Hundreds of Reps.


Spark & Parrish.


It was that time of the week again, to force myself to wake up and make the journey out to the city centre for the forth week in a row joining the Parkour Nottingham community who train at the weekends. It was set to be yet another very cold day, with a slight wind too which is to be expected with it being December. We had been predicted a big freeze soon too, with heavy snowfall which the news says each and every year. Had we seen any of this yet? No. Would we be expected to have some, maybe, but for the past few years it had snowed earlier in November and still we hadn’t had anything yet and so much for the chances of being a white Christmas. On the previous days running up to the weekend the weather prediction looked to be dry, but then in the early morning it had started to rain on and off. These April like showers had put most people off being out as numbers dropped on the event. I had the same feeling but I had to be out rain or shine as the legend that was Zain Brown was back out for the day! He had been released from his Army base training madness for Christmas period and so was making a trip over to train with us before going back home for the festivities.

I made my way into town, arriving at Plaza to find a lonesome David was out on this cold, wintry weekend warming up. No one else was to be seen and with this I thought maybe that no one else would be out at all this week! It wasn’t until a bit later on when Frankie arrived I felt maybe people still attend, after all the rain we had earlier had dried even if it was wet in the outer city areas. I felt good, even if my hands were so cold that they hurt. The wind could be felt through Plaza when it blew, constantly moving was the only way to stay warm. I drilled some diving kongs with David and attempted some kong precisions on the medium wall as well. David looked a bit stunned and asked said since when do I do a skip step for kongs? I’m pretty sure he would have seen me doing them at the Parkour park, I explained I had been doing them that way for many, many years since first being taught by the Leicester guys way back when and have never looked back since. It has since become the standard of doing kongs and kong precisions over the years as such too. Has it really been that long since I’ve trained with David in town?!


Parrish – Kong Precision.


I still hate how I move currently, finding myself landing heavy compared to how floaty and light on my toes I used to be years ago. In time I’m sure that the practice makes perfect idiom will come into play. David gave the skip step kongs a try and found out just how much they help with the movement, he has been trying them on and off but prefers the double footed technique still. It’s one of those things that you have to just keep doing until it becomes second nature. All of a sudden the masses had arrived, including Stefano who was a rare sight to see! I was surprised to see so many out, to say this morning was a dreadful day. Zain arrived, trying to sneak into the area without being spotted and failed miserably. He was equally amazed that so many people were out training today, compared to how the sessions panned out before he left for the army. He asked ‘what this sorcery? So many people are out, Npk has been resurrected!’ Which isn’t too far from the truth as in recent weeks the numbers have started to grow each session. So who knows maybe this will carry on into 2015 and we’ll have a giant community again.

I guess it was inevitable that with so many people out and all of us under the car park of Plaza, that we would once again be moved off… The same security guard, with the same excuses of why we had to move. Though we only moved across the road to the Atrium, vaulting the railings and walls there. Another blast from the past was out today too, Brandon who I had forgot I had asked to come out until I saw him coming down the street. I didn’t think he would show up, but he had and was wrapped up in his scarf. It had been years since I had last seen him out training and like he said, even though he is older the scene atmosphere and jokes which go on, never change. Even if some of the stuff he sees done now amazes him, along with thinking of what he used to be able to do. I took a few photos but wasn’t overly in the mood for shots and spent most of my time chatting with people and doing a bit of training. Below is an image of James, which Pete took seeing as it was the last session before Christmas.


James - Parkour Christmas. (© JAVisual)

Parkour Christmas. (© James Allen)


Holbrook and Parrish were doing the rail kong precision, it looked mental. They did it so easily too, I shudder to even think of how one would feel. I wanted to train some place else, but people didn’t seem to want to move yet. David had the same idea, he wanted to train more than just Plaza, IBM and sometimes Mansion Flats when he came out. We slowly moved across the road, waiting, hoping others would follow suit. They didn’t though, they seemed to be content with the same old spots, all day long… It was fast becoming a dismal day of training for myself, I was also feeling the cold now too. I was questioning if I should just call it a day. Holbrook, Parrish, Ben and Mat were doing the big running precision across the road where we were stood and looking at other crazy alternatives. I decided to take my camera out and captured a photo of Parrish and Mat together in the same shot. Like a montage, something I need to do more of, as it’s an interesting concept to use and needs more experimenting.

In the end we made our move to Audo, the others slowly made it there too. It had cooled down greatly by the time we had arrived. I was feeling the cold wind and not wanting to do anything at all. I looked at a precision jump near the steps, I could see it but couldn’t commit to doing it. My body was more than capable to do it, but my mind wouldn’t let it do the jump. David did it easily and as did others, yet I couldn’t force myself to do it, fearful of bailing or not being able to get the distance at all. This was crazy! It wasn’t height or out of my reach, why was my body reacting in such a way?! Yet I could do the same distance or further if it was a catleap movement, this made no sense. I guess my body has more faith in my upper half strength than it does the lower. This is one jump I need to get again, I shall look at it weekly, as I had already tried so hard to convince myself to do it, trying to force it but it wasn’t happening.


Pete – Upward Precision.


I mentioned to a few of the guys how many years ago we used to do silly challenges and one of those consisted with us using the big block steps of Audo. Doing squat jumps up each block and back down, until you have done each one in the whole area. This would have easily totalled hundreds of reps and when we did it we couldn’t walk after for a long time and felt it for the rest of the day. Seeing as most were cold or feeling the cold we decided to try this feat, reluctant by some, while others were game for a laugh we began. It wasn’t long before my weak legs started to feel the burn. It was murder after the first section, I felt so out of shape leg wise, while others found it easy. The deeper the squat you did on each block the worse it got as time went on, it had warmed us all up though! I was feeling it cardio wise, burning up like I had a temperature and feeling physically sick from the leg pain. It wasn’t long before some escaped, saying they needed to go to the shops like Danno while others said they were done. It was a truly dreadful circuit and afterwards our legs hurt even when we were sat or stood still.

It was painful to then walk up the steps to the top of the area with jelly legs, feeling like they would collapse at any time. I said, seeing as we had done lower body we should also do upper, which many people groaned about and said no it was bad enough with legs, never mind doing upper. I said to James, seeing as not many people wanted to do another challenge we should do the 100 climb ups instead, maybe start with 50 and see how we felt afterwards? It was only people who wanted to partake that did, though Danno, Brandon and a few others slid away after so many reps due to being shattered and having enough, at least they tried though. The first ten reps were tiring, I could still feel my legs and it was a real struggle to get them done. I didn’t expect to get to 25 never mind the 50 or even a 100! We powered through and then when we hit 25 James and Pete said we should have a break before going for more reps. I remember doing them before without resting, kept going one after the other even though we had around ten people doing it at that time round.


Holbrook – Kong Precision.


James, Pete, Ben and myself were enjoying this challenge. The more we did, the stronger we felt and the easier it became. It was strange how that happened, perhaps we were more warmed up muscle wise. When we neared the fifty mark, James said he was done, but as soon as Pete went for another repetition it spurred James on to do another, calling him a bastard in the process. It continued that way for many of the ascending reps. The grit of wanting to complete the challenge and not fail, before anyone else was a great motivator for them both. Even when they felt they had nothing else left in the tank, going beyond what they thought they could do. I suggested if anyone of us does get tired, swap the pushing leg over as the weaker unused leg will make it seem you have more power in it, making the reps easier to do. We did various different styles of climb ups to keep it interesting near the end, doing a few reps at a time, at certain points. Ben decided to do a climb up into handstand on some reps, what an absolute monster! It was great challenge and Pete and James were absolutely done when they got to 100, I said we should carry on…

Sadly this didn’t get them to do any more. Myself and Ben still felt okay (to a degree) and so kept doing more reps one after the other. My shoulders were tired but I felt I could keep going all night as did Ben too. Though we decided to call it a night with having to be places later on, otherwise we very well had been there all night… A great workout session on the whole, I really enjoyed it. Something I’ve had a few people mentioned is that I spend more of my time doing workout based exercises and challenges now rather than being all about Parkour while out. Like I used to be back in the day, where I wouldn’t do workout stuff at all and just train Parkour. It was also a great achievement for Pete and James who didn’t think they could do 100 climb ups in total after feeling it on 50 a few weeks ago. So congratulations to them both on that milestone, even if they hated that fact the days afterward and the intense DOMs they received… I wish I had taken more photos of the day, alas, maybe next time!


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