Leg death & High Flyers.

Andy – Sideflip.


It was day four of leg death for myself. Sunday was a hardcore training session, with Monday being a leg workout day of death. Followed by a Tuesday evening of training with Ben and Wednesday was another hardcore session. No rest for the wicked! Speaking of Tuesday’s training session, it was good to be out with Ben and seeing him able to move around again, excited to train. He was able to do small jumps, loving every moment of it. After his spinal surgery non the less. My legs were in absolute bits and the fact I wasn’t in bed until gone 4am didn’t help matters in the slightest. I woke up at 12pm, ready to train and oddly enough I wasn’t feeling that tired body wise as expected either. I arrived to find David and Andy already there jumping and flipping around the park. Andy was a last minute decision, wanting to train and due to that I thought I would go out.

After a few movements my abdominals and legs were already feeling tired, I guess I hadn’t recovered as much as I had thought I had. It was going to be a light session of movement in that case. I did many, many tic tac strides and stride based movement, not the best for tired legs. So much for a light session, my legs were getting more tired by the minute. One run we were practising (which I hated) I might add, was a running stride across the green stumps, straight into the running upward precision. Andy had it so easily, but I was too scared to commit to it and felt my run up was wrong, no matter how much I tired. It was really frustrating, as I could do it with little run up, without the striding first, but the angle and small amount of steps made it horrible. David got it though, craning it and then finally landing it much to my frustration. So it was bitter sweet when I got him to try the tic tac precision (seen below) off the wall to the brown stump which he found difficult and still couldn’t do.


Zade (Me) – Tic Tac Precision.


He was struggling to grasp the touch tap off the wall for the tic tac. If you tried to do it like a normal tic tac, the foot due to the angle would slide down the wall. I did a few static muscle ups today, which felt better as I would usually swing when I did them but today it was pretty much from static. David had lost his though, what!? How was that possible, he was doing lots of them the previous times we were out. Today he struggled to get above the bar and they just didn’t happen. Adam arrived, late and didn’t seem that motivated to train. I think he just wanted to be out for the sake of being out, but he was desperate to vault, move and do everything as normal before his arm injury. at the same time he didn’t want to hurt his arm in the process if he did. He became more active as the session went on, still able to jump as far as he could before, if not a bit further. He did a few kong vaults as well, great success even if they slightly hurt to bend his wrist, it was great to see him doing moves.

I was destroyed and was thinking about calling it a day… Only for Sark to say he would be arriving at around 5.30! It felt so long to wait until then as it was only half past three. I spent my time taking photos of Andy doing side flips off the frame and mainly vegetating in the shade, away from the heat. David too was going to call it a day, being tired and he kept failing movements which he didn’t normally. It felt like an eternity waiting for Ben… Ben arrived, later than the time he said and he was in his suit as he had come from work. The park was picking up again now and starting to be swarmed with kids. Sark had to change his clothes and borrowed some of Adam’s clothing before doing some jumping. I had waited for him to arrive, but now Adam had someone else to train with it was time I was leaving.


Andy – Sideflip.


Andy – Sideflip.


David – Portrait.


Andy – Sideflip.


Andy – Sideflip.


David – Portrait.



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