Rock Bottom.


It looked as if it was going to be another great weekend of training, though that had quickly changed when many had bailed due to possible rain, then it didn’t. I don’t blame them, the weather hadn’t been the best in previous times. Kezza said he was definitely out, he says that most weekends though. As predicted, he soon changed his mind just before I left, when he said he had gone out and it was raining in Hucknall so wouldn’t be out, along with other random bullshit… Funny, because I’m sure he said he was a 100% out as it was his last before he went on holiday. Classic, flaky Kezza! I found it strange to arrive at Plaza to find no one there, only James who was arriving at the same time as myself. Thankfully, followed by Ben, Adam, Phil and then Pete arrived to bulk up the training party, even if there was much talk about (ugh) Pokemon GO while warming up their mouths rather than their bodies…

Next people had moved over to the Atrium area and I complained about how boring it was there and that we never move to other places these days. Phil and James said go over and train at Plaza then! So to their surprise, that is exactly what I did with Adam joining me who too wanted to train there for once. It wasn’t long before David arrived, then we drilled some kong precisions before we decided to move elsewhere. We ended up taking a long walk to a park not too far from the Arboretum and a grave yard (Portland Park) though it had started to spot with rain as we arrived! It seemed like the day might get worse, luckily the rain did pass. I had already grown tired of the area, as most of the things I had wanted to do I had achieved on previous visits.




David and myself looked at a kong precision from one of the barriers that surrounded the area, a metal rail which wasn’t too nice a grip as the top was a square, not round. The landing was onto a small wooden wall, I gave it a go and surprisingly, the run up wasn’t too bad even with the high curb before you vaulted the fence. Yet, I still fell short landing it. David got his toes curled on the wood and then landed on it! The more I tried through grit, I got closer and then kept bouncing it but couldn’t get enough distance to land on it, no matter how much I tried and filmed it too. Another thing which made it even worse was when I watched David do it, as smooth as it was, was when he grabbed the rail, as he would place his whole palm on the top of the rail, with the possibility of them sliding over! It didn’t half make me cringe and shudder as I preferred to grab the wall to ensure I didn’t slip.

A bin precision was the next thing to be trained, after being pointed out by others wanting to do it. It seemed once one person had done it, everyone else followed suit… Well, apart from James who was having problems with it. Feeling the frustration of not being able to take off for the jump whether it be mentally or physically which held him back. We gave various advice to try and trick his mind and body into letting him do it. There were lots of moans and excuses about the jump and how it was impossible to do. Adam got the courage and did it too after, and it looked really nice when he did, even if he did bounce it all the time unlike James. Pete then broke through the mental barrier as well and then finally James too! I was so pleased for him and he even did a victory dance which Phil had filmed.


James – Precision.


I’ll admit, I didn’t expect Adam to do the jump. Nor did I expect James to at all, if I am totally honest! Pete was feeling the bane of training, having been absent for a while. Everything was more of a mental barrier to him now and things which were easy in the past felt massive. There was lots of banter and trolling, when we could hear a small child crying. James was quick to add ‘is that Adam crying?’ because James had got the jump they had both battled with and after the abuse he had gotten from us and the worse out of Adam… Who blames me for brining the worse out of him! The banter and trolling soon came back for second round with James later on when we all ran along the rocks and did a running rock precision near the end of the sequence. James wanted to do it, but couldn’t force the jump, the run up put him off and he wasn’t feeling it and quick to push it aside.

Holbrook arrived and then there was a nice practise of a tic tac precision off the same rocks as earlier thanks to Phil. He said very loudly that it was nice of him to point out movements and then everyone else does them and even films and adds them to their videos. He said I will no doubt film it and put it in a Zade RAW one, that was if I could even get it! It was very humid and then it was half naked time, Phil trolled me saying it was bright enough with the sun without my pale ass body on show too. There was a missed photo opportunity while we all ate various fruits like banana’s. Zain stuck a feather in a poo to stop people from stepping in it… Then we played on the slide, doing a kong to slide down it. When Zain slid down the slide with his arms in the air like a theme park ride he was enjoying.


Adam – Portrait.


James was trying his new nemesis, the running rock precision he had tossed aside earlier due to not feeling it. It felt impossible for him to get the stepping up and onto the rock right, even feel it at all. He could bounce the precision from standing, yet running eluded him which made no sense to the rest of us!? No matter how much we tried to help his mindset change, it was in vain. As always, it felt like a day of bullying him to do a movement well within his reach, just mentally challenging him. It felt worse with all the advice and people getting frustrated with each lack of commitment to even try the jump, even just once to get a feel for it or say no, but at least he would have tried then. I had filmed various attempts of him trying, in hope that he would spur him to get it while on camera!

It didn’t help and it felt this was ‘another’ nemesis which won’t ever be achieved.  Later that night when speaking with Adam, I did say maybe I should make a video of all his fails for James to see and maybe that will help motivate him to get the move?! I said it could also be too harsh, but Adam dared me and said I wouldn’t, no matter how funny it would be. So the troll style video was made (seen below)… Which didn’t go down well for myself. In retrospect it is quite harsh, be your own judge. Not to my knowledge but within the next couple of days James went to the same spot to train by himself, in hope of breaking the jump after a few attempts but instead spent hours unable to break it, pounding his body with impacts for hours to no avail with a retaliation video which he so wanted to film and instead destroyed his body and mind.



Next we hit the Forest, popping into Sainsbury’s on the way. There was a sort of festival on, not too sure of what and why, but there were plenty of people and music blearing out. We had travelled to the furthest place and we were all too tired to jump and utilize it. Somehow motivation and more training was done though, like another move from Phil, a dyno to the roof of the building from the hand rail of the steps below. The hardest part of that was the going back down to the rail from the roof, after the big stretch upwards. Zain could still do the kong precision, that one still amazes me as you have to go over the the soil and it is just horrible one to do. Holbrook was busy filming a run for a video, then myself and Pete filmed one too after being inspired by his run.

My legs were feeling done for and this is when people were drilling running box jumps, and various standing ones too. Damn you people! One revelation was the catleap to the roof which James didn’t like at first, but then nailed it after some fine tuning. The day had resulted in play fighting with Zain and Holbrook doing the old ‘one more’ while filming his run, which was more like a few dozen more and it was most tiring to watch him do them over and over again! It had been a nice day of jumping and low body intensity. We need to start exploring more again in the future, as the best days seem to be when we randomly come across new places or even train non regular areas.


Adam – Precision.


Adam – Precision.


James – Precision.


James – Precision.


James – Precision.



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