Raw #8

Yet, another RAW video is released. There hasn’t been much weekend training from me of late, due to the fact it always seems to be raining on a Saturday, more so then Sunday. Seeing as Saturday is the main day of the community training session, it always seems to be a washout and then brightens up for Sunday. With this in mind, I opt instead to train on Sunday but at the Parkour park. While being out there, I don’t tend to take any photos or film things. I just practise and train hard, with the additional banter that goes with training. I do hope to be back out training town soon, as it feels like forever since I was last out there jumping around. I wonder if it will feel any different when I do, being inactive town training wise.



I called the video Dull Grays, due to that is what the day of filming was like [1] with the overcast clouds and looking like it might rain. Which in fact it did when I was filming at the park. I was wearing my gray t-shirt so that was another reason for the title. I remember on the day, as you will have read in the blog link above. I felt quite down about being out, until later in the day when I started moving more and filming for this video. I included a little intro in this video and merged some of the Parkour park footage into it as well to bulk out the video, due to not having that many clips from the training session. Hopefully next time I shall have a jam write up rather than another RAW video to share…



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