Dizzi’s Derby Birthday Bash.


Dizzi – Shift Merchandise.


This weekend I was attending a big jam in Derby, due to it being Dizzi’s birthday and it had drawn quite the interest on the Facebook event. People from other cities were confirmed to join in on birthday festivities, I don’t think there has been such a big training session in Derby in many years. This was going to be a nice change of scenery for me and a good day of jumping and seeing some of the Derby folk. I hadn’t been to Derby in years, I think the last venture there [1] was sometime  in 2011. I didn’t even know about the event until I was informed by Adam, I was unsure about going at first, but as the numbers on the event increased it seemed like a no brainer. My biggest problem I faced now was getting enough sleep. All week I had been going to sleep at around 4am, my sleep pattern was once again messed up. I had gone to bed just before 1am and yet was still awake at 4am the last time I checked my phone. I woke up at 9am feeling utter rubbish, it felt like I had hay fever, my nose constantly running and then being stuffy and sneezing. I doubted I would be ready in time to get to town and over to Derby wit the rest.

Originally, some of the guys were going to meet at Plaza for 11am before travelling on bus over to Derby. I knew I wouldn’t make that and so decided to go of my own accord, even though it was cheaper ticket wise to go in a bigger group. It was half past ten and somehow I was ready for half eleven and out the house about to get the bus into town. It felt earlier than normal to be heading off at this time compared to the usual one o’clock. Mat and the others were still meeting in town but said they would wait until I arrived before getting the bus. I estimated getting on one around 12pm, plus I highly doubt people would be in Derby until after that, if not later. I got to Vic Centre bus station where Mat, Aide and Luke were but some were missing, they said Daniel and Reece had gone to Primark… Why would they go now, when we were about to go to Derby?! There was a bus already here and rather than wait for them to return we decided to get the bus and be on our way, with a group ticket. Sat at the table on the bus and excited, the adventure had begun and we were on route to the Derby Birthday Bash….


Aiden – Kong Precision.


There was a bit of trolling from Mat and Luke to Reece  on the phone, when they rang them to ask where they were and that they had already left without them. We arrived in Derby before 1pm, it was a quick journey and I knew the others would be arriving via train, if not already there. We made our way over to the Korean Memorial, just as we were doing this Adam rang to see where we were, I said we were just walking to the hotspot now. There were already many people out, it’s the busiest I’ve seen the Korean in a long time and it was set for even more people to arrive later too. There were people stood around, training, flipping and having a laugh. There were so many younger practitioners too, none that I knew personally and had only seen some via videos online. It felt humid and hot like summer, I was already melting and was just in a tee, I said hi to the people I knew and then put my bag down to get warmed up. I wanted to take many photos of today, but with so many out it was hard to know what to shoot and then I wouldn’t get much training in myself if I made that a priority.

James, Phil and the others arrived, I’m surprised we had beat them here in all honesty. Many were doing the small kong precision, doing it as a diving kong, running precision, box jumps and other combination of movements and flips. It was good to see Mat and Aiden nail the kong precision too, it was one of those moves which felt like a proper kong precision, with the slight drop between the walls and the blind run up. There were so many different teams and communities all in one place, we had (Street Media) then you had the newly formed (Shift) guys, (Team Fluidity) from Leicester and the Alfreton (TTE Media) I’m sure there were other smaller lesser known groups here too. It was good to see  so many had come together for the event, I’m so out of touch with the Parkour scene now. I didn’t know half of the groups or people here. I joined in with the kong precisions, and it felt nice to still be able to do them without too much effort. There was so much I wanted to practise and so much going off, it was easy to get distracted from what you were doing.


Dom – Catleap.


Dom, Dizzi, Noah and Parrish were trying the biggest running catleap from one of the flowerbeds (as seen above) and then trying it as a stride into cat and running box jump too. There were a few slips on the edge of the wall while they tried this, and of course Parrish nailed it with his super long jumping ability. I cannot even imagine doing such distances any more. Everything looked and felt bigger this time around, in the sense of the precision jumps and even the catleaps I had done in the past. It was all a rather disappointing feeling, being no where close to being able to do those again. Though, I did gain a kong precision from a railing to a wall which I had never done before and wouldn’t have touched before. It was scary and for a while I would not fully commit to it, until I did and bounced off it. I hate running full force at a railing, no matter how big the gap is the other side, it seems to play havoc with your vision. I’d rather make sure my hands have the rail and then power through with my arms, rather than from speed of a run and tap the railing. It felt nice to have gained something new, even if I had lost other things. It seemed like some were ready to move on to the next area the courts, which was multiple grass platforms, coupled with a few walls.

Whenever we visit this location it fastly becomes a trickfest and sure enough it became just that as soon as people had arrived in the area. With people lining up and one after the other doing flips of the ledge onto the grass below, some crazy ones were being thrown down and some equally crazy heights being achieved by the flips too. I took quite a lot of photos in this area of the various flips going on. There were some mad downwards diving kongs by Parrish and Harry, people were linking flip movements. I really didn’t know what to shoot and stayed this side of the area rather than the other with the small walls people were using to kong precision. Dizzi was doing a tap sideflip over the wall, so many things going on it was hard to focus on one thing. Eddie, was psyching up for a big kong gainer, which was a slanted version when he did it and we all watched and filmed. I took part in a running and standing precision off a rock with Paul and Jack. Though after the downwards precision to the rock I did, my ankle did one of those ankle things, which made it hurt and feel twisted, though the earlier sideflip from a height no doubt didn’t help it either as that twinged it a bit too.


Eddie – Slant Kong Gainer.


There are some strange fellows in Derby to say the least, there was a guy walking by as we trained rambling to himself, shouting over to us the stuff looked ace with a thumbs up. Then another guy was trying to sell people drugs as he came past. We were entertainment for much of the public as they walked by, stopping, watching and smiling and must be wondering what was going on, with such a big group of us 0ut. Derby was teeming with people jumping and training, I thought we may struggle with smaller areas due to the masses, as and when we moved to them. Now some of the fun and games of the day were touching Adam’s nipples, which enraged him as I’ve found out first hand in the past. Luke found out how much so, when he decided to jiggle a man nipple before chased by an infuriated Adam. As they ran around the area, and Adam gained on him, Luke did a webster off a wall, kicking Adam square on the jaw in the process. Ouch, that had to hurt and knocked him for ten. It was a good job Adam didn’t as he first planned to grab Luke’s leg otherwise he would have been in a injured heap on the floor instead. We saw John of all people while we were training, who spoke to James for a bit before leaving.

The next training spot was the waterfall area, a smaller hotspot that would no doubt be too small for us all to train. I was tempted not to go there for that sole reason. Seeing as everyone was going, I went anyway. Many were sat around chatting, eating and/or were going to shops to get food. It was a brief stop off point. Lots of pop wall climbs up the fountain wall and railing, double and diving kongs over the nearby walls and catleaps to the fountain. I always felt this area is quite open and fear of things like our bags getting pinched, by the dodgy people that lurk around the area. Today was another one of those commitment days for James, who was struggling to push for a catleap he could clearly get if he pushed for it. He wasn’t getting a ‘go’ signal that he needed before he could do a move. While Adam taunted him by doing it himself, along with many others from the jam getting too. It seemed it might be another one of those failing days [2] where it wasn’t to be. It wasn’t like he could come back to this at any time either, it was now or never which added even more pressure to the jump. The group was fractioning off with some heading up to the cathedral, while a few of us remained at the waterfall.


James - Catleap.

James – Catleap. © James Allen Visual.


James did get the catleap (seen above) in the end and it was a great achievement, as it is a decent sized jump which makes you feel like you are flying with the hang time you get from it. James filmed and took many photos of the jump, elated from the new found jump and commitment. A proud moment for him, after feeling he hadn’t really done anything of significance in the first area of korean with some running precisions eluding him at first and then there wasn’t that much to do at the Courts. Rather than join the others in a much smaller area of the Cathedral, we decided to move to the council buildings near the waterfront. I already felt tired and drained and we hadn’t even been out for that long. There were many precision jumps to be done in this area and linking movements. Jack had quite a sweet run, and he was also very quiet in the way he moved, much like myself which got comment about when I was doing a few moves. Jack ran to a wall and vertically jumped upwards like a step, but after a tic tac, it felt horrible and I couldn’t do it due to it being the opposite unnatural footing for me. Some of the others arrived, after being moved on from the Cathedral, some had gone to the giant bridge and grassy area for tricking.

While the remaining of the guys had come back to us. Jack was nailing an upwards precision and a downwards one to a railing, and we were all looking at precision jumps. I really did feel tired in my legs now and was struggling to see jumps, let alone force to do them. Dizzi was doing a beast of a running catleap, looking like Skeletor from He-man as he ran for the move, his words, not mine. I do like this area for training, it has things which are of good distances and challenging enough to do. There were some teen mums hovering in the area watching people training and flipping, with them shouting things and trying to do carthweel and handstands for the attention. Speaking of strange sights there were two girls walking past in just their bras… I know it was warm, but I mean seriously, it wasn’t that warm! We also saw a red bearded guy, the beard was dyed bright red walking around the streets like a beggar. I wish I had took more photos of training in this area and the one across the road where most of the guys spent time training and where James took most photos of the day.


Dizzi – Catleap.


Instead I ventured down to the giant bridge, training with Paul and Jack. Jumping too and from the bridge, where a precision jump got further apart the more you walked down. You had to land on a smooth looking metal of the bridge, it felt like you would slip, but it in fact had really good grip. At one point I spent much of my time trying to find a secluded place to take a piss, which was harder than first imagined. Many choices had people nearby, like under the bridge or were not shielded enough from the world.In the end, I had to go climbing over some walls past a power generator, which some used as a location. But there were better places hidden away from the world, and behind a closed building. Not so dense as Nottingham where there are plenty of places to hide and be secluded.  Jack was also sat near the edge of the water and feeding a small school of fish some bread. Some of the fluidity guys had tricked enough and then were heading off to Damien’s gym for more flipping action.

Some were still at the waterfront spot and could be seen in the distance, so we walked back up to them, while a few of them had decided to move down to the bridge instead for a bit, before conveying back to the first spot. There were some crazy running catleaps and precisions being done but people. Again, I didn’t capture any of this action so if you want to see some of those shots have a look through James’ album [3] from his perspective of the days training. Also you have Team Fluidity’s photos [4] from the day to browse too. There wasn’t much more training done and with it being later than we realised many people were leaving. With people slowly departing for home and I felt like I might do the same also, just as well as I was feeling exhausted. It had been another fantastic training session in recent weeks, not to mention it was great to be out of Nottingham. Even if Dizzi thought I didn’t train other cities, if ever. Though I don’t blame him or anyone else, as I have been out of the scene for a long time now…


Daniel – Kong Precision.


Dom – Catleap.


Parrish – Portrait.


Parrish – Catleap.


Rob – Handstand.


Tom – Kong.


Harry – Kong Cat.


Dizzi – Sideflip.


Dizzi – Sideflip.


Tom – Front Tuck.


Eddie – Kong Gainer.


Jack – Running Precision.


Jack – Precision.


Eddie – Front Tuck.


Mat – Portrait.


Dizzi – Portrait.


Andrew – Webster.


Andrew – Kong Precision.


Parrish – Portrait.


Dizzi – Sideflip.


Parrish – Diving Kong.


Tom – Wallflip.


Tom – Wallflip.


Harry – Diving Kong.


Eddie – Portrait.


Paul – Precision.


Dizzi – Running Catleap.


Dizzi – Running Catleap.


Paul – Precision.


Dizzi – Running Catleap.


Dizzi – Catleap.


Dizzi – Precision.


Dizzi – Precision.



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