Solar Rays.


David – Portrait.


This entry is that of three training sessions, as I didn’t have that much to say or images to share for individual entries to make it worth while. So merging them all together in one post soon beefed up the content. Lets talk about the first day of training (17th March) I had planned to be out with Ben, Adam and David even though it was predicted to rain. With how bad the weather was the evening before, I had decided to not set an alarm for the morning as I already knew the weather would likely be just as terrible. Low and behold when I woke up, the weather was just that, wet and rainy. I was feeling unmotivated for training and not wanting to brave the dull, rubbish weather and thought that others might have the same idea… I received a message from Adam asking where I was as he was already out at the park with his sister Rebecca. I then got messages from Ben too saying I should come out, as it’s no longer wet and David and Luke are out with them too. After many photos and messages from them, taunting me to come out, I think they got the message that I wasn’t going to attend and then I was left in peace.

Around three o’clock I was still in a foul mood, but thought maybe going out for an hour or two would be the best and lighten my mood. So, I was surprised when I got there and no one was training! It seemed they had all trained themselves out or were bored and ready to call it a day? My sullen mood didn’t go unnoticed as I arrived and got asked what was wrong, and why had I bothered to come out if I was going to be a miserable git. Oh and I got stick for wearing my Pure Parkour t-shirt [1] which Ben said looked more like an Asda t-shirt than a Parkour one. It was quite funny to see the sibling banter and quarrels between Adam and Rebecca, both abusing and putting each other down… It seemed like my arrival had given a little boost to the day and we trained, even if it seemed Ben was working more on Muscle ups. After Adam mentioned when I ran and did the strides my upper body was perfectly straight like a robot I decided to over exaggerate it even more with a long stride. I got a few photos of use doing a similar exaggerated stride, as you’ll see by Ben’s example in the photos below. With that, it was time for Ben to set off to work and Luke had plans and left too.


Adam – Speed Vault.


Adam wanted to train still, at least until after peak time traffic had passed. Adam’s sister was cold and sat in his car while the rest of us jumped. I got some photos of Adam doing Parkour, something I had neglected for a while now. In true Jennings fashion he stripped down to his Myprotein vest for added vanity gains. He wanted some shots of him actually training than just portraits [2]of him pulling silly faces. He was preparing to enter the Ninja Warrior UK auditions and so wanted to train, get better at Parkour and have some good footage for his application. The sun had begun to come out, giving a golden tint to all the images I took. Even though I was tired myself, and strangely drained due to lack of food and thinking I would only be out an hour max. Nevertheless it was great to be out and that the weather had now picked up. Adam looked like a tank in his vest while doing movements, more so the running towards the camera shots. Even with general vaulting images, you could see his muscles tensed and bulging…

David was off to work shortly, Adam would head home if I wasn’t staying out. I said I’d stay for a bit longer until peak time had passed. I got some muscle up images of Adam and we practised them together, doing a few sets. His muscle ups had improved loads since the first time he had come out to the park all those months ago! He was always strong on pull ups, now he has double armed muscle ups, even if he was smashing the bar into his chest at times. He could see and feel them, but they weren’t as consistent as he wanted them to be for multiple reps but it was great progress. As well as being something he was able to brag about to Steve each time he was out, as he had yet to achieve the feat. I remember when Adam first posted a video up of his muscle ups in February and Steve had commented that he was fifty shades of green. He still, has yet to enter the muscle up club. I do think Adam’s muscle ups are fast and clean too, even more so than my own. With tomorrow predicted to be a brighter and warmer day we agreed to come out again.


Kezza – Kong Precision.


Onward with day two (18th March). I couldn’t sleep the night before and was still awake come 4am, at least that was the last time I checked my phone. I wasn’t best pleased to be rudely awoken just before 8am when the roofers next door were working. I felt shattered from lack of sleep and wanted to stay in bed longer, but the constant power tools and banging was enough to wake the dead! Despite the rude awaking and lack of sleep I felt rather good once I had got up and ate some breakfast.  I text David to let him know I would be over at the park an hour or so earlier and warmed up while I waited for him to arrive. I filmed a few movements to add to my collection for a possible future video. I was feeling it in my chest and biceps today from a workout the day before. Doing climb ups, swinging and other such movement were a pain and I felt sluggish. I had instead film mostly leg based movements: running precisions, strides, small kong precisions and standing jumps to compensate for the upper body not being to scratch. David was drilling muscle ups as he recently found that he could do more than one rep in a row and double armed too. Adam arrived soon after and much like yesterday he was feeling unmotivated, yet he was still out feeling a bit drowsy due to sleeping tablets he had took the night before.

It seemed everyone was slowly coming together, Phil was next to arrive as was Kezza. Phil did a knee vault, I remember these from a while ago when people were doing them more within communities but had never tried them myself. David looked shocked at the move as did Kezza and then we all gave them a go. David got them quit easily, I gave them a go but it felt so unnatural and like I couldn’t get any push off the knee and my knee cap might dislocate. Kezza was struggling too, until he put more speed into them and got a nice pop. Obviously once they got easier for us all to do, we did them into strides and then things got a bit silly… Phil suggested trying them into catleaps, even doubled kneed ones on the same stump! Obviously all this increased the  distances and difficulty of the movements from the stumps. The session was lots of fun as always, with many a joke. Even Ben had rode down for a pull up session before having to cycle off and meet a client. I got a couple of photos while Phil and Kezza were doing a kong precision to box jump. Still a move I need to get, even though it’s small, the wall being so tall terrifies me for the kong precision. Not too many photos overall due to it being another dull day. I really do want to make a video, so more collecting of clips is needed then I’ll see what happens in a month or two.


Ash – Catleap.


The third and last training session (March 22nd) was the regular Sunday afternoon at the park, quite a warm and humid one too. Ash was out again this weekend, he had started to train Sundays as it was his only day off work and seeing as he hadn’t trained for ages, he wanted to be out on a more regular basis and the park wasn’t too far to get to via car. I didn’t capture that many images of training today either, due to many kids being out and training lots myself too. Steve took a photo of Ash as did I when he was attempting the standing, same level catleap from the top of the frame to the wall. It looked awesome as a silhouette shot as you can see from above. So excuse the many shots of Ash doing that movement as I did take many… But I felt each different shot of him doing the move had to be shared. It was funny as one of the times he was balanced there on the railing looking, just before he jumped some guy in a car pressed his horn to try and put him off the jump. What a top guy, I’d like to see him try the jump or put half as much concentration in being productive. Then another time an ice cream van had arrived playing it’s music which didn’t really help focus.

The clear blue skies made the images look even more striking, the only other shots I took from the day were those of knee strides. Which Ash too found strange to see as a move, but joined in practising. The images I took look like we are just striding as it’s after we pushed off our knees, but the colours were so rich that I had to share them. It was funny as when Steve was doing them, unlike the rest of us he was wearing shorts and so each time he did the move, his skin was being worn off his knee on the stumps. While the rest of us had some protection from our joggers, but were getting sore and friction burns from drilling the move so much. We also tried to contemplate doing a double knee bounce off two separate stumps and David did try it, but it felt too nuts to try, like your knees would dislocate if you did try it with full force. The three days of training have been great and each session has it’s own vibe and style of training. The banter is always worth coming out for and while some days are better than others for the productivity of training, it’s still great to be outdoors and jumping around for a few or many hours keeping fit and having fun in the process.


Adam – Side Vault.


David – Running Precision.


Phil – Running Precision.


Phil – Kong Precision.


Kezza – Kong Precision.


Phil – Kong Precision.


Phil – Kong Precision.


Ash – Portrait


Ash – Catleap.


Ash – Catleap.


Ash – Catleap.


Adam – Portrait.


Ben – Running Precision.


Adam – Muscle up.


Adam – Portrait.


Adam – Precision.


Ash – Catleap.


Kezza – Stride.


Ash – Stride.


David – Knee Stride.


Zade(Me) Stride.



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