The Start of Something…


Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere.


After going to bed before midnight and getting very little sleep due to an over active mind not wanting to switch off, mixed with contained excitement of an impending summery day I was forced to lay there for hours upon hours. I was finding it difficult to sleep, I had the idea to go out early and maybe film a small video for 2015, collecting footage of others, maybe even myself for a solo video. I hadn’t made one since 2011 [1] that same video didn’t seem as well viewed as my 2010 [2] video though. I thought it would be cool to film and put a video out there again, Npk community or a solo one, however small it might be. Even make a longer version of a proper video, but that would require multiple visits and filming as well as time and effort for it. I was sill awake at 2am, 3am and even 4am. Not the best start I could have asked for! I drifted off finally a little later, waking up early, hyped and ready for the day… Until I saw that it wasn’t even 6am yet! It was so bright and sunny, I decided to go back sleep until 10am then finally got up. I was ready (for a change) by 11am and headed out over to the park to train, photo and film.

It’s a shame no one was arriving at the park until much later in the day! I was on my own, it felt strange having not been out training solo for a long time, I had got used to people always being around or at least arriving soon after I arrived and today it was just me. Maybe I should have gone back home until others arrived later in the day, but at the same time I wanted to film and make use for the day. Though, filming itself felt awkward. Harry had arrived with some kids, training them and having a bit of a park session for an hour or two. Adam and Jack had been out very early like before 8am as he wanted to train early and I had hoped they would still be here, Adam said he would be out again later though. If I had got up the first time I had woke up I could have joined them instead! I had to hang around anyway as I knew David would be out soon, though I slowly felt less like training as I waited and with the park now empty and Harry gone I decided to focus on filming a few movements.


Zade (Me) – Running Catleap.


I set up my camera and filmed a few kong precision to strides on the stumps to see how things looked on camera. I did a few upwards catleaps too with the same sort of angle as the image above, which looked very nice. I noticed my shin was feeling sore and when I checked it was bleeding, due to opening a scab up from hitting my shin on a climb up and had to bandage it up. David had arrived, though he said he was feeling really tired and so might not do that much today. We trained and he helped me film a few other moves like the running precisions and lache cat, then Ash turned up as did Adam later on. My ankle seemed to be plaguing me again too, feeling it hurt with each jump. I just hope it doesn’t snap any time soon! What was this, Steve was out for a second time this week and had arrived! Amazing, Kezza wasn’t too far behind him either. However, they weren’t the only influx to the park as it seemed like it was being teemed with kids as time passed.

It was futile filming now, too many kids in shot and so the camera got put away and then it was all about training while getting annoyed at time with the kids who had no sense of spacial awareness and got in the way many times. With a few of us nearly colliding with a couple of them as we did runs. The sun felt strong, even when I had filmed it was hard to get the right angle due to it being so bright and making me unable to shoot without everything being silhouetted. I did have a list of things I wanted to shoot, but that quickly had become irrelevant due to not being able to get a shot or not being able to do the movement. It felt like such a long day of training, as if it was like 6pm when in actual fact it was closer to 3pm. I was knackered by then and didn’t have much else left in the tank for training. So I lounged around, watching others train and I needed to re-shoot many things, on a day that isn’t a weekend, a school holiday so the park was empty.


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