25th January 2015.


David – Precision.


I was, as always on a Sunday, late waking up for the afternoon training session. Unsure whether to be out due to the weather predictions of rain. I asked Chris via PM if he would be out today, after having an interest in coming out yesterday. His reply was somewhat comical – ‘FML (fuck my life). I think, that any exercise today would be asking for injury. I’ll come to the park one weekend when I’m slightly more adapted to this Parkour stuff…’ Needless to say this had me rolling in laughter, and feeling bad for him at the same time, since he was out yesterday at the community training session. I left him with his muscular pains and with that I got ready and headed over to the park to see who was out this afternoon. It was quite a cold day too, with a chilling wind, not even my scarf was saving me from the gale. I arrived to find Mat, Luisa and David already there, jumping around and keeping warm. At least the park wasn’t loitered by kids due to the weather today!

I wasn’t feeling like training in all honesty, I had a pulled right latissimus (lat) God knows how that had happened. My legs were still feeling sore and tired from training earlier in the week, it was cold, windy and my current mood wasn’t helping motivate me. Though, on warming up with some skipping and general Parkour movement I began to feel a bit better in myself and wanting to train. My muscle ups felt stronger today oddly enough, but I didn’t want to temp fate with the pulled lat by doing lots of upper body work. Best to rest and recover, rather than antagonize. I filmed a couple of video clips to see how movements looked, as well as taking a few photos. Though I didn’t get as many as I would normally like and you can tell by the quality of them, at just how rushed they were. Mat and Luisa were only out for a bit this afternoon and so once they had left it was just David and myself left training at the park. The park felt deserted, I doubted I would be out much longer due to how cold it was.


David – Cat 180 Precision.


I drilled the main precision jump a few times, managing to do a precision box down to the wall, which was feeling easier the more I did it. David wanted to practise the running stride down to the wall, which felt and looked horrible and so I didn’t dare try that as of yet. He also did some box jumps (seen below) to kong over the wall at the end. I had a look at the main upward precision too, it always seemed so far away and yet I said I would give it a go, not really thinking too much about it as my jumping ability is rubbish currently. To my surprise I ended up getting to it, craning it with one foot on top of the wall and one just below it, bouncing off. David was quite shocked and then contemplated trying it too. I kept bouncing off it each time, managing to get both feet on top, but couldn’t get enough power to stay on the wall. David had the height for doing it easily, but lacked the commitment to landing on the wall, as a crane or anything. I’m sure he will have nailed this by the next time I am out though.

Later on I managed to get over the fear of jumping from the small railing to the wall in front, which felt on the edge of my limit jumping wise. David was equally scared of it and once I had got it, it spurred him to get it done too. He hates rails, but felt he should be able to do it as he has stronger legs than me these days and enjoys precision jumps. The irony is he loves to do bar work, swinging amongst rails, just not doing them as precisions. He got the jump and nicely too, I still hate the jump and it feels like I’m only just making it to the wall with my toes too. Like I might not make it and fail, scrapping my toes down the wall. More practise is needed, until it becomes easy as can be. We thought of other combinations to do and just enjoyed being out training, I do like how training is going currently. I feel stronger and bring on more workouts and training to be stronger and improve everything. This year feels it will be a great year in all aspects.


David – Flow.


Luisa – Portrait.


Matt – Same Level Kong.


David – Portrait.



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