Freezing Park Session.


Zade (Me) – Self Portrait.


I arrived back home and out of the coldness to find that Adam had jokingly said to Ben how we should go out and train the Parkour park in the snow. To prove what real manly men we are, not letting the elements stop us from getting a good workout. I saw the post and without hesitation said I would be up for that, even before I had read the PM’s from them both. I was thinking to myself how we should go out for the shit and giggles anyway. Ben seemed to think I was joking, but seeing as both Adam and myself were up for it, he said he would come out too. The plan was to be out at the park from 18.30 and any other mad man that wanted to join us was welcome and  should arrive around that time too. I doubt we would be out for too long though, with how cold the temperature was, but it was still to be an experience. With the plan in motion I charged up my camera and tried to defrost a bit before getting ready to go out for another icy, cold adventure.

I was already feeling the cold and to go out again today may not have been the wisest of ideas. It was predicted to snow again later too, though time will tell if that snow flurry actually happens. I made sure to wrap up in a crazy amount of layers, I had in total ten layers on. It was hard to move around in them and I felt like a sumo wrestler as I waddled around the house as I moved, but at least I knew I would be warm. I had contemplated taking out a hot water bottle out with me too… Though I think that would have been a bit of an overkill. I put my workout gloves on along with some normal woolly ones over the top of them to stop my hands getting frost bitten, as my hands are always the first things to perish when it’s cold. I made my way out, crunching in the snow as I went across the field, I felt completely snug in my multiple layers and was quite surprised how warm I felt. No one had arrived yet and so I took a few more snow shots while I waited for people to arrive.


Ben – Portrait.


It wasn’t too long until Ben arrived, gliding along the road as he cycled into the park. I’m surprised he didn’t come off his bike as the roads were still quite bad with snow and ice. Though he assured me it wasn’t too bad as some of the back roads he had taken, compared to the main road. His bike light was blinding and lit up the area no end, it’s amazing just how powerful it was for a bike light. He said he thought it would be best to bring it out to brighten up the area while we train, so we could see things and had previously used it on night workouts too. The park was covered with snow imprints, unlike it was yesterday [1] when the snow had first arrived. We spoke about what if Adam couldn’t make it out, as it was meant to be snowing again where he lived. I know before I left the house he was busy clearing his driveway of snow and hoped to be done before the meet up time. We also wondered if it was too dangerous to drive and he had gone back home, or got stuck some place on his way over. If and when he arrives and pulls into this car park he will be screwed and unable to get back out, due to how icy and slippery it is.

Just as we discussed this, we heard Adam’s car exhaust blowing as he drove up to the park like a drag racer. The million dollar question was, would he pull into the car park or not?! He looked like he was going to pull in, but at last moment decided to park on the side of the road. Good job too as there would be no way we would be able to push his car up and over the hill and out of the car park. The bars felt super cold, slippery too and even when Ben had rubbed them down with a towel they still felt slippery even though they were dry. The cold, moisture in the air made them feel that way and at times hard to get grip on to them at all. The ice and snow stuck to you as you gripped the walls and bars, I wasn’t training or working out per say and just hanging on the bar I struggled to get any grip and my whole body was hurting. It really didn’t like the coldness at all, I decided I would make full use of getting photos instead for the evening and not risk pulling any muscles.


Adam – Portrait.


I hadn’t as of yet took many night shots, I avoided shooting in the darkness at all costs. For the simple fact that I found taking images at night to be challenging, changing all my settings, having very little to no lighting and lots of other factors to take into consideration. Speaking of lighting, Ben’s light made for some epic portrait shots, like the ones of Adam (seen above) on his phone. I’ve not really taken many night photos and so it was all new to me and how to use lighting in the correct way. It was great to position and use the lighting in the background but not shine it directly and too closely on anyone. I had given up taking photos of movement though, it was too hard to freeze the motion and get a decent exposed shot too. I did film a few clips though, they were of us using some of the snow clumps which had formed and were more ice like now. Smashing them against our faces and heading them for the laughs. I’ve had quite a few shots tonight which I am really happy with and can say they look professional.

The bench in the snow, the bicycle shot, even most of the portraits too all came out great. I really need to take more shots using a light though to see how all the shadows work and how to improve my shots more, in a portrait sense. Adam was still trying to nail double armed muscle ups. Something he is dying to get, he is getting closer each time he is out and he can do one arm at a time really fast now. I have a feeling he will sooner or later get one though. The session quickly moved to use using Adam’s snow shovel to clear some of the snow while I used it to throw snow at them both as they trained. Adam had his phone on speaker, so we had some tunes to help take our minds of the cold. The walls were icy as hell and hard to get any grip at all, sliding around when trying to do catleaps. It had started to snow now and we hadn’t got much else to do so decided to call it a night and head home before the second possible blizzard came.


Ben – Rail Cleaning.


Ben – Muscle up.


Adam – Portrait.


Adam – Muscle up.


Adam – Muscle up.


Ben’s Hands.


Let there be light.


Zade (Me) Self  Portrait.




Ben – Press up.


Snow Bench.


Bike Light.


Ben – Portrait.


Ben – Portrait.


Zade (Me) – Self Portrait.


Ben – Portrait.



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