White Courage.


For the first time this year, I’ve managed to have a proper training session in town. With the exception of the couple of times [1] [2] when I’ve been in the city and it had rained or been an unproductive session. Strangely enough, the Npk event this weekend had drawn very few people to it and it seemed it might be a quiet one. Odd, maybe people would turn up on the day or perhaps they were all too busy to attend? It didn’t help when on the day it was overcast with possible rain. It was quite cold too and I hoped it wouldn’t be another weekend washout. I was already feeling unmotivated thanks to the weather, by body was tired and I was contemplating not going out at all, if it didn’t improve closer to the time. Adam was just about awake, he had stayed up the entire night binge watching all of Daredevil season two. Seriously man, what happened to pacing with the show?! I had watched a couple of episodes, but I like to watch them steadily over a few weeks rather than all in one go.

Adam was going to be ready to pick me up at 12.30pm, earlier than I had expected and then I had to rush around to get ready in time and text David to see if he wanted to meet us for a lift too. It seemed many weren’t bothering on being out today, when I asked messaged people individually online! To draw some interest to the event I created a post saying stating we should train some other areas which were Plaza and so we weren’t Plaza bitches, like so many weekends of training seemed to be, at least when I had been out of late. I think the bait had well and truly been taken by James who was quick to state that he was amazed I was going to be out today, what with it not being ‘perfect’ weather conditions in my eyes. He said he didn’t mind travelling at all, providing we got to train and didn’t spend all day on our feet walking to and from locations with very little or limiting movements to be done…


David – Portrait.


I arrived at the Parkour park just as Adam was driving into the car park. David and myself hopped in the car and we made our way to town, hoping for a none Plaza day of training and for the weather to pick up and not rain us off. We made the long walk from the Forest Recreational Ground all the way to the Crowne Plaza where we were greeted by James, Frankie and a new guy.  It was odd not to see more people out. I warmed up and today I didn’t dislike Plaza. I enjoyed the brief time we spent there, which might surprise James to hear! Practising diving kongs between and in some cases through the spike bushes, which at first were scary due to them invading the landing wall. That and I hadn’t done a diving kong in so long. I then practised some kong precisions with David and I felt like they were getting back on track to how they used to be. Must be all the leg workouts finally paying off, as I felt the technique was more legged based this weekend than pushing off the wall with the upper body.

We had the pleasure of having Ryan out this weekend. I hadn’t seen him out in many, many years! So it was good to see him out, within the scene again. He had did some really nice kong precisions, with a floaty like technique which I didn’t expect. Perhaps all that trampoline practice has helped him with his Parkour skills? He asked what I meant by him being floaty, unsure if it was a positive or a negative thing. I explained it was a compliment and people that are floaty (usually) have nice looking movements when they jump and can do jumps easily. James was busy testing his newly brought GoPro, which looked ace when he filmed a pop climb up run. There was much sexual trolling while James filmed though, with various noises being shouted in the background while he filmed. The same happened when Frankie was climbing too. Speaking of which, we were both looking at a dyno from the wall, holding in the brickwork wall with our fingertips before launching off and grabbing the the top of the wall.


David – Catleap.


I assured Frankie, who was unable to do the movement himself that it was because I am the master of fingering, walls. Which he was quick to add, get those fingertips in all those holes. Femi was just stood there, amazed that it could be done at all. He didn’t attempt it himself, and said his sausage fingers wouldn’t even fit in the brickwork. I think those sexual puns were perhaps not the best timed, as and when I turned around I saw there was a dad and child watching what we were doing… Not that we noticed them at the time and they carried on walking slowly, off watching what the others were doing. Our next area of choice was to be High Pavement. It looked like it may just be a few of us going, as the rest seemed to be glued to Plaza and the Atrium as usual. When I arrived at high Pavement, everything looked so big and far away distance wise. It was most disappointing! I do hate when things look further than they used to, as if you have gone back two steps with training…

I did the running catleap after David, not really feeling it and it didn’t half hurt my hands and cut them too. My hands felt and looked really dry, with the walls being so sharp it shredded them on impact. Once the rest had arrived it was a, what do we do feeling? High Pavement, at times can be quite the dismal spot, more so when everything is overgrown or you cannot see past the initial big catleap and precision. There was a diagonal catleap, which I didn’t overly like the look of, nor had I seen it before. James wanted me to go first before he would contemplate it. David practised it too and then so did Fletcher with James not feeling it. Having a block due to it being a running movement. He would do it standing which made it easier and within his comfort zone and so running would in theory make it even easier to execute. He wasn’t the only one though, Pete too was suffering the same feeling, for almost everything in the area. Having not been out for so long, everything was feeling scary, far and hard to commit too, a far cry to how he was this time last year.


James – Running Catleap.


I did the running cat off either foot to show James that, that wasn’t a factor to really think about. All he had to do was let the body take over, it’s not like he couldn’t cat it and he had great splat cat technique. The hardest part about the jump was if you were trying to do it as a box jump, which felt more awkward due to all the odd angles. I had to bite my tongue with James as I didn’t want to feel as if I was bullying him into doing it, that and with him not attempting the movement. It was fast becoming a mental block like the Castle College [3] had been in the past. Before I left them to sort out their mental demons, Adam had said something to James and ran and did the cat! Showing James how not to ‘be a pussy‘ with the move and to JUST DO IT! Once he had landed it, he walked off  head held high, chest sticking out. Somehow, that arrogance and banter must have got James seething because without thinking or hesitation and his usual ‘go signal’ he ran and did the jump right after Adam! There was a grand gesture of in your face Adam, ‘I’ve done it now, you happy?!’ It was great to see that happen, not to mention funny too. That is what Parkour is all about though, at times you just have to take that leap, have faith in your own abilities.

Trying not to over analyse movements and in some cases have a person that you train with regular as your move enabler, to help you get pumped and motivated to do that movement. The running cat wasn’t half as bad as James had built up in his mind and he was able to do it numerous times afterwards as the photo (above) and others below show. He said he sort of felt the main running catleap was unlocking, as if it felt more possible and closer. We all eagerly wanted him to try it, at least to do a test jump towards the wall to see how he felt, was today going to be the day?! Sadly, it wasn’t to be (today) once all the adrenaline had worn off, much to Adam’s disappointment. Frankie was aiming for the running precision rather than cat, that crazy jumping guy. I mentioned a tic tac cat off the tree when I saw some of the guys were doing a tic tac off it. I remember when Denis first did it as a tic tac cat and a tic tac precision in the past. It has always looked horrible and for of it being slippery too. Yet, David seemed to be up for the challenge. I’ve liked the concept of it, but have never tried it, nor will I ever…


Femi – Webster.


David nailed it first try, much to my dismay and with James and the others insisting I should do it, as I’d get it easily as well. David was my enabler for the day, I now felt the pressure of having to do it, I wanted to do it, but I didn’t like it! Dammit, he had one up on me. I ran towards it exclaiming how much I hated it as I pushed off the tree and landing in cat, it felt better than I had anticipated. My abs were feeling pulled and it hurt to hang in a catleap position. I wasn’t even aware they had been that worked. We moved down to the orange walls which wasn’t the most brilliant of choices. Very few things were done and we were waiting for James and Pete who had stayed at some skip training?! We slowly walked to a place near a library, where I took a few photos of Femi (one seen above) doing a webster off a log. Much to the annoyance of Adam and the others who wanted to move and train at a place with Parkour and so they ventured off to the shops instead before meeting us at the agreed park across from Arboretum as the next area of choice.

Myself and Femi popped over into the grave yard as a cut through, while Fletcher went the long way around. I thought it was a brilliant idea and a quicker way, only to get stuck once we were the other side due to the wall being so high, with no way to pop vault up and over. I managed to use one of the fence walls and hoist up from near a dead hang before climbing over, much to Femi’s surprise who opted to try and pop vault up and over. We arrived at the park to find that no one had arrived yet. Where was Fletcher? He had vanished, I hope he hadn’t got lost as it wasn’t hard to find the park. I tried calling people,  just as I did, James arrived with the rest of the guys. Most looked at the park in contempt, like there wasn’t much to do, but that soon changed once everyone started to jump around. The wooden structure, was all covered in some black like creosote treatment, which made the logs now look black and smelt really odd too. Though this same concoction made them grip to the trainers like super glue for some reason!



I have always found so much to do at this park, so many variations of precision jumps between the rocks, rails and wooden logs. Ranging from all heights and distances. With a few of the awkward jumps, which were at strange angles or landing on harsh surfaces. Femi was quick to add the reason I could do them was due to white courage, erm…?! That is like saying the reason he could jump so far is due to black hops! I also learn that Fem, prefers jumps to be linear, anything other and he finds them difficult to commit too. There was a kong precision on the log structure which looked horrible and boy did it feel like it while giving it an attempt, but it was there for the taking. Femi, David and myself were fighting to claim it first. As soon as I got it Femi felt obliged to get it too and then was followed by David as well. This led to us doing other runs with different linking movements as well. I wanted to do a rail kong precision to a wall one as well, but it seemed way too far for me to do, it was a railing of all things too.

I had been filming for my new RAW video, which can be seen above. Collecting various footage from the day, which you will see some of the movements mentioned earlier while at High Pavement within it. We were practising a running rock precision (seen in the video still below) two rocks of a set distance, which could be done as a standing or running precision, depending on your skill level and jumping distance. Running felt more fluid and flowed nicely as you ran along the other rocks before gliding in the air. The standing precision was harder, but there for the people that had the range. Adam enjoyed doing it running as did the others, we even bullied Pete into doing it. James wanted this jump too but couldn’t force it. It was a mental block, due to him not being able to standing precision it without splatting it and so he was somehow blocked and the body wouldn’t allow him to achieve it running unless he could standing precision it. Yet, he had done the likes of the IBM running precision at a height and other further jumps than this one.



He spent ages looking at it, doing it as a standing jump, splatting and bouncing off the rock. Just as with the running jump, he could have it with that little bit more force or commitment. he kept running towards the other rock, landing short not able to commit on take off, pounding the grass each time, slowly destroying himself each jump. We all tried to help coax him into breaking the jump with different set ups and words of wisdom, but it just wasn’t there for him today. It was another possible Nemesis and a sad day for James, who had to leave this jump for another time, as much as it pained him too. Like we said you either attempt it with a full effort, get it, get close or then leave it. Don’t keep doing the same thing, failing and tiring yourself out, you have to know when to give up or things aren’t there. The efficiency of training as such. I finally felt like I was coming along in my own training, back to how I used to be in 2011 near or less. Enjoying being out, progressing little by little. Adam was on form today, it was like he hadn’t even been injured, coming back strong. I must admit walking home was painful, sitting on the sofa hurt and adjusting my position was much the same for my tired abdominals and legs.

I must admit the James video above was from some footage I had filmed from the day and I contemplated making a video, not to belittle James, but to motivate him to get it next time and to see what he was doing wrong. I was egged on by Adam, who no doubt thought I wouldn’t make the said video. At the time I really thought James was going to do the jump, like he had after Adam at High Pavement. Adam helped with the idea of the mission failed part of the video, I did before posting say to him I felt bad and to maybe leave it… But, once again I was dared too and I didn’t (at the time) think it was too bad of a video. I didn’t expect so much Facebook comment interaction when posted to James wall though. With many stating let the troll wars begin and that it was harsh. I must congratulate James though as he had a breakthrough with High Pavement earlier in the day and maybe in the future the running rock precision will be broken too, or it may linger for as long as Castle College did, time will tell…


James – Catleap.


David – Running Catleap.


Femi – Webster.


Warning Sign.


Warning Sign.


James – Running Catleap.


David – Portrait.



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