Raw #11

After the Good Friday training [1] I decided to edit the footage from that training session. This is my eleventh in the Zade RAW video series. In retrospect I hadn’t filmed nearly as much as I had expected to, nor had planned too. But, I made do with what little clips I had filmed and mixed together the edit seen below. If I had filmed everything I wanted, I think I would have been  overwhelmed with footage and choices, making it a much longer raw video than normal.



If you haven’t already checked out Carlton, it is well worth the trip and I advise you go and train there. There are plenty of movements to be done, within such a small area it has lots to offer. The video really doesn’t do it justice. Near the end of the video you can see of the dancing on walls skill near the Sneinton windmill I mentioned in my previous blog post. Not exactly a long digest of the video, it was a pretty quick and simple one to edit.



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