Jump, Swing, Flip.


CJay – Running Precision.


Today there were meant to be loads of people out training, at least judging from the amount of replies on the Parkour park group [1] yesterday. Yet, when I arrived at the park I found only David there, jumping and swinging amongst the bars on his lonesome, no one else had arrived as of yet. Sonny had seen my messages, but hadn’t replied back and so I took that as he wasn’t out today. He would usually be at the park on time waiting in his car if he was out. People who say they are out, then on the day aren’t will either post up to let every on know or just ignore all messages to them. Kezza was being a little bitch and not training today due to an update on GTA and he wanted to play that all day, because that is productive… It made no sense, as it was a lovely day, weather wise and normally that draws people out to train. How on earth did it have the opposite effect? Adam arrived later on, though he was feeling quite demotivated and not in the mood once he had arrived, which was unusual as normally he is ready to train and hyped before even arriving.

My calves still hurt today, moving around was painful and in retrospect I shouldn’t train Parkour the day after working them out. I mean, I do need them for jumping around and it makes doing leg based training a pain. It seemed like it might be one of those days, a quick hour or two of training then head home. Luckily after warming up it wasn’t long before CJay and Luke arrived. I’ve never really trained with them much or at all, even though they have been out at the community weekend sessions in town. I know they used to mainly trick or train in their own friendship circles years ago. Although they are out more regular with the main community from what I have seen while being out too. I may sound a tad harsh but they have always seemed like loud, chavy kids from first impressions. Once you get to know them though, that is far from the truth. Well maybe, not for Luke… Who shouts random things like an hyperactive ADHD kid. It was nice to see them both come to the Parkour park regular and getting to know them better through training.


Luke – Lache Gainer.


The park is quite far from where they lived and so it was a bit of a trek for them to get there in the first instance. Though, at least they make it to the park to train, unlike many other practitioners who live close or have still not been. I mean it was built back in 2013 and still many a practitioners haven’t even see it in person let alone jumped around on it. As always with each session there was much banter, gayness and mucking around and you’ll see in a couple of the photos. CJay had some massive hops, for being such a small guy as you’ll see in the photos of his massive running precisions. It’s cool to get shots of him, as his small stature makes the gaps look even bigger compared to if taller people did them. Both him and Luke are good at tricking too and no doubt that is down to the hops. Not to sound harsh but you wouldn’t expect tricks from Luke, to flip at all as he doesn’t look like he could and yet he can and really well.

As we were training Kezza randomly turned up, what the hell?! I didn’t think he was out today due to him wanting to spend all day on a stupid computer game. He said that is what he wanted us all to think, though he was tempted to stay in he had decided to resist and come out training first. I think he knew he would get bitched at for choosing a computer game over training and being out with friends, though it didn’t stop Adam from already trolling Kezza before he was out and sending him photos of what a good day he is missing. It was good, seeing as he was now out and we had all pass that stage of not wanting to train. CJay was doing some crazy diving kongs and kong precision combinations as well as all of us joining in with the linking movements run we were practising the last time we were out. Only difference from the end kong cat was Kezza and CJay doing it as a kong precision instead.


Adam & Luke – Portrait.


Some of the highlights from the day were when Cjay and Luke were randomly, humping the stumps… Adam’s coloured in trainers with a Sharpie marker because he didn’t like them being white so turned them into a blue colour instead. Using the resistant band for abdominal exercises while Luke and CJay trolled Adam while he knelt on the floor like he was praying. I quite liked a lot of the shots I captured from today’s training session and as always when the sun is out it only adds to the shots. We even took a couple of group shots from the day when we all posed on the main tall walls. The worse thing from today for me was my ankle which had flared up again and was hurting by the end of the day, making me almost limp due to the pain. I was feeling pretty destroyed by the end of the session and spent some of the later half taking photos and relaxing. As always in true Scotsman fashion Steve had arrived, topless nevertheless too…

I’ve not seen him for a long time and was wondering if he was even alive still! He watched what people were doing and looked quite lost being out, the kind of lost you see with people who are in retirement homes. Not that I’m saying he is quite that old, yet! He practised the running upward precisions from the stumps and was getting them very easily this time, no doubt the rest from the park had helped with that achievement. Adam was happy to help rub some salt into Steve’s wounds by demonstrating some strong, perfect muscle ups. Ugh! You would think at my age, having close to a decade of training under my belt that I would have learnt the importance of warm ups and cool downs… Nope, I’m still throwing my body around like a careless teenager! These pains and cracking of my joints will only be worse tomorrow… A good day nevertheless and great to see Steve out if only very briefly.


CJay – Running Precision.


CJay – Running Precision.


CJay – Running Precision.


Luke – Lache Gainer.


CJay & Luke – Portrait.


Adam & Kezza – Portrait.


Adam’s Trainers.


Adam & Kezza – Portrait.


Luke & CJay – Portrait.


David – Kong Precision.


Group Photo.


Group Photo.


Luke – Cyclone.


Luke – Portrait.



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