Turmoil and Tribulation.


Holbrook – Running Precision.


After a somewhat stressful week of doom and gloom due to one of my cats being quite ill, it was good to get out and train to help lighten my mood. I was feeling unsure about going out at first, due to the weather being overcast and looking like it might rain. Not exactly the heatwave and clear skies they had predicted on the days leading up to the weekend. I thought about leaving it, as a dull day wasn’t the best for images or training in general. Jack called me from Adam’s phone, which confused the shit out of me at first. He asked when I would out, as they were to both already out early. I headed out for just before half one, only to miss the bus as I got to the bottom of my street. Annoying as no one was at the bus stop to get it to stop, the next bus would get me into town for 2pm. When I arrived, people were still training at Crowne Plaza, it seemed like it would be another day spent training there. It instantly dampened my mood, making me wonder why had I even bothered to come out training at all, if that would be the only location we trained at, while it was dry and looked like the sun may come out…

It didn’t help matters when people moved over to the Atrium and IBM spots either, lets just say I was hating those training choices. I mean, I was already feeling low, but this left me thinking no more, please. I just wanted to move to different places, anywhere but the regular spots, I guess the next area would be Audo. To my joy it wasn’t and it seemed like people were open to train somewhere different, like Bilbie Walk which was mentioned. Oh wow, this was a surprise and exciting, perhaps this would inspire me to train now we were going to fresh land. Even though it wasn’t a new area, it still felt fresh to be there. Dom was doing box jumps over the bike railings and then did precision jumps along the railings, skipping one out each time. It reminded me of a previous jam [1] when Holbrook and Jp were doing the same jumps and a precision from the black railing to the silver bike rail, which Dom was wanting to commit too. Holbrook was doing an insane running precision to the steps railing (seen above) into a running barrel vault over the next railing just out of shot of the sign.


James – Precision.


I captured a few images of this run he was doing, they came out perfectly and thankfully the sun which had come out now. The sun adding to the the shot, as well as me getting the warning sign in the edge of shot too. The jump has some crazy distance for a running rail precision, I can’t even imagine the mentality for that or committing to such a movement. On one of the landings, Holbrook had even uprooted the rail a bit from the impact and force of the jump, so it now wobbled a bit. While he set up his camera to film it, we had seen a security van in the background, about to pull up. It was now all or nothing for the last shot before we would no doubt be moved off, even if Holbrook still wasn’t happy with his run. The security bloke was nice enough and said they have to act when called, and is why we had to leave. But we are welcome to come back in an hour or two, once his shift is over. It seemed they were patrolling all over the university area, so best not to train those areas and we ended up moving down to Flats area instead.

Some of us stopped off at a diagonal upwards precision (seen above) to practise. Holbrook was busy doing some nice tic tac 180 precision flow with a flip off the wall and wanted to involve the tree somehow too. The upward precision is one I have never liked, nor have done as an actual precision jump. Always opting to do it downwards and wanting to crane it, but never got the bottle to do that either. I remember it from the days of being there with Yaz [2] who could do it easily and wondered why I wouldn’t do it. Pete could easily do it upwards, but preferred to do it downwards for some odd reason as it was less scary. He also did it as a running box jump too as did Will. It was the take off that baffled me, it was a corner of a wall, so you couldn’t put both feet on the edge and roll off it like usual. Standing fully on the wall before the edge make it feel slightly bigger of a jump. It should have been easy to crane, but even that was off putting, mental barriers and all that. James was willing to give it a go and was even jumping and splatting the wall, more than I was doing.


Pete – Running Box Jump.


This along with Pete and Will easily doing it gave me the spur to get it as well, I wanted this jump and should be able to do it. On one of the attempts I jumped and landed in an awkward crane position and bounced off, this slowly gave me more confident with it, but I didn’t help me like it any more. On another go, I forced both feet to the top of the wall and felt like I was going to fall back due to my weight being behind behind me and bounced off the wall, somehow managing to get back on my feet. I changed my footing on the wall corner, so I had my right (stronger foot) with my left almost falling off the side of the wall and then I could get the jump, but it still felt horrible and I switched feet which made it feel easier to do and then I liked it. James was craning it and breaking his own barriers with the jump and getting both feet on it too and bouncing it at times. While on the same wall I decided to get James and Pete to try the kong precisions.

You kong the wall, almost diagonal and then land on some dirt entrance to a garden, which had a slight curb. It felt easier when I tried than years ago, it and didn’t need much run or effort with it. Pete didn’t like it and the run up with a step up over the curb also confused him at first, along with a bollard to swerve around before take off. It was a good pit stop and then we moved up to the next part of the area, we did stop very briefly at the rocky, grassy part with James stating this place was like Adams and where people stop training, chill and mess around. Most did a few jumps and a few ventured off to the shops, while I kept plucking berries off the nearby trees, throwing them at Pete, James and everyone else. Getting some great head shots from afar and hearing people whale as I did. We did then move up to the other area, where there were newly made wooden planks, and shale to add new challenges.


Ben – Precision.


Seeing as James had been doing in recent weeks more running precision based training and had accomplished the IBM running upwards precision. This smaller running jump now seemed like it was possible for him, as in the past it had always felt not possible. I don’t think he has ever liked this area as a whole? He got it running pretty quickly then moved it along the wall, making it to the running along the wall rather than along the grass. This part had a slight drop, so felt harder to commit too at first, but was soon broken. It seemed to be quite the progression session for him today. The next step will soon be Castle College, what with all these running precision jumps, it’s made it ripe for achieving the college running catleap. I mean if he can commit to such a running precision here, in an area we don’t regularly train, what excuse is there for not doing Castle College one now?! I do believe has got so used to doing things at Plaza, IBM and Audo and since then the college one has now become a bigger thing, mentally, that it’s hard to break through that now.

Some of us trained down at the other walls, while some local kids were asking about flips and Holbrook was teaching them some Parkour over the walls, then showing them some flips he can do. Which the kids were trying on the flatland grass, doing the classic front-flops landing on their backs and asses. A few did handsprings, the ones that couldn’t front and a few cartwheels were thrown in there too. It was all very cringe worthy to see happening, I know we all start somewhere but it’s scary to see and think we to have done such things in the past. Holbrook used the best terminology for it, he said it was like they were on crack, trying anything! Even if they failed the move, they would get back up and try it again with no regard for their own safety. I took a few shots of Ben doing a precision jump (the image seen above) of the precision. I also took many a shots, artistic ones and general shots of James doing the running upwards precision too.


James – Running Precision.


While training at some rails and walls the other end, waiting for others to come back from Tesco, I spoke to Holbrook about how warm it felt and how everyone seemed to be feeling drained due to the humidity. It wasn’t like we had trained hard, but it was one of those draining days. As well as the diagonal precisions being done by Holbrook, due to a hedge being cut we also tried to get Clayton and Chris more into lazy vaulting both sided and just jumping over the rails. Repeating the movement over and over again, as you bounce over and along the railing. James mentioned a running stride over the railing, yet again another diagonal movement (seems to be a theme with today) which Zain, Yaz and Denis doing years ago and can be seen in the video below by James. We all took a look at it, with Will not liking it, I didn’t like it either the way he wanted us to do it, left to right. Yet the other way I had no problem with, landing in front of the bush which I did after a minor hiccup of being scared and backing out as I first jumped. It was due to the take off leg, my preference is right foot first, not left.

Since I didn’t like the first way, doing it off my left foot, left to right mentioned above led to James saying I am making excuses for doing it, just like he does with movements. The only difference is I have the ability to do it both ways, stating Yaz felt the same in the beginning of doing it. If I can do it one way, what difference does the other way make, really? Some of the bush obscured the take off wall which I didn’t like and it just felt horrible to take off that leg too. Pete looked at it and said nope to it. I said how about James does it then, if it’s so easy!? Still annoyed and being riled, I said to James I’ll do it then, but I don’t like it and will most likely bail from it. I ran towards the wall, unable to commit to the take off. On one attempt I ran and backed out in the air and it felt like I was about to land directly on the railing as I couldn’t stop my forward momentum. To shut James up I decided to just go for it and commit and force it, then that would be the end of the argument…



That was a classic mistake on my part. I hate nothing more than being uncertain about a movement and forcing it nevertheless. I ran towards the wall, jumped and was going for a running precision like I had done the other way. Only in my head as I flew through the air I remembered James saying everyone else in the video did it as a stride, which I also hate and don’t practise due to the pressure it puts on the single ankle and possible rolling of. I felt I had more than enough power to land it as a running precision and so decided to change my stance to a stride instead, sticking my foot out like a ballerina as I was in the air. As I did this I came down to the wall, landing with my leading foot toes first, only for my ankle to buckle and roll outwards then the other way violently. Hearing various pops and snaps and even twisting my knee in the process that turned inwards, making me crumpled to the floor as I came off the wall. I fucking knew it!

Deep down, I knew I shouldn’t have done it! It felt like my ankle had broke, James instantly said what had happened as it looked fine, until I landed? Did I have a lapse of concentration? No, I just didn’t want to do it and I instantly said it was his fault for bitching about me not doing it, when I clearly didn’t like it nor did I want to do it! Then I did anyway, because of the debate we had and now I regretted doing it. It could potentially be another injury to put me out for bloody months or years, ugh! I could see and hear the winching of the guys in my mind as I replayed the moment it happened in my head. I sat there in pain, massaging my ankle (as seen below) when James started to take photos. My ankle was swollen but not overly deformed. This had put a damper on my day, I don’t think anyone else wanted to try the move after witnessing what had happened to me. We were all getting injured, Adam still had a swollen knee which he had hurt at Katalyst the other week, now me. Who was next to fall victim to injury?


Injured Zade.

Injured Zade. © James Allen Visual.


My ankle was hurting, I felt my trainer getting tighter, why oh why did I do such a stupid movement and end up injured again. It’s exactly why I despise strides, it puts unneeded force on the ankles and the possibility of rolling them is extremely high when doing bigger gaps, or from heights. There wasn’t much else being done as we all sat and ate, Daniel said at least I can joke about it, as I didn’t seem to be in that much pain with it. That is no blessing though, I could have a break or fracture and just rule it out as a sprain, which has happened in the past. I walked back and looked at the take off, joking about how I should maybe try it again, out of frustration and anger and claim it as my bitch? I wasn’t going too, but it was funny to jest. Pete said don’t be stupid as I would get injured, more so than now. I ran as if I was going to do it, to which everyone whined and shouted NOOO!! As I approached the wall. Daniel was crying with laugher and him and Pete admitted that they thought I was actually going to go for it as I ran towards the wall.

The quick burst of speed had made my ankle throb more, and as people moved to Epic Wall I limped and joined them. I stayed of a bit, but the ankle got more painful and it was hard to walk and stand due to pain and so I made my way home and left the guys to enjoy the rest of their day. Waiting for the bus was painful, as was the trip home, I don’t even know how I managed to get off the bus and walk home, but I did. The ankle remained swollen and had started to bruise. I put on the heated wheat bag to help circulation and massage it, trying to keep it mobility. It had been such a great day, up until my misfortune, striking the very same ankle which was operated on [3] over a year ago. Moral of story is: don’t do (force) movements you don’t like the feel off, no matter what anyone tells you. Don’t change your movement stance mid air, that equally messes you up both mentally and sometimes (in my case) physically too. Ugh, annoyed is an understatement…


Holbrook – Running Precision.


Holbrook – Running Precision.


Will – Running Box Jump.


Jack – Precision.


Ben – Precision.


Ben – Precision.


Ben – Precision.


James’s Leg.


Ben – Precision.


Holbrook – Front Tuck.


James – Portrait.


James – Running Precision.


James – Precision.



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