Wall Scalers.


Wall Shimmying.

© James Allen – Wall Shimmying.


Today had all the makings to be that of a great jam, people new and old to training were attending. Some older generation practitioners in the form of Ant, Ash and Nick, who hadn’t trained for many years had got the Parkour bug and decided to come to this weeks training session. It was going to be great to see them, with their old school ways of training being added to flavour the mix. I doubt they will know any of the newer generation of practitioner though, nor the current style of training. Well, at least that was how I envisioned training to be, until I woke up late! It was fine though, I still got ready as after all it was a beautiful, sunny day and nothing was going to stop me from training… Until a random stomach bug hit me soon after I had ate. What the hell?! How and why had this happened, why now of all times? I needed to go out training! Ain’t nobody got time for that… Stuck at home, on the toilet, unable to move as my bowels expelled my body constantly, spattering the bowl while others were out enjoying the day. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed by this unfortunate event!

When I hadn’t appeared at the training session, some of the older generation guys were messaging me online, asking where I was. I explained it was looking unlikely that I was going to make it out today. I had to also  guide Nick to the others who were at Plaza as he thought everyone still met at the Concert Hall like all those years ago and wondered why no one was there yet. To say I was unable to get out, people were still baiting me to come out and join them, saying it was a lame excuse to say I felt unwell due to my stomach bug. Why would I make up an excuse not to come out when I had planned to be? Perhaps I should have sent a photo of what I had spawned in the toilet bowel to give them an idea of how bad it really was! After two hours, it would seem my stomach had fully evacuated it’s complete contents and my fever was ripe. I was now starving, so it must have meant I was on the mend, but I daren’t ingest any more food before going out in case of starting the cycle all over again. Still unsure and in two minds, I got ready and ventured out, making my way to town.


Nick – Climbing.


I arriving to find Plaza loitered with masses of people out. It was great to be reunited with Ant, the now muscle mountain. Nick was hardly recognisable with his massive beard. Abdur was out this weekend too, along with Brigitte, Liv and many others. Even David was here as well! It seems people were wanting to move and not to be stuck at Plaza all day, with such a huge number of people it was time to take a trip over to Auditorium. The group felt a bit fractioned as some chose to stay at Plaza and Atrium while the ones who wanted to move made their way over to Audo. It was a change to see Mr Drellington out this weekend with his friend Alex, as he was very rarely out, if ever. Spending many a days sleeping due to his messed up sleeping pattern, university, partying and so forth. He was busy filming a small video from the day [1] and so would randomly be pushing his camera in front of everyone from time to time. The old generation instantly went to do the Audo challenge, shimmying along the window ledges using just the underhand grip, burning the forearms in the process.

While some practised it above the ledge, reaching each window ledge and wall as they went. This got people interested and more gave it a go, with most struggling on the longer, further reach. You had to really do the splits, or learn as far over as possible before letting go and falling to the other wall and grabbing it. It was almost as horrendous as the plaque shimmying, which require immense finger strength to do and get past it. Drell was doing the main Audo precision but in reverse so it was upwards, with his giant hops, crazy to see! I haven’t seen many attempt or even do that jump before, so it was refreshing to see that. Even though I was practising precision jumps and catleaps, my ankle was feeling a little iffy, a twinge of pain now and then and so I was limited to what I could do and was already feeling the cold and cooling down.


Pete - 180 Muscle Up.

© James Allen – Pete 180 Muscle Up.


I captured a few photos, but wasn’t overly in a photographing mood. We then all moved down to the Castle area, where we then practised muscle ups on the Hell Night tree, while some of the people visiting the Robin Hood statue watched in awe. Ant was getting to grips with them again, he is a big, strong lad, but had lost all technique with muscle ups now. A move he wants to reclaim, and frustrated him as he used to be able to do them so easily and in multiple reps too.  It quickly moved to trying 180 ones and then do to how easy they felt on the tree and nice they looked, I showed and got Pete to give them a go too. It felt easier on this low branch than it did the high bar at the Parkour park, the jump really did launch you up and over the branch. James got some lovely shots of this happening and with a nice macro focus of the tree too. As always his shots can be seen on his [2] James Allen Visual page. We moved down to Peoples College, I wasn’t feeling this area and yet people remained near the walled area, pop vaulting up and over it. I trained at the thin blue bar, working out and using the resistant band for a bit. I was hoping James would come and look at the running catleap he needs to do, I went back to the masses and started to train too.

People were looking at a massive dyno from a window ledge to the small roof, which was quickly deemed impossible to do. The very thin rail of the metal was used for balancing across it all without falling off. Then trying to add spins into it while walking too, as well as gladiator style fighting, trying to push one another off and the remainder being the winner. We did some strides from some small bike rails to pop vault the higher wall. It was a really great session, until some PCSOs came to move us off. Like the serious robots they are, claiming it is private property and we were being a nuisance, and for our own safety we must leave. We all moved on and made our way around and over to UN (Urine Nation) as it was getting dark now and we entered the urine piss fumed area. This place always seems to drain the mood and our training, many were cooling down and heading off. While some of the guys lined up and did running stride precisions from the edge of the area to the steps. It made for some great superman take off photos. It had been a great, short day overall. At least I don’t have many photos to go through and edit this weekend, such a blessing. Until next time…


Pete - Muscle Up.

© James Allen – Pete Muscle Up.


Ash - Striding.

© James Allen – Ash Striding.


Ant – Climbing.


Dan – Climbing.


Nick – Climbing.


Ben - Striding.

© James Allen – Ben Striding.



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