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May Fourteenth.

I woke up at ten, I was still really tired even though I had, had a long night of sleep. More than I am used to these days. I had the previous night been editing a Parkour park video. A long overdue project of mine, which I might add had been in production since, last year?! I never got around to editing the video after acquiring all the footage, but now I had made a start trimming all the clips where on the timeline came to twenty minutes. It’s no wonder I had left it so long! I was feeling groggy and unsure about being out, though it was a lovely sunny day. I started to make a move and was ready before 12pm, deciding to go out earlier than the 1pm and got to town with David. When we arrived there was no one else out early, unusual. Not even Mat who always claimed to be out from ten or earlier…

We trained at Plaza until others arrived there for the usual meet up time of one, maybe even later. It seemed I now had rubbish kong precisions. I was going towards the landing wall, as in only landing on it and servilely crouched. I seemed to be using all my legs for the jump rather than pushing with my arms as well, it was deeply disappointing and I couldn’t seem to change the technique. I moved over at the Atrium I couldn’t do or get the distance for a precision jump across some slate due to the height, drop or just a general fear. Man, what a day it was becoming… I text James telling him that I was already out and where the hell was he? He thought at the time, that I was Phil and then text him back instead of myself. We moved over to IBM and then slowly but surely people starting to arrive in small trickles.


Max – Tic Tac Precision.


I found the running precision from one of the walls near the end to the railing easier than I did before, finally something which I did retain! The standing precision also felt good to do. Today, Jallen wasn’t feeling things either, as he didn’t do the running precision which he had really good the last few times. It seemed I wasn’t the only one suffering an off day. Adam arrived, he wanted to do movements but felt rubbish and fearful of jumps for some reason too. The day claiming yet another Nottingham practitioner. For some reason (first in a long time) a plastic policeman asked for us to move on due to it being private property. Yet, we never (normally) get moved on and it seemed like it was going to be one of those days as he had no understanding, leniency nor did it seem like he wanted to either.

We ended up moving over to Auditorium, a place which people seemed to dislike today. Once we got into the training groove after warming up, we found movements to practise. It was feeling a good day now as there were a few new challenges I hadn’t seen or tried before. The guys were box jumping up onto a wall which increased in height. There was vaulting over a railing (seen below) with different vaults to a wall, before vaulting off. A few did it as a running clear the rail to the wall before vaulting off, seen in the first portrait images. I filmed a few clips for my new RAW video and collected a few clips of the guys training as well. Zain had arrived, after texting me earlier to stay there until he had arrived. He was the same person who pointed out trying to do a tic tac precision off this metal plant pot. It looked horrible and like it might be slippery, much like a spoon was Zain’s analogy of the movement.


Aiden – Kong.


It wasn’t that bad when you applied the right pressure to the metal, if the angle was wrong it did cause you to slip, which a few experienced. On landing it felt right to add palm spin. I do like how some of the shots of that movement came out, even if Max was pulling some silly faces during. Another late comer was Frankie, asking where we were all located. To which I text him back ‘FU, be on time and then you would know…‘ Which I think went down great, I did of course tell him our location after that. Continue reading ‘May Fourteenth.’


Raw #3

The third video of the RAW series. I had filmed most of this video during the end of last weeks training [1] session, remarkably. I wasn’t planning to film two separate videos on that day, but I did want to keep on top of weekly releases and get footage saved for future releases. While training at Audo, it was only when most had left for home that I felt motivated to begin filming. So, while James and Adam spent their time talking and cooling down I trained in the background filming small clips for my video. I was already very fatigued by this point, but the motivation for a new RAW video had reinvigorated me. The hardest movement was the slight upwards kong precision. I had done it multiple times before I set my camera up, only to find each attempt I did while filming felt and looked terrible, with me failing it more than landing the move. I felt like I had completely forgotten the technique and movement all together, questioning how to do it due to how many times I had previously done it. It’s most annoying when that happens with a movement and you brain fart.



The main difference with this video to the others I have made, is the small intro from the scrap clips of the day I had used as an intro. Checking the concrete slab was in tact, as it looked like it might move when using it. The failed tic tac precision I wanted to film, but at the time couldn’t get it due to lack of energy and tired legs. Then the running catleap from the railing, another movement I could usually do with ease, just not when I was overly wiped out. I quite liked some of the angles I chose today. Like the same level catleap and the pop swing, lazy vault movement and how close and out of focus it was. The latter move was something I had only recently learned, but it looked really nice on camera. I didn’t capture many movements but felt it was still enough for a short video nevertheless. Orange is the new black, no, not the TV show. But my clothing choice and the area I was training in does also relate to those same colours. Roll on the next RAW video…


Wall Scalers.


Wall Shimmying.

© James Allen – Wall Shimmying.


Today had all the makings to be that of a great jam, people new and old to training were attending. Some older generation practitioners in the form of Ant, Ash and Nick, who hadn’t trained for many years had got the Parkour bug and decided to come to this weeks training session. It was going to be great to see them, with their old school ways of training being added to flavour the mix. I doubt they will know any of the newer generation of practitioner though, nor the current style of training. Well, at least that was how I envisioned training to be, until I woke up late! It was fine though, I still got ready as after all it was a beautiful, sunny day and nothing was going to stop me from training… Until a random stomach bug hit me soon after I had ate. What the hell?! How and why had this happened, why now of all times? I needed to go out training! Ain’t nobody got time for that… Stuck at home, on the toilet, unable to move as my bowels expelled my body constantly, spattering the bowl while others were out enjoying the day. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed by this unfortunate event!

When I hadn’t appeared at the training session, some of the older generation guys were messaging me online, asking where I was. I explained it was looking unlikely that I was going to make it out today. I had to also  guide Nick to the others who were at Plaza as he thought everyone still met at the Concert Hall like all those years ago and wondered why no one was there yet. To say I was unable to get out, people were still baiting me to come out and join them, saying it was a lame excuse to say I felt unwell due to my stomach bug. Why would I make up an excuse not to come out when I had planned to be? Perhaps I should have sent a photo of what I had spawned in the toilet bowel to give them an idea of how bad it really was! After two hours, it would seem my stomach had fully evacuated it’s complete contents and my fever was ripe. I was now starving, so it must have meant I was on the mend, but I daren’t ingest any more food before going out in case of starting the cycle all over again. Still unsure and in two minds, I got ready and ventured out, making my way to town.


Nick – Climbing.


I arriving to find Plaza loitered with masses of people out. It was great to be reunited with Ant, the now muscle mountain. Nick was hardly recognisable with his massive beard. Abdur was out this weekend too, along with Brigitte, Liv and many others. Even David was here as well! It seems people were wanting to move and not to be stuck at Plaza all day, with such a huge number of people it was time to take a trip over to Auditorium. The group felt a bit fractioned as some chose to stay at Plaza and Atrium while the ones who wanted to move made their way over to Audo. It was a change to see Mr Drellington out this weekend with his friend Alex, as he was very rarely out, if ever. Spending many a days sleeping due to his messed up sleeping pattern, university, partying and so forth. He was busy filming a small video from the day [1] and so would randomly be pushing his camera in front of everyone from time to time. The old generation instantly went to do the Audo challenge, shimmying along the window ledges using just the underhand grip, burning the forearms in the process.

While some practised it above the ledge, reaching each window ledge and wall as they went. This got people interested and more gave it a go, with most struggling on the longer, further reach. You had to really do the splits, or learn as far over as possible before letting go and falling to the other wall and grabbing it. It was almost as horrendous as the plaque shimmying, which require immense finger strength to do and get past it. Drell was doing the main Audo precision but in reverse so it was upwards, with his giant hops, crazy to see! Continue reading ‘Wall Scalers.’

#128 – Zade & Ant Weekday Adventure.


Like most training sessions, they are held at the weekends and very occasionally, in the week, but usually the evenings. However, this session was to be a Tuesday afternoon as I wanted to train and seeing as Ant was available he said he would be out. He was wanting to get more training done in Nottingham, as it had more areas to train. Ant is apart of the Kirkby Parkour group that comes to train with us. He has been to a few of the weekend training sessions and even though I have trained with him and the others of the group, I don’t properly know Ant all that well. He is in many ways, much like David in the respects of being quiet and gets on with training. He does talk, but usually when spoke to and he is also good at what he can do (movement wise) and is quite strong, like an Ox too. I hear he is meant to have a giant dong like one too, if you believe what the guys tell you…

It was an unusual pairing, no one else was free and so it was going to be an interesting training session. We met and then headed over to the NCP car park for the start of our training session, another not so usual route. I had already trained UN (Urine Nation) way too much, but as for the upper floor, not so much and there were a few things I wanted to practise. We had picked a fine day to train, while we were at the top of the car park it looked as if it may rain. The clouds in the distance were so dark as you can see in many of the images. Practising a dyno (double tap) as some of us called them back then, too and from the railing ledges. Increasing the distance with each lower rung, trying to get it from the furthest point. It felt near impossible not to kick the leg out behind you to readjust the momentum of the dyno, which I didn’t like the look of and wanted to stop it happening.


Ant – Kong.


I captured some images of Ant doing kong vaults (one seen above) over the nearby wall. Ant flew over the slightly higher than normal wall so easily. As well as being higher, it was thicker too. So you had to be able to kong well as it wasn’t like being able to vault a thin railing. I was quite envious, as he would skip step into the kong as well, which made it look even nicer. I tried to learn and mimic how he did the skip step, but it felt so unnatural and impossible to do myself. I instead would always double foot punch kong over those walls, as I knew that would give me the height I needed to clear them. I do try to skip step kong, but with how mentally challenging it is and plays on your mind about the run up, I gave up for now. We did some kong drops over the higher wall, though neither one of us rolled out of them. Something we should both be doing from that impact, but Ant couldn’t roll and hadn’t yet learnt how to…

I just didn’t like to roll, as like with many people it was something which hurt the shoulder or hip. I guess being skinny didn’t help this matter, so if I did roll I preferred to be wearing my hoodie. I really hoped it wouldn’t rain as then our day would be  limited to where we could go and not to mention it will have been a wasted trip for Ant. It did start to spit with rain and we hoped it would pass as we made our way over to the Auditorium hotspot. I was doing a fairly big precision jump (seen below) and I was quite pleased with such a jump. Continue reading ‘#128 – Zade & Ant Weekday Adventure.’

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