Raw #2

This is the second video in recent weeks of my RAW video series. After the success of my first [1], I decided to film a second video, not that I filmed much during the Saturday training session as I was too busy with my photography instead. Below is a little run I was practising on the day. Training on a giant industrial skip near the IBM hotspot.  Some weeks will be better than others for the series. I have no time limit on how long the RAW videos have to be, nor any set movements. I just film what is being done on any given day. The said sequence proved to be quite the challenge while editing, with how many times I wanted to repeat a movement. I was tweaking between edited clusters to find the best even though as a whole it seemed repetitive. It was good to make another video and get it out there, I would have liked better lighting and weather conditions as well as some colour grading. Alas, all that takes more time and effort than I am willing to put into a video so small…



As you can see, less is more. Where simplicity rules over, overly technical technique. I had a small (simple) technical mishap while setting up the camera, hence the slight motion blurred footage, which didn’t help me in liking it. The main challenge of the  movements were getting everything to be smooth to the best of my abilities. At times I wouldn’t kong hard enough or land short. I did film multiple versions of the precision into turn vault underbar, but they all came out painfully slow and looked awkward. Compared to how I was doing it before I was filmed them, classic when you want something though. I decided to wear my caramel t-shirt that I hardly (if ever) wear, it looked okay I guess. I still hate wearing and seeing myself in light gray joggers, compared to my regular black ones. First World Parkour Problems and all that…


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