apart from a wooden flat fence I had learnt it on while landing on a unused mattress, never mind landing on grass or concrete.


A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words


Mike asked to see me do one, I thought well it’s now or never and ran towards the tree with my heart in my mouth and the adrenaline pumping through my veins, not knowing what the outcome would be. I stomped on the ground and jumped off my feet while placing my hands together on the tree simultaneously feeling my body turn over my hands and I let go with one hand to allow my feet to come back down, executing the wallspin perfectly just like I had visualized in my mind. Everyone clapped, went crazy and came over to congratulate me. Mike was amazed I had taught myself this move and also wanted to learn them too. I went over to a perfectly vertical tree, hoping to replicate what I had just done on the slanted tree, to my delight I did and it felt just as great as the one before. All I needed was some photos of the movement. Mike got hyped up and decided to try one on the slanted tree and asked how to do one. He gave it a few attempts falling on the floor but understanding how it was done, he said he would practice it at gymnastics next time and then he should be able to do them outside after.

I had learnt the wallspin a couple of nights before by putting a unused mattress on the floor next to a wooden flat fence in David’s garden. Since first seeing the move on video I wanted to learn it and spent an hour jumping off the springy mattress from running and standing throwing myself at the fence, looking like a car had just hit me. I would land on my side, ass and even my head at times, it was funny to see me and David trying to get them. Continue reading ‘#5 – Winter Training & A Digital SLR Camera.’

Traffic Love.

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