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Rain Warriors.


I could hear the heavy Summer rain hitting against my window as I was rudely woke from my sleep just before seven. I thought to myself, isn’t that typical?! It seems like I won’t be going out later today and with that, I drifted back off to slumberland. I was woken a second time by the same monsoon. It sounded like the rain may never stop, even though there was promise of jungle like humidity later in the day when we trained. I finally got up at around ten and decided I would slowly get ready for training as the rain was meant to stop by the time we met, though that was looking unlikely as time went on. It seemed that most were against coming out today, even the weekly regulars! And who could blame them with the current weather! There was no James this weekend since he was away, due to that fact I had expected it to be great weather, as it usually was when he wasn’t free to be out with us.

In the end I decided against going out, the weather hadn’t and no doubt wouldn’t pick up for training. Adam seemed to be annoyed and still wanted to train, even if the current weather was terrible. He said he was going to meet up with Ben and get a jumping session in. I was tempted earlier, but now had decided not to, plus it didn’t seem like many were out, if anyone apart from them. At around one, it had started to dry up with the pavements drying too, not to mention the sun had even started to come out as well! I changed my mind and carried on getting ready in a rush to get to Plaza for two. I arrived to find just Ben there in his waterproof gear. Where the hell was Adam?! He left long before me and I had beat him there. Femi was running on black time as he always did, he had only just got up, seen the rain and instantly said he wasn’t feeling it, even though town was now sunny and dry. Will arrived, who had the same idea as me due to the weather change, followed by Adam.




We practised a precision jump to a curb, instead of using a wall as a take off. We took off from a slopped wall which felt horrible, but it was a new challenge. Femi text and said he would be coming out after all, and for us to wait until he arrived… I really didn’t want to be waiting for him, time was already getting on. It would be past three, maybe even four at this rate before he arrived! I text back and said if he didn’t hurry, we could be anywhere, even places he hasn’t seen before and so he should make haste! We spent some time at IBM while we waited. I quite liked a precision Will was doing, down to wall in front of the railing surrounding the area. Adam was filming a few movements and filmed Luka doing a roll on and off a wall, which can be seen in the image above. I really liked the look and feel of that image. I didn’t expect him to even attempt that and it looked really nice when he did as well.

Femi arrived and just in time, we were growing tired of IBM and were ready to move on and only had remained due to Fem. He wanted to stay a bit longer, so he could warm up before we move and I we all agreed. It was just as well, as it provided me with some new images to the norm when I took some shots (one seen below) with Femi in shot watching Will as he did a kong over the outer railing. I must remember to experiment more with these type of shots in the future, as it adds a nice dimension to them. While Will was jumping around, he had inadvertently put his hand on a ladybird which prompted me to get some photos of them. Anyone that follows my blog, may remember on occasions I have taken images of lady bugs Continue reading ‘Rain Warriors.’


Portrait City.

The weather this weekend was unpredictable again. I wanted it to be good and yet it seemed like it wouldn’t be for the nearly second month in a row, this made me very sad. It had been so long since I had been out on a Saturday training and with it likely to be raining again, this weekend might be another washout, typically. I woke up at eight,  it was bright with the sun shining brightly, perfect weather for training! To my surprise it remained sunny as I got up and ready. I think the predicted rain had put many off as there didn’t seem to be too many out for the day and I would have been the same had I not woken up early. Adam was set on being out, James seemed to be iffy due to his adductor pull, which had been plaguing him on and off since the Jallenges [1] training session. Even Keaton was set to be out! As time went on, it seemed more people were coming out. I was waiting for Adam to pick me up, though seeing as he was running late I decided to get the bus instead as I was ready to go now.

I got to town just before one o’clock and found David at the Atrium jumping around on his lonesome, waiting for others to arrive. What was more crazy about today was when Jonathan arrived! He was actually out today, he said he might be, but I had heard that many times before without him actually making it out. He said he knew he was going to be out when speaking with me this morning, but wanted it to be a surprise. I can’t even remember the last time he was out to be honest, maybe back in January? Keaton arrived next, though he was wanting to do a spot of Urban exploration later on at the scaffolding field, for a new exploring video of his. What with the success of his most recent video [2] production, which even got featured on various sites and Notts TV too. It wasn’t that long now, until he was enrolled in the Army and wouldn’t be out at all, even though he had started to train more locally at the Parkour park and seemed to be enjoying it in recent months.


Jonathan – Portrait.


We trained at Crowne Plaza for a bit while waiting for others to arrive. My kong precisions were feeling utter rubbish again and my pulled shoulder and neck were affecting me. It was odd to see Keat scared of diving kongs now as he used to have them in the past. It was one of the movements he wanted to reclaim today if nothing else.  After some drills, he did get them back on all the walls, even the lowest one too. James arrived and started to warm up, along with Phil too. As time was getting on I was ready to move and anyone else who hadn’t made it, knew the drill and when they should have met! So any of those late comers would have to find us, time wasters! We moved into the Old Market Square, where Phil spent some time filming time-lapses of the council house while the rest of us watched and did a few movements as we waited, we had bumped and collected Jennings on the way too. I left Phil to it while a few of us headed off to the Lace Market.

I wanted to check out a church on the way which we had trained at long ago, only for it to be open and so it was a no go for today. We walked around to the side of it which had a small area to train on, but it had some junkies there, getting high. It seemed most places today were inaccessible annoyingly. We bumped into Zulu while making our way to the Adam’s Building, looking very dapper in his clothing and hopefully we shall see him again at the Parkour Park in the future, once Summer arrives. Continue reading ‘Portrait City.’

The Three Hour Commitment.


Zade (Me) - Muscle Up.

Zade (Me) – Muscle Up.


With some unpredicted rainy weather, it seemed that many were not venturing out today. I don’t blame them either, I’m exactly the same when I wake up and see a sodden, rainy concrete jungle with more dark clouds on the horizon. It may have been only ten o’clock but the weather was terrible, wet through and still pouring down with rain that instantly dampened my mood for training. I logged in online to see what others were going to do, in regards to the weather and to no surprise, it seemed no one was going out… Fair play to the ones who did (do) still go out on the rainy conditions, even if it is just to be a Plaza session. I once would have done the exact same thing, with the thrill of training rain or shine but as the years have passed that passion has since faded along with the hunger and drive. I prefer to be at the safe sanctum of home, in the dry and await a warmer, more predictable day. Where a more favourable outcome of warm sun rays and dryness would unveil to me when I pull back the curtains of my man cave. Phil wasn’t out today due to him tweaking his ankle earlier in the week and wanted to rest up. Of course that had a sort of domino effect, along with the weather of other people making plans to not be out either.

Pete wasn’t out either and with so many not wanting to train the elements, even James decided not to go out, as reluctant as he was of not getting out for his weekly mobility for the elderly. It was strange to see a session at the weekend to be such a washout. As time went by it began to get warmer and slowly that tempestuous, bright sun revealed itself, enticing those who had not already been out time training to perhaps now make there way into town… Even I thought, I’ll go out for a few hours! Even though I was late, very late. I left at half past two to hopefully get to town for three. I rang Mat to find out where people were at, he said they were at Orange walls. I made my way there to find a few of them (Mat, Adam, Alex and Jack) sat around not really doing much and was informed the rest of the people out were still over at Plaza. It was then a U-turn to make our way over to Plaza to find that James had come out after all. Femi was out, along with Ant too. Much to my surprise even the foreign rapscallion Denis was there, if in jeans. He had said he would be out when I asked before I was leaving myself, but I didn’t believe him, not until I saw him in person with my own two eyes.


James & Adam – Portrait.


My upper back was pulled, how I have no idea. I felt it go while carrying my bag on my way to Orange Walls, since then it hurt and felt tight. What a great start to the day, it’s the worse possible pain if it pulls severely and one that last for weeks and I have to ride it out until it passes, trying not to aggravate it through workouts. Now it was drying, the next area to venture to was High Pavement, unlike most times we visited the area and people would stand around and want to move on due to hating the area. Something remarkable happened, today people actually enjoyed it! They were jumping around and finding things to do. The focus for me today was the main catleap, which looked insanely far now. Maybe my weak legs couldn’t handle it jumping wise, maybe I’m just not back to the same stage I used to be or it was just THAT far?! Either way, it was depressing to no longer see what to me, used to feel like a small and easy jump to do. The humidity was starting to rise, layers came off as it felt more like spring was finally here. I suggested a striding move to one of the walls then vault over a wall onto the pebbles, but it was too hard to even try for me at least. While Femi and Denis nailed it after giving it a few attempts. Denis even did a few flips, though he had said he wasn’t out to train…

Always the one to be tempted by things. James was working on running precisions I joined him and so did Ant. Well, that was until Ant was quick to point out that it looked like the wall we were landing on was moving and unstable. Only when he did it himself, did it rock and then we decided against jumping to it any more for fear of making it topple over. Ant was amazed that he used to do the main catleap, much like myself as now he said its seems mental. That and it’s hard to know how far he could jump these days and is one of the reasons he wasn’t sure if to do it, even if he wanted too. I kept looking at it, it didn’t feel possible but I wanted to do it again, to prove to myself I could. Why is the outdoor world so scary?! Perhaps I would twinge my ankle, maybe wouldn’t make the distance, so many things went rushing through my head. Continue reading ‘The Three Hour Commitment.’

Traffic Love.

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