Fast Forward.

Fast forward a few weeks and there has been plenty of training sessions. Some glorious sunny days, a couple of dull days and a few of the colder days too. Even though I had my camera out on those days, I may not have got enough images to use for a full blown post about the days events. I may have forgot to write about a given day or just decided against doing an entry all together. So I’ve added all the images and days together in this entry, once I felt there was enough to show and talk about. One weekend we had quite a few people out on a sunny Sunday afternoon, which the first lot of images are from, we even had a few of the guys from Trent University out training with us too.

Ben, David and myself were out at another random time, a duller day overall but it was still fun to be out training. This was the same day Ben did the same level catleap from the top railing to the wall. David was blown away by the fact that he had done it, and took a look at the jump for himself, though he didn’t dares and instead did the downward precision as a compromise. I took some photos of Ben doing the jump and then of his swing gainers (lache gainers) too. Not much else to say about the days as a whole, so this is a short and sweet entry. More to come soon.


Kezza – Swinging.


Kezza – Lache Cat.


Kezza – Lache Cat.


Ash – Precision.


David – Running Precision.


Ben – Catleap.


Ben – Catleap.


Ben – Catleap.


Ben – Lache Gainer.


David – Lache.


Brandon – Back Tuck.


Kezza – Precision.


Ben – Catleap.


Ben – Lache Gainer.



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