I had an odd nights sleep, well a lack of sleep due to going to bed so late. Yet, amazingly I was awake before 8am. I couldn’t get back to sleep anyway, as the cats kept crawling under the duvet to cuddle and keep warm. If you have a cat, some of them like to do that. Which may seem strange to many, but it’s very soothing as they purr, contented and it soon puts you back to sleep whether you’re tired or not. Due to that exact reason I ended up nodding off again until 11am. I felt really tired and still didn’t get up as I lolled there, awake and then before I knew it was twelve. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother with town and instead spent all my time sleeping the day away instead, after all it wasn’t even sunny like the forecast predicted yesterday. I still wanted to get out and train, a few were confirmed on the event and I got ready quick time and left for town at around 1pm. I bumped into the guys as they were coming down the road from Rock City, a good job too or I would have missed them had I gone any other way to Plaza. They were heading to the new spot (Shakespeare Street) as we called it then and so I followed the masses.

There were quite a few out today: James, Diogo! Pete, Phil, George! Femi, Max, Mat, Aiden and a couple of others too. As we were arriving into the area, we walked past some of the security who then crossed the road, no doubt patrolling and then they went into one of the buildings. So we expected to be moved off pretty quickly as we warmed up. It was quite a cold day again, I was in many layers of tops and my hands were freezing. It felt of late, that I was always training the Shakespeare Street spot, at least the last few times I had been in town to train that is. It wasn’t a bad thing though, as there was plenty to do there (though James may have disagreed, at the time). As well as being cold, I felt tired due to lack of proper sleep. My legs felt tight as I started jumping around, my power just wasn’t there. Phil and the other guys were trying to get James to do a precision from a bench, then box jump afterwards to a wall. It was something which he didn’t like the feel of, but it was most certainly there for him to achieve and well within his capabilities…


Ben – Running Precision.


It was something he had to get his head around, though would it be something he would achieve before we got moved on?! I was feeling more warmed up after doing various running precisions and felt quite floaty and like I had gained more power in my legs now I was more limber. I joined Mat and Aiden who were doing a running precision into a box jump, I know right Mat training, quite the spectacle! I was quite surprised Mat did it, as I don’t really see him training. It was a nice move and had everyone lined up, trying it as a group. Even James came and gave it a go, though he clipped his foot on trying to clear the first wall and nearly came a cropper. Great to see everyone trying, and nailing the move. Then it was time to get Aiden to do more running precision moves. I go him to go for the running one from the road and over the flower bed which myself and Adam had done previously. He managed that one easily too, which I didn’t expect and was quite shocked. Then Mat saw it and wanted to try it too, oho! Do I feel some sort of competitive edge between them both?!

People were doing there own jumps and movements, Ben and Femi were doing a further running precision and George was giving it a try too, while James was still haunted by committing to that precision, box jump. Coached by Phil, Pete, Diogo and the others who had done it previously. James isn’t rubbish by any means, he could do it standing easily, but adding in the box jump before threw him off. He couldn’t commit to the take off, as it was just a bit further than he would like comfort wise as a box jump, or it was a mental barrier which stopped him. Some of us suffer more with these problems than others, and I guess it’s more frustrating when we can see they can get movements, but that block doesn’t allow them too. Tom called to see where everyone was, as none of us were at Plaza. Much to the trolling of James, telling him we were there, only over the other side of the wall and Tom believing such a thing. It was a chore to try and navigate him to where we were. He did manage to find us in the end, a few of the guys pointed out security was coming and then it was time to move.


Ben – Portrait.


The security guy spoke to James and said he felt that we were breaking the benches in the area with all the jumping to and from them. I didn’t think he was being serious and he soon lightened up when more of us spoke to him and about the area and with that we moved off to our next location. Some stopped at an area not to far from the one we left, but many of us were uneasy in case security came back and there wasn’t overly much to do there for a bigger group. While others went to Tesco for food supplies. We ending up making our way over to the black rails that we used to use during the Hell Nights circuit back in the day. What fun that was and at times, muscle death it used to be, trudging to and from that area in the cold, dark nights. We practised some small runs over the railings, landing on a fallen over barrier. Side vaults into hip catches and vaulting over, even kong precisions to box jump up to the railing were some of the movement being done. We then ended up being moved on by the hotel staff, which was odd for that area as we never usually get told to move, if ever. Even with that said, we moved up to the Auditorium.

It was now feeling really cold! Being in a massive, open space only made it worse. The session slowly went downhill as time went on in the training aspect and cooling down. I captured a lovely image of Max (seen below) when he climbed atop of a building and the moon adds to make it look like some sort of werewolf howling scene. Pete, Phil and James were talking for hours while the rest of us were trying to keep desperately warm and not give in to not training. As always while out, there is lots of banter and that is usually between Femi and George as and when they are both out together. It’s quite funny to watch and hear what is being said. I joined them with a game they were playing, stealth like landings. Seeing who could land the lightest from a step, then moving up one each time to increase the impact and distance of the jump. I did a few jumps and landed silently, unlike George and then he was quick to add Soz David Belle! Due to me sticking the landing while making next to no noise. Femi mentioned he found it impossible to land silent and always hurt him when landing as the shock went through his ankles and knees than absorbing it via his quads.


Max – Portrait.


It was feeling too cold to train much more, at least for me. Femi and George were ready to call it a day and go to train elsewhere before the light totally faded. The group got smaller as people headed off for home, the darkness set in and for a time I got sucked into the conversation the guys were having. I was so cold that I curled up on the wall in a ball, in all my coats and spoke with Ben. I wanted to leave but at the same time I didn’t either, but I wasn’t going to get anything more productive done it would seem. I actually felt like it might be colder in my house than it was outdoors. It was James 5th year Parkour anniversary today too, which I wasn’t aware of and he has been training a long time in the world of Parkour.

It’s mad to think how long it has been around since the Jump London [1] and Jump Britain days to how crazily the movement has evolved since that time. James photos from the day can be seen [2] though like myself, there are very few images from the freezing day of training. It had been an okay day, not the best, not the worse but it left me with a bitter taste in my mouth for my own training. After this session I really felt like not bothering with training at the weekends, perhaps it was just the winter blues talking, but it had me thinking whether I should or would come back out training with the Npk community…


James - Portrait.

James – Portrait.


Today I jumped and did Parkour. The day was very cold, I was very cold! I jumped and jumped, my legs hurt, they hurt more and more, yet I jumped some more. We walked and walked, I sat and sat a while longer. I spoke, we talked, we laughed, it got dark, so very dark! I was cold, ever so cold. Coldness spread through my layers, my face an icicle. I went home. Today was not the most productive day!


Ben – Running Precision.


Ben – Running Precision.



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