Raw #3

The third video of the RAW series. I had filmed most of this video during the end of last weeks training [1] session, remarkably. I wasn’t planning to film two separate videos on that day, but I did want to keep on top of weekly releases and get footage saved for future releases. While training at Audo, it was only when most had left for home that I felt motivated to begin filming. So, while James and Adam spent their time talking and cooling down I trained in the background filming small clips for my video. I was already very fatigued by this point, but the motivation for a new RAW video had reinvigorated me. The hardest movement was the slight upwards kong precision. I had done it multiple times before I set my camera up, only to find each attempt I did while filming felt and looked terrible, with me failing it more than landing the move. I felt like I had completely forgotten the technique and movement all together, questioning how to do it due to how many times I had previously done it. It’s most annoying when that happens with a movement and you brain fart.



The main difference with this video to the others I have made, is the small intro from the scrap clips of the day I had used as an intro. Checking the concrete slab was in tact, as it looked like it might move when using it. The failed tic tac precision I wanted to film, but at the time couldn’t get it due to lack of energy and tired legs. Then the running catleap from the railing, another movement I could usually do with ease, just not when I was overly wiped out. I quite liked some of the angles I chose today. Like the same level catleap and the pop swing, lazy vault movement and how close and out of focus it was. The latter move was something I had only recently learned, but it looked really nice on camera. I didn’t capture many movements but felt it was still enough for a short video nevertheless. Orange is the new black, no, not the TV show. But my clothing choice and the area I was training in does also relate to those same colours. Roll on the next RAW video…



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